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ZetaClear is a popular natural treatment that addresses nail fungus, claiming to not only relieve its symptoms but cure it completely if used over an extended period of time. Given that this affection is notoriously difficult to treat and a serious esthetic problem, there’s no wonder that people often turn to alternative medicine in hopes that nature can offer a better and safer solution, and products like ZetaClear are very well sold. But how much this particular remedy can really help is up for debate, as users are experiencing very different results.

What is ZetaClear?

zetaclear bannerOffered by Santrinico Enterprises (also known as Pacific Naturals), ZetaClear is a two-step treatment that should help in healing nail fungus and prevent it from reoccurring. The company is based in Cyprus and this product is most likely not manufactured in the US (although many of their products are), but they are known for offering quality natural aids and good customer service.

ZetaClear is advertised as homeopathic, but only one of its components can be classified as such. The treatment includes a solution that applies topically and a liquid that is destined to be sprayed under the tongue, and only the second is actually homeopathic. This means that it contains substances that are able to generate symptoms that are similar to those caused by the affection that it’s treating, but diluted to such a degree that they don’t even resemble their initial composition and are unable to cause the unwanted effects.

Homeopathy as a medical practice is based on the belief that “like cures like”, in other words, a very poisonous substance is able to heal the effects of a similar poison if administered in extremely small amounts. And while mainstream science has failed to discover clear evidence for this claim, it’s well known that many homeopathic treatments are very effective, and often times just as helpful as those administered by medical professionals.

But that’s not always the case, and given that the FDA doesn’t have any requirements for these products (as they’re not believed to be potent enough to cause positive changes or heath damage), it’s impossible to tell exactly how helpful a certain remedy really is without a high number of users experimenting with it and offering their opinions. And it’s even harder to form a clear image when the product is used along with another form of treatment like it’s the case with ZetaClear.

The topical solution is not a homeopathic blend and only includes natural ingredients that have been traditionally used for the treatment of fungus, which means that most likely there is some scientific proof behind their claimed qualities. The ingredients in the solution are not known as harmful and are only chosen based on their known properties, which makes this product a more traditional health aid.

And used with the spray it should be able to remove the fungus and improve the appearance of the nails, with the first results becoming visible after only a few weeks of use. But the total duration of the treatment should be around 6 months, as this is how long it normally takes until the infection is completely removed, and only if the treatment is administered as recommended.

The topical solution is supposed to be applied 3 times a day on the nails that are affected by fungus and in the surrounding area (including healthy nails and skin), while the liquid is destined to be applied under the tongue 3 times a day, each time in a dosage of 2 sprays. The nails should be cleaned and well dried before applying the solution, and the mouth should also be free of any compounds that would delay the absorption of the product.

Does ZetaClear Really Work?

Zeta Clear is very popular, but the opinions of its users are parted. Some claim that they have seen results in only a few weeks, as it’s advertised, but others state that nothing has changed in their conditions even if they’ve been carefully following the instructions. Some have even used it for a year with no results, but it seems like at the same time the treatment has managed to cure cases of fungus infections that were considered as almost impossible to cure by the sufferers.

It’s very hard to tell what should a new user expect from ZetaClear, but since the positive and negative reviews can be found in about the same numbers, it’s most likely that the treatment produces positive changes more often than not. The negative reviews would have any reader believe that the chances of this treatment actually helping are 50/50, but the truth is that people are naturally prone to complaining when unsatisfied, while showing appreciation doesn’t come as easily as the product is expected to work as advertised.

We can safely assume that ZetaClear works in most cases, but still, expectations shouldn’t be very high. It might do wonders, but at the same time, it might not do anything at all, as it seems like the final result depends entirely on the specific affection of the individual who’s using it. Nail fungus as a medical condition is not as simple as it seems, and ZetaClear might just be effective against some species of fungus.

Nail infections can be caused by a number of fungi that cause somewhat similar symptoms, so it’s only natural for people to react differently to treatments, including those recommended by medical professionals. These microorganisms, while belonging to the same genus, have very distinct qualities that make them more or less easy to kill, so the sufferers who are looking for a solution without professional assistance have a hard time finding the best product. And given that nail fungus often times isn’t dangerous enough to require medical attention, this problem is very common. Many over-the-counter products are available for this type of infections, but how well can each of them work for someone, in particular, is almost impossible to tell, which is also the case for ZetaClear.

What Are the Ingredients?

The official website of ZetaClear does a good job at presenting the products in an honest manner, including when it comes to their ingredients. The most important compounds included in each product are displayed right on the homepage, although the full list is only available for the spray. The label of this product is available for viewing, and unfortunately, the one of the topical solution is missing.

But we’d rather have the full list if the homeopathic treatment anyway, because of the two, this product contains the ingredients that are most likely to cause unwanted effects in sensitive users, especially since it’s delivered right into the bloodstream. Applying it under the tongue allows the mucous membrane to absorb it almost immediately, so its action over the body should be more powerful than that of the solution that mostly affects the nail.

ZetaClear contains antimonium crudum, arsenicum album, mancinella, nitricum acidum, sulphur, thuja occidentalis, alcohol and water, and despite some of the ingredients having exotic names when presented as homeopathic remedies, they’re substances that many of us are familiar with.

  • Antimonium crudum is actually antimony, a mineral that is usually very dangerous when ingested. It might not sound familiar, but it’s the substance that is used to coat the tip of matches, as it’s inflammable in certain conditions. It has a variety of uses but the only homeopathy regards it as a medical treatment, as it’s believed to help in digestive disorders and skin conditions, including those that affect the nails, both on hands and feet. Nail fungus, warts, calluses, and pretty much all nail and skin affections are claimed to be healed by this substance. Of course, antimony is included in ZetaClear in amounts that are so small that they can’t possibly cause the usual effects of the ingestion, and the same is the case for the next ingredient, which is known as even more dangerous.
  • Arsenicum album is the homeopathic name for arsenic, the poisonous substance that we’re all familiar with to some degree. We know enough to stay away from it, but arsenic is actually found naturally in our foods, even if in very small amounts. Homeopathy believes it to help in a number of medical conditions, including digestive and skin disorders and even cancer, and while we have no proof of its qualities in these areas, medical professionals do use it to treat some specific types of cancer. It’s obvious that it has some helpful properties, so it surely looks much more promising than antimony.
  • Then we have mancinella, which is actually Hippomane mancinella, better known as the manchineel tree. Considered by many to be the most poisonous tree in the world, every part of it is rich with toxins and can cause damage even without being touched. The corrosive sap falling from the tree is enough to keep anyone away, but those who go as far as to eat the small fruits face hours of agony and in some cases, even death. Still, despite being so toxic that it would seem like the only homeopathy could find a medical use for it, the manchineel tree has actually been used in traditional medicine as a treatment for skin infections. It clearly has some beneficial qualities, and since it’s included in ZetaClear in small amounts, it’s not able to cause any harm.
  • Nitricum acidum (nitric acid) is also very toxic, but homeopathy uses it for the treatment of a very large variety of health issues, including skin and nail affections. Nitric acid is so reactive that it’s used as a component in rocket propellant, and normally simply coming in contact with it would cause serious damage, never mind ingesting it. But that’s really not a problem when the compound is included in homeopathic remedies, just like in the case of the other dangerous substances. But sulphur (sulfur) is not as dangerous, although it’s never used as a remedy outside homeopathy. This mineral is mostly used in the production of sulfuric acid, but it’s believed that it can help in many different skin affections.
  • And lastly, we have thuja occidentalis, a plant that is used in both homeopathy and traditional medicine. It seems like it’s able to fight respiratory tract and skin infections caused by bacteria, so it might also be effective against the fungi that affect the nails. At the moment it’s only known as efficient in treating the common cold, but future studies might show it as even more helpful. These are all the active ingredients in the ZetaClear spray, and it seems like all of them have been chosen based on their ability to act directly over the affected area, even if the product is supposed to work from inside out. The topical solution, on the other hand, comes in contact with the infection itself, and it contains tea tree oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, lemongrass oil, clove oil, almond oil, lavender oil and undecylenic acid. Not all the ingredients are presented on the official website, but the label is available for viewing from other sources, and it seems like the product only contains natural oils and one artificial compound, all of them as active ingredients. It’s very much an oil blend, which makes it helpful right from the start as it softens and protects the nails and skin. But each of the ingredients has it’s own beneficial qualities, starting with the tea tree oil.
  • Tea tree oil plant is able to kill bacteria, which is why it’s used in the treatment of a variety of skin affections that are caused by microorganisms. Tea tree is used for acne, boils, insect bites, burns, mouth infections, sore throat, vaginal infections and of course nail fungus, an affection in which it has actually been proven as effective. Tea tree can successfully treat both nail fungus and athlete’s foot (nail fungus that has spread to the skin between toes), where it’s just as effective as some types of medication. This ingredient alone should be enough for the product to provide at least some amount of help in healing nail fungus, and its effects can only be boosted by the next substance. Jojoba oil is an emollient, but it also unclogs pores and allows the skin to quickly absorb the substances applied on it. It won’t fight the fungus itself but it will make the other ingredients more efficient, including vitamin E oil. Vitamin E is essential for all the functions of the body, and it also has antioxidant qualities, preventing cells from being damaged. It’s used in the treatment of many affections, including heart disorders and Alzheimer’s, but it’s also believed to be helpful for various skin issues, including sunburns and sagging caused by aging. There is no scientific proof that vitamin E can actually help in these affections, but it’s so commonly included in skin products that its properties are most likely very real.
  • The next ingredient is lemongrass oil, which seems able to kill some types of bacteria, and also has antioxidant qualities. It’s used in the treatment of the common cold, high blood pressure, pains caused by rheumatism and other affections, but there’s no real scientific proof for it’s healing properties in any of these disorders. Still, it’s ability to fight some germs will most likely help in diseases caused by bacteria, yeast, and fungus. And the same is the case for clove oil, which although it contains chemicals that can alleviate pain, it’s not proven as effective in any of the affections that it treats, with the exception of erectile dysfunction. It’s believed that it can decrease inflammation, which would make it helpful in nail fungus, but I will most likely only help with the pain, which is still enough for it to provide some help as part of ZetaClear.
  • But almond oil can actually help in the healing process of skin affections, as it contains fatty acids. It decreases irritation, which is why it’s included in many skin products. Its qualities over skin disorders are actually proven, but that’s not the case for lavender oil. This plant is used in the treatment of both physical affections (upset stomach, nerve pain) and mental disorders (depression, anxiety, insomnia), and while effective in treating some of them, it doesn’t seem like any of its properties are particularly helpful in nail fungus. But the last ingredient might be very efficient, even if it’s not recommended to be used for nail fungus. Undecylenic acid is included in both medication and cosmetics, but it’s also used as an antifungal as it’s effective in treating skin fungal infections. This substance is synthetic and produced from castor oil, and even if it’s not advised for nail fungus, many products include it for this exact purpose. It’s hard to tell why some consider it to be unfit for treating nail infections in particular, but as it doesn’t seem to cause unwanted side effects on this area of the body, it’s a good addition to ZetaClear.

Is ZetaClear Safe?

No complaints about the side effects of this treatment can be found, so it’s safe to say that it will most likely not cause any problems. But that doesn’t mean that it should be used without a doctor’s approval, as it contains many substances that can cause unwanted reactions in sensitive users. The toxic substances included in the spray shouldn’t be dangerous given their extremely small quantities, but many of the ingredients included in both the liquid and the topical solution are powerful allergens and could cause health problems for some users. Also, they interact with medication, so all potential users that are under medical treatment for any kind of affection should receive their doctors’ approval before using ZetaClear. The official website of the product offers a lot of information on a number of the ingredients included in both products, but it would still be better for a new user to consult a doctor who knows exactly what is their health status and how can ZetaClear impact it. Also, given that the spray contains 20% alcohol, it’s not fit for young children and some adults. The company itself recommends for the treatment to not be administered to children under 12 years old without a doctor’s approval, and it would be best if pregnant women wouldn’t use it at all.

What Are the Benefits of ZetaClear?

The product should be able to help in healing most cases of nail fungus, but it should be kept in mind that good results should only be expected after 6 months of treatment. ZetaClear won’t generate immediate improvements, as it’s the case for all nail fungus remedies. Nails take as long as 1 year to grow out, so a serious infection can only be healed after this period has passed. On the plus side, it seems like ZetaClear can help where other products have failed, so it might be worth the wait. There’s also a chance it won’t work at all, but it’s still worth a try for those who have been struggling with the affection for a long time.

Why Choose ZetaClear?

The treatment works in most cases, and it doesn’t seem to come with any side effects. It’s a good choice for those who have been affected by nail fungus for a long period of time, but those who have recently started to confront with the problem have no reason to search for a remedy yet, as mild cases of nail fungus are known to heal on their own. But if the problem persists ZetaClear might be able to help, and it also has an affordable price. And given that it’s available for worldwide shipping, there won’t be any trouble for the user to access it whenever they need it.

Where Can I Buy ZetaClear?

zetaclearZetaClear is only available on its official website and Amazon, which we wouldn’t recommend given that the company doesn’t approve of this kind of website as a seller of the product. Ordering from the company itself would be the best choice, as it also offers discounts for larger orders. A package containing one month’s supply of ZetaClear (the spray and the solution) is available for $49.95 plus $6.95 for standard shipping, which should take up to 14 days for customers located in the US and up to 21 days for clients from any other area of the world.

There’s also a rush option, which will have the products delivered in only a few days for $12.95, but this fee is not as high for larger orders. In fact, ordering more than one month’s supply of ZetaClear comes with free standard delivery, while rush delivery is available for only $6.95 in these cases. A package containing 3 months supply (actually 2 months plus 1 free) is available for $99.95, while 5 months supply (3 months plus 2 free) is available for $149.85.

The 5 months supply seems like the best choice for those who want to follow the treatment as recommended, and ordering a large package shouldn’t come with any risks given that ZetaClear has a 90-day money back guarantee, like all products offered by Santrinico Enterprises. But it only applies to unused and unopened products, so only the intact bottles actually guarantee receiving a refund.

Also, there is a $10 restocking fee for each returned item, so the full amount can never be recovered. On top of that, orders can never be canceled, even if they’re placed by mistake. At best the products can be returned once they’re received, so potential customers should be very careful on the order page of the website.

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