where to buy CLA safflower Oil

Where to Buy CLA Safflower Oil?

If all the recent hype surrounding the health benefits of CLA Safflower Oil has gotten you interested in this topic, then you must have surely come across such dilemmas like ‘what type of CLA Safflower Oil I choose?’, ‘what brand is the best?’ or ‘where to buy CLA Safflower Oil?’.

As it turns out, the market for CLA Safflower Oil has expanded more and more in recent years due to the fact that this product has been popularized as a weight loss supplement and nutritional booster alike. So it makes sense that local and international outlets are now competing to sell their products as the most effective CLA Safflower Oil enhancers, to both the benefit and disadvantage of potential buyers.

What is CLA Safflower Oil and What Does it Do?

Although you might have become intrigued by the positive marketing surrounding CLA Safflower Oil products, can you actually say that you know what they are and how they work within your body?

As the name clearly suggests, CLA Safflower Oil supplements are made from safflower (Carthamus tinctorius), which is an annual plant used for its nutritional value both in cooking and traditional medicine.

The ‘CLA’ part of the name stands for ‘Conjugated Linoleic Acid’, namely a form of essential fatty acids of the omega-6 and omega-3 variety. These naturally occurring fatty acids are polyunsaturated fats, meaning that they are much more wholesome and beneficial for your health than their processed counterparts.

In theory, CLA Safflower Oil can be used to improve a variety of health aspects, from cardiovascular problems to diabetes. Nevertheless, its popularity among supplement enthusiasts has mostly been owed to its presumed ability to improve weight loss goals, boost energy levels, and increase your overall sense of wellness.

While CLA Safflower Oil might not get rid of that stubborn belly fat on its own, pairing such a supplement with correct eating habits and regular exercising could create an ideal setting for better fat burning and less weight deposits in the future.

While CLA is a natural constituent part of safflower oil (0.7mg CLA/ gram of fat), these quantities are much smaller than you would get from a supplement, for instance. In addition, excessive safflower oil consumption will interfere with your eating lifestyle (1 tablespoon contains 120 calories), so choosing a safflower oil enhancer with a higher CLA content might be the way to go for maximum practicality in this sense (the most common format for CLA Safflower Oil products is soft gel servings).

Where Can You Buy CLA Safflower Oil?

Since the internet is currently filled with websites promoting supplements of all kinds, it can sometimes be difficult to decide what brand of CLA Safflower Oil to buy or from what store, for that matter.

As previously mentioned, the fact that CLA Safflower Oil could potentially enable faster and easier weight loss results has really impacted the widespread demand for this product, meaning that a greater number of companies have started producing and distributing such enhancers. Consequently, issues like price, accessibility, and quality definitely come into play when considering CLA Safflower Oil supplements.

Listed below you will find the most popular outlets that carry a wider variety of CLA Safflower Oil supplements and the characteristics which define their distribution patterns:

You Can Buy CLA Safflower Oil on Amazon

At the moment, Amazon hosts around 140 products that contain CLA Safflower Oil or CLA from brands like NatureWise, Floraceutical Naturals, and Vitamorph Labs.

Their prices range from little under $10 to $63 per product (plus S&H costs), with certain brands having significant discounts when buying in bulk, which can be quite advantageous in the long run.

In addition, Amazon can be considered a valuable source of CLA Safflower Oil supplements because of its international shipping options. The fact that you can see reliable reviews from previous customers regarding the product you might intend to buy is also a big plus, since it allows you to form a general image of the enhancers in question and make better choices for your personal needs.

You Can Buy CLA Safflower Oil on eBay

If you are looking for a wide selection of CLA and CLA Safflower Oil supplements, then eBay is most definitely the place for this. Their brands include Tolip Nutrition, GNC, Puritan’s Pride, and Nature’s Bounty.

With hundreds of CLA-based products to choose from, this online platform offers enhancers that cost anything from $1.27 to $50 per product. Moreover, they also offer the possibility for you to buy supplements in bulk, which results in overall cheaper individual bottles/ satchels, etc. Still, you have to keep in mind shipping & handling fees (especially for international shipping).

Unfortunately, eBay does not offer you the possibility to explore a detailed customer feedback on their CLA Safflower Oil supplements, so you are basically in a ‘trial and error’ situation if you are buying this sort of enhancer for the first time.

You Can Buy CLA Safflower Oil at Walmart

This U.S.-based retailing company currently holds around 15 types of CLA Safflower Oil supplements pertaining to companies like Best Naturals, Spring Valley, and Nature’s Bounty.

CLA Safflower Oil enhancers can be purchased from Walmart at prices of anything between $9.50 to little over $20, many such products being sold in bulk (packages of 2/ 4/ 6 etc. products) in order to have more substantial discounts.

One obvious disadvantage is that Walmart does not offer international shipping for non-U.S. residents, although you do have the option (as a local) to place an online order for your product of choice and decide whether you want to pick it up from the store yourself or have it shipped to your home.

You Can Buy CLA Safflower Oil at Walgreens

You can find a good range of CLA Safflower Oil dietary enhancers through the Walgreens distribution line from brands such as Natrol, Nature’s Bounty, Olympian Labs, and Ab Cuts.

The prices for CLA Safflower Oil start with $10.89 and can go up to $26.59 for more expensive products.

Unfortunately, this pharmacy line does not ship outside the U.S.A, so international purchases are currently not a (direct) possibility. Still, if you live in the United States, you could benefit from free shipping (terms and conditions apply), as well as fidelity perks from the store.

The Walgreens website also hosts customer reviews for their CLA Safflower Oil products, which is definitely a bonus when trying to choose a supplement of this kind.

You Can Buy CLA Safflower Oil at The Vitamin Shoppe

With stores based in both America and Canada, The Vitamin Shoppe can provide you with CLA Safflower Oil supplements in the price range of $14.99-$59.99.

While The Vitamin Shoppe has physical stores in the aforementioned locations, you can also benefit from international shipping (additional fees as specified on their website). As the website shows, there are frequent discounts offered for such products, which is a plus for the financial aspect of CLA Safflower Oil supplements.

A valuable feature of this selling platform is the fact that it allows customers to rate their purchases in terms of pros, cons, and best uses, as well as more detailed accounts of people’s experience with the respective supplement(s).

You Can Buy CLA Safflower Oil at Puritan’s Pride

This supplement-focused company mainly sells CLA Safflower Oil enhancers from their own brand, alongside Tonalin CLA by Natrol.

Although they have what you might call a limited selection of such products, they compensate through their offers, which revolve mainly around bulk purchases. For example, their Myo-Leptin™ CLA 1000 mg supplement is sold in two buying options: ‘Buy 1 Get 2 Free (3 for $24.99)’ and ‘Buy 2 Get 4 Free (6 for $49.98)’. These offers are advantageous if you like to specifically use the Puritan’s Pride brand, as well as stock up on supplements in advance.

Furthermore, you can find customer reviews of these products on the website, alongside product details and shipping regulations (Puritan’s Pride is based in the U.S., but supports international distribution as well).

As you can imagine, these are just the outlets and websites most frequently associated with CLA Safflower Oil purchases. Depending on where you live in the world, you should be able to find CLA Safflower Oil supplements either in local pharmaceutical stores, supermarkets or online websites tailored to your country’s specifics.

What Are the Most Popular Brands of CLA Safflower Oil?

While only you can decide what type of CLA Safflower Oil enhancer is for you, there are a couple of products which seem to be more present and popular on the supplement market nowadays, as follows:

Tonalin CLA by Natrol

This supplement claims to help you ‘reduce body fat naturally with safflower oil’. Each bottle of Tonalin CLA contains 90 soft gel capsules, at a recommended dosage of one serving (1 soft gel capsule) three times a day, accompanied by a meal. There are 1200mg of CLA/serving in Tonalin CLA.

Depending on where you purchase this product, you can expect to pay around $15-$20 for each bottle of Tonalin CLA (1 month’s supply).

Most reviews for Tonalin CLA fall on the positive side – 4/5 stars – placing it as an above average dietary supplement. One advantage is the lack of major allergens in its composition (with the exception of soybeans), while one disadvantage is its potentially negative impact on digestive functions (gastrointestinal upset).

CLA by GNC Total Lean

CLA by GNC Total Lean is a supplement that boasts advantages like ‘clinically proven to improve body composition’, ‘scientifically shown to improve lean muscle tone’, and ‘fuels energy and fat metabolism’.

CLA costs $29.99 for a bottle containing 90 soft gel capsules and $39.99 for every 180 soft gel capsules. The recommended dosage is two soft gel capsules twice daily. CLA by GNC Total Lean has 2000mg of CLA derived from safflower oil per serving.

CLA by GNC Total Lean is currently ranked by customers at 4/5 stars. As the label states, this product is free of sugars, starch, artificial colours and flavours, sodium, preservatives, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, dairy, and yeast, which counts as a definite advantage. Complaints regarding this product focus on its unfriendly format (too difficult to swallow) and the lack of visible results.

CLA Belly Fat Formula by Ab Cuts

Aside from CLA derived from safflower oil (1000mg/ serving), CLA Belly Fat Formula by Ab Cuts also has omega-3 fish oil, flaxseed oil, and vitamin E in its composition. Each bottle of this supplement contains 120 soft gels, at a recommended administration rate of 2 soft gels/day.

The price of CLA Belly Fat Formula by Ab Cuts varies in the $30-$35 range, with special offers for bulk purchases often being present in the case of specialized outlets.

Customer rating currently places CLA Belly Fat Formula by Ab Cuts as an average dietary supplement at 3 ½ / 5 stars. One plus side of this product is its gluten-free composition, while negative aspects include gastrointestinal imbalances and breakouts.

Safflower Oil 1000mg CLA by Holland and Barrett

Safflower Oil 1000mg CLA by Holland and Barrett contains 1000mg CLA/ serving, alongside omega-6 fatty acids, both of which are considered ‘essential in the diet’.

Safflower Oil 1000mg CLA by Holland and Barrett costs £24.99 ($32.05), plus shipping & handling fees for every bottle containing 90 softgel capsules (the administration routine being 2 softgel capsules three times a day, preferably with a meal).

At 3/5 stars, Safflower Oil 1000mg CLA by Holland and Barrett ranks as an average dietary supplement. While some praise its quality-to-price ratio and lack of additives, others have been unimpressed by this enhancer’s results over time.

CLA Tonalin Safflower Oil by Spring Valley

This dietary supplement (sold and shipped by Walmart) has 1000mg of CLA derived from safflower oil per softgel serving. A bottle of CLA Tonalin Safflower Oil by Spring Valley contains 50 softgels, the daily recommended dosage being 2 softgels.

CLA Tonalin Safflower Oil by Spring Valley costs $12.88 plus shipping fees (U.S.-based only).

Previous supplement users ranks this supplement at an average of 3.9/5 stars. The positive aspects of CLA Tonalin Safflower Oil by Spring Valley include its energy-boosting properties and allergen-friendly formula, while the negatives refer mostly to its low results and gastrointestinal interferences.

Should You Buy CLA Safflower Oil?

The answer to this question is solely up to you. Whether you buy it in order to help you lose weight or just boost your health levels, CLA Safflower Oil is a dietary enhancer that works differently for different people each time.

As with any sort of supplement, you have to take into consideration previous reviews and the general ‘reputation’ of the product before you actually complete your purchase. For example, brands like Purists Elite and Platinum Herbal Wellness have been repeatedly accused of selling scam enhancers and forcing auto-shipping deals on their customers. This implies that taking your time and exercising caution when selecting the best CLA Safflower Oil product for you is the best way to act in this instance.

Just remember – a bit of research beforehand could work wonders for your health and happiness alike!

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