VitaPulse Reviews | Does it Work or Scam?

VitaPulse is a health supplement that’s supposed to benefit all aspects of health despite having a very simple composition.

buy vitapulseThis product is a blend of antioxidants, which should have a powerful effect on every cell in the body and prevent dangerous affections. It’s only one of the many products of its type, and at first glance, nothing sets it apart from the competitors.

But judging by what the users have to say, VitaPulse is nothing like other antioxidant blends. In fact, it stands out not only among its kind but among supplements as a whole.

This product just doesn’t behave like it would be expected from a supplement and manages to impress the majority of its users. It’s very popular, and rightfully so.

What is VitaPulse?

Available as capsules, VitaPulse is one of the 2 products offered by Princeton Nutrition, a company based in California. It’s difficult to say when it was released, but given its popularity, it must have become available at least a few years back.

Not much information can be found on the company either, and normally we would consider this a red flag. Especially since the company seems to have only released 2 products, both of them only available through the internet.

Unless the potential customer is willing to do a little research on the product, VitaPulse can easily pass for a scam. But this product is the exact opposite of an internet scam. In fact, it’s superior to the vast majority of supplements available on the market.

Unfortunately, VitaPulse doesn’t have a fair presentation. Information on the product is only available on the official website of the company, and clearly, not much effort was put into advertising.

This is somewhat understandable given that nothing could have stopped this product from becoming popular. But still, many potential clients have no experience with this kind of products, and they should know exactly what they’re supposed to do.

On the website, it’s only mentioned that VitaPulse can protect the cells against damage and prevent heart inflammation, and these claims don’t mean much for the potential clients.

After all, they’re made for the vast majority of the supplements. The website should describe exactly how the ingredients affect the body, and what are their benefits in the long run.

Of course, the company deserves appreciation for not making outrageous claims. The presentation of the product is kept extremely simple, and potential clients are not misdirected in any way.

But in actuality, if one product deserved aggressive advertising, this is it. Sure, there are many reviews on the website, but most potential customers would consider them to be false.

They usually are, since companies have no interest to show real opinions, which for most products are mixed at best.

But visitors should keep in mind that in the case of VitaPulse all the reviews are very real, as unbelievable as they might seem.

Also because the product has a very simple presentation, clients will not be able to find some details that they might consider essential.

For example, we don’t know where VitaPulse is manufactured. This detail is not even mentioned on the label which lists the ingredients.

Also, while it’s mentioned that the products are manufactured in best conditions, in facilities which follow Good Manufacturing Practices, it’s not stated that the facilities are registered with the FDA.

Which most likely means that they’re not located in the US because otherwise, the company would have taken all the measures necessary to obtain the approval.

It’s mentioned that each batch of the product is tested by a third party lab, so obviously, the company does everything possible to assure the quality of the product.

It’s very likely that the facilities are not registered because it’s not possible, but clearly, this is not a problem that clients should worry about. We don’t know where it’s manufactured, but VitaPulse is very well made and contains high-quality ingredients.

Does VitaPulse Really Work?

Not only does VitaPulse work, but it does so surprisingly well. This product has hundreds upon hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers, which is something that very few supplements achieve.

It manages to work for the vast majority of users, with very few complaints. There are some negative reviews, but their number is so small that they shouldn’t reduce the expectations of future users.

It seems that the product does indeed benefit the heart by acting on the entire cardiovascular system, and the effects are noticeable enough to be observed by professionals. Many clients state that the improvements have been noticed by their doctors, and in some cases after only a few weeks of usage.

But this is just the first of the benefits. Almost all users report an increased level of energy, which allows them to work more efficiently and exercise for longer.

Some users state that the product has improved their focus and mood, while other are happy about being able to rest better. It seems that VitaPulse improves the quality of sleep, so clearly it has a very powerful effect on the brain.

Which is exactly what a quality blend of antioxidants should do, but very few achieve. And these are only the most common effects observed by the users. It seems that the product can be helpful in many different affections.

Users who suffer from numbness due to poor circulation report a decrease in the symptom, and so do those who suffer from joint pain.

This product has a positive effect on general health, and it manages to improve the quality of life of many of its users.

Most people who purchase this product suffer from heart affections, but it can be helpful for any person who needs a little extra energy.   

And it must be kept in mind that these are the short term effects. The long-term effects of antioxidants are even more important, as they’re able to extend the life span of their users.

Antioxidants protect every cell in the body and can keep away dangerous affections like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and of course heart disease. They’re also very helpful for diabetics, as they balance blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

Unfortunately, we can’t know for sure if VitaPulse can actually achieve this since these effects can only be evaluated over very long periods of time. But given the amazing immediate results, we can safely assume that it works very well in the long term.

Still, this doesn’t mean that the users should expect changes from the first day of use. VitaPulse can work surprisingly fast, and some clients do report improvements after only a few days, but most users only notice changes after a few weeks.

Which is still extremely fast when compared to other products. This type of supplement is usually very slow acting.

Antioxidants improve general health at a slow pace, and normally we would recommend future users of VitaPulse to be patient with the product.

But since this product seems to work surprisingly well, a few weeks should be more than enough to evaluate it. Of course, in some cases, it only starts to generate positive changes after a few months of usage, but this is not common.

Those who want to make sure that they’re evaluating it as well as possible could give it a few months, but it’s not mandatory like in the case of other products.

Also, for the product to work as well as possible, users should make sure that they consume it every day. The recommended dosage is one capsule a day, ingested with food early in the morning.

The dosage can be increased, but this should only be done with doctor’s approval. VitaPulse doesn’t contain aggressive compounds so it’s not likely to cause side effects when ingested in larger amounts, but users shouldn’t take any risks.

What Are The Ingredients Of VitaPulse?

The official website of the company displays the label of the product, so we know exactly what it contains. We also know what are the fillers, which are harmless and guarantee that the product stays vegetarian.

The ingredients themselves are vegetarian, but the product could have easily been “spoiled” by the capsule shells, which for most supplements are made from animal by-products.

For VitaPulse they’re made from vegetable cellulose, so the supplement is fit for all diets. And the main ingredients are coenzyme Q10, NAC and PQQ. All 3 are very powerful antioxidants, and next, we’ll have a look at what each of them can do.

  • Coenzyme Q10 is one of the best-known antioxidants, as it’s included in everything from supplements to beauty products. It’s naturally found in all cells of the body, and its primary function is to help them produce energy. It’s also involved in digestion and protects the heart and muscles. But it’s also a powerful antioxidant, so it doesn’t only protect the heart, but every cell in the body. Still, because of its effects on the heart, it’s commonly used as a treatment for cardiovascular affections. Its effectiveness hasn’t yet been proven scientifically, but many use it with great success. It’s also used for cancer, and there isn’t much proof for its effectiveness in this area either, but it has been shown that people who suffer from cancer have low levels of coenzyme Q10. And some studies do indicate that the substance might be helpful when combined with other treatments, so it looks very promising.
  • NAC stands for N-acetyl cysteine, a compound that comes from an amino acid. It too is a powerful antioxidant, and it’s used as a treatment for many different affections, including cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart disorders. But unlike coenzyme Q10, it’s also used to treat mental affections, including bipolar disorder. And scientific studies indicate that it actually works for this particular condition. This is most likely why users of VitaPulse notice improvements in their mood and mental functions. Also, it’s believed that NAC is able to decrease blood pressure and cholesterol, but just like in the case of coenzyme Q10, there is no proof for this property. Still, given that VitaPulse seems to work well for this purpose, it’s obvious that both substances are very helpful. And of course, because NAC is a strong antioxidant, it protects all cells and decreases the risk of developing dangerous conditions.
  • Lastly, we have PQQ, or the pyrroloquinoline quinone, which might just be the most powerful of the ingredients. This substance is found in the body naturally, and while it’s not essential for health, it can impact it in impressive ways. PQQ is the only natural substance that can increase the number of mitochondria, organelles found in cells. Some cells have no mitochondria and some have thousands, but these tiny structures are responsible for the health and lifespan of most cells. As time passes, they become less functional, but their numbers can be increased through PQQ. This means that the cells are able to produce more energy and stay healthy for longer. And the proven benefits of PQQ don’t stop here, as the substance is also able to boost mental functions, improve mood, increase sleep quality and decrease insulin resistance. In insulin resistance, the body is no longer able to use insulin properly. This means that the sugar from the blood is not absorbed and used by the cells for energy as well as it should. This condition is usually a precursor of diabetes, and PQQ has been scientifically proven as effective against it. And just looking at this ingredient alone makes it obvious why VitaPulse works so well. It seems that PQQ can generate all the benefits described by the users all on its own. But the first 2 ingredients are also very helpful, and chances are that the best results can only be generated by a combination of the 3. And lastly, PQQ is an antioxidant too, so it has the same protecting effects as the other ingredients.

Is VitaPulse Safe?

VitaPulse is very safe. The ingredients can generate mild side effects like digestive disorders, but very few users have complained about them, and they seem to wear off fast enough.

Still, the product could cause more serious side effects in those who are sensitive. Users shouldn’t assume that the symptoms will pass on their own, and should see their doctors as soon as possible.

Also, those who suffer from various health conditions should not use VitaPulse without doctor’s approval.

The ingredients are harmless when ingested by healthy people, but they are powerful and have the potential to aggravate existing conditions.

Which means that they also have the potential to interact with medication. For each of the substances included in VitaPulse, there’s a list of drugs with which it should not be combined, at least not without professional advice.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that while the product has hundreds of users reviews, we weren’t able to find any complaints regarding customer service.

The company offers a money back guarantee for the product, and some of the clients must have requested refunds.

We can assume that the policy is respected and clients have no trouble recuperating the amounts. VitaPulse users seem very open to expressing their opinions, and if there were any problems with customer service, surely the complaints would be very easy to find.

What Are The Benefits Of VitaPulse?

The benefits of antioxidants, and these 3 substances, in particular, are virtually endless. Antioxidants protect the cells and help them produce more energy, and even have the potential to increase lifespan.

Many studies indicate that people who consume high amounts of antioxidants live longer, so their impact on quality of life is massive.

They’re equally beneficial for both younger and older people, as they prevent a number of affections and help decrease the symptoms of others.

It’s never too early or too late to increase the number of antioxidants in one’s diet, and in the case of VitaPulse, the effects will be noticed very soon after the beginning of the treatment.

This is one of the few supplement that can benefit any individual, no matter what is their age or the state of their health.

Of course, like in the case of all supplements and drugs, these are some exceptions. Some might be sensitive to the ingredients or unable to process them properly. But these are very rare occurrences, and most users of VitaPulse can expect good results.

Why Choose VitaPulse?

After looking at the ingredients, which have been proven again and again as effective (although not necessarily through scientific studies) and the hundreds of positive reviews, it’s obvious that this supplement is one of the best blends of antioxidants available at the moment.

It might actually be the best, but since we haven’t analyzed all supplements available, we can’t state it with certainty.

But it’s far superior to the vast majority of products on the market, as it defies many of the rules that apply to supplements.

For example, it’s well known that supplements, even those of very high quality, don’t work for all users. They can very well work for most, but the chances for a product to help almost all its users are extremely low.

And VitaPulse does just that. It seems to behave very much like a drug because usually, only this kind of substances work the same in almost all cases.

Except that, unlike drugs, this product doesn’t generate side effects, at least not serious ones. It’s very safe for users of all ages as it doesn’t contain any aggressive substances.

Of course, it shouldn’t be used by pregnant women of offered to children without professional advice. But it’s as safe as a supplement could be.

Also, in the eventuality that it doesn’t work, clients can just request a refund. The company offers a 90-day money back guarantee, which is enough for the clients to test the product.

It wouldn’t be enough for most supplements of this type, but since VitaPulse works much faster than other antioxidant blends, the effects should start manifesting during the 3 months.

All that the clients have to do is send back the bottles (even empty) and they’ll immediately receive a refund, less shipping, and handling.

Where Can I Buy VitaPulse?vitapulse

VitaPulse is only available through the official website of the company, which offers it at the price of $49 plus $6.95 for shipping and handling.

This is a 1 month’s supply (the bottle contains 30  capsules), and the fee applies to all deliveries, no matter what is the location of the client.

But those who want to try the product for more than 1 month can choose a package that contains 3 bottles of VitaPulse, which is available for $127 and comes with free shipping.

But the best option seems to be the package that contains 6 bottles. It’s available for $235 (with free shipping) and reduces the individual price of the bottles to $39.17.

Bottom line

VitaPulse is one of the best antioxidant blends available at the moment. It’s highly effective as it benefits all aspects of health, and would make a great addition to anyone’s diet.  

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