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Virulite Reviews | Cold Sore Machine | Does it Work?

Virulite is the first cold sore treatment device approved by the FDA. It’s claimed to be highly effective and at the same time completely safe  for health, but does it really work? How does it compare to the creams and ointments that cold sore sufferers usually have to settle for? These treatments are unpleasant and show acting, but most people believe them to be only solution. Can Virulite really replace them? Well, it turns out that it can.   

What is Virulite?

buy virulite cold sore machineThis device is small, portable and extremely easy to use. It’s claimed to be the result of a decade of research, and has been available in Europe for 5 years now. But it has only been released in US in 2014, after receiving FDA approval at the beginning of the same year.

FDA approval is proof that the Virulite device is both effective and safe, but the claims made by the manufacturer are still very unusual. Apparently, if used immediately after noticing the first symptoms of a cold sore, Virulite will stop it from developing further. It should also be able to decrease healing time and the frequency of the outbursts. And given that there is no cure for cold sores, this is the best that any form of treatment could possibly do.

Even better, Virulite is supposed to work better than Acyclovir (cream), one of the most popular treatment for cold sores. Amazingly, it should work twice as fast as the ointment, and the company backs the claim through scientific studies. The website links to papers which prove just how effective the device is when compared to Acyclovir. Also, it’s shown that unlike the popular ointment, Virulite can also treat the pain commonly associated with cold sores. The user should feel the effects of the treatment almost instantly, and that’s something that no other product is currently able to do.  

Still, the tests have been performed only on volunteers who suffered of cold sores in the mouth area. The company doesn’t guarantee that the device will work just as well on other areas of the body, although it should. The sores can be caused by 2 different types of virus, but Virulite does not target either of them in particular. In fact, it doesn’t target the infection at all, but the healthy tissue. The device stimulates the immune cells in the areas affected by the infection, speeding the healing process. It has absolutely no effect on the virus itself, and we appreciate that the company doesn’t claim that it does. Virulite is not presented as a magic cure, but only a healing aid.

How does Virulite work?

Virulite stimulates the cells by emitting light that corresponds to a very specific wavelength. Apparently 1072nm light is easily absorbed by the skin and promotes healing, even if it’s way of action is not yet clear. The device makes it easy to use this light on any area of the body that is affected by the cold sores, and it doesn’t even require much of the user’s time. The treatment only takes 3 minutes, and the device is programmed to shut down by itself when the time is up.

This light is emitted by 2 LEDs, but because it’s in the infrared range, it can’t be perceived by the human eyes. To let the user know that it’s working, the device uses a third, green LED. This light blinks while the treatment is in progress, and stops when it’s over. And the device also uses sounds, so the user can hear when the treatment starts and ends. But if the user hears an unusual sound, it means that something is wrong with the device or that the battery needs to be changed. Virulite’s micro-computer checks the functionality of the device before each use, and if the system is not working properly, it will trigger the alarm sound and shut it down. This prevents the device from failing in the middle of the treatment, either because the light is not emitted properly or the battery is low. It uses a 9V battery, which should last through a high number of treatments and is very easy to replace.

The treatments

The company advises clients to use the device at the first sign of an infection. Most people experience tingling sensations, burning or pain even before a cold sore starts developing, and Virulite should be applied to the area immediately.

And for the treatment to be as effective as possible, the device should be used a second time. This must be done 12 hours after the first treatment, and it should be enough for the cold sore to recede or at least stop increasing.

It’s also mentioned that the light shouldn’t be applied more than 2 times a day, because there’s no proof that this can make the treatment more effective. But the company does present an exception, where the device should be used 4 times a day for 2 days after the initial treatments.

This course of treatment is recommended for the users who notice the cold sores progressing after the first two treatments. Apparently Virulite can’t work if the virus hasn’t reached the skin at the moment of the treatment, which is apparently what happens in this cases. It’s hard to understand why would an individual experience unpleasant symptoms if the virus is not close enough to the skin, but it’s good to know that the device will still work eventually.

But these instructions of use only apply for the cold sores that affect the lips or general mouth area. Other parts of the body require stronger treatments, and even then, the company doesn’t guarantee that it will work. It probably will, but not enough tests have been performed in this purpose and the company refrains from making unverifiable claims.

Still, there are instructions of use for cold sores on the other areas of the body. The company advises users to apply the treatment for 4 consecutive days in these cases. It’s not specified how many times a day should the clients use the device, but we assume that 2 times should be enough.

But cold sores in the genital area are caused by a different virus and require an even stronger treatment. In these cases, the company recommends for the device to be used for 7 consecutive days. There is no proof that this really works, but chances are it does. There’s no reason why it wouldn’t, especially because Virulite can treat conditions that are completely unrelated to the virus that causes mouth cold sores.

Apparently it can make mouth ulcers heal faster if used for 2 consecutive days, and except for developing in the mouth area, this condition has nothing to do with herpes simplex type 1. This is the virus that causes mouth sores, and it’s almost identical to herpes simplex type 2, which causes genital herpes. So there’s almost no chance for the Virulite treatment to fail no matter where the cold sores are located, as they can only be caused by these closely related virus types.

And these instructions of use should be remembered by all the potential users of Virulite, no matter which type of the virus affects them. Because while type 1 mostly manifests on the lips and around the mouth, the cold sores can appear anywhere else on the body, including the genital area. It’s not very common, but it can happen. At the same time, type 2 can cause cold sores on the lips and in any other areas.

Also, it should be kept in mind that virus simplex (both types) never disappears from the body. Not having cold sore outbreaks for years at a time doesn’t guarantee that they won’t reoccur. Virus simplex is very easy to acquire, especially in childhood, and many have it without even being aware.

Those affected might experience periodic outbreaks or no outbreaks at all, but are able to pass the virus to others all the same. This goes to show just how unpredictable herpes simplex is, so a good treatment should always be kept handy. And while herpes simplex type 2 can only be acquired sexually, it behaves very much like type one. It can manifest often, rarely or never, but it can always be passed to others. Of course, for both types, the virus is much easier to pass during an outbreak, but the risks are always there.

Virulite Customer feedback

Virulite has some of the best reviews we have ever encountered. It’s very surprising, but it seems that not one single client finds the device to be ineffective. Users have only good things to say about this product, as it seems that it works exactly as the company claims. It prevents cold sores from becoming obvious, and decreases healing time. Customers also report a decrease in the frequency of the outbursts, so the treatment has long term effects.

Unfortunately, not many people mention where they usually develop the cold sores. It’s hard to say what new users should expect when treating various forms of the infection. But all users report similar results, so chances are that Virulite works well no matter if the user is affected by herpes simplex type 1 or 2.  Many users state that this is the best treatment they have ever tried, so future clients should have very high expectations. Which is amazing given that Virulite is, after all, an alternative form of treatment. We weren’t expecting for it to work so well, but this is one of the few products that guarantee great results. The same can’t be said for many medical treatments, so it really is amazing.

What are the benefits of Virulite?

Not only is Virulite highly effective, but it seems that it works better than many other cold sore treatments. The results can be noticed almost instantly, which can’t be said for any ointments or cream. Of course, it won’t make the cold sores disappear immediately, but it will relieve the pain and tingling sensations after only a few minutes.

A single day of treatment should be enough to keep cold sores that affect the lips from increasing in size. On top of that, the healing process shouldn’t take more than 4 days, and no other treatment acts this fast. The best ointments can help the tissue heal in a week, but with Virulite, it only takes 3 or 4 days, provided that it’s used at the beginning of the infection.

But beyond its effectiveness, this device is also much more pleasant to use than creams or ointments. It only requires 6 minutes of the user’s time, and it doesn’t attract any unwanted attention. Meanwhile, ointments are often just as bothering as the infection itself. They must be applied as often as possible, and make the cold sore easy to notice by those around the sufferers.

They’re bothering when eating or drinking, and tend to spread everywhere when the user inevitably touches their face. Meanwhile, Virulite makes cold sore outbreaks as easy to bear as possible. Which is also why this device might be the best treatment for cold sores located on areas of the body that are usually hidden by clothes. Except for oral medication, nothing can help those who don’t have time to wait for an ointment to act before putting on clothes.

Is Virulite safe?

Virulite is completely harmless. The light emitted by the LED’s is unable to cause any damage to the tissue, no matter how many times the device is used. The company states that no side effects have been observed during the studies performed on the product, and the clients back the claim.

It seems that no one has experienced any unpleasant symptoms during or after the treatment, so Virulite couldn’t be safer.  Still, while the light emitted by the device is invisible for human eyes, the device should never be pointed towards this area of the face.  It doesn’t matter that it can’t be perceived, infrared light in this wavelength can cause just as much damage as the “regular” light. It has the potential to burn the retina and cause blindness, and unlike in the case of visible light, the individual won’t even know it’s happening.

This makes it even more dangerous than visible light, because the eyes won’t close on reflex so there’s no protection against it. This is why children should never use Virulite without adult supervision. It’s completely safe to use on the affected areas, but it must be kept away from the eyes. Of course, just like visible light, infrared light won’t cause damage if it meets the eye shortly, but it should be avoided.    

Also, there’s no reason for concern when it comes to the company itself. No one has complained about customer service yet, so representatives are most likely very friendly. Packages are received on time and replacements are not a problem if the products are damaged. Which is a great thing, because a number of users have complained about the product breaking down unexpectedly.

This seems to be the only issue with Virulite, and having to send it back and wait for a replacement could be a serious inconvenience. Especially for those who need it very often. But at least the company takes care of the problem, so Virulite is still worth it.

The treatment is so effective that the clients who have had to replace it more than once don’t see the malfunctions as a significant drawback. But this is not to say that new users should expect for the device to fail. There’s a very small chance for this to happen, so there’s no reason to worry.

Why choose Virulite?

The treatment provided by Virulite is effective and fast-acting, while the device itself is very easy to use. The infrared light works better than ointments and doesn’t cause any discomfort, and it can be applied at any time.

And because the device is small enough to be carried around at all times, the user is always prepared to take care of the problem. The treatment is neither messy or time consuming, so it can remove all the unpleasantness from cold sore episodes.

Since it’s so effective, it might be a good replacement for oral medication. Of course, only if the outbreak is not very severe and a medical professional gives their approval. Cold sores are rarely dangerous, but the infection can become serious in some cases. Medical treatment is mandatory is these cases, and those affected should not take any risks. In fact, no one should assume that this product will help them unless they know exactly what condition affects them. Many other disorders can cause eruptions that look like cold sores, so the diagnostic must be received from a professional.

But those who know exactly what they’re dealing with and are not affected by severe forms of the infection can use Virulite freely. It’s almost guaranteed to work, and it’s safe enough to be used on children and pregnant women. Any person that carries the virus, no matter if they suffer from periodic outbreaks or not, could benefit from owning this device. The virus is very unpredictable, so those affected can never be too prepared.

Also, Virulite can help its users save money. The device can be used again and again without any extra costs, and if something does happen to it, the company will either fix or replace it. It comes with a 1 year warranty, so users will surely get their money’s worth out of it, especially if the frequency of their outbreaks is high. Speaking of which, the device should also be able to decrease the number of outbreaks. This is what the company claims and what the clients have reported, so new users should expect it after a number of treatments. Of course, chances are it won’t end up stopping the outbreaks completely.

Where can I buy Virulite?

buy viruliteVirulite can be purchased through its official website, and occasionally from some online stores. At the moment it appears to only be available on the website, so the company itself is the most reliable provider. You can buy Virulite device for the price of $99, and orders can be placed from all over the world. The shipping fee varies depending on the location of the client, but most US customers will be charged around $10. The website also sells gift certificates, and clients can choose any value between $1 and $1,000.

Outside the 1 year warranty, the product also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. But unfortunately it only applies for unopened products, so the clients can’t test Virulite before sending it back. It will only help those who have changed their minds about using the product, so it’s not very helpful. Still, this is not really a problem because the product will work as expected provided that it’s not damaged in any way.

Bottom line

Virulite is a good cold sore treatment device and we would recommend it to any individual that struggles with the condition. It has been proven as highly effective and it’s guaranteed to work for all users, so it’s one of the best treatment options available at the moment.

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