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Vapor Couture Reviews | Electronic Cigarette for Women

Vapor Couture is a line of electronic cigarettes designed specifically for women. It’s the first of its kind, and a welcomed release considering that women are becoming more and more interested in vaping. But while the devices certainly look good, we have to wonder about their performance They’re thinner and lighter than most e-cigarettes, so was functionality sacrificed for looks? The answer to this question is quite surprising.

What is Vapor Couture?

Vapor Couture line of e-cigarettes is offered by V2 Gigs
, one of the largest and most popular manufacturers of vaping devices in US. As of 2015 V2 Cigs operates in UK under the name Vapour2, making its products more easily accessible to European customers. The company released its first line of e-cigarettes in 2012, and following its great success, Vapor Couture became available in 2013. The devices are designed as more elegant alternatives to typical e-cigarettes, and truth be told, they’re very eye catching.

Vapor Couture e-cigarettes are 8 mm wide and lightweight, and have a very sleek design. They’re available in 4 subtle, feminine colors, which are:

  • brushed aluminum
  • gold rose
  • deep purple
  • VC pattern

buy vapor coutureThe pattern is an elegant combination of grey and white, while the other 3 options are solid colors. And clients can create their own unique e-cigarette by choosing different colors for the batteries and cartridges. Both parts of the device are available in the 4 colors, and users can choose between a solid or more colorful look. And except for gold rose and aluminum, which don’t look good together, all combinations match beautifully.

On top of that, Vapor Couture devices don’t have a simple LED light at the tip, but a crystal that lights up. It might sound tacky but it’s a very well made decoration, not very bright but sparkly enough to make the device look very feminine. It’s color matches the battery, so it’s either white (for purple battery), pink (for gold rose) or purple (for aluminum and pattern options).

Speaking of the battery, Vapor Couture uses one of the smallest available on the market. It’s only 150mAh, and it’s size makes it impossible to match to any other cartridges but those that are part of the line. Vapor Couture batteries don’t even match to other cartridges offered by V2 Cigs, so clients have limited choices. This also means that new Vapor Couture users might have to purchase an entire kit just to be able to give the product a try, which could be very inconvenient. On top of that, the company doesn’t offer many flavor choices for Vapor Couture. Still, those that are available are very interesting, and should be able to satisfy the tastes of most customers.

Vapor Couture cartridges flavors are available in:

  • Bombshell
  • Rodeo Drive
  • Fresh Mint
  • Passion Fruit
  • Strawberry Champagne
  • Arctic Mint flavors

Two of these flavors are intended for those who like the taste of tobacco, although like all e-cigarettes, they don’t contain any. Bombshell tastes like regular tobacco, while Rodeo Drive has an American tobacco flavor. Passion fruit and Strawberry Champagne taste exactly what they sound like, while mint lovers can choose between the other 2 options. Arctic Mint has a sweeter flavor than Fresh Mint, so the latter is a better choice for those who like a more complex fresh flavor.

These are all the flavors at the moment, which is unfortunate because V2 Cigs could have added, for example, vanilla or chocolate. These are already available for other e-cigarettes offered by the company, and they would have surely been very popular with Vapor Couture. Still, the Vapor Couture flavors are available in the same nicotine strengths as for all the other cartridges. These are 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6% and 0%, and the users can certainly find a product that fits their needs. And those who are unsure of what strength to choose can contact the company directly and receive advice from a representative.

How does Vapor Couture work?

Women that are unfamiliar with e-cigarettes but are interested in Vapor Couture will be relieved to know that these devices are extremely easy to use. The e-cigarette is composed of 2 pieces, the battery and the cartridge that attaches to it. The battery charges in about an hour and lasts for up to 5 hours if the device is used continuously. This is not recommended, since e-cigarettes should be used very much the same way as cigarettes. Still, some users do have this habit, so it’s worth mentioning.

But with normal use, the device should last for at least a full day. It uses a small USB charger that can be plugged into a computer or a wall adapter, although car adapters are also available from the company. The cartridges last for about 200 puffs, so about 2 days for an average smoker. They are available in packs of 5, and are sealed by blisters that keep them fresh and prevent leakage. The blisters are soft and easy to remove, so setting up the device couldn’t be easier.

The liquid in the cartridges contains propylene glycol, food grade flavorings and nicotine, if any. This is very much what is (or what should be) found in all e-cigarette liquids. But not many manufacturers disclose the ingredients in their liquids, and this can be very dangerous. But V2 Gigs has no issue with displaying the list of ingredients, which is common to all their liquids and is as harmless as it could be considering the nature of the product.

Propylene glycol is an odorless and tasteless liquid that has been proven as completely harmless for health. It’s included in anything from foods and beauty products to pharmaceuticals, and it’s used in e-cigarettes as a carrier for the various flavors and nicotine. Once heated, the liquid propylene glycol becomes a thick vapor that when inhaled resembles cigarette smoke. But unlike tobacco smoke, it’s completely harmless for the user and those around him.

Nicotine on the other hand is anything but harmless. It’s found in tobacco and it’s a stimulant drug, although it can just as well work as a sedative in heavy users. It has the potential to cause serious health problems, and what makes it truly dangerous is its highly addictive nature. The other substances found in cigarette smoke are more dangerous than nicotine, but this chemical is what makes cigarettes so difficult to quit.

Is Vapor Couture safe?

Depending on who is using these e-cigarettes, they can be either very safe or very dangerous. For those who already smoke regular cigarettes, the Vapor Couture line is a much safer alternative. The liquid doesn’t contains hundreds of damaging substances like cigarettes do, but it still includes the nicotine that smokers need. Also, e-cigarettes in general don’t cause side effects if the liquid is high quality, which is the case for Vapor Couture. The company has nothing to hide and all the ingredients are disclosed, so the products are as safe as they could be.

But of course, these devices are not at all safe for non-smokers. Unless they choose the nicotine-free cartridges, the users will become addicted to nicotine, which has been associated with cardiovascular diseases and other disorders. And the addiction could lead to actual smoking, so in these cases e-cigarettes should be avoided at all costs. Also, while e-cigarettes are much safer than regular cigarettes, they shouldn’t be used by pregnant women. The nicotine can cause birth defects, so they shouldn’t be considered a cigarette replacement during pregnancy.

How well does Vapor Couture perform?

Vapor Couture devices have mostly positive reviews, which is unexpected given that that the battery is very small. They produce a good amount of vapor and the flavors are very pleasant, so most users are very satisfied with their purchases. Of course, Vapor Couture e-cigarettes don’t produce as much vapor as more powerful devices, but given their size, they work very well. They manage to surprise their users, who are usually expecting a beautiful design and not much more. And equally surprising is the quality of the liquid. The clients don’t have many choices when it comes to flavor but those which do exist are put together very well.

Unfortunately, some clients do encounter issues with the devices. It seems that the battery is not very long lasting and has to be replaced more often than in the case of other devices. But other than that, these e-cigarettes are some of the best available.

What are the benefits of Vapor Courture?

E-cigarettes in general are a great step for any smoker who is looking for a less damaging alternative to cigarettes. It seems that they’re 95% safer than cigarettes, so their impact over health is minimal. Using nicotine alone is the best possible choice for those who feel like they’re not able to quit cigarettes abruptly. And not only do these devices supply the nicotine, but they do it in a manner that resembles smoking.

This is very important, because the addiction is not limited to the substance itself. If it were, quitting smoking would be achieved very easily by using patches and other nicotine delivery systems. But puffing cigarettes and the hand to mouth gesture are very strong habits. These become associated with relaxation and get a strong hold on the smoker.

And e-cigarettes offer the entire experience with much less damage. Users can still feel like they’re smoking, and many are able to quit cigarettes completely.

It’s believed that using an e-cigarette is the best step towards quitting smoking, although at the moment they’re not seen as health aids. Truth be told, most users of e-cigarettes are not looking to quit smoking, so the more common purpose of these devices is relaxation. Also, many believe that e-cigarettes could actually encourage smoking because they’re presented as very safe despite containing nicotine.

This is why they should be kept away from children even if the vapor is mostly harmless. Still, e-cigarettes can offer tremendous help for smokers, especially if they’ve tried to quit by using other methods and found them useless.

Another advantage of using e-cigarettes as a replacement for tobacco is their small impact over non-smokers. They won’t “poison” innocent by-standers, so they’re allowed in many placed where smoking is strictly prohibited. Smokers can get their quick fix without bothering anybody, which is extremely important for those who spend time around kids. Children should never be exposed to cigarette smoke, and this should be enough for their parents to switch to e-cigarettes.

And those who don’t have children and feel like their health is optimal despite smoking must keep another thing in mind: personal comfort. Not being allowed to smoke in public places means going outside during winter or in extremely hot temperatures, and this bothers all smokers. And despite what many non-smokers believe, second hand smoke in closed spaces is just as bothering for those who produce it, so it causes constant discomfort.

But the vapor produced by e-cigarettes doesn’t affect the quality of air, and doesn’t cling to hair, clothes or furniture. These devices can make life so much easier for smokers and those around them.

And Vapor Couture e-cigarettes in particular are a great option for female smokers. Many women avoid typical e-cigarettes simply because they look very unattractive. They’re large, bulky, and don’t look  like they belong in an elegant purse. But thanks to V2 Cigs, that’s no longer a problem. Not only are these e-cigarettes high quality and provide the same experience as regular ones, but they look great even along the most elegant outfits. They don’t look like typical vaping devices, and can actually gain positive attention as accessories.

They’re available in subtle colors so they can be matched to almost everything, and users can make their own combinations by using different cartridges. And accessories are also available, although at the moment they can’t be found on the UK website.

But hopefully they will be in the near future, because many women would surely enjoy them. The company offers necklaces, bracelets, carrying cases and even purses that match the devices, and they can be ordered through the US website. Also, women who don’t like any of the color options that are currently available should know that the company will add other colors in the future.

Why choose Vapor Couture?

Not only is Vapor Couture the first line of e-cigarettes destined for women, but it’s also one of the most refined. On top of that, these devices are manufactured by one of the most appreciated companies in the business. All their products are high quality, so Vapor Couture might be the best possible choice when it comes  to women’s e-cigarettes.

Sure, they’re slightly more expensive when compared to  other brands, but clients get what they pay for. The design, vapor amount and flavor quality make Vapor Couture e-cigarettes some of the best available at the moment. Also, unlike many other similar products, Vapor Couture e-cigarettes would make a great gift for any vaper or smoker. Not only do they have a great design, but the packaging itself looks beautiful. A full Vapor Couture kit would be a pleasant surprise for any woman, especially if she’s not familiar with the brand and doesn’t know what she’ll find in the box.

And those who are not sure if the device is worth their money have no reason to worry. Vapor Couture e-cigarettes ordered through the UK website come with a 14 day money back guarantee, which starts not when the product is ordered, but when it’s received. But in the case of the kits, it only applies if no more than 2 cartridges have been used. Which leads us to believe that the guarantee only covers the batteries, and standalone cartridges and accessories and non-refundable. These can only be sent back if they’re intact and ready to be resold.

Where can I buy Vapor Couture E-cigarettes Kits?

Vapor Couture e-cigarettes are available in a number of stores, but the official website (in this case V2 Cigs UK) is a much better choice. Delivery is available for UK, Europe and international locations, with some exceptions. The UK website does not deliver to US, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Sweden and India, as different websites exist for most of these countries. But standard delivery to UK will only take 2 days, and it’s available for only £2.75. Next day delivery is also available, for a fee of £4.75 this time. And orders over £57.99 come with free standard shipping, and most likely a reduced fee for next day delivery.

Free shipping is also available for clients located in other countries, but the required value for the orders to qualify varies for different areas. Clients located in Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Poland will have to place orders with a value of at least £75 for free delivery. If they don’t, the shipping fee will be £8.95.

But clients located in Austria, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland have to pay even higher shipping fees. In these cases, delivery is available for £12.95, and it’s free if the order reaches at least £95.

The total value has to be of at least £125 for clients located in Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Norway and Romania. If the value is not reached, clients have to pay a shipping fee of £19.95.

Still, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Ireland clients pay the highest shipping fees, as in these cases delivery is available for £29.95 and free only for orders over £150.

But somehow clients located outside Europe are luckier, because delivery anywhere in the world (expect for the locations we mentioned earlier) is available for £9.95 and it’s free for orders of at least £95. Unfortunately we don’t know for how long clients located outside UK have to wait for the packages, but it can’t be more than a couple of weeks.

And when it comes to the products themselves, the best choice for new clients would be a complete Vapor Couture kit. The Starter kit is available for £47.50, and it contains 2 batteries, 2 packs of cartridges (5 cartridges each), the USB charger, the wall adapter for the charger and a user manual. Clients can select the desired colors of the batteries and cartridges, and the flavor and strength of the liquid. It doesn’t look like the clients can choose a different color for each battery and cartridge pack, or different flavors for the liquid in the cartridges, but it might still be possible. The company also takes orders through phone, and the representatives might be willing to customize the packages. The website allows clients to add extra cartridges to their orders, so chances are other changes can also be made.

Another option is a Starter kit that also includes a charging case. The case is rose gold, has room for 2 batteries and 2 cartridges, and it can charge 6 batteries before itself needs charging. It’s very stylish and a great option for women who like to have their e-cigarettes ready at all times. The price of this kit is £69.50, and with the exception of the case, it’s identical to the first option. And while both kits are fairly pricey, they’re surely worth the money when compared to the price of cigarettes. The website sells cartridges in packs of 40 (in 8 individual boxes), which are available for £59.99. And given that most users don’t require more than a cartridge a day, the savings are considerable. Extra batteries can be purchased for £17.95 each, while a charger kit (USB charger plus wall adapter) is available for £11.99. And while it’s not included in neither of the kits, a car adapter is also available for the price of £4.99. Lastly, the charging case can be ordered for £26.25. And we appreciate how all the components of the kits are available separately, allowing clients to order exactly what they need if they want to keep their expenses to a minimum.

Bottom line

Vapor Couture is one of the best women e-cigarettes available on the market. It has a beautiful design, good performance and high quality flavors, and would make a great choice for any vaping enthusiast or smoker. 


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