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Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin Review

Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin Review: No other variety of health supplements is more popular than weight loss aids.

ultra trim 350 forskolinOur general obsession with the perfect body, combined with a lifestyle that doesn’t allow us to exercise and prepare healthy meals has created a great business opportunity for respectable health products manufacturers and scammers alike.

Every once in a while, a new product is claimed to be the ultimate weight loss formula, and same was the case with forskolin in January 2014. Dr. Oz presented it on his show as a “lightning in a bottle”, and supplements that include it have since become one of the most coveted weight loss products.

And because it’s properties don’t seem to be limited to slimming, it’s also included in body building products and other types of supplements.

This is why forskolin products are now available from dozens of manufacturers worldwide, with many of them including very low quantities of the substance or even other compounds that have the potential of being very damaging to health.

Scammers take advantage of the possibilities offered by the internet to promote and sell products that are labeled as containing forskolin but have nothing in common with the substance, so choosing a safe and efficient supplement might prove to be very difficult, especially for inexperienced buyers.

And supplements that are sold exclusively through the internet can be particularly dangerous because the manufacturers that sell these fake products are very difficult to find and hold responsible.

But some of the products sold online are completely legitimate, and next, we’ll have a look at a specific forskolin product that might be quite decent.

What is Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin?

This supplement is manufactured by Emerging Nutrition, a company that also offers other health products.

Unfortunately, this one supplement has its own website, so customers can’t have a look at the other products while researching Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin.

But the fact that the company doesn’t focus on one product alone is a point in its favor, especially because it also claims that it’s made in the USA.

Although not approved by the FDA (because this authority doesn’t regulate health supplements in general), the product is presented as manufactured in a facility that complies with the GMP standards, using an all natural formula that includes a special type of capsules, which have the ability to dissolve and release the substance much faster than other brands.

ultrat trim 350 forskolin

Available in bottles containing 30 capsules, Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin claims to be the best solution for weight loss, and it should work by increasing the metabolic rate and reducing the appetite.

It also claims to help in the building of lean muscle and to increase blood flow, and it should provide these benefits with no side effects.

But forskolin is very potent, so even if it doesn’t cause health problems on its own, it could become harmful in certain circumstances.

Does Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin Really Work?

Customer reviews for this specific product are not easy to come by, but the substance itself is known to be effective in most cases. Actually, forskolin is one of the few weight loss aids that will most likely generate good results in the vast majority of its users.

Dr. Oz might have made it famous, but it could be said that it stands on its own merits at this point.

Customers often experience not only weight loss but also a decrease in appetite and a higher level of both physical and mental energy.

And some male users have even stated that the substance has aphrodisiac qualities. And given all that we know about it, it’s easy to understand why.

A number of scientific studies have been performed on forskolin regarding its weight loss qualities, and even if their findings are still under discussion, it’s hard to disprove them because they did show some very interesting results.

A study performed on 50 female rats for a period of 10 weeks (with the substance being administered only during the last two weeks, with the first 8 weeks having the animals eat a high-fat diet) has shown that the substance slows down the rate of weight gain while accelerating weight loss. It does this by increasing the level of a molecule called cyclic AMP, but more on the subject later.

Positive results coming from studies performed on rodents might not be very useful when it comes to the effects of forskolin in humans, but the substance has also been tried on willing human subjects.

A study that was published in 2005 actually shows forskolin being beneficial in the case of 15 obese and overweight men.

The placebo-controlled trial lasted for 12 weeks and included a total of 30 men, with those being administered 25 mg of forskolin twice a day showing significant loss of fat tissue, an increase in muscular and bone mass, and also a raise in the level of testosterone.

This study is disputed by some by claiming that the subjects didn’t actually experience a loss in body weight. But even if that were the case, it would be understandable given that the subjects did gain both muscle and bone mass.

As long as they didn’t gain any weight, it obvious that at least some amount of fat tissue was lost, even if it was only replaced by muscle, which in itself would be satisfactory enough.

In fact, constantly monitoring the weight is detrimental to any slimming program, as some fat is always replaced by muscle and this might seem very disappointing, at least in the beginning.

But studies have also been performed on women. A double-blind trial performed on 23 overweight women has shown that forskolin slows down weight gain, while one particular study performed on 6 overweight women for a period of 8 weeks has shown a decrease of about 8% of the body fat by ingesting 250 mg of the plant extract containing 10% pure forskolin twice a day.

Obviously, there is some truth to all the claims made by the supplement manufacturers that include forskolin in their products.

And Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin comes with the same arguments, without resorting to fantastic claims or unusual marketing techniques. But first, let’s find out more about forskolin.

What is forskolin?

This substance is extracted from the roots of Coleus forskohlii (also known as Plectranthus barbatus), a flowering plant in the mint family.

This tropical plant grows in India, Nepal, Thailand, Burma and Sri Lanka, and it has been used in traditional medicine for a long time as a form of treatment for health affections that include heart disorders (like high blood pressure), respiratory problems and menstrual issues.

There are many varieties of coleus, but only this one contains forskolin, which seems to be potent enough to be used even by medical professionals.

It’s known today that the substance has the ability to generate a more powerful heartbeat and enlarge the blood vessels, decreasing blood pressure.

It’s administered intravenously in patients suffering from heart failure, but its oral form seems efficient in many other health affections.

It’s not only used for heart and respiratory issues (like asthma), but also in the treatments of skin conditions, menstrual disorders, blood clots, and even sexual dysfunctions in men.

It’s also included in eye drops, as it seems efficient in the treatment of glaucoma. But when it comes to supplements, it comes in the form of a powder that is actually the dried root of the plant, containing a certain percentage of pure forskolin.

Chemically, forskolin is a labdane diterpene, an organic compound with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. But what it really does is increase the levels of the cyclic AMP, and it manages this by activating the enzyme adenylate cyclase.

This enzyme is found in all cells, where it accelerates a very important process. There are 6 different types of adenylate cyclase, but all of them have the same purpose and one, in particular, is essential for many human tissues.

This enzyme converts adenosine triphosphate (which is used as a source of energy in different metabolic processes as it transports nutrients for consumption within cells) into the cyclic AMP (or cAMP). And cAMP seems to be the compound that generates all the benefits observed by using forskolin.

Cyclic AMP is actually a second messenger, a substance that that has the role of triggering different processes at a cellular level as a response to first messengers.

The first messengers (serotonin or dopamine, for example) are responsible for transmitting information between cells, while the second messengers receive this information from inside the cell and react accordingly.

Both types are neurotransmitters, being essential for all the functions of the body. And as a neurotransmitter, cAMP regulates the metabolism of sugars and lipids, but also glycogen usage.

This is a compound that acts as a long-term storage for chemical energy, is converted into glucose by the muscle cells whenever there is not enough of this substance in the blood. Glucose is the result of the extraction of nutrients from blood, and the major source of energy for the body.

This is how cAMP should help both in weight loss and in increasing the energy level. It should speed the entire metabolism, making it easier for the body to use the fat that is already stored.

But it seems like it also increased the levels of serotonin and testosterone, which help in weight loss in their own particular ways.

Testosterone is the primary male hormone, responsible for the developing and proper functioning of the sex organs but also for all other features that distinguish men from women.

Broad skeletal structure, increased muscle tissue, facial hair and the entire facial structure are all regulated by testosterone, and this hormone is increased by the consumption of forskolin might be what causes the muscle gain.

Also, it might be why men using forskolin have reported aphrodisiac qualities for this substance, as testosterone is responsible for sexual behaviors too. But testosterone level might be raised by losing weight alone, so an increase it’s not necessarily the result of cAMP accelerating its production.

Fat cells convert testosterone to estrogen, the primary female hormone (because testosterone is also found in the female body, even if in much smaller quantities), so less fat mass should automatically generate an increase in the male hormone.

But whatever might cause the increase of testosterone after ingesting forskolin, this substance seems to be efficient enough to be used as a treatment in sexual dysfunctions in men and as a treatment for menstrual disorders by women.

It’ even used as a form of birth control, and while we don’t know how effective it is in this purpose, we do know that it might cause fetal toxicity, a very dangerous condition for pregnant women.

This is why it should never be used by women in this condition or by those that are breastfeeding, and of course neither by those that are trying to conceive.

And forskolin might also increase the levels of serotonin, which might explain why it works as an appetite suppressant and why it helps in insomnia. Actually, better sleep was described as one of the first effects of the substance by some forskolin users.

Serotonin is often called “the happy hormone” (although it’s not a hormone), as it’s the neurotransmitter that regulates many mental and physical processes by acting both on the nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract. It’s also found in blood platelets and it helps in regulating blood clotting, another property that forskolin seems to have.

But the highest amount of serotonin (over 90%) is found in the gastrointestinal tract, where it helps in the digestion.

When food is ingested, serotonin is released to contract the stomach and the other components of the digestive system around food, and depending on the quality of the substances ingested it might actually speed up digestion and even cause vomiting if toxins are present.

Higher amounts of serotonin should contract the stomach faster and reduce the quantity of food that can be ingested, but this substance acts as an appetite suppressant also by interacting with dopamine.

This neurotransmitter is responsible for many processes, including food cravings, but once the person starts to eat, serotonin is released and acts as a temporary inhibitor for the cells that produce dopamine. The craving stops, making the person eat less.

And by acting on the nervous system, serotonin regulates (among other processes) mood and sleep, balancing emotions and increasing the quality of sleep.

An increase in its levels should be immediately observed, especially by those that suffer from stress and low mood disorders, and while there is no real proof that forskolin actually increases the amounts of serotonin, its effects do seem to indicate that it has this property.

Is Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin Safe?

It’s claimed that this supplement doesn’t contain anything except coleus root extract, and forskolin in itself is not dangerous. It has been proven as lethal in rats, but only in doses over 2,000 mg per kg.

Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin contains 20% forskolin in the extract and given that the capsules should contain 350 mg of dried root, the dose per capsule should be 70 mg, which is not even close to dangerous.

But forskolin will interact with medication, especially in those who are under treatment for heart conditions and high blood pressure.

The effects of the medicine will be amplified by the substance, a situation that might become very dangerous.

Also, it will interact will blood clotting medication, and because it might increase the risk of bleeding, ingestion should be stopped with at least two weeks before any surgical intervention, even in otherwise healthy users.

Forskolin should never be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women and it’s not recommended for children under 18 years old either.

And as with all supplements, Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin should be used with a doctor’s approval. All users should make sure that the product is fit for them personally, as the substance is quite potent.

One detail that needs to be mentioned is that this product is most likely not fit for a vegetarian diet. The capsules should contain only forskolin root extract (which is completely vegetal), but we don’t know what the capsule shells are made of.

The company states that they’re fast dissolving and nothing else, and if they were vegetal it would have probably been mentioned because it would have been another point in the favor of the product.

But that’s probably not the case, and given that most capsule shells are made from gelatin (an animal by-product) we can assume that these, in particular, have the same composition.

What are the Benefits of Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin?

Given that the product offers 70 mg of forskolin in a single dose (and one capsule a day is actually the recommended dosage), the amount is high enough to generate good results.

The most successful study used 50 mg a day (although in two different doses), so the same results (or even better ones) could be expected by the users of this supplement.

Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin should help both users that want to lose weight and those who want to build muscle, while at the same time improving mood and sleep quality.

Why Choose Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin?

If the forskolin content is that presented by the company, this one feature makes the supplement one the products with the highest amount of the substance (in a single dose) available on the market.

Many supplements have a 20% concentration, but the total quantity of extract found in a single capsule is most often 250 mg, which means 50 mg of pure forskolin. This amount should also be effective, but a 70 mg dose should generate even better results.

Also, like we’ve mentioned before, we appreciate that the company doesn’t come with unusual claims regarding this product. Putting aside the usual affiliate pages, the advertising for Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin is pretty decent.

The company also seems easy to contact both through phone and email, and if there were any customer service issues they would have surely been made public by unhappy users.

And another thing that we appreciate (and most likely all customers do) is the lack of any dubious marketing strategies, like the famous “free trial period” that upsets so many online shoppers.

This product comes with a 30 days money back guarantee and nothing more, and no information is hidden in the “terms and conditions” section, like in the case of so many supplements.

It seems like you’ll be aware exactly what you’ll be charged right from the start, with no additional costs or fees.

Where Can I Buy Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin?

Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin in only available on its official website, at the price of $39 plus $4.99 in shipping and handling for a bottle containing 30 pills (one month’s supply).

Larger packages are also available, and in the case of these offers, the shipping will be free. A package containing 3 bottles is sold at $99, one containing 5 bottles will cost you $135, and the 7 bottle package is available for $161. All orders come with a 30-day money back guarantee, but it might not actually cover this entire length of time.

Order Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin

The product is only available for shipping in the US, and delivery will take around 7-10 business days.

And unfortunately, if the customer is not satisfied with the product they will have to send it back and make sure that it’s received during the 30 day period, which starts from the day of the order.

Assuming that the package is shipped the day after the order is placed, this would only leave the customer around 10 days to try the supplement given that the product must be sent back at most on the 20th day of the guarantee just to make sure that it’s received by day 30.

It’s hard to believe that any supplement could give good results in only 10 days, so the money back guarantee might not be helpful.

The best deal for the supplement comes with the larger packages, but considering the short guarantee, we would recommend those interested in Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin to order a single bottle first, just to make sure that it works for them personally by trying it for an entire month.

Unless of course if they feel like the supplement should work in only 10 days, in which case they can take advantage of the money guarantee and order any of the packages with no risks.

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