top 5 weight loss gadgets

Top 5 Eccentric Weight-Loss Gadgets

Best Eccentric Weight-Loss Gadgets in 2017

Technology never ceases to surprise us. When it comes to weight loss gadgets, the market is now full of all sorts of devices designed to help people reach their weight goals and boost their motivation. From smart scales to fitness trackers, gadgets are now part of many people’s weight-loss programs.

As we always say, losing weight is a complex process, one that involves healthy eating habits, regular exercises, a healthy sleep schedule, staying hydrated, and so on. There are many little things that once put together work to improve one’s health and, thus, weight.

Now, there are some off-the-wall gadgets that have recently entered the market. Although some of them might seem perhaps too eccentric, the engineers behind them have directed their efforts, skills, and knowledge towards creating devices that will help you live a healthier life and reach your weight loss goals. Here are some of the most unconventional weight-loss gadgets.

  • HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle

Yes, they’ve invented such a thing: a smart bottle. How does it work, though? Well, HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle will help you stay hydrated by displaying your daily fluid consumption and, thus, by encouraging you to boost your water intake. Water won’t make you reduce your weight but if you stay hydrated, you can avoid mistaking thirst for hunger. By reminding you about your fluid consumption, this smart bottle will help you keep hydration under control. You can enjoy the gadget for $29.99.

  • Prep Pad from The Orange Chef

There are many apps that will help you keep track of the calories you use. This device is technically a smart scale that measures the calories in your meal and lets you know via your iPad or iPhone how many grams of fat, carbs, and protein your foods contain. It’s not a cheap gadget, though, but if your wallet is generous enough and you want to know more about what’s in your meal, you can get it for $149.95.

  • The Kitchen Safe

If you can’t help it when it comes to snacks and treats, then this one gadget is the one to go for. The Kitchen Safe makes it safe to keep snacks at home by … locking them. Funny, isn’t it? Well, it seems that some people really need such a device in order to keep their erratic habits at bay. Basically, the gadget locks your food from one minute to 10 days. This means that you get your snack and you immediately lock it for a certain period of time so you can’t have access to that food. If you think that could work for you, you only need $49 to enjoy the device. And the promise you make to yourself that you will indeed use it and lock the tempting food, of course.

  • Lumo Lift

Although this particular device doesn’t help you lose weight, it can improve your health and make you look slimmer. By tracking your stand-straight habits, Lumo Lift helps you straighten your posture. The device comes with PowerUp option-mode which makes the gadget vibrate each time you hunch or slouch. A correct posture will help your health in various ways. While it will not reduce your weight, it will help you look thinner. The device can be purchased for $99.99.

  • HAPIfork

More often than not, we find ourselves eating too quickly. Well, no wonder why with all the things on our to-do list and the short time at our disposal. Guess what, some smart people thought that this issue should not remain unsolved and created HAPIfork. The device vibrates if you’re eating too quickly and thus it reminds you to slow down. Too quickly means that you have more than one bite per 10 seconds. The gadget is accompanied by an application that records data regarding the number of fork servings you had, the time between the servings and the time you needed to finish your entire food. The only downside is that you have to use the same fork each time you eat. If you have no problem with that and you’re not that much into finger-foods, then mark this downside as non-existent. You can enjoy the gadget if you’re willing to spend $99.

Final thoughts

Now, the gadgets described above might seem just a whim to many of you yet they do seem to help people improve their health or eating habits, control the number of calories they consume, correct their posture, have enough water, and so on. Remember that using such a gadget is just one of the many steps you need to take in order to rid of those extra pounds.

The first thing to do when embarking upon a weight-loss journey? See your doctor for some checkups. You can thus identify the medical conditions that trigger your weight gain (if any). It might be just your sedentary life, the lack of sports activities and unhealthy eating habits, things you will need to change. Once you see your doctor, you should get a custom eating plan and a personalized gym program.

Personalized is the key word here since what works for some people might prove to be useless for others. You are unique and so should be your lifestyle, eating and exercising habits included. Once you’re all set, arm yourself with will and patience. Don’t expect to see major results overnight. A healthy weight loss program doesn’t work like that. Set realistic goals and take one step at a time.

Losing weight is not about dieting, it’s about making healthy changes and turning them into your lifestyle. It’s about eating healthily and exercising regularly. Plus, make sure you have a backup plan and get support when the going gets tough and you feel tempted to go back to your old unhealthy habits.

Then yes, some gadgets as the ones described above can help you adjust your lifestyle and build a new healthy one with more ease. They won’t do the entire work for you, though. Therefore, use them wisely as part of a complex and personalized weight loss program.

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