Top Weight Loss exercises

Top Weight Loss Exercises

Best Exercises for Weight Loss

A weight loss program is incomplete without exercises. It’s not enough to change your eating habits and go for healthy foods. In order to lose fat, speed that process and build a toned body, workouts are needed. Now, there are many weight loss gym programs out there. The clever trick is to pick the one that suits your needs best. That’s why having a personal trainer is of great importance. He will adapt a weight loss program to your needs and create a custom plan so you can enjoy the best results. There are some exercises that most gym trainers recommend when it comes to losing weight, though. Here are the most popular ones. Talk to your gym coach about them and include them in your program if they suit your needs and goals.

Before introducing these exercises though, pay attention to the following basic things in order for your weight loss program to get you the results you want:

  • Make the necessary eating changes and stick to them. Losing weight is not about dieting, it’s about eating healthily. The foods you eat are even of greater importance than the exercises you go for if you want to enjoy long-lasting results.
  • Create a workout plan that you enjoy and sticking with it won’t feel burdensome. Find a gym where you feel comfortable as well as a trainer that makes you feel happy about your workouts.
  • Push yourself in all the exercises you go for. Whenever it comes tough, visualize the body you’d like to have and remind yourself that exercising is not only about looking good but about improving and supporting your health as well.
  • Make sure your eating habits and workouts match. See both your nutritionist and gym trainer in order to create a balanced eating/exercising plan.

Interval training

Interval training refers to all the forms of exercise that make your heart rate spike and then come down repeatedly. Such exercises will keep your heart rate elevated and thus improve your metabolic rate. This further means that you will burn more calories. Indoor cycling is a good example of interval training. During cycling, you use various muscles in your body and that will help you lose weight because the more muscles you use, the more calories you burn.

Weight training

This type of training, whether you work with added weights or with your body weight, has been shown to increase the resting metabolic rate. That means you will still burn calories even after your workout is done. Ask your gym trainer to create a weight loss program that includes weight training as well. Go for such exercises at least three times a week. You will need to change your workout program, though, as the body will adjust to the intensity of your exercises after a while and if you don’t change them, the results will no longer be the ones you want.


When it comes to staying in shape, you can never fail with running. If you want to lose weight, though, having a light jog won’t be enough. Run up hills or adjust your treadmill to feel like you’re running up one and you will get more muscles to work. The more energy you use, the more calories you burn.

Jumping rope

If you enjoyed jumping the rope when you were a kid, you can make this fun part of your exercise routine. The great thing about this sort of exercise, besides the fact that it will improve your looks as well as your health, is that you can take a jump rope almost wherever you go and jump wherever it feels comfortable to do so.

Now, there are some guidelines to take into consideration when it comes to this exercise. Make sure you warm up with a light skip with the rope for a couple of minutes or so and then go for 100 traditional jumps (that is, your both feet leave the floor at the same time without any extra hops between the jumps). Once this part is done, go for 100 jump rope sprints. Repeat these steps and make certain your shoes are on. Don’t jump the rope barefoot. Go for appropriate shoes in order to avoid any injuries.


Yes, boxing can actually help you lose weight. Since it is just another type of interval training, boxing is a great option when it comes to burning fat. If you learn to perform this type of exercise properly (that’s why it is best to have an instructor there to help you and teach you the right moves), you will use various muscles and, as we’ve said before, the more muscles you use, the more calories you burn.


Various workouts require various muscles and there is a reason why a complete workout program should include different types of exercises. While yoga alone won’t help you lose weight, it should be part of your weight loss program. Yoga exercises will keep you flexible and in good health for more intense workouts and they require stability and balance that will further promote mental health and functional strength.  Go for yoga exercises at least once a week and if you can’t reach your gym, find the yoga exercises that suit you best and perform them at home.


It’s no news that swimming is among the most recommended sports since it involves all of your major muscle groups. It is a great option to tone your muscles and lose those extra pounds. Make it part of your routine workout and you will boost your looks as well as your health.

Keep in mind that losing weight is a complex process, one that involves healthy eating, regular exercising, positive thinking and a strong will. It is also a process that takes time in order for you to enjoy long-lasting results. Losing a great number of pounds in a short time is not what doctors and health care experts have in mind when it comes to a healthy weight loss plan. Keep in mind that your health is more important than your looks. If you boost and support your health though, your looks will show it.

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