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Teaching mothers and daughters how to reconnect

The relationship between mothers and daughters can be a complicated one, particularly as daughters turn from “mommy’s little girls” into independent women making their own way in the world and starting families of their own.

While some relationships may become toxic, they can often be healed by taking time out for just the 2 to take a couple of days off together. As a result, Mother/daughter travel experts Anne Dimon and Julia Dimon have put together a series of special wellness retreats where the women can rejuvenate and re-energize both mind and body as well as strengthen the bonds between them

“Julia and I have totally different travel personalities,” notes Anne. “I’m more about luxury, fitness and healthy eating, while Julia is more adventurous and finding the best burger, but we always find common ground.”

Known as a wellness travel expert, Anne has been a travel writer and industry journalist for over 20 years contributing to publications in the U.S. Canada, the U.K., and Asia. In 2004, she launched Travel To (the 1st online travel magazine for the wellness-minded). She also lectures on the subject and has consulted on projects for companies such as the New York Times and “Virtuoso.”

Meanwhile, Julia has carved out her own career as a “hard-core adventuress,” who has traveled to more than 80 countries on all 7 continents during the past 15-years as co-host of “Word Travels,” a 40-episode TV series broadcast worldwide on National Geographic Adventure and Travel Channel UK. Additional credits include serving as a travel expert on: ABC Nightline, CNN, Conde Nast Traveler, Travel & Leisure, Forbes Traveler, MSNBC, E! News, The New York Times, Outside Magazine and Travel Channel. She is also the author of “Travel Junkie: A Badass Guide to Solo Female Travel.” Although she has hiked with silverback gorillas in Uganda, snorkeled with whale sharks in Mozambique, Julia admits that her (newest) and “most challenging” adventure to date is becoming a mom to her own pair of “little travel junkies in training.”

Whether taking a spa vacation, a yoga retreat, a fitness excursion or a wellness-focused learning holiday, a mother/daughter getaway makes for a great Mothers’ Day gift. Yet, it is not always convenient for mothers and daughter to get away Mothers Day week or weekend, As a result; the Dimons created 8 top mother/daughter wellness retreats that included a 1. Culinary Retreat Naturopathy at the Shreyas Yoga Retreat, Bangalore, India;  a  Weight Loss/Hiking Retreat at New Life Hiking Spa, Vermont;  Panchakarma Detox Retreat at the Art of Living Retreat Center, North Carolina; Clean Living Experience with Tosca Reno at Round Hill l, Jamaica. Designed for:moms and daughters wanting to learn new ways to eat healthily, understand the right foods for the various body types in a luxury seaside setting; Traveling Mom’s Yoga/Photography Retreat  at Monastère des Augustine, Quebec City, Canada; a  Guided Biking Tour through Vietnam & Laos; and an Endless Summer Yoga Retreat with Dina Ivas at the Beach House, Turks & Caicos.

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