SnoreMeds Reviews | Stop Snoring Solution or Scam?

SnoreMeds is claimed to be one of the best anti-snoring devices available on the market today.

It’s supposed to work right from the first night, while at the same time being comfortable enough for the clients to become adjusted to it very easily.

At first glance, this mouthpiece doesn’t seem much different from other products who serve the same purpose.

It has a simple design and those who are already familiar with anti-snoring devices will know exactly how to use it.

But what sets is aside is its popularity. This product is one of the best sold, and its quality might be much higher than that of similar devices.

What is SnoreMeds?

buy snoremedsThis mouthpiece is manufactured and sold by the company of the same name and it became available in 2006.

The company has been manufacturing anti-snoring devices since 2002, but this was the first product officially released under the brand.

SnoreMeds was initially destined for both men and women, and it does work for both groups of customers, but the company later developed a second product.

This mouthpiece became available in 2010 and is slightly different from the original as it’s a better fit for the jaw structure of women.

But both products should be able to generate the same result, successfully preventing snoring and allowing the users to sleep comfortably.

Both devices are made from the same material, which is hypoallergenic thermoplastic. This material is BPA and latex free and approved by the FDA for medical use.

This is not to say that the product itself is approved by the FDA. It isn’t, and this might be considered a drawback by some of the potential customers. After all, FDA approval guarantees that a product is as safe for health as it could be.

Still, mouthpieces don’t really have the potential to cause health damage if used as instructed, so the lack of an FDA approval shouldn’t be a reason for concern.

How does SnoreMeds work?

A one piece anti-snoring device, SnoreMeds has a very typical design. Unlike mouthpieces that are composed of separate treys for the upper and lower teeth and allow the mouth to open and close, this product keeps the lower jaw fixed in one position.

At the same time, it pushes it forward with a few millimeters, and this is what actually stops the user from snoring.

Moving the lower jaw forward will also move the soft tissues that block the airflow, effectively preventing the throat from closing up. But each user will have to set the device as to move the lower jaw a certain distance for best results.

The process is very simple, as SnoreMeds doesn’t have any extra parts that require careful manipulation.

All the user has to do is soften the device and mold it to their teeth in the preferred position. But while this might seem fairly easy, it requires some practice.

First, the user has to figure out what is the perfect position for their jaw. Those who have used this kind of devices will have no issues with this step, but others might have to experiment for a while. Then, to soften the device, the user will have to place it in hot water for 15 to 18 seconds.

The water must be as hot as possible, so it must be used immediately after being brought to boiling point. But it shouldn’t be poured on the device. The mouthpiece must be carefully lowered into a container that already holds the water.

This is very easy to do, as the product comes with a spatula that allows the user to manipulate it without risking burns.

The spatula fits perfectly into the 2 orifices in front of the mouthpiece, which are designed as to allow breathing through the mouth but are also very helpful during the molding process.

But the users must be very careful during this step because the device shouldn’t be left in water more than instructed.

Many similar devices must be submerged in hot water for up to 2 minutes, but doing this with SnoreMeds might damage it.

The company recommends the use of a timer during this step, and users will also notice that the device is quickly becoming transparent. The mouthpiece is somewhat opaque at normal temperature, so the change can’t be missed.

When the time is up, the user will have to remove the device from the water and place in their mouth by using the spatula, fixating it on the lower teeth first.

There’s no reason to worry about SnoreMeds being too hot at this point, it will have a perfectly normal temperature. But it will be much softer, and it will retain the shape of the teeth.

Fixating it on the lower teeth should be easy, but the user must be careful with the sides of the device. They’ll have to use their fingers to carefully arrange them in place, as the entire device will be soft.

But the next step will be more difficult for those who have no experience with this kind of devices.

They’ll have to carefully place their upper teeth on the mouthpiece and firmly bite into it, while at the same time pushing the lower jaw forward.

This is the tricky part because the appropriate distance between the new position of the jaw and the one in which it normally rests varies from person to person.

After the device has retained the desired shape, the user will have to submerge it in cold water for a while. This will make the new shape permanent, so the device will be ready for use. Still, this doesn’t mean that SnoreMeds will retain its shape and effectiveness forever.

The material of the device is firm enough to keep its shape through many uses, but at the same time soft enough to be comfortable. Which means that after a while, the pressure applied by the jaw trying to return to its natural position will affect its shape.

The device will become looser, losing its effectiveness. On the official website, it’s stated that SnoreMeds will be effective for around 4 months, which doesn’t seem like a long time but it’s actually the usual lifespan of this kind of device.

We appreciate that the company doesn’t make any unreasonable claims and presents the product exactly as it is. And these 4 months can be turned into 8 by those who mold the device successfully on the first try.

This is because SnoreMeds can be molded twice before the material becomes damaged by heat. Users who don’t have to remold it after the first night of usage should be able to do it again with no issues after 4 months.

Unfortunately, this will most likely only be the case for those who are familiar with the process. Most often the new users are not able to mold the device correctly upon the first try, and in some cases, not even upon a second try.

This is why the company recommends clients to purchase packages that contain more than one device, which are sold at discount prices.

Can SnoreMeds really help?

SnoreMeds is one of the most popular anti-snoring mouthpieces on the market, so it does indeed work, and very well. But given the nature of this product, this doesn’t mean that it will work in all cases.

An effective mouthpiece like SnoreMeds is very likely to work for most of its users, but it will fail for a number of them. And this is because this kind of product can’t be adjusted to fit perfectly for everybody.

It just can’t be done, as each person has a unique jaw structure. And for some, finding the right mouthpiece takes some experimentation.

And we appreciate that the company doesn’t claim that the product is the perfect solution for everyone.

On the official website, it’s stated that SnoreMeds will work in 85% of cases, setting very reasonable expectations for the new users. And judging by the reviews, the statement seems to be very true.

Most clients are very satisfied with the product, as it seems that it does indeed work right from the first night, and it’s comfortable enough.

But just as it would be expected, many clients can’t mold the mouthpiece correctly upon the first try, so a larger package would be the best choice for those with no experience.

And of course, some clients are dissatisfied with the product. In some cases, SnoreMeds is unable to stop the snoring even if positioned correctly. This can happen with any mouthpiece as many different factors can cause snoring.

Most commonly the problem is caused by the soft tissues sliding towards the back of the throat and restricting air circulation, and moving the jaw forward should be an effective solution. But in other cases, snoring is caused by the nostrils becoming constricted.

This puts pressure on the soft tissues even if they wouldn’t normally move towards the back of the throat, so a mouthpiece can’t help.

Devices that are designed to keep the nostrils open are the only solution in this situation, so those interested in a mouthpiece should first identify the cause of their snoring.

Another reason for complaint (although not very common) is the device sliding out of the mouth during sleep. This is also very normal, and it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work.

In fact, the company mentions that this can happen to many new users as they’re not yet used to the mouthpiece.

It’s stated that it can take up to 10 days or even more before the user becomes comfortable with the device. It’s not natural for the jaw to stay in one position for 8 hours, so of course, the product will be rejected in the beginning.

Of course, some people will never become used to SnoreMeds, and in these cases, a mouthpiece might not be the solution.

We say this because this particular device seems to be more comfortable than others, so if the user can’t become accustomed to it, the chances for others to be tolerated better are very slim.

SnoreMeds is quite small compared to other products, and the size is a common problem for the users of anti-snoring devices. Many products are too wide or just too tall, and just too uncomfortable.

And the fact that it can slide out of the mouth is actually a point in its favor, as it proves that it doesn’t keep the mouth shut forcibly. Some mouthpieces do this, putting a lot of pressure on the teeth and jaw articulations.

This is not to say that these models are any less effective, but those with sensitive teeth might have problems because of them. SnoreMeds lets the mouth open and close naturally, so it allows for some movement before falling out.

Users who don’t tend to open their mouths wide during sleep will become accustomed to it fast enough, but those who do might be better off choosing another product.

Still, SnoreMeds won’t cause any problems for those who tend to breathe through their mouths. The two openings in the front allow for more than enough air to flow.

Which means that those who tends to open their mouths wide because this how they naturally get air during sleep might not have to do so while using this product.

This is not to say that it can help those who snore because the nose becomes constricted. Just because one can’t draw enough air through the nose it doesn’t mean that they’ll automatically breathe through the mouth, at least not when they’re sleeping.

This is why often times devices that keep the nostrils open are the only way to stop snoring.

Is SnoreMeds safe?

SnoreMeds is very safe, as it’s both comfortable and unable to trigger allergies. But it has the potential to cause some minor issues, like a pain in the jaw. The company admits that this might happen in the beginning before the user becomes adjusted to the device.

SnoreMeds allows the mouth to open, but it doesn’t let the jaw move from side to side or back and forth.

Those who tend to do this in their sleep will put pressure on the teeth and the articulations in the jaw, which might cause pain in the morning. And if the person doesn’t become used to the device, they’re also likely to damage it, since the material is quite soft.

This product is not fit for those who suffer from any condition that affects the teeth or the gums, or for those who have loose or missing teeth.

This mouthpiece (and all similar products) will put at least some amount of pressure on the teeth, and if they’re damaged in any way, it might cause more harm than good. Those with loose teeth should never use this kind of device as it can only make the problem worse.

Those with missing teeth might be able to use it, but to make sure that it’s safe, they should discuss the issue with a professional. Missing one or more teeth means that the pressure is not spread equally, and this might damage teeth that are otherwise healthy.

Also, SnoreMeds might not be a safe choice for those who suffer from sleep apnea. Since the condition is quite similar to “regular” snoring, the device might be effective for those who suffer from a mild form of apnea.

But those affected by a severe form of the condition should discuss their options with a professional.

Snoring can cause many health problems, but sleep apnea is even more dangerous and only a professional can decide on the proper course of treatment. A mouthpiece might be more than enough, but no risks should be taken.

What are the benefits of SnoreMeds?

Since SnoreMeds can indeed stop snoring, it has the potential to improve all aspects of life for its users. First, snoring is very bothering, both for the sufferer and the person that they share their bedroom with.

It can put strain on relationships, and this alone is a good reason for any sufferer to start looking for a solution. But an even more serious problem is the fatigue caused by the lack of sleep.

Many sufferers wake up many times a night, and even if they’re quick to fall asleep again, this has a major impact on the quality of sleep. Their partners might be even more affected, and sleep deprivation can cause serious problems.

Fatigue is only the first symptom, but it’s enough to affect all aspects of life, starting with work performance. What’s worse, it can even affect mood and eventually cause the sufferers to develop mental affections.

Sleep disorders commonly lead to depression, a condition which is always more dangerous than it seems. A mouthpiece can prevent all these issues, so those who feel like snoring is not a big problem should reconsider and give the device a try.

And for the person affected, the consequences of snoring can be even more dangerous. When the airflow is restricted, the body is not receiving enough oxygen.

The oxygen level in the blood decreases, and this, in turn, causes blood pressure to rise. It also forces the heart to work overtime, which is why snoring is associated with heart conditions.

Snoring can even cause stroke, and not only the kind that affects the heart. The brain is just as affected by the lack of oxygen, so ischemic stroke is not out of the question for those with high levels of cholesterol.

Snoring might seem harmless, but its long-term consequences can be devastating, so the benefits of a device such as SnoreMeds are countless.

Why choose SnoreMeds?

Unlike many similar devices, this product is likely to work for most of its users. It won’t help everybody, but it’s one of the best options available at the moment. There’s a reason why it’s so popular, and it’s made from high-quality materials.

Given how other devices are advertised, it might seem like SnoreMeds has a shorter lifespan, but very few of them last as long as promised. Mouthpieces that last for 6 months (for example) are very rare, and none lasts a year, no matter what is claimed.

Also, trying this product doesn’t come with any risks, as the company offers a 45-day money back guarantee to the clients who only order one product.

Larger packages don’t have this advantage because their price is discounted, but it’s great for those who want to try the product before making a large purchase.

And it seems that the company respects this policy just as promised. We were unable to find any complaints about denied refunds or any other problems regarding customer service, so the company is most likely trustworthy. Still, the clients won’t be able to recuperate the full amounts paid.

The company will deduct the initial shipping fee before issuing the refund, which means that the clients will lose as much as $8.50, even if they have been the ones who paid the fee anyway.

Where can I buy SnoreMeds?

SnoreMeds is only available on the official website of the company, at the price of $40.95. Both models (for men and women) are available for this price, and the company delivers worldwide.

Clients located in the US will be charged a shipping fee of $7.84, while foreign clients will pay $8.50. The packages are sent for delivery within 48 hours after the orders are placed, and some of the clients won’t have to wait for long before receiving them.

Delivery to US, Canada, and Australia will take at most 2 days, but clients located in other areas of the world might have to wait as much as 14 days.

Except for those in New Zealand, which can place their orders through the local website of the company and receive them in at most 10 days.

The package contains one device, one spatula, and one anti-bacterial container, but larger packages are also available and at discounted prices. A package containing 2 products (and 2 spatulas) is available for $59.95, while 4 mouthpieces (also with 2 spatulas) sell for $88.95.

The prices apply for both men’s and women’s models, and we would recommend new users to order at least 2 products.

The larger packages don’t come with a money back guarantee, but new users might not be able to mold the mouthpiece correctly on the first 2 tries, and it would be best to have a replacement.

Bottom line

SnoreMeds is a great option for any person who is looking for a snoring solution. It works well for most of its users and can be adjusted without professional assistance, and it has a very affordable price.

Also, the single packs come with a money back guarantee and the company offers quality customer service, so those interested can try it with no risks.

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