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Richard Simmons’ disappearance brings new light to an old diet plan

If you were born before the 1980s, you may have heard of Richard Simmons, the exercise guru of the decade. The Richard Simmons show of the early 1980s was a hit daily exercise show that featured Mr. Simmons as well as an audience of a group of interesting individuals eager for his expertise in losing weight. The show consisted of a regimen of exercise, talk, and demonstrative healthy eating.

The show became popular because it was one of its kind, unlike Jack LaLane and others that were strictly exercise, and let’s not forget Simmons’ flamboyant persona. Simmons was able to incorporate all facets of healthy ways to lose weight into one show. Exercise and healthy eating became a mission for Simmons because he was obese while growing up, weighing in as much as 268 pounds on his 5’7” frame.

He attributed the excessive weight to the great food in New Orleans where he was raised. Eventually, Richard was able to lose 123 pounds, though he admits not the healthy way at times, and successfully kept it off for nearly 40 years. It is no wonder people are drawn to him to hear whatever he has to say about weight loss. So how did he lose the weight, to begin with?

“When Simmons was 16 and weighed more than ever, he decided to try a different approach to weight loss. This time he educated himself about nutrition, healthy eating, and exercise by borrowing books from the library. Through this self-education, he learned to stop doing things that were bad for his body and start to do things that were positive. Over time he slowly lost his extra weight and became healthier.”

It is at that point Richard wanted to share this knowledge and weight loss success. He began appearing on television and making radio spots to tout his success in the weight loss struggle.

If Richard Simmons can go from 268 pounds to 145 pounds in the healthiest way possible that he knew, surely most of us can. It is with a made up mind and a will to lose the weight that can make it happen. According to Richard Simmons, he was unhappy with himself, the butt of jokes that forged the weight loss journey. If you’re overweight, we can relate. A lot of individuals that are obese and the butt of jokes often retrieve from being social and sometimes become introverted. Far too often, these individuals retreat from society and continue their bad eating habits with, as it seems, no end in sight.

The basic of weight loss is eating healthy and exercise. Eating healthy is more than just the vegetables and fruits, it is selecting the foods that will cause the weight to drop. You might want to avoid carbs, fried foods, and sugars. Get plenty of exercise and water. What made Richard Simmons so successful has he created a fun environment to exercising. He actually used music, mostly his favorites, i.e. Sweatin’ to the Oldies or his students’ picks of their choosing, and they would dance the pounds away. We now call that dancercise or jazzercise.

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