ProlaZyme Reviews | Does it Work or Scam?

ProlaZyme is a new dietary supplement that promises to improve health on all levels. It’s one of the many that are released on a monthly basis, but it manages to stand out. It seems that this product is a probiotic, muscle enhancer and general health aid all in one, and it has an ingredient list that we haven’t encountered in any other supplement. In fact, it’s difficult to assign it to one category of health supplements, as it could easily replace at least 3 different products. But can it really provide all the benefits that it claims?

What is ProlaZyme?

prolazyme bottleThis supplement is available as tablets and it seems that is has been released sometime in the past year. It’s sold by UltraLite Nutrition, a company based in New Jersey, but its manufacturer is unknown. It’s surely displayed on the bottle of the product, but it can’t be found anywhere on the website.

UltraLite Nutrition is only the distributor of ProlaZyme, and normally the real origin of this product would be a reason for concern. But it turns out that it’s manufactured in the US, so clients have no reason to worry about unusual ingredients or damaged products. Often times supplements become spoiled during delivery from distant countries, but that’s never a problem with this product.

And what ProlaZyme is supposed to do is promote muscle development, help digestion, and increase the levels of energy by providing healthy nutrients. It’s also claimed that this supplement can improve general health, and judging by the ingredients, the statement might be very true.

ProlaZyme contains a blend of enzymes (with various functions), vitamins and minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and probiotics, all of them 100% natural. This product looks like it could generate the effects of a number of different products, and it’s amazing that it’s not presented as a magic pill. We appreciate that the company doesn’t make any outrageous claims on the website, especially because it would be so easy to do so. This product has a very honest presentation, and the potential clients are not misled in any way. But the presentation does have its problems, as we’ll see later.

Does ProlaZyme Really Work?

Because this product is very new, it doesn’t have many customer reviews. But we did find some, and they’re very positive. It seems that ProlaZyme really does help digestion and general health, as some people use it to treat various health disorders. No one has yet mentioned what are its effects along with a workout program so we can’t say if can help those who are interested in building muscles.

But it probably can, simply because it contains lots of amino acids and other healthy nutrients. And the other compounds included in the supplement promote a good absorption of these nutrients, which should provide some help in building muscle. Also, it seems that ProlaZyme really does increase the levels of energy, and this can only help in vigorous workouts.

It seems that ProlaZyme supplement really does what it claims too, and it’s not at all surprising. It contains so many healthy nutrients that it can’t possibly be completely ineffective. It’s very hard to believe that anyone could use this product without drawing any benefits from it. Which is quite unusual given that it’s only a supplement after all. It’s not approved by the FDA and it doesn’t have to because the ingredients are too weak to qualify as drugs. But each of them is able to generate small changes, and their number is so high that the overall effect becomes powerful. It appears that unlike many other supplements, ProlaZyme has the potential to generate positive changes for all its users.

For any other product, we would recommend potential customers to have reasonable expectations. Not even the best products are able to generate the same effects for all their users, and each supplement enthusiast has to arm themselves with patience. Each body is unique, and the right supplement is not easy to find. But ProlaZyme should work, and we expect the number of positive reviews to increase. Speaking of which, it’s unusual that the product doesn’t have any complaints yet. We expected it to since negative reviews are always the ones that pop up first. Complaining comes much easier to us than showing appreciation, so the unhappy clients are naturally more vocal. But this product has no negative reviews whatsoever, and that says a lot both about its properties and the company behind it.

The recommended dosage for ProlaZyme is 2 tablets a day, early in the morning on an empty stomach or along with breakfast. It’s stated that most users will start noticing positive changes after 2 or 3 weeks of treatment, but it probably happens much faster. Those who suffer from digestive disorders should notice improvements after only a few days because this is how probiotics generally work. And ProlaZyme contains a high enough CFU (colony forming units or individual organisms) count to qualify as a strong probiotic supplement. The digestive enzymes should also start working right away, so most users won’t have to wait for long to see the results.

What are the ingredients of ProlaZyme?

It’s claimed that ProlaZyme contains over 100 different types of nutrients, but most of them are found in a small number of ingredients. The known ingredient list is as follows: papain, chymopapain, bromelain, lipase, lactase, a greens powder blend, Hippophae ramnoids, and 5 strains of probiotics from the Bacillus family. It’s a very interesting composition, and it might also include other ingredients. But potential customers have no way of knowing this because the full list is not displayed on the website. And this is one of the few issues that we have with this product. Customers should know exactly what goes into Prolazyme, especially since it’s claimed that it contains so many nutrients. We should be able to see a list of the main ingredients and all the important nutrients that each of them contains.

For example, the first 5 ingredients on the list we put together are all enzymes. We should have been able to see them all in one main category, with details for each of them. But at least they’re listed, which is not the case for the green blend. It’s specified that this combination of plants contains copper, calcium, manganese, enzymes, chlorophyll and other nutrients, but that’s about it. We don’t know which plants exactly are included in it, and these are some very important details. Some of the plants might be able to cause allergic reactions or similar problems for some of the users, and they can only discover it after purchasing the product.

And the same is the case for the probiotics. It’s only mentioned that they’re part of the Bacillus genus, and that is not particularly helpful. We should know the strains, especially because Bacillus bacteria are not commonly used as probiotics. They do qualify as such, but each strain of bacteria has its own qualities and we should be able to have a look at each of those included in ProlaZyme. Sure, they’re included in very high numbers, but the quality of a probiotic supplement depends on many different factors.

But while the website doesn’t mention all the ingredients included in Prolazyme, it does mention what is kept out of the blend. This supplement doesn’t contain gluten, dairy, eggs or peanuts, so it’s unable to trigger common allergies or irritate the intestine. Also, it doesn’t contain GMOs, so all the ingredients are 100% natural. Furthermore,  ProlaZyme doesn’t contain animal by-products . It’s fit for all diets, including vegan. But let’s see what the ingredients can really do.

First, we have the enzymes, which are:

  • papain
  • chymopapain
  • bromelain
  • lipase
  • lactase

There are probably more, but these are the only ones that are revealed. And what enzymes do is trigger various chemical reactions. They’re catalysts, and they’re responsible for most processes involved in keeping organisms alive and functioning properly. Enzymes are needed at a cellular level, but at the same time, they’re easily affected by various substances. And many of these substances come from food. This is why supplements that contain enzymes are particularly helpful for those with unhealthy eating habits. And Prolazyme even includes digestive enzymes. These are lipase and lactase, and each has a different function.

Lipase is a protein, and it’s commonly included in digestive aids as it’s involved in the process of breaking down fats. It’s very beneficial for those with digestive disorders, which is why it’s used as a treatment for heartburn, Crohn’s disease, and even allergies. It has been scientifically proven as able to treat digestive issues caused by disorders of the pancreas, so it can certainly help in milder affections.

Lactase, on the other hand, breaks down lactose, a type of sugar found in milk. People who are not able to produce enough lactase on their own suffer from lactose intolerance. This enzyme is the best treatment for the symptoms of lactose intolerance, but it can just as well help those who are not affected by this disorder. Lactase is very beneficial for digestion no matter who is consuming it.

But the other 3 enzymes in ProlaZyme seem to benefit the entire body, not just digestion.

Papain comes from papaya and is able to reduce inflammation, both inside and outside the body. It reduces pain and swelling caused by trauma, surgery, and skin conditions. It’s used as a treatment for digestive issues, parasitic worms, inflammation of the throat, and many other conditions.

Chymopapain, on the other hand, is used as a treatment for herniated lumbar disks in the spine. The treatment is administered through injections, and it would seem that the enzyme doesn’t have any other uses. But as it turns out, consuming it manages to improve digestion. It’s hard to say how much scientific proof exists for this trait of chymopapin, so we can’t really call it a digestive enzyme, but it probably does work. And it too comes from papaya, so it most likely benefits many aspects of health, just like papain.

Lastly, we have bromelain, which is another enzyme that helps in reducing inflammation. It seems that its effects are similar to those of papain, as it’s able to relieve inflammation caused by various factors inside the body and on the surface of the skin. It’s particularly helpful in disorders that affect the nose, but it seems that it’s also very beneficial for digestion.

Then we have the greens power blend, which is somewhat of a mystery. Still, we know that it’s rich in minerals, which are copper, potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, and zinc.

Copper is important for the body as it’s essential for storing iron, which helps the blood deliver oxygen to the tissues.

Potassium is also involved in many important functions (including the proper function of neurons), while calcium is needed for strong bones.

Manganese plays an important role in the metabolisms of proteins, carbohydrates, and cholesterol.

Zinc is needed in very small amounts, but it’s important for almost all the processes that take place in the human body.

And while all these minerals are very beneficial for health, the green blend also contains enzymes. They too are probably very helpful, but unfortunately, we don’t have a list for them. But we do know that the blend contains chlorophyll, which is very helpful for the pancreas. This substance is the green pigment produced by plants, and it seems to also be useful in detoxification.

Next on the list of ingredients of ProlaZyme is Hippophae ramnoids. It’s commonly known as sea-buckthorn, and it grows in Europe and Asia. The official website of ProlaZyme presents is a superfood, and it might actually be just that. This plant contains amino acids ( the building block for proteins), vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fatty acids, and it’s used in the treatment of a large number of affections. It seems that it can be helpful in anything from burns and cuts to high cholesterol and heart conditions, but unfortunately it’s not scientifically proven as able to help in any of them. Still, it contains so many beneficial compounds that it’s certainly helpful for general health. For example, it’s a good source of vitamin C, so it can help prevent infections. Also, some research shows that sea-buckthorn might be able to decrease high cholesterol and blood pressure. Clearly, this plant has many qualities that are yet unknown, so it’s a great addition to ProlaZyme.

At the end of the list, we have the probiotics, all of them from the Bacillus genus. As we’ve mentioned before, this genus of bacteria is not commonly included in probiotic supplements. In fact, they’re not commonly known as probiotics, which might lead some to believe that they don’t really qualify as such.

The best-known probiotics, which are found in the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium genera, include strains with very particular qualities. Each can benefit the intestine in a specific way, and treat a number of mild affections. But we don’t know much about the Bacillus genus, although it seems that it does have some benefits.

Some studies suggest that strains found in this genus are able to colonize the intestine, which is enough to prevent pathogens from forming their own colonies. It’s hard to say if this is enough for them to be used as probiotics, but they obviously have their benefits. Also, they’re included in ProlaZym in very high amounts.

Each serving (2 tablets) contains 12 billion CFUs, enough for them to be helpful even if their properties might be mediocre.

For most probiotic supplements, the CFU count varies between 1 and over 200 billion, so 12 billion is a rather high number. Also, while most products include active bacteria, which starts dying as soon as it’s bottled, ProlaZyme contains spores. This is how Bacillus strains are added to supplements, in their dormant form. This means that the organisms stay alive for longer, and have bigger chances to reach the intestine intact.

Dying organisms is a common problem for all supplements that include Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, as helpful as the live bacteria is, but Prolazym manages to avoid this problem successfully. Because not only does it include spores, but it’s manufactured in the US. The bacteria is not exposed to high temperatures, as it happens during shipping with the supplements that are received from foreign countries. Heat, light, and air are bacteria killers, and the organisms in Prolazyme stay intact.

Is Prolazyme safe?

Prolazyme is very safe, although some of the ingredients could cause minor side effects. These include nausea and stomach disorders, but it seems that the users haven’t had problems yet. There are no complaints regarding unwanted effects, so the product is not likely to cause them. Still, probiotics are known to cause mild digestive issues in the first few days of treatment. The body needs a little time to adjust to them, so users might experience some unpleasant symptoms. But these should disappear very quickly, unless of course if the problem is more serious. Some users might be sensitive to some of the ingredients. We would recommend all new users to read the list of ingredients carefully, and if possible to discuss the product with their doctors.

And those who are affected by any form of health disorder should absolutely not use it without a doctor’s approval. Some of the ingredients interact with medication, and on top of that, this product seems to be more potent than other supplements. The company states that the recommended dosage should never be surpassed, so clearly ProlaZyme is very strong for a supplement. And those who already use vitamins and other types of supplements should consult their doctors before mixing them with ProlaZyme. This product contains high quantities of vitamins and minerals, and their total amount might become too high if combined with other similar products.

Lastly, ProlaZyme should not be used by young children and pregnant women. Some of the ingredients have not been properly tested for either of these groups of users, and they might be dangerous. But the company claims that children over 12 can use it with no issues, so there shouldn’t be any problems in their cases. Still, we wouldn’t recommend offering it to a child without his/her doctor’s approval.

What are the benefits of Prolazyme?

ProlaZyme contains both quality nutrients and compounds that promote their successful absorption. This means that it improves digestion, but in the long run, it helps all areas of health. This product contains amino acids and proteins, so it should promote muscle gain. At the same time, it contains enzymes that promote weight loss. Also, the probiotics prevent constipation and other issues associated with unhealthy digestion. But that’s only their first benefit because they improve the immune system. The vitamins and minerals have a similar effect, and as a whole ProlaZyme should be able to prevent a number of affections.

Why choose ProlaZyme?

This product would make a good choice for any health conscious person, especially if they don’t want to bother with a number of different supplements. ProlaZyme can replace digestive, muscle building, weight loss, and probiotic supplements, sparing its users both time and money. It seems rather expensive, but given its ingredients, it’s actually very affordable. Combining other supplements to get the same result would raise the total expense much higher. Also, ProlaZyme is available for worldwide delivery and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. The company can be contacted both through phone and email, and clients have not yet complained about issues with representatives.

Where can I buy Prolazyme?

buy prolazymeYou can buy ProlaZyme only through its official website, at the price of $69 for a bottle containing 60 tablets. This is one month’s supply, and delivery to the US is completely free of charge. The packages are shipped within 48 hours of placing the order, and delivery shouldn’t take longer than a week. But clients located outside the US are not so lucky. The packages are shipped just as fast, but delivery will take up to 8 weeks. Also, foreign customers will be charged a $14.95 shipping fee.

And the supplement is also available in larger packages, which reduces the individual price of bottles. A 3 month supply of ProlaZyme is available for $177, while a 6 month supply is available for $294. The last option is the most affordable in the long run, and we would recommend it given that the company offers a money back guarantee. But clients should be aware that this guarantee is not actually as long as it seems. It starts running when the product is purchased, not when it’s received. This means that it’s automatically reduced to 3 weeks for US customers and that the foreign clients don’t benefit from it at all. This is why we would recommend for those located in other countries to start with the smallest order. They have no chance to test the product during the 30 days, so refunds are out of the question.

Bottom line

ProlaZyme seems to be one of the best health supplements available online. It’s a good treatment for a number of minor health problems, and very beneficial for general health. We would recommend it to any healthy person that’s interested in a daily all-in-one supplement.

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