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ProbioSlim Review – Real Results Or Just Another Phase Before Quitting The Pills?

ProbioSlim Review: When summer is knocking on the door, many women start thinking about losing weight fast and easy to gain back their silhouettes for their swimsuits. Do not think for a moment that men do not care at all about their looks when they go to the beach. Of course, they do and the spring comes with preparations on that side, too. Everyone wants to lose weight and stay fit, but many do not have the time and strength after a day at the job to go to the gym and workout for one or two hours. This is why the weight-loss pills and the diets have been developed. One of those pills is ProbioSlim, but let’s see if it is the real deal or just another thing that you purchase with no effect. What is in ProbioSlim that makes it such a great choice?

What Are Probiotics And Prebiotics?

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If you want to understand the concept of zero fat pills like ProbioSlim, the first step is to read about probiotics and prebiotics. The human body contains a lot of bacteria cells and most of them can be found in the digestive tract where they help with the digestion itself through breaking down the food and offering protection against possible harmful microorganisms and byproducts.

Each person is blessed with a unique bacteria mixture based on the environment he or she lives in and the food he or she chooses to eat. However, you should remember this: not every bacteria is a good one and all of the above can happen only under ideal circumstances. When those bad bacteria gather in a large number, there can appear digestion problems like bloating or gassiness, lethargy, weight gain or worse, the immune response decreases.

This situation can be avoided if you choose a supplement that contains beneficial bacteria or probiotic. With the new good bacteria in your system, you will be able to see that the gassiness and bloating are reduced, constipation disappears, some allergic reactions are decreased and the immune response is boosted. Prebiotics are the food of the good bacteria and they can be fruit extracts mixed with dietary fibers.

What is ProbioSlim And Does It Work?

2009 was the year when NutraClick founded SmartBiotics, the company that introduced ProbioSlim. First of all, ProbioSlim pills are said to help you lose weight through the improvement of your digestive health and the good bacteria they provide.

The ProbioSlim ingredients are:

  • Super EGCG green tea leaf extract
  • LactoSpore probiotics with Bacillus coagulans
  • papaya, kiwi fruit and fig and they are also mentioned on the ProbioSlim ingredients label.

The proslim diet plan is divided into two types of bioslim capsules that should be taken in different moments of the day to release their effect on your body, one in the morning and the other in the evening. However, these probiotic diet pills are not recommended to be taken along with other products that contain caffeine because there can appear ProbioSlim side effects. The question that remains is: where can you buy ProbioSlim from? With a quick online search, you will find that the probiotic weight loss supplement can be purchased for a 30-day trial from the ProbioSlim website.

ProbioSlim Advanced Reviews And Information

This is a new type of ProbioSlim pills that contain more ingredients than the first bioslim capsules. In addition, it offers PreticX, Meratrim and an impressive list of Premium B Vitamin Matrix with B1 vitamin, B2 vitamin, B6 vitamin, B9 vitamin and B12 vitamin. The proprietary ingredient called Meratrim is a mix between sphaeranthus indicus and garcinia mangostana. PrecticX is a Non-GMO verified and GRAS certified prebiotic that “feeds” Bifidobacterium. These new ingredients have some anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antidiabetic and anticancer effects.

ProbioSlim Digestive Support Through The Process

The proslim diet treatment is based on the probiotic slim formula. As you already know, you eat all kind of bad stuff every day and your gut should use some support once in awhile. Probiotics can help in many cases of constipation issues or stomach problems that people usually have when they eat something their body does not like. The slim capsule does not only make you lose weight, the Probioslim results seen in probiotic slim reviews online are speaking about all sort of belly and stomach problems that were solved through this type of slim science.

Here are some of the positive ProbioSlim customer reviews that tried the bioslim weight loss system:

  • “Have been using this product twice a day for 3 weeks and have lost 3 inches around my waist. I don’t feel bloated. This also works for weight loss.”
  • “My stomach feels relief when I need it and my constant cravings for junk food have diminished slightly.”
  • “They did help me to regulate my system.”

So these pro slim diet pills actually work. The bioslim ingredients are exactly what it is needed to lose weight and stay healthy. The ProbioSlim advanced formula is the right thing to try and the reviews of ProbioSlim tell us just that.

Where Is ProbioSlim Sold And How To Use ProbioSlim?

ProbioSlim can be found on many very well known websites that promote a healthy lifestyle and at around 30.000 retail locators like CVS (search for CVS ProbioSlim), GNC (search for GNC bioslim or GNC ProbioSlim) and WalMart (search for WalMart ProbioSlim), while it can be also bought from Amazon. You can also check the ProbioSlim reviews Amazon to be amazed by the effect of ProbioSlim with weight loss.

In case you have wondered how does ProbioSlim work, here are the facts: the green tea extract boosts your metabolism and the probiotics improve digestive health that leads to a better nutrient absorption. First of all, it should be used as a 30-day trial to see if it fits your needs and then purchase more proslim pills. As I have mentioned earlier, there are two types of pills, one for the morning and one for the evening and that is the method for how to take ProbioSlim. The ProbioSlim price is of approximately $60.00 with a special offer and it can be purchased in a bottle of 60 pills or two bottles with 30 pills.

The company also offers a free trial probiotics for the initial test to see if it works with your metabolism or not. The only bad thing is that at the end of the free trial you will automatically receive the next pills with an invoice and you will be asked to pay them. You will be enrolled automatically in the VIP Membership Program the company offers. This means that you will receive a ProbioSlim 30-day supply once per month. If you do not want to continue with these pills, you will have to find out how to cancel ProbioSlim on the website you took them from or contact ProbioSlim customer service to help you do that. You can also find ProbioSlim in stores and you can ask for Probioslim directions on the spot.

Is ProbioSlim Safe?

If you take a look on the list of ingredients in ProbioSlim noted on the back of the box, you will see that some of them are known for their weight loss properties like Bacillus coagulans weight loss ingredient and lactospore probiotic. So, at the question “Is ProbioSlim a scam?” our answer is “No”. It has got natural ingredients and positive ProbioSlim reviews tell us that it really works in a weight loss program and help with digestion issues. You should also check online for ProbioSlim before and after pictures to see for yourself the results.

The benefits and characteristics of ProbioSlim are:

  • LactoSpore can reduce constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating and it is proven to survive in the stomach environment.
  • The extracts of kiwi, fig, and papaya help in delivering the optical nourishment.
  • The green tea leaf complex mixed with caffeine can increase your energy and reduce your weight while burning fat and also reducing your appetite.

This ProbioSlim weight loss program is one of the most efficient and resilient strains of probiotics. It offers a lot of ingredients that can really help you lose weight and also manage it after. The adding of a diet with reduced calories, along with those powerful ingredients, can help with energy increasing, bettered fostered digestion, weight loss, and fat burning.

What Are The Side Effects Of ProbioSlim?

Before you embark on the journey of supplements and weight loss, you should find out how does your body react to such pills. Usually, companies will not tell you exactly everything you need to know about the potential effects of their pills on different types of users. This is one reason why you should check the online probiotic slim reviews or clinical studies to see if that product is safe for you or not.

Probiotics and weight loss reviews usually raise a certain problem: if the bacteria a person ingests would cause any harm in some circumstances. There is a process called “transformation” through which a bacteria can take genetic information and adopt the characteristics of another bacteria. If there was a possibility that the active bacteria from ProbioSlim, more exactly LactoSpore that contains strings of Bacillus coagulans, would transform into a dangerous bacteria inside the intestines, it would definitely cause dangerous intestinal issues. 

Despite this possible fact, the studies made on this type of bacteria have shown that it is really safe to be consumed by humans and it does not cause any illness or death. Bacillus Coagulans was also used for quite some time in veterinary practices and it is still used today for animal feeding. This can only mean that this ingredient of ProbioSlim is not risky for the consumer.

The prebiotic found in ProbioSlim is, in fact, a mix of kiwi, fig and papaya extracts with dietary fibers that represent the food of the bacteria or probiotic component. A balanced diet should contain dietary fibers, but some people consume less fiber than normal. This is why this ingredient should not offer any serious negative effects. However, there is one big side effect caused by the consumption of fibers in excess: flatulence.

If your diet contains plenty of fibers, they will end up being digested by the colon’s bacteria and not in the intestine. This will produce more methane gas and you will feel bloated. However, this should not be the case of the ProbioSlim prebiotic because it contains too little fibers to cause problems. An effective way to avoid flatulence is to eliminate the fibrous foods from your diet while you take the supplement. You can also make some experiments of your own with different grains or vegetables to see the effect they have and find the safest option.

Caffeine has well-known side effects. As it is a stimulant, it makes people become addicted to it, but not in the same way as alcohol or nicotine. It can pose a real problem when the client is already consuming a lot of products that contain caffeine while taking the ProbioSlim free sample for example or he or she is not used to caffeine at all. A review from 2004 examined 9 survey studies and 57 experimental studies made on the symptoms of caffeine addiction and withdrawal. The symptoms observed in sufferers were: fatigue, headache, decreased energy, drowsiness, depression, decreased happiness, irritability, inability to concentrate and the inability to think clearly. The severe cases also presented the symptoms similar to the flu.

However, the green tea extract is one of the safe ingredients if it is not in high doses. If it is found in a concentration of 800 milligrams or maximum 1600 milligrams in a single dosage it has no significant side effects. ProbioSlim does not contain that kind of dosage, so it is fine to take it.

Conclusion – Is ProbioSlim Safe To Take And Does ProbioSlim Work?

After analyzing the ingredients, ProbioSlim pills are safe to take because they contain everything in small doses that cannot do any harm. Lactobacillus Sporogenes or Lactospore is, in fact, bacillus coagulans, one of the well-known ingredients in ProbioSlim. When this bacteria enters an acid environment, it forms “spores” that work as a protection capsule against the low PH in the stomach and helps it reach the intestines. These spores start to proliferate and germinate inside the intestines and produce a special lactic acid while killing the dangerous bacteria.

The green tea extract and caffeine are the actual weight loss ingredients. When they are ingested in the right quantities, they have the exact effects that Nutraclick claims. The green tea extract can help you lose weight through its ingredients like catechins, more exactly EGCG, that in high concentrations do help boost metabolic rate and aid fat oxidation. It also contains caffeine in small quantities that can boost the effectiveness of the already present caffeine.

This last stimulant increases the neurotransmitters’ activity that is acting in hormones and neurons found in your blood. Caffeine can also increase the levels of norepinephrine that can act quite similar to adrenaline. This leads to an increased production of glucose that helps the mental alertness and the blood flow that goes to the muscles. Caffeine does offer you energy, increase your metabolic rate and can keep you motivated to exercise and work while passively causing the burn out of more calories.

Dietary fiber represents the prebiotic food of the bacillus coagulans bacteria. As you already know, fibers play a very important role in digestion and while many people do not eat as many fibers as they should, it is a key ingredient in ProbioSlim pills. Unfortunately, to determine the effectiveness of a fiber prebiotic you have to know which fiber is used. The kiwi, fig and papaya extract in ProbioSlim are simply mentioned like that, without the exact type of fiber, so it is quite hard to tell if they will be effective or not in the end.

Today, more people realize that weight plays an important role in longevity, health, and disease and that in order to stay healthy they need to keep their weight under control. Probiotics are known to be one of the accepted aids for the weight problem people face and ProbioSlim, through its ingredients, accessibility, value, and testimonials, is a positive probiotic that can really help in such a situation. As a conclusion, you now know the side effects of ProbioSlim and that it can help you have a healthy digestion while you start a diet to lose weight.

You should keep in mind that no proslim probiotic pill will do wonders if you are not exercising and keeping a food diet while you are taking it. The effects of the proslim weight management will not appear in the first 2 or 3 days, so you should be patient. Before you start taking any weight loss supplements, you should talk to your nutritionist and see if they are fit for your needs.

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