Your personal tree of life

Your personal tree of life

Our ancestors may have swung from trees, but what you may not realize is that the tree you were “born” under may still have a major influence in your basic personality,

Most people are familiar with the signs of the Zodiac as well as the gemstones that correspond with their birthdays, although they may now be quite as astute regarding their planetary influences (i.e Mercury for Virgo and Mars in Aries etc). Gemstones, however, are not the only elements associated with specific birthdates. In fact, there are those who believe that there is a lot to be learned about individual personalities by specific trees associated with natal days throughout each month.

To begin, those during the Christmas holiday (December 23-January 1) are said to fall beneath the Apple tree, which is associated with “love.” Apple tree babies are said to possess lots of charm, appeal and are attractive to others. And while they may have flirtatious smiles, they are “tender and faithful partners. They also crave affectionate partners; love children; are multi-talented, and adventurous. Yet there are also times when they can by shy and quiet. The apple tree is also associated with those born June 25-July 4.

People who celebrate their birthdays between January 1-11 and July 5-14 can claim the Fir tree as their own, giving them a sense of mystery, as well as an ability to handle stress well. They love anything “beautiful,” Yet, while they tend to be “social butterflies,” fig tree people have a hard time trusting others. At the same time, they tend to take care of those closest to them, are unselfish, and have many friends.

The Elm tree is said to hold sway over those born January 12-24, and July 15-25.While elm tree people generally have modest demands, they also tend not to forgive mistakes and enjoy making decisions for other people, preferring to lead rather than follow. At the same time, they are cheerful, with a good sense of humor, honest and faithful to their partners, and are often generous.

January 25-February 3 and July 26-August 4 fall under the realm of the Cypress tree. And while these individuals “take what life has to offer,” they don’t necessarily like it. And while they are known for being adaptable, they crave financial independence. They also hunger for love and affection, as well as knowledge, and hate to be alone. They are also
often passionate lovers who fail to be satisfied. On the negative side, they can be quick to anger, unruly and careless.

The Poplar tree is associated with those born between Febray4-8, as well as May 1-4, and
August 5-13. Traits associated with popular people are self-doubt and a lot of uncertainty. These individuals are also very picky, often lonely and have great animosity. Yet they are very artistic, good organizers, and philosophical. They also take partnership very seriously.

Cedar is said to be the tree governing those born February 9-18, as well as August 14-23. These individuals possess rare strength and confidence, tend to “look others down,” are determined, industrious and able to make quick decisions. They are also great speakers, impatient to impress others, have numerous talents, but are known to hold out on romance until they find their “one true love.”

For those born February 19-28 and August 24-September 2, look to the Pine tree for the source of your peace-loving and poetic natures. People influenced by pine trees also crave harmony, self-assurance, and affection. At the same time, they have great compassion for all and are very friendly. However, they will flee if lied to or feel they have been “betrayed.”

The Weeping willow is the ruling tree when it comes to those born March 1-March 10, and September 3-12. Fittingly, the very name of the tree seems to aptly describe rather the rather melancholy nature of the people celebrating birthdays during these weeks. But all is not sad.
While they tend to ”suffer” until they find their one true (loyal) partner, they do love all things beautiful, are musically inclined, are full of hopes and dreams, love to travel to exotic locations and very honest. At the same time, they are not easy to live with, are often demanding and restless.

The Lime tree is the tree designated for those born March 11-20, and September 13-22, symbolizing intelligent, hard working individuals, who willingly make sacrifices for family and friends. They are fiercely loyal, have many talents (which are often never fully realized) and have great leadership qualities. While they eventually tend to accept whatever life throws at them, they do make the effort to “turn lemons into lemonade,” and generally hate fighting and stressful situations.

Next, come the mighty Oak trees, rulers of those born only on March 21. These are people known to be courageous, strong, unrelenting and robust. They also hate change and like to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground, while being people of action.

Following the oak tree, is the Hazelnut tree. Those born March 22-31, and September 24-October 3, their basic traits are said to be both demanding and understanding and know how to make lasting impressions. Hazelnut tree babies also possess a number of traits found among other trees such as moodiness, honesty, social crusaders, and a precise sense of judgment and fairness.

The weeks of April 1-10 and October 4-13 are ruled by the Rowan tree. People born under this sign have a great deal of charm, are cheerful, and gifted without boastfulness or egoism, although they love to draw attention to themselves. Basically, they love life and all it has to offer, are generous, artistic, passionate and emotional. They also make good company.

Those born April 11-20, and October 14-23, are no ordinary people thanks to the
Maple tree’s influence, which gives them complex natures full of imagination and originality, good memories, and the ability to learn easily as well as a hunger for experiencing new things. At the same time, they can be self-confident as well as shy and reserved, ambitious and proud, and overly nervous. They also love to impress.

Dates influenced by the Walnut tree include April 21-30 and October 24-November 11.
Although often admired, walnut tree people are not always liked due to their contrasting natures that often make them aggressive and unrelenting with no flexibility or limited ambitions. Basically, they have no sense of compromise and extremely jealous. At the same time, they are often found to be ingenious strategists.

People born May 25-June 3 are ruled by the Ash tree, They are generally very ambitious, often placing money over matters of the heart while demanding love. Restless lovers, they despise criticism. Meanwhile, they are very attractive, vivacious and impulsive.

The Hornbeam tree gives those born Jun4 4-June 13, and December 2-December 11, gives its children a cool beauty and good taste, as well as a strong desire to make things as comfortable as possible. Although they prefer to lead disciplined lives, they dream of unusual lovers, and are generally unhappy with life, due to mistrust of others, and are often very self-conscious despite their other tendencies.

This now brings us to the Fig tree, ruler of those born June 14-23, and December 12-21. People born on these dates are strong minded and somewhat stubborn and bear a strong dislike for arguments and contradictions. They are hard workers (when they want to be) honest, but with a great sense of humor, and have a great love for kids and animals. They are also artistic and very intelligent.

Remaining trees include the Birch, Beech, and Olive trees, which are only associated with a single day each. For the birch, this means June 24. For the olive tree September 23, and the beech December 22.

Characteristics of birch people include being vivacious, attractive, unpretentious and friendly while maintaining an air of calmness and elegance, as well as a hatred of the vulgar. Although they are not passionate by nature and have little ambition, yet are content. Meanwhile, Olive people love lives free of aggression and violence.

They are tolerant, cheerful, calm, sympathetic and sensitive to others, and lack jealousy. They also love to read and have a well-developed sense of what is right and wrong. Lastly, beech tree people are defined as their desire to lead economic, health-conscious lives. They are concerned with appearances and materialistic. Yet, they also make good leaders without taking risks and possess good organizational skills.

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