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PerfectBiotics by Perfect Origins is supposed to be the best product of its type, as it’s manufactured using a technology that allows the microorganisms to survive stomach acids and reach the intestine ready to do their job, which means that it doesn’t suffer from the problem that affects most of the probiotic supplements. But while this a great feature, it won’t help much if the product is lacking in other areas. Probiotic supplements only have the potential to be effective if some very specific requirements are met, and next, we’ll find out just how PerfectBiotics measures up to the standards.

What is PerfectBiotics by Perfect Origins?

perfect origins bottleThis probiotic supplement comes in the form of a liquid and contains 12 strains of probiotics along other useful ingredients. Each of these strains is supposed to be very rare and highly effective, making the supplement able to help in health issues like weight gain, digestive disorders, and weakened immune system. It’s also claimed that PerfectBiotics can remove toxins, fight harmful bacteria and repair intestinal damage caused by gluten, as it would be expected from any quality supplement. The first results should manifest within a few weeks of proper treatment, which implies ingesting 4 drops of the liquid 2 times a day, before meals. The bottle comes with a dropper that makes the dosage very easy to follow, and it’s recommended for the liquid to either be ingested as it is or mixed in a glass of water.

PerfectBiotics is most likely not manufactured in the US, because while the company behind it is based in Indiana, nowhere on their website is it mentioned where the product is actually produced. It would have surely been stated that it’s manufactured in the US if that were the case because this company (through the official website) has possibly the best presentation of its products that we’ve ever encountered. Perfect Origins is a fairly new company, and it has already released 8 product that is destined to help in digestion, weight loss, and all around well-being. All of them are available on the same website, which is a point in their favor right from the start as it’s obvious that they have nothing to hide. This is not to say that companies which choose to present their products on different websites are necessarily hiding something, but transparency is always appreciated by potential customers. And judging by the number of products, it’s obvious that Perfect Origins is a legitimate business and that it’s not trying to take advantage of the popularity of a specific substance like many other similar companies do.

Scammers have become a serious problem for internet shoppers, and especially for those interested in health supplements. These products don’t require evaluation from the FDA or any other organization, so basically, anything can be included in the capsules, powders or liquids, for the sole purpose of taking advantage of trusting customers. Usually, only one product is released as that’s enough to bring in good money, and this problem is so common that any company which seems focused on one supplement alone looks suspicious right from the start. But Perfect Origins doesn’t have this issue, as it seems like a lot of effort in put into constantly developing the line of products. We also get to see the people behind this business, so Perfect Origins is as legitimate as it could possibly be.

When it comes to PerfectBiotics, just like in the case of the other products, almost all the possible information that a potential customer might be interested in is presented in detail. The ingredients are listed, the benefits of the product are well explained, and there’s even a frequently asked question section that spares the viewer a lot of research. There’s a similar section that applies to the entire line of products and it would seem like there’s no need to put in extra effort for each individual product, but it’s great that all of the information can be conveniently found on one page. And the best thing about all the information presented for PerfectBiotics is that it’s actually true, as no outrageous claims are made about the ingredients or the possible benefits.

Does PerfectBiotics by Perfect Origins Really Work?

PerfectBiotics does work, but not in all cases. The customer reviews are not easy to find given that the product is new and the affiliate websites (which have nothing but good things to say about the product) pop up first, but it seems that the few opinions we do have are mixed. Some claim that PerfectBiotics has helped them lose weight after many similar products have failed, while others state that they didn’t experience any changes even after a few months of usage. This is not uncommon when using probiotic supplements as they will never work the same for everybody and many different factors can cause conflicting results even when using the best probiotic products. Still, quality supplements do generate mostly positive results, and the same should be the case for PerfectBiotics by Perfect Origins. We don’t have enough customer reviews to be able to say that the product is generating mediocre results, but if after a year from now the opinions stay the same, we know what might be the cause of the problem: while the company offers a lot of information on PerfectBiotics, it doesn’t mention it’s CFU count or its expiration date. These are basic criteria when looking to purchase a probiotic supplement, as the quality of the product actually depends on them. Simply including bacterial strains that are known to be helpful doesn’t make a product effective, as we already have billions of them and it takes a lot to make a difference.

Humans harbor around 500 different species of bacteria, the majority of them probiotics. They’re mostly found in the intestine (and in the vagina), and the individual organisms actually outnumber the cells of the body. They’re essential both for digestion and general health, as they could be considered a part of the immune system. We wouldn’t be able to function properly without probiotics, and a slight decrease in their number affects us almost immediately as the helpful bacteria keeps in check the harmful organisms. Although pathogens are needed by the body in small amounts, they will be allowed to multiply and cause infections if probiotics won’t be able to help in removing them. The harmful organisms contribute to the developments of a strong immune system, as they help the body “learn” how to contain similar organisms and how to react when encountering an unfamiliar strain. But they will only do their job as long as the probiotics make for around 85% of the total number of bacteria, as once this percentage decreases, they’re free to multiply uncontrollably. Probiotics produce substances that either make the intestine inhospitable for a high number of pathogens or kill them, and some have an even more interesting manner of keeping harmful organisms from thriving. It seems that some strains of probiotics attract pathogens, which become stuck to them and unable to leave the intestine. This means that they won’t be able to infect other areas of the body, and this is just the beginning of what probiotics really do for the immune system.

Proper digestion is also essential for health, and probiotics play an important part in it given that they live mostly in the intestine, which is also the area where the nutrients are absorbed from foods. Probiotics thrive by consuming fiber and their numbers are naturally higher in people who follow healthy diets, and they help the digestive process by contributing to the absorption of quality nutrients. Harmful bacteria, on the other hand, feed on the nutrients that can cause health problems, and a high number of these organisms will make the individual crave the same harmful foods. This is why a balanced flora can help in weight loss, as the body retains the healthy nutrients and doesn’t have a need for unhealthy foods. But probiotics are easy to kill, and their numbers can be influenced by a variety of factors, from foods and stress to traveling and (the worst of all) antibiotics. But figuring out how many individual organisms (colony forming units or CFUs) you need to restore the balance is not an easy task because individuals have different needs. It’s best to start with a lower CFU count and discover exactly what works best for you, but that’s a problem with PerfectBiotics.

While the bacterial strains themselves are some of the most helpful (and this is also very important when choosing a probiotic, because many manufacturers include strains that are not scientifically proven as helpful, with their only known quality being their harmless nature), absolutely nothing is mentioned about the CFU count. There could be anything between 1 million and 200 billion organisms in this supplement, but we have no way of knowing the actual number. The potential customers are pretty much forced to make their decisions based on the strains alone, and that’s a serious issue.

Another piece of essential information that’s missing is the expiry date on the packaging of the supplement, and absolutely all probiotic products have one. In fact, the individual organisms start dying off as soon as they’re packed, and this is why many manufacturers display the CFU count on the packaging with the mention “at the time of packaging”. It’s impossible to tell how many live organisms can be found in a supplement at any given time, and all of them will die out in at most 2 years. It will happen even faster if the product is not stored properly, and this is another detail that Perfect Origins doesn’t offer. Most supplements must be stored in dark and cold places (preferably in the refrigerator), but this is especially important with those in liquid form. These are the most vulnerable to external factors, so it’s safe to say that if PerfectBiotics would be stored at room temperature for a few months, all the organisms would be dead.

The company does assure the potential customers that the bacteria will survive all the way to the intestine, which is great because most manufacturers can’t guarantee that the organisms won’t be killed by the acids in the stomach. But the fact that the organisms are alive when they reach the intestine isn’t very helpful given that we have no idea how many are actually ingested. It’s very likely that PerfectBiotics contains a medium amount on CFUs, and the best results could be achieved by those who have found small amounts to not be helpful enough, but we have no way of knowing for certain.

What are the ingredients of PerfectBiotics by Perfect Origins?

This supplement contains some of the best strains of bacteria, as most of them have been tested and proven as helpful. This is very important, as often times the term “probiotics” is used for all the bacteria that thrive in the human body without causing it harm, even if it’s completely useless. The official website displays the label of the product but also a detailed list of all the ingredients and their qualities, along with the list of scientific papers that back the claims. It’s the best presentation of a supplement that we have ever seen, as almost no health product manufacturers base their statements on real scientific research. Of course, many of the tests performed on different bacteria strains are disputed by those who don’t consider them to be a viable treatment option, but the proof is still undeniable.

PerfectBiotics contains:

  • Lactobacillus plantarum
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus
  • Bifidobacterium bifidum
  • Bifidobacterium infantis
  • Bifidobacterium longum
  • Enterococcus Faecium
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus casei
  • Lactobacillus helveticus
  • Lactobacillus salivarius
  • Pediococcus acidilactici
  • Streptococcus thermophilus
  • a blend of ingredients that are claimed to protect the organisms from stomach acids. The blend contains fermented probiotics, benzoic acid, tartaric acid, nicotinamide, pyridoxine, thiamine, calcium, cobalt, iron, magnesium, manganese, selenium, molybdenum, potassium, and sodium.

We’ll focus on some of the probiotic strains because while all of them help digestion and general health, some have some very unusual qualities.

L. rhamnosus is a particularly helpful strain, as it adheres to the intestinal wall. This means that it prohibits harmful organisms from doing the same, and this is extremely important as it helps the body to remove them quickly. If the dangerous organisms create colonies on the wall of the intestine (biofilms) they become much harder to eliminate, as they secrete as the substance that protects them from the environment and most of the attempts to kill them. Bifidobacterium bifidus has similar qualities, but at the same time is able to decrease allergy symptoms and frequency. Bifidobacterium infantis, on the other hand, is able to protect the body from Salmonella, while Bifidobacterium lungum can be especially helpful for women, as this strain of bacteria can help in rebalancing the vaginal flora. It doesn’t matter that it’s ingested orally, as the bacteria has no trouble in traveling from one area of the body to another.

Enterococcus faedum seems to be especially effective against viral diarrhea, while Lacobacillus casei is helpful in the same affection if it’s caused by antibiotics. The same strain also helps in lactose intolerance, but it doesn’t compare to Lactobacillus helveticus, which seems to have the combined qualities of the other strains we mentioned. But Lactobacillus salivarius is able to protect the mouth, as it reduces the frequency of caries and gum affections. And these are only some of the qualities of the strains found in PerfectBiotics, because the list could go on and on for each of them. It’s obvious that the product is able to help, especially if it has a decent CFU count.

Is PerfectBiotics by Perfect Origins safe?

PerfectBiotics doesn’t generate unusual side effects, but some customers have complained about diarrhea and similar issues. This is completely normal for all supplements, as it takes a while for the body to adjust to the increased number or organisms. The symptoms should subside in a few days, but if they do persist, the treatment should be stopped as it’s obviously not fit for the individual. But normally the unpleasant effects should be quickly replaced by the benefits, starting with a healthier digestion.

Another problem for those who are not used to ingesting probiotics can be an allergic reaction. The organisms could be perceived as a threat by a weaker immune system, so any unusual symptoms should be discussed with a medical professional. Better yet, all new users of this product should make sure that they have their doctors’ approvals before starting the treatment, as it has a long list of ingredients, some of which could interact with medication. And since the exact quantity of each compound is not mentioned on the label, the users who are under medical treatment or use other supplements with similar ingredients might have serious health problems by ingesting PerfectBiotics without making sure that it’s fit for their needs.

Also, before starting a probiotic treatment all new users should make sure that this is what they actually need. Probiotics will never work like magic pills, and they’re not able to help in serious affections. A digestive issue might be caused by a disorder that is much more dangerous than a reduced number of probiotics, so it will be best to receive a diagnostic from a professional. And while probiotics are usually safe for young children and pregnant women, a doctor’s approval is still recommended in each of the cases.

What are the benefits of PerfectBiotics by Perfect Origins?

This supplement aids in digestion, which means that it’s also very helpful in weight loss. Some customers claim that PerfectBiotics worked as advertised and helped them lose large amounts of body fat, so the same results could be expected by the new users. Also, it will protect against pathogens and strengthen the immune system, as the benefits go far beyond helping in weight issues and the best results will be observed in the long run.

Probiotics supplements benefit general health and are able to prevent a variety of affections that are not necessarily caused by a weak immune system, but it should be kept in mind that these results won’t be experienced by all users, as each individual has a certain reaction to ingested probiotics. They’re not the same as those that are naturally found in the intestine, and the body could reject them or simply allow them to pass through it without being used to its advantage.

Why choose PerfectBiotics by Perfect Origins?

This supplement contains bacterial strains that could benefit all people who feel like this kind of treatment is fit for them, but since it most likely includes a medium number of organisms, those who are used to a high CFU count will probably find it to be ineffective. On the other hand, those who have tried supplements with low numbers of organisms without any results could give it a try, as it might provide some help. PerfectBiotics is also free of gluten, soy, wheat, and dairy, which means that it’s fit for most diets, including vegetarian.

Where can I buy PerfectBiotics by Perfect Origins?

PerfectBiotics is only available on the official website of Perfect Origins, at the price of $67 for one bottle, which is also a one month’s supply. Larger orders come with discounts, as a package containing 3 bottles is sold for $179, and a package containing 6 bottles is available for $327. The delivery is free for all orders, but it should be kept in mind that at the moment the company only delivers to the US, Canada, and UK. The products are shipped within 48 hours after placing the order and will take at most 5 days to arrive.perfect origins perfectbiotics

This supplement also comes with a 60 days guarantee, which applies even if the product has been used entirely. The customer is guaranteed to receive a refund as long as the empty bottle reaches the company within 60 days of receiving the package, but it shouldn’t be sent back too early either. Because while the unopened bottles can be sent back at anytime during this period, the used products can only be returned if they’ve been adequately tested. This means that once you open a bottle you’ll only be able to send it back after 30 days, because this is how long it takes to fully test one month’s supply. It shouldn’t be an inconvenience for customers, but some have complained about the company not issuing refunds in these situations even if an entire section of the website is dedicated to the guarantee alone. We would recommend all potential clients to carefully read all the information available on the website just to make sure that any problems are avoided, but they can also contact the company directly. Perfect Origins is available through phone, email, contact form and even live chat, so all possible issues can be cleared even before placing an order. Actually, orders can be placed directly through phone, so this would be the best choice for someone who is interested in more details about PerfectBiotics and the policies of it’s manufacturing company.

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