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OxyHives Review – How To Treat Hives

order oxyhivesThis homeopathic remedy might look interesting even to the healthiest of us, as it’s designed for the treatment of one of the few health problems that can affect anyone, often times without an obvious cause. OxyHives is supposed to relieve the symptoms of urticaria, better known as hives, an affection that is both very common and difficult to handle, even if it’s usually manifesting for very short periods of time.

As a homeopathic treatment, OxyHives uses substances that would normally trigger an unwanted reaction in the body in the purpose of counteracting the immune response that is already in progress, and as odd as it might seem to those who are not familiar with this medical philosophy, this approach works more often than it would be expected.

What Is OxyHives?

This product is a blend of plant extracts and chemical substances that are presented as able to alleviate the symptoms of hives. It’s supposed to reduce swelling, itching, and pain, and it should also be completely natural and free of side effects.

OxyHives is liquid and bottled in 30 ml spray containers, and unlike many common hives treatments, it’s not supposed to be applied on the affected skin. This product is intended to be sprayed under the tongue three times a day, as this is how it will be quickly absorbed into the blood stream.

The recommended dosage for each application is 2 sprays, although this information is not given on the official website and it’s only available on the packaging of the product. Also, it’s not mentioned in what situations is OxyHives an effective treatment, information which would be very helpful for potential customers given that the affection can have various causes and can manifest through many different symptoms. And this might just be the reason why there is no consensus among users over the qualities of this product.

Does OxyHives Really Work?

Yes, it does, but not for everybody. OxyHives seems to have been released around 10 years ago, and it’s a very well sold natural remedy despite being available only on the internet. It’s clearly able to help at least to some degree, and the users are very open to sharing their experiences, many of which are positive. But the reviews on Oxyhives can in no way help potential clients form a clear view of the product because despite many users being very satisfied, others consider it completely useless.

OxyHives is exactly what anyone would expect from a homeopathic treatment, as it seems to be able to do wonders in the case of some users, while others don’t notice any changes at all. The opinions are very conflicting, with some claiming the product to be the only effective treatment they’ve ever tried, and others considering it a scam simply because it didn’t work in their cases. And while it’s far from a scam, it’s easy to see why many people are disappointed, especially if they expect for OxyHives to work immediately. And this assumption can only be blamed on its presentation, since neither the official website or the packaging of the product mention when exactly should the users expect results. In most cases, the affection only lasts for a short period of time, and it’s only natural to expect for this treatment to start improving the skin condition in a matter of minutes.

But OxyHives doesn’t seem to work very fast in most cases, which makes it more appropriate for those who are affected by hives for an extended period of time. Sure, some users state the product has started working in only a few hours (and even this is too slow for most people), but others have waited days and even weeks to see results. Which means that OxyHives is most likely to help in acute and chronic urticaria, the forms of the affection that last much more than 24 hours.

This isn’t to say that it’s not able to relieve the symptoms in only a few minutes, but it seems that its effects vary so much from user to user that it would be wrong to have very high expectations. And some customers claim that the product works for some outbreaks while having no effect on others, so what exactly triggers the affection might be an important factor in establishing when can OxyHives actually help.

Also, unlike in the case of preventive treatments, where it’s obvious that the product needs to be used constantly for best results, OxyHives seems to be able to act over the affection directly, so it’s easy to assume that it should only be used when the symptoms start to manifest. This is how most users believe it works, but that might not necessarily be the best choice for taking full advantage of this product’s properties.

Some people are prone to developing hives, so perhaps in their cases, the treatment would be best if administered constantly, even if smaller increments. It really is hard to tell what is the best way to use OxyHives, not only because its action is difficult to understand given its homeopathic nature, but because urticaria itself is one of the most confusing skin disorders, despite being very common.

What Causes Hives?

Hives are always a reaction to histamine, a substance that is naturally released by the body as part of an immune response. Its role is allowing the body to fight dangerous pathogens, but it can also cause the plasma to be released from blood vessels in the affected area. This is what causes the bumps that usually heal on their own in a short period of time, but what exactly triggers the immune response itself is not always easy to understand.

Anything can cause urticaria, from foods and sunlight to irritating clothing and intense exercise, but these are only the known cases because other times the bumps seem to develop for no reason. Knowing the cause is essential for developing the best treatment for a particular outbreak, and many times simply removing the trigger is enough for the skin disorder to heal.

The most common form of hives lasts from a few hours to an entire day, and in this situation, it’s easier to pinpoint exactly what causes it. It’s most likely a reaction to an external factor that was already removed and not a serious problem. But when it lasts for weeks it’s clearly the result of a more complex process, and many medical treatments are available for dealing with the symptoms.

Unfortunately, since the cause of the outbreak is often unknown in these cases, the medicine doesn’t always work, so there’s no wonder that more natural options like OxyHives are just as popular as medication. Acute urticaria lasts up to six weeks, while the chronic form of the disease takes even longer to start receding, and judging by what the customers have to say about OxyHives’ way of action, it seems like it would be much more helpful in these extreme forms of the affection. The ingredients of this product might be able to intervene in the process that makes the bumps last for so long, so let’s see what exactly can each of them do.

What Are The Ingredients Of OxyHives?

As with all homeopathic treatments, the list of ingredients in Oxyhives looks unusual, to say the least. No information about the compounds is given on the website but the label of the product is available for viewing, although it doesn’t help much as it’s almost impossible to read. And the ingredients should be displayed very clearly because any potential user should at least be aware of some of the substances that are included in this product. This way they’ll discover that no matter how much research they do on OxyHives, they’ll still need a doctor’s approval to use it, because as we’ll see next, some of these ingredients look like they should never be ingested unless a professional deems them as safe for each of the users in particular.

OxyHives contains apis mellifica, Arnica montana, Urtica urens, Rhus toxicodendron, mercurius solubilis, hepar sulphur, ichthyolum, lachesis, alcohol, and water. We’ll start with the first ingredient on our list, which also happens the most harmless of the compounds included in this product.

  • Apis mellifica is a nutrient rich substance produced by worker bees. Commonly known as royal jelly, it’s used as a food source for queen bees while some people use it as a treatment for various affections. It seems to help in anything from stomach conditions to sleep issues, but it’s also used for skin disorders. This is how it might help in treating hives, but at the moment no scientific proof is able to back these claims. It does show some promise as a treatment for menopausal problems, but that’s pretty much it.
  • Then we have Arnica montana, a plant that is used as a natural remedy for arthritis, muscle pains, skin disorders and other health problems. But it’s most often included in ointments because it’s highly poisonous. It has the potential to be deadly, and this is why homeopathic blends like OxyHives only include it in very small quantities. And besides being poisonous it can also trigger allergies, which doesn’t sound helpful but might actually help in the treatment of hives based on the basic homeopathic principles that the best cure for an affection is a diluted form of what caused it in the first place. Arnica seems like one of the most potent compounds in OxyHives, although the next ingredient might also have some good qualities.
  • Urtica urens, also known as stinging nettle, has been traditionally used for the treatment of many conditions, most notably urination problems and urinary tract infections. But it’s also used for relieving pain, and scientific studies show it as able to help in pain caused by osteoarthritis. It’s also used in the treatment of allergies, so it’s a good addition to OxyHives. Then there’s Rux toxicodendron, which is just another name for poison ivy. This plant is known as able to cause severe skin reactions and even allergies, so it’s not unusual to find it in a homeopathic product destined to treat this exact type of disorders. But it’s also used to treat pain, and while there’s no scientific proof for its abilities in this area, it might still provide some help in OxyHives. But the next ingredient doesn’t seem like it can bring any kind of relief, as it’s one of the substances that all people try to avoid at all costs.
  • Mercurius solubilis (or quicksilver) is normally extremely dangerous for human health. It’s only used as a health aid in homeopathy, where it seems to help in specific affections if administered in the right dosage. But it doesn’t look like any of these affections is hives or any type of skin disorder, so only the manufacturer could explain why exactly is quicksilver included in this product. Hepar sulphur on the other hand (or sulphur of lime) seems promising, as it’s used in the treatment cold and ear infections, but more commonly as an aid in skin conditions, including acne and eczema. This substance is a chemical obtained by burning the interior of oysters with sulphur, and it’s only used as a homeopathic remedy as there’s no scientific proof for its properties. Still, it looks much more helpful than quicksilver, as it’s actually used for affections similar to hives.
  • Ichthyolum is another substance used solely in homeopathy, and it’s prepared from fish fossils. It’s used in the treatment of a number of affections, which include skin disorders. It’s claimed that it’s a strong antiseptic and that it can relieve pain and inflammation, and of course, since it’s only used in homeopathic treatments, there’s no scientific proof for its qualities. And lastly, we have lachesis, which is actually the venom of lachesis mutus, a species of snake that lives in Central and South America. This venom is normally extremely dangerous, as it’s very fast acting and even deadly if no medical attention is received by the victim. As a homeopathic treatment, it seems able to help with a variety of health problems, most commonly menstrual disorders, but skin problems don’t appear to be among them. Still, venom is one of the most powerful allergens in nature, so it should help in OxyHives.

Is OxyHives Safe?

OxyHives is decently safe, but it should never be used without a doctor’s approval. Some of the substances included in it are extremely dangerous by nature, but they’re diluted to such a degree that they no longer have the potential to be harmful. Still, because they’re able to cause allergies, people that are prone to these affections should not use OxyHives, although it might seem like this contradicts its very purpose since hives are somewhat of an allergic reaction. Those who don’t usually suffer from allergies should also be very careful because most likely they’ve never used some of the ingredients of OxyHives and even a compound that wouldn’t normally be considered dangerous can cause problems for a new user.

The website states that pregnant women and children under 12 should not use the product without a doctor’s approval, but we would recommend for these groups to not use it at all, just to be safe. After all, OxyHives is only a homeopathic treatment, so it has never been rigorously tested. We don’t know what reactions it could have in very sensitive individual, especially since it seems to have caused unwanted effects before. Some users have complained about allergies (as it’s to be expected given the ingredients) and this is a serious matter because a simple allergy could lead to anaphylactic shock.

The company itself has a very honest approach when it comes to the dangers of natural products, and even the label of OxyHives makes it clear that any adverse reaction should receive immediate medical attention. A lot of information about various natural substances in also available on the website, and we appreciate how much attention is given to the interactions. The vast majority of substances included in natural aids interact with medication, and the same is the case with OxyHives. This is why this product should never, under any circumstances, be used without a doctor carefully analyzing every ingredient and deeming it as fit for a specific person.

Also, OxyHives contains 20% alcohol, which is one more reason why it shouldn’t be used by children. But some adults avoid alcohol too, and this is why a full list of ingredients that are easy to read would have been very helpful on the website. But they don’t give much information, and it seems like clients are very much on their own when it comes to using the product. It’s not specified how long should the product be used or if it only works for some types of hives, so it’s easy to assume that it can be used whenever you feel like it and no matter what caused the bumps. And it seems like there is no way to receive good advice either because while the company can be contacted through 5 different phone numbers, it’s most likely that customer service only handles orders and returns, and the representatives are not qualified to give medical advice. We say this because the same call center handles customer service for a number of natural health products manufacturers, and the clients won’t be able to discuss with a person that is very knowledgeable on OxyHives in particular.

But when it comes to the company, it should be mentioned that although two different names appear on the website and the packaging of OxyHives, customers have no reason to be worried. Santrinico Enterprises and Pacific Naturals both refer to the same company, which is based in Cyprus and offers many other natural products that are known to be effective. For some reason, each of their products is sold on a different website, but they do have experience and a solid customer base, so new clients don’t have any reason to question their credibility, even if much of the information available online is rather confusing.

What Are The Benefits Of OxyHives?

This product has been proven to work well in many cases, relieving inflammation, pain, and all other symptoms associated with urticaria. Some consider it to be the only effective remedy for hives, but as each person seems to react differently to this treatment, it’s difficult to say how much it can help someone who has never tried it before. The best way to find out if OxyHives is fit for you and for your affection, in particular, is to give it a try, although not before discussing it with a medical professional.

Why Choose OxyHives?

This product is a good option for someone who is prone to hives or who has been struggling with the affection for a longer period of time because it seems that although it’s not fast acting, it’s able to bring relief in cases where other treatments have failed. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but it worth a try nonetheless. It also has an affordable price and given that it’s delivered worldwide, it’s easily accessible from wherever the customers might be located. And it seems that customer service is very supportive, so no problems are to be expected in this area.

Where Can I Buy OxyHives?

You can buy OxyHives trough its official website, although it can sometimes be found on Amazon. But since the company does not approve of the product being sold on this types of websites, we wouldn’t recommend purchasing it from other providers than Pacific Naturals. This way you’ll be sure that you’ll receive the genuine product, even if the prices might be higher. But that only applies for small orders, because larger packages are available at discounts. One bottle of OxyHives is sold for $39.95 on the official website, and customers also have to pay a shipping fee of $6.95. Rush delivery is available for $12.95, but given that standard delivery should take 10 days at most, it might not be needed. International delivery, on the other hand, can take as much as 21 days, so in this case, the fee might be worth it. But a package containing 3 bottles (one of which is free) is available for $79.90 and comes with free standard shipping, while a package containing 5 bottles (two of them free) is available for $119.85, and will also be received free of charge. But rush delivery will still be charged for these packages if customers want to receive them faster, even if it will only cost them $6.95.buy oxyhives

OxyHives also comes with a 90-day guarantee, but it’s only available for unused and unopened bottles. The products must be sent back and reach the company during this period, and each item will be charged a 10$ restocking fee, most likely from the amount that is going to be returned to the customer. This means that the full amounts will never be recovered, not even if the product has never been used. On top of that, canceling an order is not possible even if it was placed on accident, so users of the website who are not careful on the order page might end up being charged as a result of returning the products that they didn’t want in the first place. On the plus side, ordering this product won’t sign clients for any kind of auto-delivery program, so there will be no unexpected charges and packages. Returning clients have to contact customer service for each additional order, so the users of OxyHives always know the exact amounts that you’re being charged by the company.

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