Omegazene The Missing Omega Reviews

Omegazene is a new fish oil that claims to offer benefits which are not available from other products of its type. Unlike most fish oils, this product contains 3 different omega 3 acids.

The third acid is supposed to have powerful properties which are not encountered in the other acids. But this is not the only feature that makes this fish oil stand out.

Omegazene seems to meet all the standards of a high-quality product, and next, we’ll have a look at some of its most interesting properties.

What is Omegazene?

omegazeneThis fish oil was released in 2015 and is only available as softgel capsules. It’s rich in docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), but also docosapentaenoic acid (DPA).

Most quality fish oils contain high amounts of DHA and EPA, 2 omega 3 acids which have been proven as very helpful for many different areas of health.

They’re essential for proper development of cells and fight inflammation, which makes them extremely helpful in the prevention of many dangerous affections. Including conditions that affect the heart and the brain.

But recent studies show that DPA is equally, if not more helpful. This acid is particularly effective against inflammation and is able to prevent heart disease even better than the other 2 acids.

But since most manufacturers don’t focus on DPA, most fish oils include it in small concentrations. And many of those which include it in high concentrations only do so incidentally, as it’s found in many of the fish species harvested for DHA and EPA.

DPA is rarely mentioned on the labels of supplements, so those who are interested in this particular acid don’t have an easy time finding it.

That’s not the case for Omegazene, which focuses on this acid in particular. It includes the other 2 acids in higher amounts, but the oil is sourced from the richest source of DPA available.

This fish oil is manufactured and sold by Lean Lab, a Florida-based company. Very little information is available on this company, so we can safely assume that it was founded not long before the launch of the product.

Also, Omegazene is most likely its only release, at least for the time being. But given what we know about this one product, we expect for this company to release an entire line of health supplements in the future.

Judging by the information available on the official website of Omegazene, Lean Lab put a lot of work into the development of this product and it manufactures it in best conditions.

It’s hard to believe that this company would stop at a single product when clearly, it has all the resources to move forward.

Omegazene contains pure Atlantic menhaden oil, a feature which right from the start makes this product superior to the majority of fish oils available on the market. Atlantic menhaden is a North American species of fish, found in coastal waters from Nova Scotia to Florida.

Menhaden is a great source of omega 3 acids, and the company behind Omegazene uses the whole fish in the manufacturing process. Also, Atlantic menhaden is the richest source of DPA.

The fish used in the production of this specific product comes from Chesapeake Bay. This is another point in favor of Omegazene, as the fish which populate the waters in this area are young and small.

Young fish are always a better choice for oil because they haven’t yet accumulated high amounts of toxins and dangerous metals.  

The official website of Omegazene does a great job at presenting the risks which accompany fish oils that don’t follow these standards. It includes a very interesting (and entertaining) presentation video which focuses both on the features of Omegazene and the unknown dangers of fish oils.

When first watching this video, the viewer might be under the impression that the company is trying to scare clients into buying the product.

Especially since the other sections of the website only become available after the visitor has watched part of the video.

The visitor is pretty much forced to watch the video if they want to find out more about the product, which is unfortunate because this tactic is commonly used for scam products.

But that’s not the case here, and we would recommend visitors to sit through this video because it offers real and very useful information.

One of the most important points made in this video is the increased risk of developing cancer brought on by the consumption of low-quality fish oil.

This is a true fact, and it has been proven through scientific studies. Low-quality fish oil has the potential to cause many different health problems, but most consumers are not aware of the risks. And unfortunately, many of those who become aware of the risks come to the conclusion that all fish oil is dangerous.

Especially since studies which prove the health risks of fish oil often times don’t mention the properties of the specific oils consumed by the subjects.

There’s no information on the species of fish used for the oils, their size or their origin. And there’s no information on the manufacturing process either.

Even the smallest, youngest fish harvested from clean waters contain toxins and metals, even if in very small amounts. Which is why the oil has to be purified in order to be 100% safe for health.

The company behind Omegazene does this, but many other manufacturers don’t. On top of that, many manufacturers don’t extract the oil from quality sources. Fish used for the oils available on the market today can be of any species, size, and origin.

Often times the oil is extracted from leftovers, as the fish hasn’t been harvested for oil. And of course, in these cases, the oil is not only useless but very dangerous.

Consuming large, older fish is dangerous enough on its own, but consuming it in the concentrated form is bound to cause health problems much sooner.

But even if the oil is good quality, it’s very likely to lose its properties when delivered over large distances. Fish oil spoils very easily, so its origin is very important when choosing a brand.

The fish used for Omegazene is harvested in the USA and the product itself is manufactured locally, so it reaches customers while still very fresh. Delivery takes 5 days at most, so clients don’t have to worry about receiving a rancid product.

Does Omegazene really work?

Omegazene is a new release so it doesn’t have any reviews yet. But judging by its properties, it’s a high-quality product that should offer all the benefits of omega 3 acids. And while some of these benefits are not easy to notice, other should become apparent after only a few weeks or even days.

Fish oil has a very positive effect on the entire body, but one of its most impressive properties is the ability to decrease the risk of developing heart conditions.

It also protects the brain, but these effects are not easy to notice, at least not in healthy individuals. Those who are already affected by these health conditions should notice improvements after a few months.

But one of the most common benefits experienced by fish oil users who suffer from arthritis is a decrease in joint pain.

Fish oil is able to decrease inflammation, and Omegazene should be particularly helpful. Of course, not only arthritis sufferers struggle with joint pain, but this condition is always caused by inflammation.

Omegazene should be able to help in most cases, and the changes should become noticeable quick enough. Quality fish oils are able to decrease pain in only a few weeks (in some cases in only one week or even less), so those who are interested in Omegazene in this purpose should have high expectations.

Another benefit that should become noticeable soon after the beginning of the treatment in an improvement in the health of skin, hair, and nails. Many fish oil users state that the products have managed to alleviate various skin conditions, in some cases after only a few days of use. Fish oil benefits the entire body, but users can easily evaluate it based on the condition of their skin alone.

Of course, since there is no feedback from the customers yet, we can’t know for sure if the product really does offer all these benefits. But it certainly should, and customers haven’t complained about Omegazene yet.

And since many of its benefits should manifest almost immediately, users can assess the quality of this product very easily. There’s no need to test the capsules for months before forming an opinion, a few weeks of treatment are more than enough.

And given that Omegazene has been available for a year now, it’s safe to assume that many clients have already tested it. But there are no complaints, so it’s very likely that it works just as promised.

Still, for best results, the oil should be ingested in the recommended dosage. The company recommends users to ingest 2 capsules each morning, along with food. Of course, the dosage can be adjusted according to user’s needs.

The product is not dangerous for health when ingested in higher amounts. But on the other hand, it won’t help much if the dosage is too low.  

What are the ingredients of Omegazene?

Thankfully, the official website of Omegazene displays the label of the product. A dose of Omegazene (2 softgels) contains 1000 mg of menhaden oil, which includes 500 mg of omega 3 acids.

More specifically, it includes 300 mg of EPA, 200 mg of DHA and 30 mg of DPA. The softgel shells are made from bovine gelatin but also contain glycerin and orange flavoring, so the capsules taste like sweet orange.

The capsule shells should dissolve very quickly, making it easy for the body to absorb the oil shortly after the ingestion.

The company claims that the softgels don’t cause burps, and customers haven’t complained about this issue. It’s likely that absorption is indeed very fast, just as claimed.

Is Omegazene safe?

Omegazene  seems to be perfectly safe. The oil is high quality, as it comes from small, young fish that are harvested from clean waters.

Furthermore, it’s purified, so any toxins that might have been accumulated by the fish are eliminated during the manufacturing process.

The other ingredients are perfectly safe also, so this product is not likely to cause any kind of health problem.

On top of that, there are no complaints regarding side effects or other unwanted reactions. It’s safe to assume that Omegazene is perfectly harmless.

Still, those who are interested in using it as a treatment for various health conditions should discuss it with their physicians first.

This product is safe for people who are otherwise healthy, but only a professional can decide if it’s safe for certain health conditions.

Also, while the ingredients shouldn’t interact with medication, those who are under treatment for any kind of health condition shouldn’t use this supplement without approval.

Even if the condition is mild of the treatment is just another supplement. Lastly, Omegazene is not intended for pregnant women or children under 18.

And while the product doesn’t have any user complaints, neither does the company behind it. It seems that clients didn’t encounter any problems with customer service, at least not until this point.

And the product comes with a money back guarantee, so it’s safe to assume that the company doesn’t have any problems when it comes to issuing refunds.

Regardless of how well Omegazene might work, no product can satisfy all its users. Surely a number of customers have requested refunds, yet no one has anything bad to say about the company.

What are the benefits of Omegazene?

Quality fish oil helps the body starting at the cellular level. The omega 3 acids are essential for the proper development and health of each cell, so there’s no area of the body that doesn’t benefit from using fish oil.

But of course, it’s most helpful for those who are prone or already suffering from cardiovascular conditions. Inflammation has been associated with heart disease, and Omegazene, since it contains high amounts of DPA, should be particularly helpful in this type of conditions.

But omega 3 acids are equally beneficial for the brain and can help in preventing degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s.

And not only older people can notice the effects that these acids have on the brain. Many young users claim that fish oil has improved their mental states, decreasing anxiety and helping with other similar issues.

And of course, fish oil also works well as an anti-aging product. It improves the health of the skin and will help it keep its young appearance for longer.

Fish oil can be used for many different purposes and it works well for people of all ages, so virtually anyone can benefit from it.

But this is only the case for pure, fresh fish oil with a high concentration of omega 3 acids. And Omegazene meets all these standards.

Why choose Omegazene?

Besides being able to provide all the benefits of omega 3 acids, this product doesn’t come with any health risks. Omegazene doesn’t contain toxins, mercury, and other damaging substances, so it’s one of the safest choices available.

Also, it’s made in USA, so it will reach customers while still fresh. None of its properties will be lost during delivery. And equally important for many fish oil users, this product doesn’t cause burps.

It doesn’t leave un unpleasant fish taste, so even those who tend to avoid fish oil for this reason, can use Omegazene with no issues. The capsules taste like sweet orange, so consuming them shouldn’t be in any way unpleasant.

Those would like to try it this product but are not sure if it’s worth the investment have no reason to worry.

This product comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so customers have more than enough time to fully evaluate it. But customers must keep in mind that the company won’t refund more than 1 opened bottle per month.

For example, if the client purchases 3 bottles and tests the product for 1 month by using 1 bottle, the company will offer a full refund (for all 3 products).

If the client opens 2 bottles during the same period of time, they’ll receive a refund for 1 opened bottle and the intact (third) bottle.

But if they open 2 bottles over a period of 2 months, they’ll receive a full refund (for all bottles).  In other words, the client can only use 1 bottle a month if they want to be able to receive a full refund.

Where Can I buy Omegazene?

omegazeneAt the moment, Omegazene is only available through its official website. A bottle containing 30 capsules is available for $67, but the company also offers larger packages, and at discount prices.

A set of 4 bottles is available for $134, while a package containing 8 bottles sells for $199.60. When purchasing this last package, clients have the option to subscribe to an auto-delivery program that will have them receiving a new supply every 8 months. If they choose this option, the price of the package decreases to $179.64.

Bottom line

Omegazene appears to be a high-quality fish oil that is able to provide all the benefits of 3 essential omega 3 acids. It’s pure and perfectly safe for health, and it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

This product is a good option for any person who is interested in a quality fish oil, particularly if they struggle with health issues caused by inflammation. This product seems to be designed to treat such affections, and we would certainly recommend it.  

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