Oh those delectable derrierre dimples

Oh those delectable derrierre dimples

Who would have ever thought that a hereditary defect in facial muscles would ever be considered attractive? Yet, there is no doubt about it. Not only are dimples adorable especially for babies and little kids, they can be downright sexy on adults.

Just look at celebrities from Mario Lopez, Leonardo Di Caprio, and Eddie Cibrian to Beyonce, Jennifer Garner, and Cameron Diaz, etc. And while lots of people have facial dimple, those born with butt dimples (aka derriere dimples and dimples of Venus), found right above the spot where the base of the spine joins to the uppermost part of the pelvic bone, may also find that these little anatomical indentations can do wonders for you in bed by “helping to make climaxing in bed becomes easier.” They can also intensify orgasms thanks to their effects on circulation down there.

This goes for both men and women. In the meantime, while the trait for facial dimples can be inherited from either parent, it should be noted that anyone born with butt dimples most likely has their mothers to thank for passing on the right gene.

It should be noted that “dimple creating genes” are present in the sex cells before the process of reproduction. Thus, if both parents have dimples and pass on the dimple gene, their children have a 50%-100% chances of inheriting the facial) trait.

Although it is impossible to develop Venus dimples through exercise, it may be possible to expose hidden indentations by losing weight. In fact, some experts claim that by lowering fat ratios to32% for women and 22% for men may prove the “optimum levels” for hidden dimples to uncover themselves.

Meanwhile, plastic surgeons are now able to create what they call the “Barbie Back” using a procedure involving liposuction without the need for general anesthetic. This is very similar to techniques used to create permanent facial cheek dimples designed to enhance someone’s smile by creating a small hole in the cheek wall inside the mouth (to avoid any external scarring). Usually done in the doctor’s office or clinic the procedure can usually be completed in about a half hour under local anesthesia. Recovery time is reported to be short, and results are “totally natural” looking. General cost usually runs approximately $750-$2,500. However, it is highly recommended that anyone considering undergoing dimple last consult with one or more surgeons to discuss the details ahead of time. It should also be noted that people who may be squeamish about being awake during the surgery can request to be fully sedated.

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