NutriPlan Reviews | Does it Work or Scam?

NutriPlan is an all-natural detox diet that includes dozens of nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables and herbs in concentrated form. It blends the most powerful sources of vitamins and antioxidants into various types of tea, shakes and supplements. All the products are part of a pre-determined schedule that covers exactly 28 days, making it easy for the users to get their daily dose of “super foods” without having to change their eating habits.

NutriPlan is not really a diet but a natural supplement regime, but it should still have a powerful effect over metabolism. In fact, removing toxins from the body and promoting weight loss should only be the first of its benefits.

Each of the plants included in the shakes and supplements has its own unique properties, and consuming them in this concentrated form should generate improvements in all areas of health, not just digestion. Most detox diets focus on this area alone, but it seems that NutriPlan can be helpful even for those who have never confronted with digestive issues. And when we’ll have a look at the ingredients in the products, it will become very obvious that absolutely everyone would benefit by following this diet.

What is NutriPlan?

This detox diet is offered by the company of the same name, which is based in UK but delivers worldwide. It’s available in 3 different options, but all of them have a very similar structure. The plan always covers 28 days, and all the products included in it come in a single package. The package contains 4 pouches, each them including the products destined to be consumed in a specific week. This is because each week has a different schedule, which complements the others and keeps the users from becoming bored with their daily supplements. Each of the weekly pouches contains 5 smaller bags, every one of them covering one day of diet. This is because the products are only supposed to be consumed 5 days a week, allowing the body to recover during the weekend. Not that the products are able to cause any kind of damage in such a short period of time, but the body still needs to adjust to the changes.

And depending on the plan, each day of diet includes either 3 of 4 products, which are to be consumed in the morning, at lunch, in the evening and before bed. On most days, the schedule includes a tea, a shake and a supplement, preventing users from becoming bored of consuming the same type of product throughout the entire day. Next we’ll see exactly what’s included in each of the plans, and why they’re available at different prices.

The Bronze detox plan

This plan is available for £59 and includes acai berry shakes, Lean green shakes, Matcha tea, spirulina tablets, raspberry ketones capsules and Yerba Mate tea. Each week of the diet includes products that serve a specific purpose. This is why each week has a different theme, and this plan in particular begins with “Fresh Start”. Each day of this week, the users consume Matcha tea in the morning, 2 spirulina tablets at lunch, and a Lean green shake in the evening.

Matcha tea is a concentrated form of green tea, and should be able to increase metabolism and promote fat burning. According to the company, it can be 137 times more powerful than green tea, so the results should start manifesting very quickly. But the benefits of green tea go far beyond promoting weight loss. This plant is rich in antioxidants so it’s able to protect cells from damage, which is why many consume it as a form of prevention against cancer. It also contains caffeine so it’s very invigorating, but also a substance that increases the production of neurotransmitters. Green tea increases mental energy level but also balances mood, and the benefits don’t stop here. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities, and strengthens the immune system. Very few plants can compare to green tea when it comes to their effects over health, so it’s the perfect choice for the first week of the this diet.

Then we have spirulina, which is considered a “super food”. It’s very rich in nutrients and antioxidants, which is why it’s included in almost all detox diets. And this plant is also included in the Lean green shake. Along spirulina, the shake contains barley grass, spinach, kale, broccoli, watercress, avocado, carrot, oat fiber and blackcurrant. All these plants are very rich in nutrients and vitamins, and the blend should be particularly helpful for those who suffer from high cholesterol and blood pressure.

The second week of the Bronze diet is called “Beautifully Balanced”, and it includes Yerba Mate tea (in the morning), raspberry ketones capsules (2 at lunch) and acai berry shakes (in the evening). Yerba Mate tea is very beneficial for the body but even more so for the mind, as it has both stimulating and relaxing effects. Many use it to treat fatigue, mental disorders and even heart affections. There is no proof that it’s an effective treatment for these serious conditions, but it can surely be beneficial for healthy people who don’t have enough physical or mental energy in the morning. Raspberry ketones on the other hand are mostly beneficial for the body, as they contain many vitamins and minerals. And it’s also believed that these compounds can promote weight loss. Raspberry ketones are commonly included in weight loss supplements, even if there’s no scientific proof that they can improve metabolism. But they’re very popular so they most likely help, at least to some degree. Lastly we have the acai berry shake, which is very rich in antioxidants. In fact, this is the most nutrient-rich species of berry. It’s commonly used for detoxification and weight loss, but it’s also believed that it can protect the heart.

The “Beautifully Balanced” week is followed by “Naturally Nurtured”, which includes Matcha tea, spirulina tablets (3 this time), and the Lean green shake. This third week has the same schedule as the first week, but with one extra spirulina tablet.

But the last week in the Bronze plan, called “Free And Clear”, is identical to the second week. This might seem odd given that all of them have a different name. But the products included in the last week of diet have a different effect on the body this time around. The shakes and the tea  are not rescheduled just for variety, but because of their interactions with each other.

The Silver detox plan

This Silver plan is available for £79 and includes almost all the products that are part of the Bronze plan. In fact, all 3 plans are based on the same products, with Silver and Gold being “improved” versions of Bronze. Included in Silver are the acai berry shake, the Lean green shake, Matcha tea, spirulina, raspberry ketones and Yerba Mate tea. But this plan adds to the schedule Chinese black tea and a “superfoods bundle”. The first week of the plan, named “Lean And Green”, is identical with the first week of the Bronze plan, but from this point forward the schedule is completely different.

While the second week of the Silver plan is named “Beautifully Balanced” (just like the second week of the Bronze plan), it includes Chinese black tea, raspberry ketones capsules, superfoods bundle capsules, and spirulina tablets. The Chinese black tea and raspberry ketones are destined to be consumed in the morning, and the former is a very good addition to the plan. Black tea has all the benefits of coffee but less caffeine, so it’s not likely to have similar side effects. It increases alertness, focus and mental energy, and at the same time it’s very beneficial for the body. It balances blood pressure and decreases the risk of developing heart conditions. It also decreases the risk of developing some forms of cancer when consumed by women, so it’s by far the best coffee replacement.

Scheduled for lunch in the second week are 2 superfoods bundle capsules. This is a blend of aloe vera, acai berries, goji berries, cranberries, resveratrol, coenzyme Q10, and vitamins B3 and B6. Aloe is usually used topically, as it’s able to promote wound healing. It does this by increasing blood circulation in the area where it’s applied. But it also has other qualities, including the ability to fight bacteria and to relieve constipation. It’s a good addition to any detox diet, but it also helps immunity, so it’s beneficial for the entire body.

Goji berries on the other hand are very rich in nutrients and other compounds that benefit both the body and the mind. It’s believed that these fruits can decrease blood pressure and sugar level, but also that they relieve anxiety and improve sleep quality. And of course, it seems that goji berries can promote weight loss. Cranberries don’t have all these qualities, but they do have antibacterial properties and can prevent urinary tract infections.

Next we have resveratrol, which is a natural substance that is very rich in antioxidants. It’s believed that because it protects cells from damage, it’s able to prevent a number of diseases, including cancer. But one of the properties of resveratrol that have been scientifically proven is its ability to prevent insulin resistance. This is a condition in which the body is no longer able to process insulin properly, and if it’s left untreated it can lead to diabetes. Combined with the other ingredients that decrease blood sugar, resveratrol should be able to dramatically decrease the risk of developing diabetes. But its benefits don’t stop here. Resveratrol it’s also included in many anti-aging products. It’s so rich in antioxidants that it’s considered very beneficial for the skin.

And so it coenzyme Q10. This vitamin-like substance is one of the most common ingredients in beauty products, but it’s also used as a treatment for many different health conditions. This is because a number of affections, including high blood pressure, heart disease and Parkinson’s have been associated with low levels of coenzima Q10. There is no scientific proof that it can be an effective treatment for these conditions, but it’s still very beneficial for general health.

Lastly we have vitamins B3 and B6, both of them essential for the proper absorption of nutrients.  Vitamin B3 in particular is able to decrease the level of cholesterol. And after looking at all the ingredients in the superfoods bundle, it’s obvious that this products really is a great source of nutrients. The Silver plan is clearly superior to Bronze, so it’s worth the extra expense.

The third week of the Silver plan is called “Berry Bliss”, and of course, it includes all the products based on berries. To be consumed in the morning, the program includes Matcha tea and superfoods bundle capsules. But at lunch time the users will have raspberry ketones capsules, while the Acai berry shake is scheduled for the evening. The last week of the plan is named “Free And Clear”, just like in the case of the Bronze plan. But it has a different schedule, which includes superfoods bundle capsules 2 times a day. Users will consume them both in the morning and in the evening. But they’ll also have Yerba Mate tea in the morning, while at lunch time they’ll take spirulina tablets.

The Gold detox plan

Just like the Silver plan, the Gold plan includes most of the products in the Bronze plan. These are the Lean green shake, the raspberry ketones capsules, the spirulina tablets, and the superfoods bundle capsules. But it also includes 2 types of detox tea.

The first is SlimKitten Morning Teatox, which includes 9 different herbs. This tea is supposed to increase the level of energy and remove the toxins from the body at the same time.

The other tea is SlimKitten Bedtime Teatox, and it includes 14 different herbs. It’s supposed to manifest its effects during the night, gently removing toxins while the person is sleeping. But unfortunately, the website doesn’t offer any information on the herbs. Judging by the other products included in these plans, we can assume that both types of detox tea are very beneficial for the body and mind. But potential customers should be able to see a full list of the ingredients, especially since the plan that includes these varieties of tea is supposed to be the most effective. The Gold plan is sold for £99, and clients should know exactly what they’re buying. Still, this plan is clearly worth the expense given that it includes the highest number of products.

The first week, “Lean And Green”, starts with SlimKitten tea and a Lean green shake in the morning. Spirulina tablets are scheduled for lunch, while in the evening users will have another Lean green shake. Late at night it’s time for the SlimKitten Bedtime tea, and this applies throughout the entire plan. All 4 weeks include the SlimKitten tea, in both its varieties.

The second week of the Goldren plan is “Beautifully Balanced”, and it replaces the Lean green shake in the evening with raspberry ketones. It also adds 2 extra spirulina tablets at lunch, but these are the only difference between the schedule of this week and the one before. The third week is “Berry Bliss”, and it includes the superfoods bundle capsules 2 times a day, in the morning (along with the tea) and in the evening. At lunch time users will have raspberry ketones, and of course, at bedtime the SlimKitten tea is scheduled. And during the last week, “Free And Clear”, users will have the Lean green shake in the morning (with the tea) and the superfoods bundle capsules at lunch. In the evening they’ll have spirulina tablets and raspberry ketones capsules, later followed by the SlimKitten tea.

Is NutriPlan safe?

All the products included in the 3 plans are 100% natural. And while not all natural products are safe, these certainly are. All the fruits, vegetables and herbs included in the plans in concentrated form can be consumed as part of a regular healthy diet. None of the substances are in any way aggressive on the body or dangerous, not even if consumed in high amounts. Still, this doesn’t mean that the users should abuse the products.

The body, specifically the digestive system, needs time to adjust to the changes. Since this is a detox diet, users should expect for many of the products to have a laxative effect, at least in the first few days. This is completely normal and not a reason for concern, unless it persists for more than a week.

While this might seem very helpful for those who are looking to lose weight, it’s very damaging for the body. Not only it keeps it from absorbing the proper nutrients, but it leads to dehydration. Users who experience this symptom should either decrease the daily dosages or stop the diet completely.

Still, this is not likely to happen. Most ingredients are gentle enough on the body, so users have no reason to expect complications. We weren’t able to find any user complaints either, so the diet is as safe as it could be. But it should be kept in mind that none of the products included in the plans can replace actual meals. They’re only supplements, and won’t help much if the body is depraved of calories. Sure, the products are very rich in nutrients, but don’t have high caloric value.

What are the benefits of NutriPlan?

Considering all the amazing properties of the products in these plans, the benefits are virtually endless. Digestion should be improved right from the first day of the diet, and the change will be followed by an increase in weight loss rate. Improper digestion is often what leads to extra weight, so NutriPlan should be effective even if the users don’t change their eating habits. Of course, changing one’s lifestyle would make this diet much more effective, but it can do plenty on its own. It’s far from a weight loss miracle, but it will have a positive effect over the entire body, including metabolism. It should also be very beneficial for the immune system, as some of the plants have antibacterial properties. And the amount of antioxidants included in all the products should be very helpful in preventing some of the most dangerous affections, including cancer. And the skin will benefit from antioxidants too, so not only will the users feel better, but keep will their looks for longer.

Still, not all these benefits can be experienced after only one month of diet. 4 weeks are more than enough for detoxification and weight loss (although not more than a few lbs), but for long lasting effects the diet must be repeated regularly. It delivers a very high amount of nutrients and antioxidants at once, but there’s only so much they can do in such a short period of time. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the products should be added to the regular diet in these high concentrations. The body can become accustomed to the ingredients to the point where it can’t function normally without them. This could be very damaging, particularly for digestion. But 4 weeks of detox once every few months could do wonders in the long run without causing any kind of damage.

Why choose NutriPlan?

This diet is clearly one of the best choices for any person that’s interested in detoxification, losing weight, or just health in general. It’s not a weight loss diet that only acts over digestion, but a combination of some of the healthiest plants available. It generates weight loss as a natural result of the metabolism becoming more balanced. The body is not forced to behave unnaturally, so those who are already in the best shape don’t have to worry about losing weight. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a person who wouldn’t benefits from all the nutrients and antioxidants, even if they’re in excellent health. And the products included in the plans can replace many different health supplements, so NutriPlan is also a pocket-friendly. Still, it should be kept in mind that none of the plans come with a money back guarantee. There’s 30 day refund policy, but it only applies for products that have not been opened.

Where can I buy NutriPlan?

Buy NutriPlan only available through its official website, but the company ships worldwide so all potential customers can access it. Clients located in UK are not charged for delivery, and receive their orders in 3 days at most.

But clients in the other EU countries are charged a £15 shipping fee, and receive their order in 5-7 days. Still, delivery is free for orders over £150. And the same policies apply for clients located in US and Canada, except that in these cases, delivery is free for orders over £100. Clients outside these areas are charged a £20 shipping fee, and delivery is free for orders over £150.

Bottom line

NutriPlan is a great choice for any health conscious individual, no matter which aspect of their health they’re interested in improving. The products are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that benefit the entire body, and they’re 100% safe. This diet generates the effects of at least 5 different health supplements combined, and we would certainly recommend it.  

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