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Nucific Bio X4 Top Probiotic for Weight Management

bio x4 bottleNucific Bio X4 Review: No matter what unpleasant images the word “bacteria” brings to our minds, most of us will be eager to consume foods and supplements that include probiotics, some of them containing billions of live organisms that will literally turn our bodies into their homes.

If we weren’t aware of how much we need them this idea would have sounded terrifying, but it has become very clear that this “good bacteria” is essential for our health.

We carry it naturally in more than 500 species, some of them more helpful than others, but at times their numbers decrease and this is when we need to take action, just to make sure that we remain healthy.

Probiotics are found in the entire digestive tract but especially in the colon, where they ease digestion and contribute to the proper absorption of nutrients.

But at the same time, they’re essential for the immune system, and this is why food and supplements manufacturers are eager to include them into many of their products.

In fact, probiotics have become so popular that they’re now included in foods and drinks that are unable to deliver them properly, so the best way to make sure that you get what you’re paying for is to choose a quality supplement that assures you’ll ingest them while they’re still alive and not affected by other chemical compounds.

What is Nucific Bio X4?

Supplements that contain large amounts of this good bacteria and focus on digestive health also go by the name “probiotics”, and this one is designed for weight management by including both different strains of bacteria that will improve digestion and other natural compounds that promote a faster metabolism.

Bio X4 is manufactured by Nucific, a company that was registered in April – June 2015. At this moment the company has a number of 7 products intended for weight loss in a natural way and one Omega to improve mental condition.

The company only sells these products through the internet, and they seem to be trustworthy from a customer’s point of view, but for the moment let’s find out more about Bio X4.

This supplement is claimed to promote bowel regularity and support the immune system, which is exactly what is looked for in a probiotic, but at the same time, it seems that it’s able to reduce cravings, boost metabolism, and ease the digestion and proper absorption of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in particular.

It’s also stated that the product is completely natural and contains no GMOs (genetically modified organisms), and also allergen and gluten free.

Lacking lactose or any other ingredient of animal origin, Nucific Bio X4 is presented as vegetarian and fit for any diet, even if nothing is mentioned about the nature of the capsule shells, which in the case of many supplements are made from gelatin ( an animal by-product).

Also, the product doesn’t contain any fillers and is made in the US, specifically in California, where the company itself is based.

Does Nucific Bio X4 Really Work?

There are a lot of reviews available online on Nucific Bio X4. With a 4.3 out of 5 rating, Bio X4 seems to be one of the best probiotic supplements that money can buy.

Most of the reviews are positive, but because this is a supplement, works differently on every person. Bio X4 is on the market for more than a year now and it won its place among the best probiotic supplements.

And judging be the ingredients and reviews, Bio X4 should work as advertised. The product contains the best strains of bacteria and other substances that are known as effective, and it seems like it has been formulated by a legitimate nutritionist that doesn’t only specialize on healthy foods, but also psychotherapy that includes food addiction.

The doctor is presented on the website and any potential customer can research his credentials, which is great coming from a company that markets their products online.

For most companies, we don’t have any access to information regarding the people involved in the development of the products. We don’t know if they’re formulated by qualified professionals or if the company simply chose the most popular ingredients.

But in this case, we actually get to see the man behind the products. This makes it obvious that Nucific Bio X4 is 100% legitimate and that a lot of work has been put into developing its formula. It’s also mentioned that the products are tested by third-party laboratories.

Which means that they’re constantly verified as to guarantee that the ingredients are high quality and effective and that they stay pure throughout the manufacturing process.

Bio X4 is not approved or evaluated by the FDA, like all supplements. Probiotics are classified as foods and not require testing, and this is because the substances included are not strong enough to affect the body in a dangerous manner.

But at the same time, this means that the positive effects of the product might not be very obvious either, and this is very common with probiotics in particular.

Because we carry this bacteria naturally, its positive effects will better be noticed if our bodies are put through stressful situations (which reduce their numbers), if we travel through foreign areas where the immune and digestive system might be affected by unfamiliar bacteria and foods, or if we’ve been taking antibiotics (which of course kill bacteria, including the good kind).

But an otherwise well-balanced body won’t have a very obvious reaction to ingested probiotics, even if they will help. Still, given that this product is designed for weight loss, some changes should be perceived even by the users who don’t have a deficit of probiotics, and next, we’ll see exactly why.

Nucific Bio X4 Ingredients?

The label of Bio X4 is available on the official website of Nucific and it presents all the ingredients and their specific amounts, which is a great point in its favor.

The product contains 5 species of probiotics, 3 of them of the Lactobacillus genus (acidophilus, rhamnosus, and plantarum) and 2 of the Bifidobacterium genus (lactis and animalis).

A blend of digestive enzymes can also be found in Bio X4 (amylase, bromelain, and lipase), along with green tea extract and Caralluma Fimbriata x4 ingredients

Right from the start, we notice that Bio X4 contains some of the most beneficial bacteria species, with acidophilus and all Bifidobacterium species being especially helpful in digestion.

Probiotics are still being studied and some of their qualities are up for debate, but it seems like Lactobacillus, in particular, has been scientifically proven as able to help in not only preventing but treating health affections like irritable bowel syndrome, different types of diarrhea and even skin issues.

Still, these studies haven’t been performed on the Lactobacillus species included in this supplement, so it might help in these disorders or not.

  • On the other hand, Bifidobacterium lactis, which is included in Nucific Bio X4, might be very beneficial for the metabolism, lowering cholesterol particularly in people that suffer from diabetes. Another species of Lactobacillus might directly help in slimming, but unfortunately, it’s not included in this supplement even if it’s designed for weight loss.Probiotics, in general, have been associated with improved digestive tract health and the relief of many intestinal affections, so all species are able to help at least in some measure.And for this supplement specifically, one capsule contains 13 billion CFUs (colony forming units), which is a high number of bacteria for a single dose.This doesn’t necessarily make Bio X4 more efficient than other sources of probiotics, given that individual needs vary largely between users, but it seems like it’s designed for those interested in receiving a rather large number of organisms.It’s not the largest available, as some supplements contain hundreds of billions, but still, the dose can be considered high. Also, even if it doesn’t contain a large number of bacteria species, Bio X4 does include some of the most efficient ones.
  • Then we have the digestive enzymes, which are also naturally found in the body. They help break down the ingested food for the absorption of nutrients and are not only found in the digestive tract but also in the saliva and pancreatic juice. And these substances also act at a cellular level, where they’re essential for health and survival.All of the three types of enzymes found in this supplement (which add up to 88 mg) are of natural and completely vegetal origin, which is regarded by many as the most beneficial for the organism. On top of that, these specific enzymes work in breaking down carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, which is pretty much what is advertised for this product. It seems that up to this point Bio X4 should do exactly what is supposed to, but let’s go further.
  • The third ingredient is green tea, which is one of the forms in which the Camellia sinensis plant is consumed. It’s less oxidized and contains less caffeine than black tea, and the extract is commonly used in alternative medicine. Because it contains some amount of caffeine, green tea is used mostly for improving mental functions, as caffeine seems able to stimulate the entire nervous system along with the heart and muscles.At the same time, green tea is used in the treatment of many stomach issues because it seems to help in digestion, and also for cancer, as it has strong antioxidant effects and keeps the cells healthy for a longer period of time. But many use it for weight loss and it might actually work, even if scientific studies don’t have much proof for this quality at the moment.Many weight loss products contain it (case in point) and it might be effective simply because it improves digestion. Weight gain could be caused by the lack of proper nutrients, so both green tea and probiotics could help if this is what caused the weight issues initially.Either way, green tea is one of the healthiest plants simply because of its high amount of antioxidants, which makes it a great addition to any diet, unless of course, the user is very young or simply sensitive to caffeine.
  • And lastly, we have Caralluma Fimbriata, which is probably the reason why Bio X4 is also advertised as able to suppress appetite. But this plant seems able to do much more than that.Caralluma might be able to promote weight loss even more effectively than probiotics. The bacteria improves digestion and promotes the absorption of healthy nutrients, but Caralluma has the potential to increase metabolic rate.This cactus-like plant is found most commonly in India and has been used as an appetite suppressant for a very long time. It’s also consumed as a vegetable, either cooked or raw, but it’s most often used as a medicinal plant.Indian tribes used it to keep from becoming hungry during long hunting trips, and it seems that it also has the ability to suppress thirst, which is very helpful in difficult circumstances.Users of Bio X4 should keep this trait in mind when using the supplement because it might cause them to drink less water, which is not helpful when trying to lose weight.

    Caralluma has these abilities thanks to pregnane glycosides, chemicals that suppress appetite by blocking citrate lyase.  This enzyme is naturally produced by the body and it’s involved in the fat storage process.

    This means that the plant will make the user less prone to accumulating fat even if they don’t change their eating habits. But chances are they will indeed eat less, even if they don’t intend to. If the body stores less fat, the extra calories will be burned and converted into energy.

    Naturally, the individual will be less hungry and eat less at each meal. Nutrients are used by the body in a more effective manner, which is probably why many use Caralluma to increase their energy levels.

    This plant doesn’t suppress appetite in the same manner as other substances, which simply trick the brain into believing that the body doesn’t need nutrients. It actually helps the body get all the energy it needs from the ingested nutrients, decreasing user’s tendency to overeat.

    And these properties are actually backed by scientific studies. Not many have been performed, but the results available at the moment are very promising. One of the studies is particularly interesting, as the subjects have reported fat loss in the waist area.

    This is quite impressive because belly fat is very dangerous for health. Storing large amounts of fat in this area can lead to many different affections, so Caralluma might work well as a prevention measure.

    Also, combining it with probiotics guarantees that it will be well absorbed by the body. This plant might be more effective in Bio X4 than consumed on its own.  It’s a great choice for this supplement, as it seems able to generate great results with no health risks.

Is Nucific Bio X4 Safe?

Probiotics are known to cause unwanted effects at the beginning of the treatment, mostly stomach disorders, bloating, gas and nausea.

But these symptoms should pass quickly as the body adjusts, and users should be fine in a few days. Of course, someone sensitive might have a stronger reaction, and this is why the product should only be used with a doctor’s approval, and we wouldn’t recommend it for pregnant women or children under 18 years old.

It seems like probiotics can also cause allergic reactions, even if this product, in particular, doesn’t contain any allergen sources, so customers should show the label to their doctors and make sure that Nucific Bio X4 is fit for them personally.

Caralluma Fimbriata Extract compound is one of the best and safest sources of serotonin but it could still cause unwanted results like stomach issues in those who are sensitive to it.

Caralluma Fimbriata Extract didn’t cause dangerous effects not even in high amounts when tested, but we would still recommend a doctor’s approval. And then there’s the green tea, which might cause the side effects of caffeine in those who are not used with the substance.

Jitteriness, insomnia, increased heart rate or headaches are commonly caused by caffeine and might be observed when using this product even if green tea doesn’t have a high amount of the substance.

But those who are under treatment for depression should be especially careful, as Bio X4 could interact with the medication commonly used for this affection, as it contains serotonin.

This product might end up increasing the amount of serotonin to a very high level, which could be extremely dangerous. The official Nucific website also warns about this potential issue, so, in this case, a doctor’s approval is mandatory.

What Are the Benefits of Nucific Bio X4?

Given its ingredients, Bio X4 work as advertised by improving digestive health, helping in weight loss through the better absorption of nutrients, suppression of appetite and an increased metabolic rate, while at the same time contributing to a better mental state.

And we really appreciate how the advertising for this products fits its real qualities, even if at this point the user reviews prove that Nucific Bio X4 is really working.

But for the product to work properly, the company recommends for it to be ingested 3 times a  day, for a total of 39 billion CFUs.

This should be done at every meal, and the effects will start being noticed in around 1-2 months of use. It seems like Bio X4 needs a very long trial period to be properly evaluated, but it does come with an extended money back guarantee, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Why Choose Nucific Bio X4?

We believe that Nucific Bio X4 will work well for most users, and its price is very decent for a product of its type. Bio X4 doesn’t contain GMOs, gluten, soy, dairy or any other allergen source, and none of the substances usually included in low-quality products (like sugar, which accelerates fermentation).

The product seems to follow all the guidelines of a quality probiotic, and the other substances included are also very beneficial, both for weight loss and health in general.

Also, BioX4 is made in the USA, which is a very important feature for many customers. And the company, even if only selling through the internet, seems to be off to a great start regarding both the products and their marketing approach.

Nucific doesn’t seem to have anything in common with companies that sell the same type of products but engages in practices that are upsetting (to say the least) for the customers.

All the details that the potential clients need to make an informed decision are available on the website, and no hidden programs or fees are hidden in the “terms and conditions” section.

Not only the ingredients but the actual label of the product is available for viewing (the most important factor when choosing a supplement and especially a probiotic) and the company seems easy to contact through phone and email.

It seems like their image is as clean as possible, which is not common for a business that is only at the beginning and could easily use different marketing schemes to make a faster profit and increase their customer base. Also, we appreciate that the product packaging chosen by Nucific is made from recyclable materials.

Buy Nucific Bio X4! Don’t Miss Top Deals from Nucific!
purchase bio x4

You can buy Bio X4 only through the official Nucific website at the moment, for the price of $49 for a bottle containing one month’s supply, which we assume is 90 capsules given the dosage recommendation.

A package containing 3 bottles is available for $129, while 6 bottles will cost the customers $240. For the time being the company only ships to the US, and delivery is free for orders over $50.

Nothing else is mentioned about the shipping fee that would apply for an order of only one bottle, but it’s stated that the products will be shipped between 24 and 48 hours since placing the order.

Also, all products come with a 90-day money back guarantee, which is great giving that Bio X4 will take at least one month before starting to show its effects.

But for this guarantee to apply, the returned products must reach the company during the 90 day period. This is a paid, third-party advertorial. The author receives compensation from the manufacturer of this product.

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  1. Is this product FDA approved? If so I’m ordering it now!

    • No it is not. But if you have watched the documentaries I have, about how the FDA and USDA really operate then you would not fault this product for not being FDA approved. Get the product and try it for the 90 days 🙂

      • Is it one or 2 months before you see a difference.. if it helps lessen your thirst, dehydration can set in for many and than they really have a problem versus wt loss…

    • The video said it’s made in an FDA approved facility. Not sure how close that is to the item being FDA approved. Did you try it pascual_gerard?

      • Jeffrey Cranston

        Obviously you didn’t read the text fully. It tells you that this is not a product that requires FDA approval, so why would they pay for it?

    • FDA doesn’t test or “approve” probiotic supplements. So, no.

    • Why worry about the FDA approval… look at the things they DO approve… you see Lawyer advertising about lawsuits on EVERYTHING that the FDA HAS approved, All the things in Bio X4 is naturally occurring in your body or nature! as soon as I can afford it, I WILL buy it. Right now I am unemployed so I have to watch every penny, but when I get another job, I definitely am trying it… if for no other reason than to help with my digestive system… if it help with my diabetes, high cholesterol or weight problem… great!

      • I have been using this product for the past 2 months, it’s wonderful! I have lost and contunue to lose weight. My A1C is back to low normal, my cholesterol dropped significantly, normal bowel movements everyday, no digestive problems at all! I will continue to take Bio and continue to keep my weight and numbers low! No jitters, or nervousness, not even from day 1. I personally think this product has done wonders for my health!!
        P.S. my husband also takes it and has also lost weight and blood tests have been perfect for both of us!!!

        • I am skeptical, but intrigued. Oftentimes folks post stellar performance yet those reviews are false. Question, do you keep a journal to record your progress? Tell me more.

        • Did you make other dietor exercise changes too? Have you continued to use it?

    • FDA???
      Is that some kind of joke?
      You mean the FDA that approved GMO’s, aspartame and Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) in dairy?

      • Nowadays, the FDA is barely anything more than an arm of the Food and Drug industry who’s ONLY REAL CONCERN is their profits, not our health.

        • So sad….but true. If big business plows enough money into any organization or lobbying effort (for profits) the organization/people will cave in….and effectively allow the poisoning of America.

      • FDA in bed with big food companies who care more about fattening their banks accounts🤑
        I’m more concerned about having right balance for good and bad bacterial

    • FDA? LOL. the food and death administration approves all the crap that makes us fat and unhealthy in the first place so what good would their endorsement be??? that would be like getting approval from crook on a home security system or someone dishonorably discharged on how the navy is… which is part of our problem, who can we trust?? and why they make billions on top of billions (diet plans and health care cost) because of the ‘unknown’ truths.

    • Are you just uninformed my friend…read read read. Inform yourself and see what our government is doing to our food supply. We have been duped all this time. Open your eyes the FDA has approved all these food products that is causing chronic illness and death. You have nothing to loose.

    • I would like to see if people with no thyroids take this stuff.. would it help them I wonder?

    • People wondering if this is FDA approved, you seriously need to research and watch documentaries about the FDA! The FDA no more has our best interest in mind when it approves things than someone you would seek a Victims Protection Order to protect you!!!!!! The only thing the FDA approves is a drug or product that has big money behind it to line the FDA’s pocket; therefore, if something is FDA approved, you might want to make sure by your own research if it truly is safe – for example, aspertame:(

  2. I cannot have caffeine due to a minor heart condition. Is that an issue with this?

    • The promotional video I watched about this product (why I am researching it now), claims that there are extremely small traces of caffeine, due to the green tea extract. But the video said the traces are so small that they should be unnoticeable.

      • Even a small amount of caffeine raises my BP dangerously high. So,….. Really reluctant to try this. I have tried a green tea extract in the past with bad results.

        • Don’t take it if you’ve already had bad responses to green tea! While the amount of caffeine is small in comparison to a cup of coffee, people with sensitivities to caffeine if any kind or those who don’t drink coffee or caffeinated teas are likely to experience some sort of side effect from it.

    • i get insomnia… i would love it if you get an answer and share it with me. thanks!

  3. So, Kevin here is some info for you and other interested people. I am a very big skeptic!! However with my multiple health issues I will try just about anything intended to help a person feel better. I have GERD, IBS-C and fibromyalgia to name a few. I have only been on this supplement for a week but……..I am absolutely amazed at this point with how I feel. No bloating and very little flatus from person who was full if it everyday! I don’t seem to be as hungry either, at I am not eating as much as before. Now, as I said, I am a skeptic so only continue use of this product will completely convince me! Here’s to hoping for continued success with Bio X4!

    • ok so Debby today is march 16 2016 so how is it working for you now….i seem to have some of the same problems you do

    • Debbie it’s been a month how goes it?

    • Curious have you need eating the same exact foods as to before you started BIOx4??

    • Thank you for your information. Can you give us an update

    • Well now it is April.. How do u feel now? Still using Biox4?

    • Hi Debby it is April 22, 2016….Just wondering if your still taking Bio x4? How are you feeling now? And anyone else take Bio x4 how are you doing??

    • Well are you still using the product?

    • Don’t you just hate that flatus?

    • I love it and I think it works great. It is pricey but it is worth the money. My stomach is noticeably going down and I have lost 10 lbs and not really changed what I ate but just eating less. I’m not starving myself. I’m just not as hungry. I snack so much less and sometimes have to remember to eat. Try it for a few weeks and you will see results.

    • My husband has GERD and a hiatal hernia. Do you have to still take your proton inhibitors?

  4. Hi Henry,

    First of all you should keep in mind that Nucific Bio X4 is a supplement. So, some of the users can experience positive effects and other might see no change at all! The supplements in general react different from person to person, due our diverse lifestyles. You shouldn’t take a decision based on a comment from another user! I see that are many people who use Nucific Bio X4 with positive benefits!

  5. I have been using the product for 10 days, and so far I am completely satisfied. I have Graves’ disease and it is difficult for me to lose weight. I was participating in an aerobic challenge, where I had to attend 30 classes in 35 days. I eat healthy and I don’t eat glutens, but after the 25 th day of the challenge, I gained a pound. I was burning approximately 700 calories each class, so I should have lost two pounds. Then I stated taking bio-x4 the last 5 days of the challenge and in the last 10 days I have lost 3 lbs and feel more energetic. In fact I feel great! So far, I’m a believer!

    • You said you have graves disease and your over weight??? In our family we lose it really fast and the doctor has to kill our thyroids.

    • How can you have difficulty losing weight with Grave’s disease? That is overactive thyroid function, which causes people to be TOO thin….

      • It’s under active thyroid

        • Jennifer Lawson-Perez

          Hypothyroidism is not Graves disease. Hypothyroidism or an under active thryroid that causes weight gain. Graves disease is creates hyper throidism an over active thyroid, however it also creates weight gain in some when they have a goiter in their neck.

          Google Graves disease and weight gain. I suffer from hypothyroidism and have for decades. Unless you’ve been diagnosed with either one of these, you likely don’t understand how the thyroid works.

          • Graves Disease is not consistent. Some people do gain weight. Some people lose weight.
            Thank you Angie for sharing. I was pleased to hear that the supplement can be used with a thyroid disorder. Though I would check with an endocrinologist first.

  6. I listened twice before ordering and it did not tell that it would have high caffeine or would speed heart rate or increase Blood pressure! I have to watch my caffeine intake and can not take something that would increase my Blood Pressure which my doctors think this would. Since they have ask me to cut caffeine out they don’t want me to take this.
    That’s why I asked the question before hand and sales rep said it wouldn’t do that and did not have caffeine on ingredients.
    I regret I will not be able to take them. I was so hoping for the other ingredients I could for stomach and fact I get yeast infections a lot.
    You need to train telephone reps better so it would save you from shipping and me from paying for it in advance.
    If not for my heart and blood pressure issues, this might have helped.
    I’ve tried to call several times and just get piano music on one number and other number no longer exist.

    • Have you tried xanax with your coffee. Bio x4 with 2 cups and dr. Prescribed 1mg xanax 3x a day as needed. Combination should be nice to experience.

  7. Today is my first full day of using the product. At the end of the day I feel ok but have a really bad head ache that 2 advil hasnt touched. I cked this product out and felt it was perfectly safe. I will call and see if this might he something Im doing and not product as I am a coffee drinker.


    Type 1 Diabetic can use also?

  9. I would like to find out from someone that has taken it for a long time and if they are still taking it

    • Iam diabetic and using insulin is it ok if i will takje it?i can not exercise because of my bad knee.please advise and reply.It is very hard to lose weight in my situation.

    • I’ve been taking it for 3 months – just ordered my second order (first order was 3 bottles, second order was six bottles). I’ve lost 16 lbs – need to loose many more! But in addition to the Bio 4X, I am also taking their Deep Cell Activator (started after the first 30 days on BioX4). I seem to have a lot more energy, and I’m much less likely to snack – not nearly as hungry. The fact that I have more energy is allowing me to walk daily – which I didn’t do before. So my weight loss is from a combination for the pills, eating less, and walking more! I’m sold.

    • I have been taking Bio X 4 for 4 months and the Deep Cell Activator for 2 months. I have to say both these products are awesome! I have 10 times the energy I used to have. I am also sensitive to caffeine but I have had no jitters whatsoever and I also have a heart murmur that has not changed at all.

      I don’t know how much weight I have lost but I am fitting into clothing I have not been able to wear for a long time! I have had no ill side affects from either supplement.

      It seems to take care of my digestive complaints also because nothing seems to bother me anymore where everything bothered me before I started taking them.

      This will sound crazy but I have dessert twice a day and a bowl of vanilla ice-cream before bed and I am still losing but I do try to walk everyday, so I know that also helps. But I didn’t take these supplements to lose anyway, I just wanted the tummy problems to go away and they did. I will continue on them, I just wish they were a little more economical. I am a firm believer in both of them…give them a try, I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

    • Ruth my partner edward has been taking it just under 3 mos. Hes feeling better but hasnt lost a tremendous ( 11 lbs.) But we are back to dancing every weekend with no side effects especially in my feet wich are flat. Thx

    • I have taken three bottles and lost 26 pounds. Can only tolerate one pill a day at breakfast so no more expensive than align. Not hungry late in day so great for me.

  10. I have been on this supplement for 1 week today.. I am impressed that my appetite has decreased.. I rreally feel full with just a small amount of food… I am eating low carbs, and low fat diet.. keeping calories below 1000, which is hard in itself but the Bio X 4 has helped with that. I am experiencing diarrhea, and a slight headache… but… I am hoping this will pass… I have lost 8 lbs in one week… I am impressed with that….

    • Donna eating under 1000 calories a day is very bad for you, your body needs more then that to function properly, women are not supposed to eat under 1200 calories a day. Also losing 8 lbs in a week can be dangerous, they usually say 1-2 lbs a week is safe, tho with diet and exercise some people drop it faster. If you’re having headaches and diarrhea I would recommend re-assessing your meal plan, adding in some healthy cards and fats for energy.

      • Sandra, are you a nutruionist? Over eating is way more dangerous than eating only 1000 cal a day. I had my resting metabolism tested at my gym and they told me that because my metabolism worked slower than most I cannot eat as many calories as most people and at 1200 calories a day without elite athlete training, I will gain weight. So…..before to go scaring people about how many calories they should eat. let everyone’s body speak for itself. People survived concentration camps for many years and still their bodies returned to normal after being freed and able to get enough food again. These people are only going to eat less calories until they lose some weight. Lighten up, pal.

        • I am a healthcare professional and at the same time into natural health… I perceive Sandra’s comments as more of being concerned than having the intention to scare people. I am sorry to hear though about your metabolism issue and I hope for the best for you.

        • Think you’re overreacting Teri (ironic that you told Sandra to lighten up). I agree with M that Sandra’s post
          was more out of concern and her suggestions are what is thought to be safest and most effective for most people but not necessarily all.

        • Yes Sandrs has very sound fasts. There’s nothing scary or wrong with her response. 12000 is the lowest point of the calorie chain that provides sufficient health and even then only if packed with healthy nutrients. There’s nothing quick about a life change and only a complete life change will bring what has been over eaten back to balance. 1000 calories fri a couple of months, then the starved cells snap like a rubber band of stress, and 1000 calories soar to 5 & 10 thousand calories daily….far more that 1200 calories a day…… you see how the body will respond?

      • Hey sandy im currently on 2000calorie ada diet for pre diabetic. Im still chubby at 5’4 and 298 lbs.thank the lord for dancing to the oldies with mr simmons. Om not as concerned with weight loss just wish i was 6″0. Oh well

      • I was put on a eating plan by a M.D. with low carbs, healthy fats, high protein (mostly whey) and eating 1000 or less calories. I had weekly appointments. This seems to be how my body feel best and drops fat not muscle. I kept all my muscle I had and didnt need to gain muscle just lose fat. I purchased Bio x4 just waiting to talk w my Psychiatrist next week to get approval. I am going to call pharmacist too. Hoping this will help me lose weight as well help with my husband’s digestion. He has many problems.

    • Only 1000 a day is Very low.
      What are you getting your calories from?
      Make sure you’re getting enough position

  11. Today is my first day. So we will see, wish me luck

  12. I accidentally ordered the 3 bottle bundle and the 6 bottle bundle, once I noticed the mistake (received the receipts via email) I called the customer service number, I was on hold for approximately 15 mins before I was connected to a representative (occasionally a recording would come on telling me “Thank You for Your Patience) I spoke to a very pleasant woman that helped resolve the issue without me having to jump through hoops! I am very pleased with their customer service thus far, hopefully I will be equally pleased with the product!
    I will post further on here once I have had a some time to see if this product is for me.

  13. HI iam taking highblood presser and colestrol med. Please will someone lit me know if i can take the Bio=x4 I would appricated ‘

    • Hi Janie,

      The best advice is to contact your doctor and ask him if you can take BioX4 with your current medication

    • Janie, So far as I have read there’s nothing here that will hurt your condition. I also take blood pressure and cholesterol medicine. There is green tea extract I guess but not enough to ‘jitterize’ you and green tea is good for you. I have an appointment coming up and I will ask my healthcare provider about this product. Stay tuned! If it’s a GO then I will post after 1 week, 2 weeks, a month and so on. I have bookmarked this place so I can find the thread again. BTW, I’m 65, fat and flatulant. I eat healthy Most of the time but binge at night too often.

      • You need to get an appointment with a Naturopath. Physicians won’t generally know much about products like this then generally recommend not to use – even if could be good for you. Be interested in what your Dr said. Check out Dr. Mercola on cholesterol meds.

        • Please reply and let me know how you are doing I have the same melds and would like to try this too. Did your dr as y it was ok to take the biox4.

  14. Is nucific bio x4 safe to use if you are pregnant?

  15. I am taking 20mg of Celxa daily and am wondering if this would be dangerous to take with the Celxa since one of the ingredients increases Seritonin. I did start the bio x 4 this morning.

  16. Does anyone know if this is safe for breastfeeding women?

    • It states not if you are pregnant so I would say its not good for breastfeeding women since the baby is receiving what you are.

  17. This looks like a good product. You folks with the health concerns like Heart, diabetes and pregnancy need to use your common sense and a little personnel initiative. Consult your doctor. The company seems to be very transparent and providing as much information as can be reasonably expected. The product contains Green Tea, green tea contains at least some caffine, they tell you how much green tea is in a dose. I’m sure a small amount of internet time could allow you to determine with some basic math how much caffine is in daily dose contained by the product.
    Caffeine isnt a problem for me or I would look it up for you 🙂 Good Luck!

  18. how long does one bottle of bio x4 last?

  19. Alberta Domiano

    My new email Thanks

    • Im 46 years old and never used to have a problem loosing weight. Im guessing my metabolism has changed after using a medication my dr prescribed for fibromyalgia. I gained 25 lbs on it. I stopped using it about 1 month ago and can not loose a single lb….im going to order bio x4 today. …i will let you all know how it works for me…wish me luck! !

  20. Truly enjoyed the video

  21. I do have diabetes 2 ,congested heart disease, lupus, ra, ortho-/arthritis,
    IBS – D, chronic pain , lung disease, can’t walk in a wheelchair, bed-ridden
    I wonder if Biox4 will help me lose weight which would help the diabetes , high blood pressure, high cholesterol , digestive problems.

  22. Everything starts at the beginning. Did you grow up with a healthy diet and get to play outside or parents let you be the couch potato/head? Maybe your mother got you started off with her great habits or maybe she did not worry how your life would start. Don’t forget all those healthy socialistic school lunches. But now we are all adults and there are so many good choices of what and what not to eat. Wait are they good choices or are they choices bought by advertising till someone says that the label is false or misleading an example all the things we put in our body that says diet or low fat etc. So many choices and we have the world famous over funded for what you get Govt. Agency that says get in line no matter if it is life saving approval of a drug or fast tracking a drug or all the products that for example like the one being promoted here that don’t have there stamp of approval. I guess there not happy as the Firearm/Tobacco get your tax $$$ stamp of approval. I just wish that there was a at goes into affect that no matter what we buy that if it goes in our system that it is safe and does what it says most of the time , nothing is 100% except that you always don’t get what you pay for. I hope this works or at least helps!

  23. Will I have to take Bio=X4 for the rest of my life? Or will taking it for a short time/getting off of it
    work as well? Is this product like a “drug” which will have to be taken for always?

  24. Is there anybody here has use this medication and seen a good result pease reply.

  25. What about gastric bypass patience? Type 2 diabetes? Single kidney.

  26. If you have medical questions, don’t ask the internet. Please. Ask a real live person that works in the medical field. If you don’t trust the medical field, keep in mind that asking the internet is literally like asking every single random stranger you see, except world wide.

  27. Need to find out how it works the product. I’m over weight…want to use this to remedy my appearance. Please help to let me know send me and signal that will be a big thank.

  28. Glenda how are you progressing?

  29. Everyone who says they are just starting, say they will “update” “keep you posted” but never do. I think that just proves to me that I’m not sure about the honesty of some of these people OR it they are really actual clients/customers.

    • I know you’re saying but if that were true they will be coming back to say they got great results..I lost 20 pounds in the first month etc. etc. either stalled on the weight-loss or they simply really forgot. At least that’s my take on it.

      • Or they forgot where the site was because they didn’t bookmark it. That happens frequently.

  30. I am a 67 year old man, still teaching. I made a New Year’s Resolution to lose 30 pounds in 3 months after I saw the promotional ad for Bio X 4. With a LITTLE will-power, but certainly not starving myself (due to products ingredient to curb appetite). . . my AMAZING weight loss results: in TWO months I lost 30 pounds!! I have continued to take Bio X 4, going back to NORMAL SIZE PORTIONS of meals, I have continued to MAINTAIN weight loss and still lost 3 more pounds! After 4 months, 33 pounds lost — from 195 pounds to 162!!!! FEEL GOOD AND LOOK GOOD as I now do simple exercises to tone the muscle weight loss.

  31. I have been taking bio X4 for the past 6 weeks. The first two weeks I didn’t see any results. But after the second week I had a sudden change in energy. Most recently I was misdiagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Had major fatigue couldn’t play with my daughter outside came home every day and slept for 3 hours on the couch. Was too tired to even have conversations. Since taking this product I feel so much better. I am not taking it for weight management therefore I am not watching what I am eating and have not gained weight during these past six weeks.

  32. If I only have 2 meals a day should I only take Bio-x4 only twice a day? will it still work?

  33. I am in my early 80’s and only take reflux med.
    I do take several supplements. Is this product safe for my age?

    • Betty- stop the reflux meds if you can. I was on Omeprazole a couple years ago for my reflux and it helped do my kidneys in. Now getting ready for the big D. Talk to your Pharmacist and doc. For my reflux, a couple big bites of an apple puts it at bay for hours. Good luck.

  34. I am concerned about the serotonin effect. As a chronic pain patient for 33 years, I have to take several medications that increase, serotonin, namely Remeron, a neurotransmitter to help sleep and Zofran as needed for nausea. Recently I was prescribed generic Cymbalta, another neurotransmitter, and I went into Serotonin Syndrome, a really scary reaction with elevated blood pressure, elevated pulse, horrendous sweating, tremors -over reactive reflexes and more. I noticed that bio x 4 can contribute to increasing serotonin. Now I am leery about starting this regimen. The original lecture from Dr. Lee did not mention serotonin increase. Can anyone in a medical field give me any advice/information about what I should do in addition to talking to my doctor?

  35. I’m 21 years old , I weigh approximately between 285-315 lbs. From what I’ve read seen and concluded, the product here works as it says it should. However it also states that success wouldn’t be conclusive to every person, due to the differences between how it affects the body for you and doesn’t affect it in the same manner for me. Also seemingly important to state, is the fact, that it’s a supplement to which the longer you take it the more noticeably different the results you’ll receive. I for one am willing to try this product, as I plan to also tryn aid my boyfriend whose had his thyroid removed due to thyroidic cancer he contracted at 19. He was super thin before the surgery now 6 years down the road he’s approximately gaind between 175-215 lbs he weighs roughly 45-50lbs more than me. I really hope that this will help us both, I know I could really use it maybe it’ll work for him too. If there’s anyone else with a success story out there who have changed their life while using this product email me. Thank You!

  36. Hello everyone, I saw the advertisement on my daughter’s phone. I am intrigued about the product and I am going to try it. I will get back to everyone with a sincere review about this product, Hopefully every week.

  37. Has anyone had swollen ankles from taking this supplement? My husband and I have been taking it for a little over a week and both our ankles were extremely swollen today. This is the only think we have changed. I haven’t found anything to connect the supplements to this problem so thought I would get other opinions.

    • I have not had any issues with swollen ankles with this product. I have been using the product since the beginning of May 2016.

  38. Hello everyone. I want to start taking the bio x4 but I am concerned about the interaction with antidepressants. I am going to talk to my doctor about it but was just wondering if anybody took this while on an antidepressant for depression an if so was there a problem?

  39. I bought this product in April 2016 and I started using it in May of 2016. I had a lot of digestive issues that I associated with my weight and I thought I was lactose intolerant. I thought that because every time I had something with dairy I needed to go to the bathroom within 10 minutes. It was really bad when I ate Mac and Cheese. I even suffered from heart burn on a daily basis and I would wake up at about 11:30 pm with sever heartburn that I had to sleep sitting up every night. Once I started to take the pills I could eat dairy and be okay. I no longer had heart burn as long as I took the pills. I am not a good pill taker and I forget. My husband and my son help remind me to take my pill because my husband knows if I don’t take it I wake up with heart burn and my stomach is upset. In my opinion this product truly works to help correct your digestive system.

  40. I am 73 overweight type 2 on meds for bp and sugar . I take 14 pills a day and lantus shots . I stay stable but things don’t seem to improve . I wonder if after improvement my doc will give me a break from some meds ? Giving me a break from the costs of them.


    • Is it necessary to STOP taking this product after 60 or 90 days as most diet supplements require? That’s when most of the weight usually tends to come back with a vengeance PLUS MORE! Please advise.

  42. I have been taking Bio x 4 for two months. My goal is to lose 25 pounds and to date I have lost 13 pounds. A side benefit which I did not expect occurred…for years I had a skin irritation behind one of my ears and it went away within two days of taking this product. I had headaches after the first few days but they went away once my body got used to the product. I also went back to the gym to workout so it is difficult to tell how much this product impacted my weight loss. I get an annual physical and can’t wait to get back the labs. I’ll get back to you with more details as I have had physicals for the past 15 years.

    • The headache could have been from exercising. I used to get runner’s headache when I wasn’t staying hydrated properly. I also now make sure I eat enough magnesium in my diet. Both are pretty common causes of headaches.

      However, if you just started exercising, that’s another common cause of headaches. People push themselves too hard, too quickly. The headache will eventually go away, but it isn’t pleasant.

      How about an update?

  43. I want to try Bio-X4 but i may be pregnant and I am trying to be pregnant, can I take it?

  44. I am desperate. ( I do not want to be a 55 + year old overweight person. I have worked in the hospital setting in Physical Therapy for over 30 years and within the last 10 years, I have never worked with so many overweight elderly 70 + year old persons before.) I too have tried so many supplements that claim to give me energy and aid me in loosing weight. I eat healthy. I have gone “green” because I struggle with hypothyroidism. Nutritionists, I have seen several, but none have gone into detail about enzymes that help to aid my body with digesting fats, carbs, and protein. I am going to try this nucific-biox4. I am ordering it today….only 1 bottle to start.

    • I’d love to hear your progress – my mother is in a similar situation but is hesitant to try it because things that work for me don’t always work for her.

  45. Does anyone taking this medication take pills for depression? I want to try this but am concerned I quit smoking years ago and put on 30pounds and can’t seem to loose it.

    • Hi,

      I take both Wellbutrin and Lamotrigine and I don’t think it’s effecting my meds. I’m actually going to add the deep cell activator to see if I can get a little bump in mood.

  46. I take Lyrica for neuralgia and levitation for thyroid replacement and PlayStation for bad cholesterol. Will this pill Bio 4x hurt me,? My husband takes effector too is it ok for him?

  47. Is this bio x 4 safe for high blood and high blood pressure even when I’m taking the medication

  48. Can this be taken with remeron?

  49. Is Bio X 4 available in Canada?

  50. I tried bio x4 for 2 1/2 months, took 3 pills per day with glasses of water before meals.
    It really did not work for me, although I believe it has worked for many others.
    Fortunately, the company Nucific asked me to return the unused portion of the pills which I did and they made an exception to policy and gave me a refund.
    At least they are an honorable company.

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