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Niagen Review – God Vitamin or Just Scam?

Niagen Review: Most supplements manufactured today are based on substances that either has long been used in traditional medicine in areas all around the world or are the result of some “breakthrough scientific discovery” that often proves to not be as legitimate as it seems.

There is always some proof for their qualities, but most times it appears to be more or less conclusive, and finding the best fit takes a lot of experimentation from a specific person. And even when the products do prove to be efficient, the individual results (like the side effects) tend to vary from person to person.

But next, we’ll have a look at a supplement that is backed up by solid scientific research and is actually recognized as effective. Niagen should help with many health problems, especially those brought on by the aging process.

But at the same time, the benefits of most of the supplements tend to target certain health areas and are rarely supposed to change the entire way the body works, while Niagen should be able to more or less rejuvenate users. It sounds too good to be true, so let’s see what it can really do.

What is Niagen?

buy niagenA number of health supplements can be found under this name, which is actually the name of the substance they contain.

Niagen is the commercially available form of nicotinamide riboside, designed to be easily and safely absorbed by the human body.

This substance is produced and patented by ChromaDex, a pharmaceutical company that further sells it to the manufacturers of health supplements.

One of these manufacturers, Live Cell Research, produces the supplement that we’ll focus on in this review. But first, let’s see what is nicotinamide riboside, or RN.

This substance is a form of niacin (or vitamin B3) that acts as a precursor of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (or NAD), in its NAD+ variant. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a coenzyme that is naturally found in all cells, and the actual purpose of Niagen supplements is increasing levels, as it seems to have an extremely important role in all the processes that naturally occur in the human body.

NAD is usually synthesized from the amino acids tryptophan and aspartic acid, but also from other compounds that are extracted from food in the form of niacin.

And while tryptophan is an essential amino acid, which means that it must be ingested from food before being turned into NAD, aspartic acid is a non-essential amino acid, so it can be naturally produced by the body.

NAD levels decrease with age, and because of its importance in all metabolic processes, keeping an optimum balance might actually reverse some of the effects of aging.

Also, it should have a positive effect on many other issues that are not related to age, but understanding what it actually does requires a closer look at how exactly is this substance involved in these processes.

First off, NAD can be found in two forms in the human body: NAD+ and NADH. NAD+ is the oxidized for on NAD, which means that it lacks electrons and it’s ready to receive them. NADH is the result of NAD+ acquiring electrons and becoming “reduced”.

These reactions, which simply put manage electron transfer, are called “redox reactions” and represent the primary function that NAD has in the human body.

Redox reactions are essential for the metabolism, as and their most important function is the release of energy from nutrients that have been absorbed from food.

But these reactions are just one role of NAD, as it’s action goes much further. For starters, NAD also acts as a substrate (a substance that is acted upon by enzymes) of the enzymes that add or reduce chemical groups from proteins.

These groups (which can me composed of atoms or bonds) are responsible for specific chemical reactions in the molecules, and the process in which they are added or removed is called “post transactional modification”.

This process happens during or after protein synthesizing, and it’s very important in cell signaling because information from outside the cell (received in the form of neurotransmitters) is detected by the cell receptors located on its surface, which triggers different processes in its interior. And which exactly are the processes that are triggered depends on the result of the post transactional modification.

NAD also acts as a precursor of the second messenger cyclic ADP-ribose (a second messenger being a neurotransmitter that receives information from the outside of the cell), which is important in calcium signaling.

Transmissions based on calcium are very important in regulatory processes, but NAD also acts as a neurotransmitter itself, being very important in the cell to cell communication.

This substance is released and has a positive effect on the blood vessels, urinary bladder, uterus, gastrointestinal tract and other smooth muscle organs.

But it seems like it’s most acclaimed quality, as it’s directly involved in the aging process, is interaction with sirtuins. These compounds are a class of proteins involved in many processes, including aging, inflammation, apoptosis (the naturally occurring “programmed cell death”) and stress resistance.

The human body uses 7 types of sirtuins, which are found in the nucleus, cytoplasm and mitochondria of the cell, and consume NAD+. Increasing the levels of NAD+ should naturally increase the level or sirtuins, helping in the aging process.

Niagen by Live Cell Research

This product, which comes in the form of capsules, is claimed to contain 100% pure niagen, with no other additives and preservatives.

It’s not approved by the FDA (as with all health supplements) but is produced in the US, in a GMP certified facility. It’s also claimed that each batch of the product is subjected to tests performed by independent third party laboratories,  and the company itself seems trustworthy given that their niagen supplement is one of the best sold at the moment.

The supplement is presented as the latest breakthrough in the science of aging, and it should not only help in age-related health problems but also in cardiovascular and brain issues, which would make it fit for users of all ages.

Taking a look at niagen itself we can see why this would be the case, and thankfully we also have scientific studies that show what it can really do along with customer reviews about Niagen by Live Cell Research, in particular, to help us form a clear view of the product.

Does Niagen by Live Cell Research Really Work?

Yes, it does, generally speaking. Customer reviews on Niagen are overly positive, with some clients even stating that in their case the first effects of the supplement have started to manifest from the first intake.

It seems like the product is able to increase the level of energy, both at a physical and mental level and even to generate improvements in more serious health problems.

Customers have stated that Niagen has relieved some of the pains caused by old age, while at the same time increasing mental capacity and even improving mood.

It seems to also help with insomnia and in appetite disorders, and some even claim that the supplement has helped in weight loss, even if this specific quality was not mentioned by the manufacturing company.

On the other hand, Niagen by Live Cell Research might not work so well for young users. Most of the negative reviews come from customers from this age group, and this might be caused by the simple fact that their particular health issues are not caused by a low level of NAD+, as it is the case with older customers.

But then again, there are also older users that state that the product generated no changes, and it’s understandable. Niagen is only a supplement, after all, not powerful enough to be classified as a drug, and no one can guarantee that it will work the same in all cases.

Because the product has so many happy customers, positive changes should be expected, but at the same time, a lack of results shouldn’t really be a surprise in a number of cases.

And just as important, dozens of research papers have been published on this substance in the past years, all of them showing it’s amazing qualities.

Dr. David Sinclair, a professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, is actually the scientist that identified NAD and it’s importance in the metabolism, and his discovery has been deemed so impressive that he was named one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People of 2014” by Time Magazine.

This fact is even mentioned on the official website, which bases its claims on facts, a quality rarely seen in the advertising of health supplements. On top of that, ChromaDex (the pharmaceutical company that produces niagen) has published at the beginning of the year the results of the first study of the effects that this substance has on human subjects.

Most of the proof available before this time came from research performed in vitro or on animals, but it seems like niagen really does have positive effects on healthy human subjects.

What Are the Ingredients in Niagen?

The only ingredient found in Niagen by Live Cell Research is the substance itself, in the amount of 250 mg for every capsule. Other than that, the product only includes rice bran and vegetable cellulose, which is what the capsule shells are made of. This product is completely vegetal, so fit for all diets, and doesn’t contain any allergen source (like lactose) or gluten.

It Niagen Safe?

All studies, including the one performed on humans, show that the substance is indeed safe for health and lacks significant side effects.

The official website of this particular product also states that it’s completely free of unwanted effects and that it can be used by anyone except children under 18 years old and people with known health conditions.

But reviews might tell a different story, because although Niagen by Live Cell Research generates mostly positive results, some users have stated that the product has caused the exact opposite of what was expected from it.

Insomnia, joint pains, and other issues that should be relieved by the product have actually been aggravated by the treatment. These are probably not common occurrences but are still reasons for concern, especially for the elderly users.

All supplements should be used with a doctor’s approval, no matter how harmless they seem, but in this particular case, given that the product is directed specifically at people that are naturally very sensitive to all chemicals because of the advanced age, a doctor’s advice is mandatory.

Also, it would probably be better if the supplement wasn’t used by pregnant or lactating women or by those that are trying to conceive, even if at this time there is no proof that niagen might affect child development.

And those that suffer or are under treatment for any kind of health affections should be particularly careful, as it’s not yet clearly known how the substance interacts with medication.

What are the benefits of Niagen?

Niagen by Live Cell Research really does seem to do what it’s supposed to. It helps with most symptoms brought on by the aging process, and even with problems that have never been presented by the manufacturer.

Users in the 80’s have claimed that the supplement has helped them feel younger by affecting both their bodies and minds. It helps to support a healthy metabolism by keeping NAD+ and NADH at optimum levels, and because it acts both as a neurotransmitter and as a precursor in the synthesis of other compounds of this type, it promotes healthy brain functions.

Any brain or mental disorders could benefit from Niagen, even if it should never be used as a sole treatment for any health problem as it’s only a supplement.

Also, it doesn’t seem to have serious side effects, and those that do happen are not very common, but the personal doctor of the user is the only professional that can decide if Niagen is fit for them in particular.

The recommended dosage in one capsule a day, early in the morning with a glass of water.

Customers claim that the best results are generated by ingesting the capsule on an empty stomach, with some even stating that those who don’t see the expected results are probably not using the product as they should.

Also, it seems that for even better results the daily quantity might me increased by those that tolerate the product well, but we wouldn’t recommend any changes in the dosage without a doctor’s approval. The product might not be as harmless as it seems, so it should not be taken lightly.

Why Choose Niagen by Live Cell Research?

Besides the effectiveness of the substance itself and keeping it pure by not adding any other compounds that might affect its properties, this company chooses to pack the capsules in BPA (bisphenol A, a substance that might affect health) free dark amber bottles.

This assures that the capsules are not prone to be contaminated by harmful chemicals, while at the same time being protected from heat, light, and air, which might affect the quality of niagen. All substances are easily deteriorated by external factors, but NAD seems to interact with light much more than other compounds. This doesn’t mean that its precursor is as sensitive, but the safety measure is a good choice in this case anyway.

Also, the company seems very trustworthy. They also manufacture and sell other 5 health products (with the 6th on the way), and it looks like they have built a good name for themselves.

The supplement is only sold through the internet and potential buyers don’t have a chance to look at it before making a purchase, but other than that, there don’t seem to be any issues with it.

This means a lot considering that scammers always take advantage of the latest fad in health product to release on the market useless (and in some cases very dangerous) products. Niagen by Live Cell Products doesn’t seem to have any quality issues, and on top of that, the company is very easy to contact, which can’t be said about many other (more or less legitimate) businesses.

And this particular product is one of the best-sold supplements of its type at the moment, which is probably the best proof of its qualities, even if there are not a lot of them available at the moment. ChromaDex is most likely very selective of its customers, so at this time the market for this specific substance is not easily accessible for scammers.

And Live Cell Research has a good attitude towards their customers. This company has an honest approach when it comes to advertising, avoiding unusual claims that could immediately be considered a red flag.

The official website offers links to many real studies that support the claims made for this product, along with all the information that a potential buyer might be interested in.

There are no free trial periods (which usually turn into auto-delivery programs that engage unsuspecting customers) and customer service, in general, seems to be satisfactory, as complaints about this type of issues don’t seem to be available yet.

And the company can be contacted by both phone and email, so if their attitude would have been lacking, the clients surely would have complained in the reviews.

But one aspect of the advertising that we don’t like is the website giving the impression that this supplement is particular is the only one offering Niagen.

True, it is one of the very few, but that doesn’t change the fact that potential buyers have other options also.

Unless a potential customer does more research on the matter (which is not likely, as the website is convincing enough), they will be under the impression that the substance was created by the company itself, and they will find it strange(and perhaps deceiving) when discovering that it’s also available from other brands.

It’s not that the company makes this specific claim, but this is the general impression any viewer of the website would acquire.

Nothing is mentioned about ChromaDex, and the general impression is that they’re the ones that have been actively involved in the manufacturing of the substance even though they only slightly alter and present it to the public.

Still, the product looks great, especially because it’s sold through the online medium, which means that it could get away with many truly deceiving practices. It tries nothing of this kind, and we appreciate it.

Where Can I Buy Niagen?

niagenYou can buy Niagen by Live Cell Research only through its official website and on Amazon. And while prices on Amazon start at $41.99 for a bottle containing one month’s supply (30 capsules) and the website offers it at $46.99, the latter comes with a 60 days money back guarantee that might not be available for the former.

Also available on the website is a package containing 3 bottles that are sold for the reduced price of $117, along with a package containing 6 bottles available for only $214, bringing the individual price down to $35.66.

Orders over $50 come with free shipping in the USA, although normally the fee is $3.95. The website ships in US, Canada, and the UK, and the orders are processed in 24 hours since the placing.

Delivery in the US should take between 2 and 7 business days in the US, although nothing is mentioned about the international orders. But because the company can be easily contacted, any additional information can be obtained directly from the source.

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  1. I am a 36 year old woman who recently started Niagen. After only a week, I can honestly say I am noticing some changes for the better! I suffer from Lymes Disease, Fibromyalgia, and Endometriosis as well as a slipped disc in my lower back and a bulging disc in my neck. At least one of these ailments cause me severe pain on a daily basis. I am constantly exhausted mentally as well as physically. I have already noticed a difference in inflammation, cognitive performance & energy levels after taking a daily dose of 250mg Niagen. My guess would be that after having only taken this for a week, the benefits are only beginning! I am so very excited to see what else Niagen can do!

  2. I have a different eating habit than everyone else, before I go to sleep I eat a meal and I take 1 pill with it and then I go to sleep , Im not following the standard instructions but I dont care. I will tell you what happens in a month, Today is October 26, 2015. Lately I just been having weird dreams. Just weird so far, I will update by November 27 2015.

    • @ Old Man Grump – So, are you still there. Couldn’t find the promised follow-up. Advise please.

  3. I have been taking Niagen for 2-3 weeks. I am 62, female. I notice a slight pressure in my brain (not at all painful), 30-45 minutes after taking it. I take it first thing in the morning while my coffee is brewing. I had stopped exercising 5 months ago after moving to a new city, and I have been strongly motivated to start up again. I walk 4.92 miles every morning on a hilly terrain, and I am very motivated to continue doing this. I have noticed an improvement in my hearing (keep having to lower the volume on the TV and music). I have never needed reading glasses, but I do definitely notice on my cellphone that I can read the tiniest print. I told myself that I would try it for 6 months and then make a decision on whether to continue. So far, I am very impressed.

  4. Your money back policy? I am favorably disposed to giving it a try.

  5. Does anyone know if this product is a derivative of yeast or has any yeast at all in it? I can not tolerate any yeast products and would like to try it, but am skeptical of it being a B- derivative and possibly containing yeast. Thanks

  6. I just got my Niagen in the mail today, so I will start it tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed! I’ll post an update next week.

  7. I posted a week ago saying that I would post a 1 week review after starting Niagen. I also started Midogen at the same time. I don’t see a lot of difference. I don’t feel my heart racing. There’s no flushing. I don’t feel any different. But I do notice that I just feel like doing stuff more. So, when I get home, instead of laying on the couch after working all day, I feel like tackling some projects. On the 3rd day, I completely dusted and vacuumed my entire house after work. On the 4th day, I cleaned up the pet poop in the backyard. I should mention that I am very active on the weekends. It’s usually just laziness on the weekdays after work that I get. So I don’t know yet if it’s just on my mind to be more active during the week and get more accomplished, or if this stuff is really giving me that extra edge. I’m still hopeful. I will post again next week.

  8. I began taking niagen April 2015. About 2 months later I started taking midogen as well. These 2 supplements have done wonders for me. I have ample energy to get through the entire day, sharper mental focus and much better sleep. Shortly before I stared niagen I was diagnosed with severe tendinitis in my shoulder and was told I would need pain killers and physical therapy and about a year to recover. I also had knee and hip pain. Within 2 months of taking niagen my shoulder pain and joint pain had completely vanished and hasn’t been an issue since. I love these supplements and will never be without tthem. I am turning 50 in a few months and my quality of health feels like it did in my twenties. Since then I have also tried vital stem, LA-3 for weight loss (which has worked for me) and recently began taking their advanced adult probiotic. This company puts out quality products that do work and they are always available if you have any issues or questions.

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