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Nevi-Skin Reviews | Best Mole Removal Solution?

Nevi-Skin is advertised as the best mole removal solution available on the market. It’s supposed to be an alternative to surgical interventions, working just as fast and with minimal side effects. And these claims seem too good to be true. At first glance, the product appears to be nothing but a scam. And why wouldn’t it be?

The popular belief is that nothing but expensive, professional treatments can take care of the problem. The vast majority of people have at least a number of moles or other forms of skin growths. Some are very bothered by them and are constantly looking for solutions. It would seem that if an affordable treatment were available, everyone would know about it. So what are the odds of Nevi-Skin actually working? Well as it turns out, the answer is shocking.

What is Nevi-Skin?

buy nevi skinNevi-Skin product is a cream, and it’s manufactured and sold by Dermal Meds. This company is based in Nevada and also sells other skin care products, although none of them are as invasive as Nevi-Skin. This cream is claimed to contain only herb extracts, but its effects are supposed to be extremely powerful.

It’s only available in tiny containers, and this is because a very small amount of it is supposed to be enough to remove any mole. This statement alone seems unbelievable, but the odd claims don’t stop here. Because Nevi-Skin is supposed to treat all kinds of skin lesions, from moles and skin tags to syringomas and warts.

This is very unusual because these conditions don’t have anything in common. All of them affect the skin, but that’s about it. Moles are very common and mostly harmless, but cancer could develop around them. This type of skin condition has the potential to become extremely dangerous, which is why any new mole should be checked by a professional. Most moles appear in early childhood and grow larger as the body itself develops, but new growths on adults should be kept under supervision.

Skin tags, on the other hand, are always harmless. At most, they can cause discomfort when they come in contact with clothes and jewelry, but that’s all the danger they pose. And while moles are most common on people with light skin (particularly if they have very dark hair), skin tags are associated with obesity. Of course, just like with moles, almost all people have at least one skin tag.

But these conditions seem to manifest more commonly in different groups of people, so they’re not triggered by the same factors. Still, both conditions manifest as skin growths, and their treatment involves similar surgical procedures. They’re cut, shaved, or in the case of skin tags, frozen. These are the only treatments that most people are aware of, and they’re both unpleasant and expensive.

But syringomas are very different from moles and skin tags. They’re not skin growths, but inflamed sweat ducts. They’re completely harmless but tend to appear in clusters, so often times they’re even more bothering than moles. In unfortunate cases, they appear in very high numbers, a condition called eruptive syringomas. It’s more common in people with dark skin or of Asian descent, again, very different from moles and skin tags. The treatment usually involves electrosurgery or laser therapy and doesn’t guarantee that the condition doesn’t return. Still, all three of these conditions manifest without a very obvious cause, and they can’t be prevented. Warts, on the other hand, are caused by a virus.

Various strains of the human papillomavirus cause warts to develop on different areas of the body. They can appear on the face, arms, soles of the feet, and even the genital area. Warts are usually harmless and disappear on their own after a few months or years, but those that affect the genital area can become very dangerous.

Unfortunately, the virus spreads extremely easily, so almost all people develop warts at one point in their lives. And because it only affects the skin where the wart develops, it can spread from one area of the body to another. Unlike viruses that can manifest anywhere on the body after they’re reached the bloodstream (like herpes simplex), human papilloma is only carried in specific areas and can spread, for example, from hands to face.

Thankfully there are many treatments for warts (if they don’t disappear on their own fast enough), many available over-the-counter. But those that can be performed at home can take weeks and tend to be painful. And Nevi-Skin promises to take care of the problem in only 1 or 2 applications.
Looking at each of these conditions, the claims made by the company behind Nevi-Skin seem even harder to believe. These skin affections have different causes and require different treatments, so how effective can one cream really be? And even if it is, how can it work so fast?

How Does Nevi-Skin Work?

According to the recommendations make on the website, the user only has to apply a small amount of cream on the affected area. It should be left on for 20-30 minutes, and doing this one time should be enough for the product to work as claimed.

If the mole or wart is large it might require a second application, but additional treatments shouldn’t be required. But prior to applying the cream, the skin should be well cleaned with water and soap.

Navi-Skin product should not be allowed to touch the skin that is unaffected by the growth. This is why the product comes with a thin applicator that allows the user to apply the cream on very small areas. Nevi-Skin is very aggressive, so it might cause damage to the otherwise healthy skin. And after the treatment is over the skin be carefully cleaned with water.  The cream should never be left on more than instructed, as it could cause serious damage. 

Because while it’s hard to say how Nevi-Skin really works, it seems that it burns off the skin growth. Of course, it doesn’t do this instantly, no changes are noticed immediately. But it causes a tingling sensation, and soon after the treatment, the skin starts to scab.

In the next 2 days, the entire growth will become a scab, and during this time the area shouldn’t be touched at all. This is vital for the skin to scab properly, allowing the growth to fall off after at most 10 days.

This part of the process is the most difficult for the users because they have to refrain from trying to remove the scab themselves. It comes off very slowly, but trying to hurry the process will cause scars to form. It’s possible for a scar to form anyway, but the chances of this happening should be very low if the user is careful with the scab.

But after the scab falls off, the user still has to take care of the area by applying nourishing oils and antibiotic creams. The skin will take some time to recover after the treatment, but with proper care, it should become flawless.

Does Navi-Skin Really Help?

We were amazed to discover that Nevi-Skin really does work. It manages to remove moles in only 1 or 2 applications, just like the company claims.

Most of the customer reviews on this product are very positive, with a few exceptions. There is a small number of users for which the cream doesn’t generate any changes, but most report fantastic results.

It seems that, as expected, the product stings when applied on the skin growth and starts forming a scab shortly after. Depending on the size of the mole, the scab can fall off after only a couple of days, or weeks later. And users who have has successful results make the same recommendations as the company.

For best results, the scab shouldn’t be touched under any circumstances, no matter how long it takes to fall off. But after this happens the skin will be very sore, and it might take months for it to heal completely. It’s normal for the skin to stay pink or to look scarred for a while. But after the entire process is over the area should look completely normal.

Still, all the opinions come from clients who have used Nevi-Skin on moles, so it’s hard to say how effective it is for other conditions. It should work just as fell for skin tags since they’re nothing more than skin growths. But syringomas and warts are very different. Many wart treatments have the same “burning off” effect, so Nevi-Skin might work well in this case also. Still, we can’t know for sure, so at the moment we would only recommend the product as a treatment for moles and skin tags since it obviously works very well for these conditions.

What Are the Ingredients of Navi-Skin?

One of the few issues that we have with this product is the company not disclosing the list of ingredients on the official website. Nevi-Skin is only available for purchase through the internet, so it doesn’t matter that the label is printed on the label itself. Well, it does, but not when trying to decide if the product is worth the money. Clients have no idea what they’ve ordered before the product arrives, and this makes the company look suspicious.

Normally, if a product is only available online, the company presents at least a few of the ingredients. Full labels are very rare, but the clients can form a decent image of the product. But Dermal Meds offers absolutely no information on Nevi-Skin. It’s mentioned that the product contains herbal extracts but that’s about it, so it’s difficult to evaluate just how safe it really is.

Sure, “herbal extracts” sounds very tame, but the product is obviously very potent. Whatever substances are included it is very aggressive, and clients should have the full label even before placing their orders.

In fact, it’s hard to believe that Nevi-Skin contains nothing but plant extracts. Just because it includes them it doesn’t mean that no other ingredients are part of the formula.

The company doesn’t claim that Nevi-Skin contains 100% plant extracts, but only that it’s natural, and nature creates some of the most dangerous compounds. This is not to say that the product itself is dangerous, but the clients should be able to make an informed choice.

Hopefully, the label will be posted soon enough, just to remove any kind of suspicion. We’re sure that the product doesn’t contain prohibited substances, but some of the potential clients are probably worried. Online health products have caused problems in the past, so undisclosed information is always a reason for concern.

Is Navi-Skin Safe?

Considering that its purpose is to burn off skin growths, Nevi-Skin is safe enough. But only if it’s used as recommended. If the scab is removed too early, it will reveal a wound that will be very hard to heal. And when this wound does heal, it will leave behind a scar that can be much larger than the removed mole. Some users have had very bad experiences with this product, as it seems that the scars formed this way don’t heal even after many months after the treatment. Contact with the scabs should be avoided at all costs.

Still, it seems that this cream can cause scars even when used as recommended. Some users state that the moles have been replaced by faint scars, and according to the company, this should never happen. And while this is perfectly acceptable for some people, others are very disappointed, and for good reason. The company claims that the healed skin will be flawless unless disturbed, but clearly, there are some risks in using this treatment. The scars are not very noticeable, but they shouldn’t exist at all.

Because of these concerns, Nevi-Skin should never be used on the face before giving a try to another area of the body. Most people who have moles on the face also have them in places that are normally hidden by clothes, and this would be the best way to start. If the product causes an unwanted reaction or an unsightly scar, the user will know exactly what to expect when using it on the face. And if it causes real problems, they’ll know to not use it at all. This test is mandatory for people with sensitive skin since they’re more prone to adverse reactions. In fact, it would be best if in these cases the product were shown to a professional before use. We don’t know what it contains, and some of the ingredients could be dangerous for delicate skin. And of course, Nevi-Skin shouldn’t be used to treat moles on children and pregnant women. Not only because it might cause unwanted results, but because it can be very painful.

Most users of Nevi-Skin report pain, which in some cases is severe. It’s not unbearable, but still very unpleasant. According to the company, the product should only cause a tingling sensation, but this is only the case for some of the users. In fact, it seems that if the cream doesn’t cause pain, it won’t generate great results either. This is not a general rule, but it’s very common as it seems that the pain shows that the product works. Still, those who intend on using Nevi-Skin don’t have to be afraid. It hurts, but most current users state that it’s worth it, so there’s no reason to expect the worst.

And lastly, this cream should only be used by those who know exactly what they’re dealing with. It’s mandatory for all users to have a proper diagnostic for their conditions before starting any kind of treatment. What appears to be a mole, skin tag or syringoma might be something else entirely, and the same is the case for warts. Many skin conditions, or internal conditions that manifest through symptoms on the skin look like harmless growths. Nevi-Skin can cause serious problems if applied to the damaged tissue. In fact, it can cause problems for healthy tissue, which is why it should be applied very carefully and kept as away from the eyes as possible.

Moles in particular are a very serious reason for concern, and this cream should only be used on them if they’re known to be harmless. Removing a mole that is in the process of becoming skin cancer is extremely dangerous, so any unusual growth should be evaluated by a professional. Moles that are changing shape or color are particularly dangerous, so their appearance should be the last reason for concern. We advise future users of Nevi-Skin to not take unnecessary risks with this product, and see their physicians as soon as they notice any changes in their moles.

What Are the Benefits of Navi-Skin?

Nevi-Skin does exactly what it claims to, and that is truly amazing. It removes moles in a single application, and it most likely has the same effect over other skin conditions. And the treatment takes half of hour at most, so the entire process couldn’t be shorter. Of course, it takes some time before the scab falls off, but that’s the best that a home treatment can do.

Nevi-Skin can be used by anyone in the intimacy of their own home, and it doesn’t even require a prescription. It’s a great option for people who want to avoid surgical interventions, or who feel like the procedures are not worth the investment. Professional interventions can be very expensive, while Nevi-Skin is available for only a fraction of the cost.

Why Choose Nevi-Skin?

This product has almost no competition in terms of effectiveness. It really is one of the best mole removal solutions available on the market. It would be a great choice for anyone who is looking for a treatment that is both effective and fast. Also, the side effects of Nevi-Skin are minimal if used as recommended on healthy skin.

And it’s very affordable, as a single jar holds enough cream to treat up to 30 moles. Receiving professional treatment for such a high number of moles is extremely expensive, while Nevi-Skin will take care of them through a single purchase. In fact, a jar of this cream is more affordable than the professional treatment of a single mole.

This cream is available for only $39.99, while professional mole removal starts at around $100. And in the rare cases where it doesn’t work, clients can request refunds. Nevi-Skin comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so clients have time to evaluate it properly.

Where Can I Buy Nevi-Skin?Nevi-Skin Order

At the moment, you can buy Nevi-Skin on its official website and through Amazon. Both offer it at the same price of $39.99, but the official website is always the safest choice. Amazon might not offer the same guarantee and other terms of purchase might be different also. And all customers can access the product through the official website, as the company offers worldwide delivery.

The shipping fees vary depending on the location of the customers, but clients ordering from US will only be charged $4.99. Delivery to Canada is available for $10.99, and clients from other areas will pay higher fees.

Delivery to UK is available for $13.99, but the fee can reach $20 for some countries. But the same fees apply no matter what number of jars is ordered. The website offers packages which reduce the price of individual jars, but the fees never increase.

A package containing 2 jars of Nevi-Skin is available for $69.98, while a package of 3 will only cost the client $89.97. This last option brings the individual price down to $29.99, so it’s the best choice for those with a high number of moles or other types of skin growths.

But the cream should be tested as soon as possible after it’s received, because the money back guarantee is not available for as long as it seems. It starts in the day when the product is purchased, and it can take weeks for the package to reach clients outside US. The 60 day guarantee might be reduced to a little over 1 month, so clients shouldn’t wait too long before giving Nevi-Skin a first try.

Bottom Line

Nevi-Skin is a great mole removal solution, and one of the best choices for those who are looking for a home treatment. It’s very effective, fast and affordable, and we would recommend it to any person who struggles with these little imperfections.

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