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buy neuroflexynNeuroflexyn Review: Alternative medicine seems to offer a multitude of answers to any problems we might have, from serious issues like heart disease to things that only slightly bother us, like difficulty to focus. The simple fact that the products are most times completely natural gives us the freedom to experiment with supplements that promise to treat any issue that affects our quality of life. And given the stress and work load that many of us have to deal with, there’s no wonder that brain enhancing supplement come now under so many brands that it’s almost impossible for someone to find the one that’s right for them without months and months of experimentation. To make it easier, we’ll have a look at one of the newest brain boosters, Neuroflexyn.

What is Neuroflexyn?

Neuroflexyn supplement is presented on it’s official site and affiliate pages as able to improve the ability to focus and increase the energy level, while at the same time affecting the mood in a positive way, apparently without the side effects of active stimulants like caffeine. The product claims that not only does it improve cognitive functions shortly after ingestion, but that it’s effects are long-term. It’s supposed to increase the amount of oxygen delivered to the brain while it protects the cells from outside damage and inhibits compounds that would affect the mood. The official site quotes studies that have been done on the ingredients, and it seems like indeed the blend might provide an improvement over all mental processes. We’ll have a look at the ingredients later, but first let’s get to the most important question:

Does Neuroflexyn actually work?

And the truth is that yes, it does work. Countless reviews are available, and users claim everything from great improvement to, at the opposite end, complete disappointment. It seems like Neuroflexyn indeed benefits memory and focus, improves the ability to multitask, and it even seems beneficial at a social level as it affects all mental functions and makes it easier to communicate with others. Some users even claim an improved sense of hearing, and that it pretty amazing. Of course, we have just as many negative reviews, but that’s normal for an alternative health product. This is how supplements work, they’re not strong enough to affect everybody in the same way, so the effects vary largely among users.neuroflexyn benefits
You can expect anything from a life changing result to very serious side effect, and this is exactly why you should consult with a doctor before starting using any supplement. But these are rare occurrences, and most negative reviews seem to come from users that had very high expectations before trying the product. Many people seem to forget that a supplement is just an aid, as nothing can change the entire way your brain works. Bottom line, it does work. Not for everybody of course, but it’s this is the best you can get with supplements. So let’s see what it actually contains.

Neuroflexyn Ingredients

We’ll go through every ingredient on the list, starting with vitamin E. This essential compound is used in the treatment of many brain diseases, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It seems to be beneficial for the entire nervous system, but it can become dangerous in large amounts, especially in users that suffer from heart issues or diabetes.

Next we have vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine. It’s also used in the treatment of diseases that affect the brain, and it seems able to promote vivid dreams, something that has been reported for Neuroflexyn. Large amounts of this compound don’t seem to generate unusual side effects, but it can be a problem for people that have certain sensitivities. It can cause, among other effects, nausea, sleepiness and headaches, and these too have been reported by users.

The next ingredient is folate (or folic acid), a vitamin that is commonly used by pregnant women as it helps in the proper development of the brain and spine of babies. It promotes cell growth and it is, without a doubt, very useful for adults too. High dosage can generate nausea or insomnia, and it can interfere with medication.

Then we have vitamin B12, used in the treatment of brain diseases and also known as able to improve mood and energy level, so it’s very useful in mental and sleep disorders too.

The first plant extract we find on this list is bacopin, which comes from the leaves of bacopa monnieri. It’s believed that it improves all cognitive functions, and after a long time of use in traditional medicine, it’s now being studied for it’s ability to improve memory and concentration.

Then we have pikamilon, a compound that is actually a neurotransmitter. It’s a combination of GABA (that is also on this list on it’s own) and vitamin B3. Pikamilon seems able to improve congnitive functions and it’s successfully used in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Next on the list we have phosphatidylcholine, a chemical that might increase the level of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is extremely important for the brain. It can upset the stomach of some users, but no other side effects are expected. DMAE bitartrate, a compound that is also found in this product, and is produced in very small quantities by the brain, helps in the production of acetylcholine too.

Another ingredient, Siberian ginseng. It seems to help with Alzheimer’s disease and sleep disorders, and side effects are very rare, although a high dosage might generate high blood pressure. As we mentioned before, the product also contains GABA, which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that helps in improving mood, but might cause depression in high dosage.

Ginko biloba, also known to improve mood, but very useful in the treatment of depression. It’s primarily used in the treatment of memory disorders, and it can cause allergic reactions. Useful in memory issues seems to be alpha-lipoic acid too, and it also helps with fatigue. It can cause rashes and lower blood sugar, so it’s not recommended for diabetics.

The last ingredients are vincepotine and hurpenzine-A, with the first one being a compound able to increase blood flow to the brain and improve all cognitive functions with the possibility of mild side effects, and the second one being a plant extract that also seems able to improve mental processes, but at the same time has the possibility of generating side effects that are more serious, up to increased heart rate. neuroflexyn brain booster

Neuroflexyn Side Effects

After seeing the properties of every ingredient, it’s obvious that some side effects can be expected if Neuroflexyn is ingested in large amounts. And some users have indeed experienced negative effects. Stomach aches, confusion and even insomnia have been reported as generated by Neuroflexyn, and these results seem unusual given that the purpose of this product is to keep the mind alert. But, as we looked at every ingredient, we now know exactly what might cause them.

The recommended dosage is 3 pills a day, and although some users claim positive results with a higher intake, we don’t recommend it, as this is probably responsible for some of the side effects. The product should be used as the producer recommends, and given the variety and large number of ingredients, a doctor’s approval is mandatory in this case. Even in the specified dosage, you could suffer from sensitivity to any of these compounds, so a doctor that is very familiar with your health state should analyze the product and decide if it’s at least harmless if not beneficial.

Neuroflexyn Benefits

The benefits seem to be worth the little extra effort. Judging by the reviews, and given that complaining comes much easier to us that showing appreciation, we can say that the positive ones outnumber the negative and you can actually expect for Neuroflexyn to make a change in your life. Either if you’re only sleeping better or you’re more creative and this brings a great improvement in your work and life, the chances of nothing happening are very slight. Some reviewers claim that the effects start after a few weeks of intake, and this seems reasonable given that this supplement is designed for improving cognitive functions in the long run and not just stimulating your brain for short amounts of time, like caffeine does.

Where to Buy Neuroflexyn

So Neuroflexyn seems like a good option if you’re looking for a way to make your mind more productive. And it has the advantage of a great price compared with products in it’s range that provide the same results, as it’s available at only $49.95 for a bottle containing 60 pills. And better deals are available for packages containing 3 or 5 bottles, with the last one coming at the price of $149.85. These are the prices on the product’s official site, which also offers a 30 days money back guarantee. One thing to keep in mind is that this applies if the company actually receives the product during this time, and contacting them for a return in one of the last days won’t necessarily guarantee a refund. Neuroflexyn is normally available on Amazon too, but at this time seems to be out of stock, so ordering it on the official site seems the only option at the moment.order neuroflexyn

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