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Neuro Elite Review

Neuro Elite is an all-natural health supplement that claims to improve mental function by providing the brain with nutrients that sustain and protect it. It’s supposed to be particularly helpful for those who need a boost in memory and concentration, and completely free of side effects.

And given that Neuro Elite contains ingredients that are both effective and safe for health, the claims might be very true.

What is Neuro Elite?

Buy Neuro EliteNeuro Elite supplement is available as capsules and has been on the market since at least 2014. According to the official website, it’s offered by a Nevada-based company named I Love Neuro Elite.

This supplement seems to be the only release of the company for the time being and considering that it’s the first product, it looks very promising.

Neuro Elite doesn’t have a long ingredients list. In fact, its formula consists of only 4 ingredients, which is unusual for a brain booster.

Nevertheless, these ingredients have been studied intensively and their effectiveness has been proven on more than one occasion. Also, one of them is a patented compound that is found in a small number of products.

This ingredient alone would be worth a closer look even if the other substances didn’t offer many benefits. But they do, so the formula is very interesting altogether.

Neuro Elite supplement is supposed to improve all cognitive functions, with the accent on memory, concentration and processing speed. It should also increase energy, but not in the same way that typical brain stimulants do. In fact, it doesn’t include caffeine or similar stimulants.

This makes this supplement less likely to cause side effects and fit for most potential customers. Supplements that include powerful stimulants are notorious for their strong side effects, but users of Neuro Elite have no reason to worry about this kind of issues. Just as promised, it’s likely that this product is very safe.

Along with offering information on the ingredients, the website mentions that the product is manufactured in the US. This is a great advantage, as potential clients don’t have to worry about the manufacturing conditions or the quality of the ingredients.

Also, the product reaches US clients very quickly. This means that it’s not likely to be damaged by exposure to extreme conditions during delivery across long distances.

Still, it must be kept in mind that Neuro Elite, like all health supplements, is not approved by the FDA. Regardless of their formulations and the quality of their ingredients, these products are not strong enough to pose a real danger to health, so they don’t require FDA evaluation and approval.

Supplements are not drugs (and don’t include substances that act as drugs) which mean that they’re very safe for the vast majority of users. But at the same time, this makes them much more difficult to evaluate by professionals and users alike.

Does Neuro Elite Really Work?

Given that it includes effective ingredients, Neuro Elite should work well for most users. Unfortunately, there are no reviews regarding the effects of this product yet.

That’s very surprising considering that Neuro Elite has been on the market for at least 2 years, but there’s a positive side to it. No one has praised the product, but no one has complained about it being ineffective either.

And it’s fairly expensive, so the lack of effectiveness would have surely caused clients to voice their dissatisfaction on many different online platforms. So it’s safe the assume that Neuro Elite works much as promised, improving mental performance and energy levels.

But of course, not all users will experience the same benefits. Neuro Elite is only a supplement, and it’s simply not powerful enough to generate the same results in all users. It’s likely that the majority of users experience all the promised benefits, but some will notice unexpected results.

It wouldn’t be surprising if some users drew extra benefits from Neuro Elite (like an improvement in sleep quality for instance). On the other hand, it wouldn’t be surprising if some clients noticed little to no improvements.

In other words, users must keep their expectations to a reasonable level because nothing can predict how a certain individual will react to a specific blend of nootropics.

The recommended dosage for Neuro Elite is 2 capsules a day. The company doesn’t recommend a specific time of day, but it would be better if users ingested them early in the morning.

Like with all products of its type, the first effects should be noticed almost immediately and last for a few hours, so taking Neuro Elite early seems to be the best option. Of course, users who need an extra energy boost during the day can use it at any time.

It doesn’t contain caffeine or substances with similar side effects, so it should be safe to use even in the afternoon. But at the same time, it would be better if users didn’t surpass 4 capsules a day. The company doesn’t warn against it, but it is a basic rule for all brain enhancers, no matter how harmless they might seem.

But while users could take this supplement only when they feel the need for an extra energy boost, they will have to use it daily if they want to experience the long term effects. As we’ve mentioned in the beginning of this review, Neuro Elite nourishes and protects the brain.

It’s rich in nutrients and antioxidants and should offer protection against age-related mental decline and even degenerative brain conditions. In fact, some of the ingredients have been proven as effective in preventing the early onset of (and even treating) affections like Alzheimer’s.

Of course, results will vary from case to case, but there’s no doubt that the product offers at least some amount of protection. Also, the nutrients are not only helpful for the brain cells but all cells in the body. This product should be very beneficial for health if used on a daily basis, even if in a smaller dosage.

What Are the Ingredients of Neuro Elite?

The official website of Neuro Elite offers a list of ingredients, but unfortunately, it doesn’t display the full label. In other words, the product could include a larger number of ingredients, with the company simply choosing to focus on 4 of them.

Still, this is only a possibility, and it’s safe to assume that the blend contains only the 4 mentioned ingredients. Still, the lack of a label causes the second problem: it’s impossible to tell if Neuro Elite is fit for all diets. All the listed ingredients are vegetarian, but the company doesn’t advertise the product as vegetarian.

We don’t know what the capsule shells are made from, and for most supplements, they’re gelatin, which is not vegetarian. In other words, it would be safer for vegetarians to avoid this product, at least until the company makes it clear that it doesn’t include any animal products.

The active ingredients are Bacopin, huperzine A, Gognizin, and DHA.

  • Bacopin is a concentrated (and patented) form of Bacopa monnieri, one of the most common ingredients of brain enhancers. In fact, it’s so common that finding a blend which doesn’t include it is almost impossible. And there’s a very good reason for that, as this plant is one of the most effective memory enhancers. It’s one of the few that is recognized for its ability to improve both memory and learning, although it’s not exactly a new discovery. Bacopa has been used in traditional Indian medicine for a very long time, of course as a treatment for mental conditions. It might not work for this purpose, but it does improve memory for users of all ages, so it’s always a great addition to brain enhancers.
  • Huperzine A, which is extracted from the Chinese club moss. It’s a natural substance but it’s purified to the extreme, so it lacks all the other compounds that are naturally found in the plant. For this reason, some see it as a drug, especially since it’s also very powerful. Regardless, it does come from a plant and it’s not known for its side effects, so it’s a welcomed addition to any brain booster. It’s not just natural but also very potent, and scientifically proven as able to relieve the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and similar degenerative conditions. But it’s not only helpful for those affected by dangerous conditions.
    Huperzine A has also been proven as able to improve memory in otherwise healthy individuals. It’s one of the most effective natural nootropics currently available over the counter, and it works by increasing the production of acetylcholine. This is a neurotransmitter, a compound that facilitates communication between cells, and it’s not only important for brain function but for the entire body.
  • Cognizin, on the other hand, doesn’t come from a plant. This substance is a patented form of citicoline, a chemical that is naturally found in all cells. Citicoline promotes the health of mitochondria, organelles that are found in most cells and convert glucose into energy. In other words, Cognizine boosts the production of energy in the entire body. But it’s particularly helpful for the brain, as it increases the production of neurotransmitters. Not only that, but it makes acetylcholine more efficient, while at the same time acting as an antioxidant and protecting brain cells from damage. The benefits of this substance seem to be virtually endless, and they’re backed by clinical trials. Cognizin should be able to improve memory, focus and energy levels in most of its users, and it’s a great addition to Neuro Elite. It’s also a rare ingredient of brain enhancers, at least at the moment, most likely because it’s fairly new. But it certainly looks very promising, so it’s likely to appear more and more often in this type of health supplements.
  • The last ingredient on the list is DHA, which is the most helpful of the omega-3 fatty acids. The popularity of omega-3s has increased dramatically in the past years, and for a very good reason. They’re healthy fats which have endless benefits. These fats nourish and protect essential organs (including the brain and the heart), decrease cholesterol levels, strengthen the circulatory system, and offer protection against a number of diseases among other benefits. They’re most commonly used as a prevention method or treatment for heart and brain conditions, and they’re scientifically proven as effective.

After taking a close look at the ingredients of Neuro Elite, it’s obvious why it should work well despite the low number of ingredients.

Each of them is proven as able to boost brain functions and contributes to its health in a different way.

They should work very well together, and it’s easy to see why the product doesn’t have any complaints yet. At least not complaints regarding its quality. As we’ll discuss in a different section, some clients are unhappy with the product, but for an entirely different reason.

Is Neuro Elite Safe?

This product doesn’t have customer complaints regarding side effects, so it’s safe to assume that it’s 100% safe for the majority of users. Still, some of the ingredients could cause unwanted symptoms in some of the sensitive users.

They might experience digestive problems and similar issues, in which case it’s recommended to stop the treatment. Still, this is not likely to happen, so new users have no real reason to worry.

On the other hand, clients who are using prescription medication or are affected by untreated conditions should be very careful with this product.

Most of the ingredients interact with medication and might be able to worsen existing conditions even if they’re not combined with drugs.

In these cases, Neuro Elite shouldn’t be used without professional approval. Also, this product is not destined for children under 18 and pregnant women, which should avoid it entirely.  

What Are the Benefits of Neuro Elite?

Neuro Elite seems able to deliver all the promised benefits. The ingredients are effective, and after looking at all of them, it’s easy to understand how the formula works.

The omega-3 acids provide nutrients while Gognizin helps cells convert them into energy efficiently and improves the function of acetylcholine.

Meanwhile, huperzine A increases the production of acetylcholine, and so does Bacopin. And these are only some of the benefits, as all ingredients help the brain in many different ways.

Neuro Elite should indeed improve memory, focus and energy levels, both as an immediate effect and in the long term.

And of course, it also protects the brain, along with all the other areas of the body. It seems to so without any side effects, which is not surprising considering that it doesn’t contain any aggressive stimulants. This product is not likely to cause unwanted symptoms and can be used at any time of day without worrying about insomnia or jitteriness.

Why Choose Neuro Elite?

This supplement should be safe for both experienced and new brain supplement users. It doesn’t seem to require an accommodation period, so it should be easy to tolerate even by those who have never used brain enhancers before. Also, it contains ingredients that are proven to be effective, so it should work much better than many of its competitors.

Where can I Buy Neuro Elite Pils?

Neuro Elite is only available on its official website, at the price of $89.73 for a bottle containing one month’s supply. But clients won’t pay this prince when ordering the product. In fact, Neuro Elite can only be ordered as a trial.

This means that initially, clients only pay $9.95, a charge that includes the shipping fee and a processing fee. The trial period lasts for 21 days since placing the order, but delivery reduces it to 14 days. Clients receive the orders in about a week, so 14 days is a good estimate.

 Clients are free to try the product during this period, and if they’re unhappy with it, they can contact the company and unsubscribe. This is absolutely necessary because placing the first order enrolls the clients in an auto-delivery program which will have them receiving a new supply of Neuro Elite every 30 days.

All the information is available on the order page (and in the terms section of the website), but not all clients notice it. Some clients are surprised by the charge that occurs 3 weeks later or by the following deliveries, and of course, this has caused a number of complaints.

We recommend new clients to read all the information available on the website carefully, as the company discloses all the details and misunderstandings can be avoided. Also, clients can unsubscribe from the auto-delivery program at any time.

Lastly, Neuro Elite comes with a 90 days money back guarantee, so clients who end up receiving a product by accident can send it back. But it must be kept in mind that it only applies for unused, unopened bottles.

And the guarantee starts when the client places the order, not when they receive the package. The product must reach back the company before the 90 days expire, and a 10$ restocking fee is subtracted from the refund.

Bottom line

Neuro Elite is a good option for both new and experienced brain supplement users. It contains effective ingredients that work together to boost all cognitive functions. And because it doesn’t include powerful stimulants, it’s very safe.    


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