Nerve Renew Reviews | Neuropathy Support Formula Review

Nerve Renew is a dietary supplement advertised as the complete nerve support formula available on the market. It’s supposed to be an effective treatment for the symptoms of neuropathy, relieving its users of pain without generating side effects.

Although it might look like a new release, this supplement has been available for a number of years, but under a different name.

Nerve Renew is actually Neuropathy Support Formula, a product with a fairly large customer base. The composition of the supplement was not in any way changed.

But the new name makes it much easier to discover by those who are interested in this form of treatment. Older customers who depend on it have no reason to worry, as the product provides the same benefits as before. But does NerveRenew provide these benefits for all users?

It’s supposed to be an effective treatment for the symptoms of neuropathy, relieving its users of pain without generating side effects.

What is Nerve Renew?

where to buy nerverenewNerve Renew is manufactured and sold by Neuropathy Treatment Group, a company based in Idaho. It seems to be the only product available from the company, so we can safely assume that it has been available since 2010, the year when the business was started.

Normally, a single release in 6 years of activity would seem very unusual and possibly a red flag for a company that specializes in health products.

But Neuropathy Treatment Group focuses on this affection alone, and given that there aren’t many options for treatment for its symptoms, it’s easy to see why it only offers one product.

And this product is manufactured in the US, in an FDA approved facility that follows the Good Manufacturing Practices. This is what it’s claimed on the official website of the product, and it should guarantee that the ingredients stay pure and effective.

In fact, it’s stated that all ingredients are screened for contamination with pesticides and metals, and the facility itself undergoes 2 audits performed by a third party each year.

These are some very interesting claims, and if they’re true, the company does indeed go to great lengths to guarantee the quality of the product.

Few supplement manufacturers put so much care into the manufacturing process, although they should, especially when the products are destined to treat serious health problems. And as we’ll see next, given all the information available on the product, we can safely assume that all the statements made on the website are true.

Nerve Renew is supposed to relieve its users from the pain and burning sensations caused by neuropathy and to even decrease stress and anxiety.

Also, it’s stated that it can improve coordination and strengthen the nerves, protecting them from further damage. And the claims are in fact very reasonable.

The ingredients included in this supplement are not unusual, but they have been used successfully as a treatment for neuropathy for a very long time.

They’re well known to work, but to support the claims made on the website, the company dedicates one of its sections to scientific studies.

Again, this is something that not many manufacturers are willing to do, even if their products address serious health issues.

These studies prove not only that the ingredients have been well researched, but also that each of them can be used as a standalone treatment for neuropathy.

So what sets Nerve Renew aside from other, similar products? Well, it seems that the ingredients are included in a form which makes them easier to absorb by the cells and much more effective.

Not only that, but they go through a process which makes them easier to absorb during digestion. This is why the product is advertised as the best treatment for neuropathy pain, and the statement might be very true.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that it will generate the same benefits for everybody. The condition itself is very difficult to understand, and every sufferer has to experiment with different treatments to find the one that best suits them best.

What is neuropathy?

Simply put, neuropathy is a condition in which the peripheral nerves are damaged. These are the nerves that are not part of the brain and spinal cord, and unfortunately, the condition can be brought on by many different factors.

Most often neuropathy is associated with diabetes, but it can be triggered by anything from trauma and infection to drugs and toxin exposure.

Cancer, alcohol consumption and even broken bones can cause neuropathy, so anyone can become a victim. And in many cases, the causes of the affection can’t be identified, which makes it extremely difficult to treat. And even if the underlying condition can be identified, it doesn’t mean that it can be healed.

Neuropathy can affect one or more nerves, and its symptoms vary from case to case. Some sufferers feel numbness or a decreased ability to feel pain, while others struggle with intense pain, burning sensations, “pins and needles”, and other extremely unpleasant sensations.

The condition can also cause muscle weakness and loss of coordination, and in some cases, ulcers and infections in the legs. And when the underlying condition can’t be treated, those who struggle with the painful symptoms have to resort to painkillers and other types of prescription medication.

Unfortunately, since neuropathy is not an obvious condition, the medication designed specifically to treat it is not available.

Sufferers have to use drugs that are destined to treat other affections, which is dangerous. Most of them have the potential to cause serious side effects, which is why many sufferers use health supplements.

But just like in the case of prescription medication, no supplement can treat all cases of neuropathy.

Does Nerve Renew really work?

This supplement works very much as promised, so it can be considered very effective. But given the nature of neuropathy, nothing guarantees that it will work for a specific individual.

The company itself admits it on the official website, mentioning that this is precisely the reason why the product comes with a money back guarantee.

Nerve Renew is well researched and is expected to work for most users, but it will certainly not work for all. And when it does work, the results won’t be the same for all users. Which is why the supplement has mixed reviews.

Some of the clients are very happy with the supplement and claim to have noticed improvements in their symptoms after only a few days of use. Others take much longer to notice changes while for some it doesn’t work at all.

Still, new users should be patient because the product might turn out to be effective even if it doesn’t seem so at the beginning of the treatment.

The company states that the first improvements should be noticed within a few weeks, but also that it can take up to 4 months for the symptoms to start receding.

It all depends on how fast the body reacts to the treatment, and of course on what caused the condition in the first place.

And it should be kept in mind that Nerve Renew doesn’t contain substances that act as effective pain killers, so the effects can never be perceived immediately after starting the treatment.

And this is why NerveRenew should not be used as a replacement for prescription medication by those who are affected by severe pain. At least not before they have started to notice improvements in their condition.

This product treats the underlying causes of neuropathy, and this is what is supposed to relieve the pain.

It won’t work as a painkiller, so those who need strong drugs will still have to use them for a while, even if the supplement works well in their cases.

Of course, the supplement should be used in combination with medication only if a professional deems it as acceptable.

The company claims that Nerve Renew doesn’t normally interact with medication, but users should not submit their health to any risks.

Also, because it doesn’t work as a painkiller, Nerve Renew must be used on a daily basis and in the recommended dosage for best results.

The official website doesn’t give information on the proper dosage, but a bottle that contains 2 weeks’ supply includes 60 capsules. Which means that the appropriate dosage is most likely 4 capsules a day.

Also, it’s mentioned that the users should not increase the dosage. Some of the substances included in the product can cause side effects when ingested in very high amounts.

What are the ingredients of Nerve Renew?

The website doesn’t display the label of the product, so we don’t know what additives it contains or if it’s fit for vegetarians.

The additives are most likely as safe as they could possibly be considering the nature of this product, so they’re not a reason for concern. But since we don’t know what the capsule shells are made of, the products might contain animal by-products.

NerveRenew contains a blend of vitamins and plant extracts, so the product itself is safe for vegetarians, but the capsule shells might be made from gelatin.

This substance is an animal by-product and it’s used for most supplements, so for the moment, we can’t recommend Nerve Renew to vegetarians.

This product contains a total of 9 ingredients, and while each of them is helpful in its own way, 3 of them are responsible for most of the benefits. These are vitamin B1, vitamin B12, and alpha lipoic acid.

  • Vitamin B1 is a common ingredient in all vitamin blends, as it’s essential for the proper metabolism of carbohydrates. It’s used commonly as a treatment for a high number of affections, including neuropathy, and NerveRenew includes it in its most effective form, benfotiamine. Most vitamin complexes and supplements include it as thiamine, but benfotiamine is much easier to absorb by the body. Also, it’s less toxic than thiamine when ingested in high amounts.
  • Vitamin B12 is another common ingredient of vitamin blends, as it’s important for the proper development and function of many different types of tissue, including nerves. This substance has a direct effect on the symptoms of neuropathy and prevents the nerves from becoming even more affected by the disease. Like vitamin B1, vitamin B12 is used as a treatment for many affections, including depression and other similar conditions. Because it includes it, Nerve Renew might be able to boost mood in some of its users. And just like in the case of the first ingredient, vitamin B12 is included in its most effective form. This vitamin is commonly added to supplements as cyanocobalamin, but for NerveRenew, the company chose methylcobalamin. Studies show that this form of vitamin B12 can promote nerve regeneration, so for some  users, it might be able to remove the symptoms of neuropathy completely.
  • Last of the active ingredients, alpha lipoic acid is a chemical with a structure that is similar to that of a vitamin. But it’s actually a powerful antioxidant, able to protect the cells from damage and prevent a number of dangerous conditions. And it seems to be most beneficial for nerve cells. Furthermore, alpha lipoic acid regenerates itself and it has the same effect over vitamins. This means that it makes the other ingredients in NerveRenew even more effective. And it’s included in the supplement as R-alpha lipoic acid, which is 10 times more helpful than the variety that is commonly included in health supplements.


Each of these ingredients is often used as a treatment for the symptoms of neuropathy by itself, but combining them generates the best results.

And given that Nerve Renew includes them in the forms that are much easier to absorb, this supplement should be more helpful than others. But the list of ingredients doesn’t stop here.

Nerve Renew also contains vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin D, feverfew extract, oat straw extract, passionflower, and skullcap extract.

  • Vitamin B2 is involved in the development of many parts of the body and is used as a treatment for a number of affections, including carpal tunnel syndrome. This affection has symptoms that are similar to those of neuropathy, so the substance might be helpful in this condition. It also boosts the effects of the other vitamins, so it’s a welcomed addition to NerveRenew.
  • Vitamin B6 is just as helpful, as it’s essential for the proper development of most parts of the body, including nerves. It’s also involved in the metabolism of fat, sugar, and proteins, so it promotes the proper absorption of nutrients, including the other ingredients of NerveRenew.
  • Vitamin D is essential for the development and health of bones and muscles, and it’s only produced when the skin is exposed to sunlight. It’s one of the few vitamins that has to be consumed even by the healthiest people, at least during winter. And given that one of the symptoms of neuropathy is muscle weakness, vitamin D can be very helpful in this condition.
  • Next, we have the plant extracts, starting with feverfew. This plant is used for many affections, but it seems to be particularly helpful in migraine headaches. It can decrease their severity and even prevent them, so it has a mild sedative effect. This has been proven through scientific studies, but unfortunately, it’s not clear if it can also decrease the pain caused by neuropathy. Still, it looks very promising, so it’s a good addition to Nerve Renew.
  • Oat straw, on the other hand, is particularly helpful for those who suffer from neuropathy caused by diabetes. It decreases cholesterol level and blood pressure, and it even affects appetite. It’s very helpful for those who follow a strict diet, which is the case for most diabetics.
  • But passion flower is added to Nerve Renew for its effects over the mind, as it seems able to relieve anxiety, insomnia and other disorders brought on by stress. And given that pain causes anxiety for most people that are affected by neuropathy, passion flower is a great choice for Nerve Renew. And last on the list is skullcap, a plant which should also have a mild sedative effect. It’s commonly used for this purpose, but unfortunately, it’s not yet proven as effective. Still, even if it doesn’t relieve anxiety, it’s still helpful. It seems that it can decrease inflammation, which a common symptom of neuropathy.

Is Nerve Renew safe?

Nerve Renew is very safe when ingested in the recommended dosage. Some of the ingredients can generate side effects when ingested in high amounts, so users shouldn’t abuse it.

Also, a number of ingredients can cause digestive disorders and similar issues in those who are sensitive to them.

And because this supplement addresses a very serious condition, the users should stop the treatment as soon as they notice any usual symptoms.

Nerve Renew is safe, but given that neuropathy is a very complex condition, any negative change should be discussed with a professional.

In fact, this product should never be used without a doctor’s approval. Especially by those who are under treatment for neuropathy or any other condition.

The ingredients are not likely to interact with medication, but this is still a risk with all supplements.

Also, this product should never be used as a replacement for medication, at least not without professional advice.

Nerve Renew is slow acting and doesn’t have the strength of the prescription medication, and giving up drugs might be very dangerous in some cases.

This change should always be discussed with a professional, even if the product generates great results.

What are the benefits of Nerve Renew?

Nerve Renew is very helpful for many of its users. Just as claimed, it can decrease pain and inflammation and protect the nerves against further damage.

For some, it’s able to replace prescription medication, although its effects are not similar to those of strong painkillers.

But it seems that it can successfully treat moderate symptoms of neuropathy, and it does so through ingredients that are 100% natural and very mild over the body.

None of the substances included in this product are aggressive, so it’s not likely to generate side effects. This is a very common problem with prescription medication, and Nerve Renew is a much safer alternative.

Of course, only in the cases where it provides the same benefits. Each user will react differently to the product, and some might find it less effective than others.

Why choose Nerve Renew?

Nerve Renew supplement blends some of the most popular natural remedies for the symptoms of neuropathy, and in their most effective forms. It should be much more helpful than similar products, so it’s a great choice for any person who is interested in an alternative treatment.

Nerve Renew is very likely one of the most effective supplements of its type available at the moment. And even if it doesn’t work for a particular user, they have no reason to worry.

The product comes with a one-year money back guarantee. It applies for the last order placed by the client, and if they choose a larger package, they’ll be able to try the product for months and still recover their investment if they’re disappointed.

Also, the supplement is available for worldwide delivery, so neuropathy sufferers can access it at any time, no matter where they’re located.

Where can I buy Nerve Renew?

NerveRenewNerve Renew is only available for purchase on the official website of the company, at the price of $63 plus $6.97 for shipping and handling.

The shipping fee stays the same for all locations, and clients can also choose the rush delivery option, which is available for $9.97.

Standard delivery only takes a few days for clients in the US, but those located in other areas might have to wait up to 4 weeks.

A larger package, containing 3 bottles, is available for $129 plus $9.97 for shipping and handling.

In this case, rush delivery will have the client charged $13.97.

But those who want to try the product for even longer can opt for the auto-delivery program, which starts with a free 2-week trial.

Clients will be sent the 2 weeks supply free of charge (although they will have to pay the $6.95 shipping fee), and if they’re unhappy with the product after this period, they can cancel the program. If they don’t, they’ll be charged $43 (plus shipping) for next month’s supply.

From this point on, they’ll receive a new bottle every month, always at the price of $43. It’s a large discount, so this option is great for those who want to test the product for extended periods of time.

But of course, they’ll be able to cancel the program whenever they choose to.

Bottom line

Nerve Renew is a high-quality natural supplement and it can offer relief for many neuropathy sufferers. It’s one of the most effective products of its type, and it’s surely worth a try by any person who is affected by this condition.

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