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Max Synapse Reviews | Does it Work or Scam?

Max Synapse is a new health supplement that promises to enhance all cognitive functions without having a negative impact on overall health. In fact, it claims to be as beneficial for general health as it is for the brain, and completely free of any kind of side effects.

This is a bold claim given the many issues associated with the consumption of brain boosters.

Especially considering that Max Synapse is following a very common formula when it comes to its ingredients. But as we’ll see next, the supplement might work exactly as it’s promised.  

What is Max Synapse?

max synapse bottleThis brain booster seems to be the first release of the company of the same name, which is based in New-York.

According to the official website, the product itself is manufactured in the US, and it’s engineered as to contain the most effective ingredients available.

The ingredient list is not at all unusual, as it contains substances that are frequently encountered in brain boosters. In fact, most brain supplements contain at least a couple of the ingredients that are included in Max Synapse.

But what should make this one product unusual is the amount in which each of the ingredients has been included in the formula.

This is a very important factor and often makes the difference between highly effective supplements and useless products.

The company behind Max Synapse claims that its formula is unique, and guarantees that it can generate the best possible results.

And at first glance, the product certainly looks like it could work. Its ingredients are very common to brain boosters not because they’re easily accessible, but because they’re known to work, at least when included in the right amounts.

There is real scientific research behind them, and the company makes sure to allow the visitors to the website to access it.

Each ingredient is described in detail and accompanied by links to scientific papers or other legitimate sources of information, which back the claims at least to some degree.

And the claims made for Max Synapse are actually very decent. The supplement is not presented as a miracle pill that will increase IQ by 50 points (which unfortunately is a common practice in the advertising of products of this type).

The company is very honest when it comes to the properties of this product, so the visitors of the website are never misguided.

It’s stated that Max Synapse may increase focus, making it easier for the users to ignore distractions and that it may improve memory.

This applies for both short term and long term memory, and as we’ll see later, it’s entirely possible. It’s also claimed that the product may boost energy levels, and without any side effects.

The ability to increase energy without any risks is possible for this supplement and at the same time one of the features that set it aside from other brain boosters. Because unlike many other products, Max Synapse doesn’t contain any caffeine.

This is the basic ingredient for many products that enhance brain functions because it’s able to generate most of their expected effects on its own.

Caffeine improves focus and increases energy (on both mental and physical levels) almost instantly, so it’s the best choice for hiding the ineffectiveness of the other ingredients.

And unfortunately, caffeine is included in many supplements in very high amounts, which often causes very unpleasant side effects.

From insomnia and headache to digestive disorders and high blood pressure, brain booster users have encountered them all. And what’s worse, even people who drink coffee on a daily basis and are accustomed to the substance have complained about these symptoms.

Many supplement manufacturers include unsafe amounts of caffeine in their products, simply because otherwise the users would notice that there’s no difference between ingesting one of the capsules and drinking a cup of coffee.

This is not to say that caffeine can’t be very beneficial in brain supplements. This substance has amazing qualities when ingested in decent amounts, and many high-quality products include it.

But they still have the potential to generate at least some mild side effects, and those who want to avoid them entirely are better of choosing a product that is 100% free of caffeine.

Does Max Synapse really work?

Considering that it contains some of the most effective ingredients, Max Synapse should work well enough.

But given that it’s a health supplement and not a prescription drug, its users will experience different results.

Some might find it extremely effective and others might be disappointed, even if its formula turns out to be the best ever developed.

This is how supplements work, and their effectiveness can’t be guaranteed in specific cases.

Brain boosters that generate the exact same benefits for all users do exist, but they also generate the same side effects. So those who are not willing to take the risks often experiment with milder products.

This is not to say that milder supplements can’t work very well, they certainly can, just not for everybody.

Still, while the ingredients look very promising, we don’t know how they work in this specific formulation. And unfortunately, we don’t have any reviews for Max Synapse, even if it has been available for long enough.

It appears to have been released in 2015 and it’s likely been used by a decent number of customers, but no one has been interested in sharing their opinion.

This is a problem because the potential clients have no way of knowing what to expect from this product (or if it’s effective at all), but it does reveal one important detail.

No one has offered a positive opinion, but at the same time, no one has complained about Max Synapse or the company behind it. Which says a lot, given that the product is (also) available through an auto-ship program.

This marketing method is abused by many companies, and it’s one of the most common reasons for complaint about online shoppers. But somehow, it seems that no one has had trouble with it as far as Max Synapse is concerned.

There are no customer complaints whatsoever, so it’s safe to assume that both the product and the customer service are at least adequate.

What are the ingredients of Max Synapse?

As we’ve mentioned before, the ingredients in Max Synapse are commonly encountered in many supplements, and for good reason. Scientific research and successful use by a high number of people have proven them as very helpful.

The company behind Max Synapse chose a very safe route when developing the product.

But the formula is still unique and trademarked under the name NZ-405 SuperMax Blend.

And we appreciate that the website doesn’t stop at listing the ingredients, but actually presents the label of the supplement itself. Potential clients can see exactly what is included in this product, and even what the capsules are made of. This is how we know that Max Synapse is fit for vegetarian diets. All the ingredients come from vegetable sources, including the capsule shells.

The active ingredients in Max Synapse are:

  • Bacopa monnieri
  • L-glutamine
  • Ginko biloba
  • GABA
  • huperzine A
  • vitamin B6
  • vitamin B12
  • L-carnitine

But only the first 5 ingredients are part of the trademarked formula. Each capsule contains 459 mg of the NZ-405 SuperMax Blend, while the other ingredients are included in much smaller amounts.

Most of the benefits generated by the supplement should come from these 5 ingredients, so next we’ll have a close look at each of them.

Bacopa monnieri (better known as brahmi) is a plant with a long history in traditional Indian medicine. It’s considered a good treatment for a number of affections, including digestive and sexual disorders. But it’s most commonly used by people who suffer from mental conditions and brain diseases. It’s believed that Bacopa can treat most conditions that affect the mind, from anxiety and depression to Alzheimer’s and other diseases that cause mental decline. And this plant has actually been proven as able to improve mental performance in people of all ages. It’s not yet clear if it can help those who are affected by dangerous brain conditions, but it’s surely helpful for healthy people. And while it might not be able to treat Alzheimer’s, research shows that it might be able to prevent it. And this is because Bacopa contains substances that increase the production of neurotransmitters. These chemicals facilitate communication between brain cells, and each of them has a specific function. Bacopa manages to increase the amount of neurotransmitters involved in processes like memory  and learning, so it’s only natural for it to be at the top of the ingredient list for Max Synapse.

L-glutamine, on the other hand, is an amino acid, in fact, the most common amino acid in the human body. It’s produced by the muscles and used in many important processes, particularly in stressful circumstances. For this reason, glutamine is often administrated as to counter the side effects of medical treatments, including chemotherapy. It’s also believed that it can help with digestive and immune disorders, and even in a number of mental conditions. Some use glutamine as a treatment for low mood, anxiety, depression and other similar affections. But unfortunately, there is no proof that it can actually help. Still, since glutamine in involved in processes like wound healing, it might be able to promote a healthy balance for a number of functions, even at a mental level. And even if it’s not helpful for the mind, in particular, it’s certainly beneficial for general health. It’s a good addition to any supplement simply because it can counter the side effects of the other substances included in it. The ingredients in Max Synapse are not likely to cause side effects, even without the glutamine, but some of the users might still be sensitive to them.

Then we have Ginko Biloba, one of the most popular medicinal plants in the world. Because of its ability to improve circulation, it has been used as a treatment for an amazing number of affections for almost 5,000 years now. But while it increases circulation in the entire body (which makes it a good treatment for heart conditions and diabetes), it’s particularly effective at increasing blood flow to the brain. This is why it’s commonly included in brain enhancers and used as a treatment for mental affections and diseases that damage cognitive functions. And as it turns out, it really is effective for many of them. Research indicates that Ginko is helpful in anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and all the other issues associated with these conditions (fatigue and dizziness for example). And of course, it has been shown as able to improve cognitive functions in otherwise healthy people. This is not surprising at all, because if it can help treat severe conditions, it’s only natural for it to benefit those who are still healthy. Ginko is one of the few plants that benefit the body and the mind in equal measure, and one of the best possible choices for any supplement, no matter what is its purpose.

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is another popular addition to brain boosters, as it’s able to block neurotransmittions. And given that Bacopa increases the production of neurotransmitters, GABA might seem like an odd choice for Max Synapse. But it’s actually very beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety, depression and other similar conditions where the amount of some neurotransmitters is too high. This imbalance causes the brain to overreact to stimuli, severely affecting the mood and overall mental health. GABA is not yet proven as an effective treatment for mental affections, but given what we already know about its properties, it’s most likely effective. It certainly can help at least in some measure, and it’s also beneficial for other aspects of health. This substance has been proven as able to decrease blood pressure, so it can be a preventive measure for a number of dangerous affections.  

Lastly, we have huperzine A, a substance that comes from the Chinese club moss. While it’s 100% natural, huperzine A behaves very much like a drug. This is because after extraction it’s purified to such an extent that it no longer has the composition of a natural substance. But it has some amazing qualities, which make it an effective treatment for conditions that affect cognitive functions. Huperzine A increases the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter involved in processes like learning and memory. And it’s so good at it that some consider it to be a legitimate drug, not a dietary supplement. This substance has been proven as able to treat Alzheimer’s and dementia, and memory problems in otherwise healthy people.

Is Max Synapse safe?

As far as brain boosters go, Max Synapse is very safe. It doesn’t contain caffeine or other powerful stimulants, so it won’t cause the side effects associated with this kind of substances.

It certainly won’t cause insomnia, which is a common problem with many brain enhancers. Some of the ingredients in Max Synapse might cause some minor side effects (like digestive disorders or dizziness), but this is not likely to happen.

These are not common problems with supplements that have a similar ingredient list, and more important, this product doesn’t have any complaints regarding health problems.

Still, the ingredients are only safe for users who are healthy. Some of them are quite powerful, and could interact with prescription medication.

People who are under treatment for any kind of condition should never use this supplement without their doctors’ approval.

Also, some of the ingredients are able to aggravate existing conditions, so those who suffer from any health problem, medicated or not, should absolutely discuss this product with professionals.

And of course, max Synapse is not intended for pregnant women or children under 18.

Also, users should be very careful with the dosage. The official website doesn’t mention what is the proper amount of capsules to be consumed daily, so it would be better to start with one capsule a day.

Because this is a brain booster and not a treatment for a specific condition, the dosage can be increased according to the user’s needs. But this must be done very slowly.

The body needs time to adjust to some of the ingredients, and receiving them in high amounts right from the start could be very damaging. Consuming 3 or even 4 capsules a day shouldn’t be a problem, but only after a period of accommodation. And if the user notices any unusual changes after the dosage is increased, they should immediately stop using the product and allow their body to recover.

Since this is not an actual treatment, pausing the consumption for a while won’t cause any issues. Except of course for those who are using the supplement as a preventive measure against brain diseases. In this cases, one capsule a day is mandatory for good results.

What are the benefits of Max Synapse?

Max Synapse has the potential to generate all the benefits claimed on the official website. The ingredients can indeed improve focus and memory, increase energy levels and promote general health.

This product follows a formula that is known to be successful, so it’s likely to benefit most users. It won’t work well for everybody, but this is completely normal considering that the supplement doesn’t contain aggressive substances. Still, even if it doesn’t manage to generate great results for all users, it can still be helpful for the brain.

Some of the ingredients are able to prevent many affections that cause cognitive decline. Regardless of its short-term effects, this product should be very beneficial in the long run.

And while the company doesn’t present Max Synapse as fast acting, the short-term effects should be noticed fast enough.

Considering how the ingredients usually work, it shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes before the users start noticing an improvement in their mental functions.  

Why choose Max Synapse?

This supplement would be a good choice for those who are looking for a brain enhancer that is mild but effective. It contains ingredients that are powerful but not aggressive on the body, so it’s not able to cause health problems.

Not even for the users who are not accustomed to stimulants. It’s a good option for those who don’t consume caffeine but still need a way to boost their concentration and energy. Also, it’s a good option for those who are interested in experimenting with brain boosters but are worried about the side effects commonly associated with them.

Very few brain enhancer work well for all users, so each person has to try a number of products before finding their match. Max Synapse is harmless enough to be a great start. And because this product comes with a money back guarantee, unhappy clients can always return it for a full refund.

Still, it’s not very clear how long this guarantee really is. On the official website, it’s stated on more than one occasion that the guarantee covers 30 days. But in its terms section, it’s mentioned that the guarantee is available for 90 days.

Somewhere a mistake has been made, and to make sure that they’ll indeed be able to receive a refund, clients should only consider the 30-day guarantee. Perhaps the product can indeed be returned for 90 days, but there’s  no reason to take any risks. Especially considering that brain boosters generate their effects from the first day if they’re effective. Max Synapse doesn’t really need a long trial period. A week of use is more than enough for the clients to draw their conclusions.

Where can I buy Max Synapse?max synapse

Max Synapse is only available on its official website, at the price of $59 for a bottle containing 30 capsules. The company delivers worldwide at no extra costs, but ordering a single bottle will automatically enroll the clients into an auto-ship program.

Which means that they’ll receive a new bottle of Max Synapse every month until they unsubscribe. But the company offers all the details right on the order page, so this can’t be considered an attempt to take advantage of the customers.

Still, those who are not interested in the program and only want a single bottle will have to unsubscribe immediately after placing the order. It’s an inconvenience, and clients shouldn’t have to deal with it.

On the plus side, larger packages are available at discount prices. A package containing 3 bottles is available for $147, while one containing 6 bottles sells for $264. And ordering either of these packages won’t enroll the client in the auto-ship program.

Bottom line

Max Synapse contains natural ingredients that are proven to work well as brain enhancers, so it should be effective for most of its users. At the same time, it doesn’t contain powerful stimulants and it’s not likely to generate side effects, so it’s a safe choice for those who are not accustomed to strong brain boosters.  

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