married vs single connection

Married versus single

Opportunities of a married versus a single man

  • Get a better life. Here we can consider anything from affording a much better house with a mortgage based on 2 monthly pay checks to the fact that someone will wake you up and have the breakfast ready.
  • Get in contact with potentially cool new relatives. Through the marriage you will tide links with your partner’s family hence you might be lucky to find someone you can get on well very easy, has business potential or simply it is sharing the same interests as you do.
  • Get a proper family and potential help for retirement period. Through marriage you have the chance to have your own legit kids that will provided to be unexpected source of joy at early ages and a great potential help when retired.
  • Ease your way up through alliances. You never know (or you do) who the uncle of your partner is and what he does. You shouldn’t be following such things solely however it can happen that through such alliance to get few gates opening sooner than expected.
  • Opportunity for a quiet quality life. It is known that life expectancy of married people it is greater than people living on their own. Also, the search for the right partner (which can be very frustrating sometime) being over, there is more time for you and your activities of choice.
  • Better tax system. Depending from country to country, there are certain benefits for married people in term of taxation, not mentioning the situation of having kids as well. This marital status will apply to pretty much everything from the percentage of your salary taxation to insurance rates.

Threats for Married versus Single

married_man_2Wrong partner. This is probably the worst thing can happen because you didn’t know who you were sleeping with can prove pretty costly in terms of time, headaches and even money. A great wife / husband can help you by a great deal providing you a balance point at home even if having a job where things are not going “according to the plan”. At the same time, choosing the wrong partner will ruin your sentimental life, will shatter your confidence in marriage and you can also lose money at the end of the day.

– Sticking to your old habits. If not willing to change and adapt to the new situation, you can lose your new family pretty quick while the whole procedure and associated “activities” not being very nice.

– Boring sex life. Since you are doing everything with the same partner for years, you will lose some of your appetite however there are way of spicing things up. If going for “low hanging fruits” and busted you will probably end up single again not mentioning the bad record.

– Nasty “parents-in-law”. Some people are not very fortunate and despite having a good partner, his/hers parents that will not like the spouse very much and this can cause a lot of tensions in between the new couple that can break apart easily under a “strong parental influence”. It is well known the mother-in-law attitude.

–  Lost interest in own person. For some people as soon are getting married and considered “off the market” they tend to lose interest in their own person. They will stop being as careful as before in terms of dressing up till watching their weight. That is why, quite a few people only couple of years into the marriage are totally changed and the most commonly seen sign has to do with putting on weight, sometime by a great deal while losing suddenly all interest for gym classes.As a disclaimer on all of the above, since humans are unique, there are many variables that you will face in real life for reasons such below:

–   Unable to “read” properly your partner till will be too late. Unfortunately some are unable to predict partner’s reaction in some special moments even they’ve been sharing the same house for few years. Having said that, you can get very surprised by certain reactions you haven’t foreseen when picturing your partner.

–  You can have a happy married life or a crappy one, same situation for the unmarried couples. The fact that you have a marriage certificate doesn’t necessarily improve your couple life however can avoid certain discussions at some point, especially after having kids. However, if you are motivated, in long term people will adapt to one another and I’ve seen quite a few party girls turning up to be unbelievable mothers and great wife. You can “train” your partner to some extent and there are people that can live with pretty much any partner while having a decent couple life while others not being able to last 6 months with the nicest partner.

– Money will play an important role in a couple and I’ve seen many younger ladies (and some guys as well) getting married with a wealthy partner with the hope of a better life. Keep in mind that not everything is forever and I have few examples (I know for fact few cases) when the main earner has got incapacitated due an accident, lost a good job and wasn’t able to find another with similar income or the wealthier parent who was used as a cash cow for years has lost his life. This has direct impact in the life of a couple (married or not) and money (the lack of money in fact) will start many unpleasant discussions, some of them ending quite rough.

Married vs Single: Just to conclude, a marriage certificate will not guarantee a happy life however in certain cases will help avoiding more discussions while acting as a behavioral barrier thinking back at your single life. Now you have someone else to care about, to respect and consult when taking certain decisions hence you cannot pick “low hanging fruits” anymore in exchange having a safer and more comfortable life.

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  1. Married people do live much longer which is Real Fact. Depression can set in if you happen to be a very weak minded person. But then again if you happen to be a Very Rich person and have a lot of friends which it can be very Rewarding since you could travel and go to many places.

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