weight loss bootcamp

Losing weight with a boot camp

Is boot camp effective for weight loss or should we just leave it to the military? Thousands of people have successfully lost weight in boot camp style weight loss center. These weight loss centers simulate military boot camp activities as well as restrict calories for its participants in order to lose weight effectively.

Many boot camp style centers have touted success rates from its members citing massive loss of weight for which it is intended and as long as you are active, restrict calories, weight loss will be maintained. The problem with maintaining boot camp activities is that it can get null and expensive.

Boot camps for weight loss began with the same idea as military boot camp — constant, strenuous physical activities almost non-stop for hours, minimal time for eating and the return to physical activities. Your instructor is the drill sergeant, barking orders for constant activities where you have to keep a certain pace as deemed by the instructor.

Boot camp for weight loss involves constant high-intensity exercises with little rest working most of your core muscles. These exercises can go on for 45 minutes to an hour burning up to 600 calories during that time. It is also good for the cardiovascular system and muscle conditioning.

The pros of weight loss boot camp are: weight loss, strength, and endurance, goal achieving, healthy eating, heart-healthy, and desire as motivation is key to weight loss.

The cons of weight loss boot camp are: strenuous physical exercise for stretches of time with no breaks, tiredness is not an option, restricted diet regimen, embarrassment (if weight is gained you are ridiculed in front of your peers), it can become expensive over time, and the exercise can become null and you may have to intensify your physical activities in order to get better results.

People that have participated in boot camps for weight loss touted its success and the weight melts off; however, if physical activity is either ceased or not as intense, the weight may return. Participants often return to boot camp in order to get the same or similar results sometimes successful and oftentimes expensive.

In order to participate and be successful in a boot camp for weight loss, you should consult your healthcare professional first, be aware of the physicality of boot camp, the time required and your own personal motivation for losing weight.

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