keeping your home flea-free

Keeping Your Home Flea-Free

Flea foggers are an effective way of ridding your home of infestation by poisoning with a cloud of toxic chemicals. Not only do they kill the adult fleas, but also attack their eggs and larvae to prevent a recurrence of their breeding cycle.

However, because of their toxicity and the fact that they normally take a more than 8 hours to work completely, you need to be sure that you stay out of the house for most of the day (if not longer). You must also get any pets including dogs, cats, fish, and birds, as well as any other animals out of there. In addition, be sure that their food (as well as your own) is safely sealed away from any exposure. This also goes for their bedding and toys.

If you have children, you need to make sure that their toys are kept away from any areas that the flea foggers are used as well.. Remember that these chemicals may be ideal for ridding your living space of insects, which can cause a lot of health diseases, but they can cause a lot of health problems themselves.

Homeopathic flea killers

Not everyone, however, is a fan commercial chemicals. For those who prefer a more holistic approach to ridding their homes of the pesky little bloodsuckers there are several homeopathic methods you can try.

These include making your own flea bomb by mixing borate powder or boric acid with botanical dust and then applying it on furniture, rugs, curtains, and other areas, including pet beds, to kill and hidden eggs or larvae before they have a chance to mature.

While adult fleas are only able to survive for about a week without blood from a host, the babies can hang around for several months unless killed when they are at their most vulnerable stage. It is important, however, not to breathe in the dust yourself and to use a mask when spreading it around the house. In fact, most experts suggest leaving the house for a full 24-hours after dusting, then vacuuming it up and washing your sheets before remaking the beds.

Meanwhile, less intrusive methods for getting rid of fleas include simply filling a shallow pan with dishwashing liquid and leaving it near a night light or low-hanging lamp. Like most insects, fleas are attracted to light, and when they approach it, they will end up hopping into the pan where they will drown.

The trick, of course, is to make sure that the pan is also out of the reach of pets and/or young children who may be tempted to take a drink, and thus end up with gastric distress and/or diarrhea from the detergent. You also don’t want them to ingest any of the dead fleas floating in the water.

Another simple solution is to boil thin slices of a fresh lemon in 1 pint of water. Allow it to stand overnight to increase potency. Then pour into a spray bottle and spritz it on infested areas. This can also be used safely on your laundry as well as on animals. In fact, it is important to bathe your pets regularly to prevent them from bringing fleas inside. Be sure to check with your vet for the safest products available.

Lastly, you can try spreading cedar chips around affected areas inside an out. While many people like the smell, fleas abhor it and will stay clear of the piles. Just be sure that your own pets do not have any cedar chip allergies.

Note: While It is important to vacuum your house regularly to keep it free of fleas, be sure to throw out the bags after each use to prevent the bugs from breeding inside.

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