Inteligen Reviews | Does it Work or Scam?

Inteligen is a new brain enhancing supplement that is supposed to boost memory, productivity, and even intelligence. In fact, this supplement should improve all cognitive functions, and even help other biological processes.

The company behind it claims that it contains all-natural ingredients, all of them proven as effective. On top of that, the product should be able to offer these benefits with minimal side effects.

But can it really work? After all, these claims are made for all supplements, and not all of them offer good results. But judging by its ingredients, Inteligen can indeed work. And with minimal side effects, just as promised.   

What is Inteligen?

inteligen bottleInteligen is supposed to improve all cognitive functions by nourishing brain cells and promoting healthy levels of acetylcholine.

This is a neurotransmitter, a chemical the facilitates communication between cells. While primarily associated with brain activity, neurotransmitters affect the entire body, as they regulate the activity of all cells.

Each of them “carries” a specific type of information and generates a specific reaction, and is involved in many different processes. Serotonin, for example, balances emotions are aids digestion.

It has a direct impact on cognitive functions, and it cancels the effects of neurotransmitters that cause mental imbalances when produced in unhealthy amounts.

But acetylcholine doesn’t impact one cognitive function in particular. It doesn’t “carry” information itself, but it controls the activity of neurons. Which means that it benefits all cognitive functions, from memory and learning to focus and motivation.

On the other hand, it does “carry” information to the muscles. Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter that activates muscle responses, and blocking its effects (through other substances) can lead to paralysis.  

Obviously, this neurotransmitter has a very positive effect not only on the brain but over the entire body. If Inteligen really does promote healthy levels of acetylcholine, is should have a positive impact on general health.

Of course, its main effect should be improved mental performance. It should increase focus and concentration, which in turn should manifest as increased productivity. And unlike supplements which include stimulants, effects shouldn’t be short lived.  

This supplement is available as capsules and seems to be a very new release. Inteligen most likely became available at the beginning of 2016, and not much information is yet available on the product or the company behind it.

The official website does a good job at presenting the most important features of the supplement, but no customer feedback is available at the moment.  

Reviews are the best source of information, but the product is very new and it’s likely that the first customers are still testing it.

Also, at the time of this review, the website is affected by a glitch or other issue that makes the terms section and privacy policy impossible to access. And for this reason, we have no information on the company behind it.

The lack of a privacy policy might seem very suspicious, and some might even consider it an attempt at hiding information from the potential customers.

But it’s very likely that this is only a temporary issue since not displaying this document could end up ruining the business.

Displaying a privacy policy that lets potential users know exactly what will happen with their private details is mandatory by law.

Companies that don’t comply can end up paying thousands of dollars in fines for each user who makes a purchase through the website without having access to the privacy policy. So in Inteligen’s case, it’s safe to assume that the problem is temporary and will be fixed soon enough.

And while we don’t have access to information on the company, we know where the product is manufactured. The company claims that Inteligen is made in the US, in a state-of-the-art facility.

This is a good point in the favor of this product, as it guarantees that it doesn’t include low quality or prohibited ingredients.

Many imported health supplements include substances that while perfectly legal in their countries of origin, are considered unsafe by US standards. And they’re considered unsafe for very good reasons.

Some supplements have caused serious health problems by including prohibited substances. And unfortunately, the only way for customers to avoid this situation is by making sure that they purchase a supplement that is made in the US.

This is not to say that imported supplements are generally unsafe, as most of them are in fact harmless. But every once in a while one of these products has to be removed from the market for causing health damage.

Thankfully this never happens with supplements that are manufactured in the US. Most of them are unable to cause any kind of damage unless the users are particularly sensitive to ingredients that are otherwise harmless.

Also, these products have another great advantage: short storage time. Supplements that are manufactured in the US and sold to US customers are not subjected to intense heat or freezing temperatures for long periods of time.

These issues are very common when products are delivered  from one continent to another, and they greatly affect their quality. Not only do supplements lose their effectiveness, but they can become spoiled and cause health problems. And in Inteligen’s case, delivery is particularly fast.

The company mentions that the product will arrive at the customer within 4 days since placing the order. International customers will receive the product as fast as possible also, in 9 days at most.

Does Inteligen really work?

Judging by the ingredients, Inteligen should indeed boost cognitive functions. As we’ll see in the next section, this product doesn’t contain any groundbreaking ingredients, but this works in its favor.

All the substances included in this product are also available in other supplements, and there’s a good reason for that.

They are known to work and they have minimal side effects, just as the company claims. But of course, these ingredients are not guaranteed to work just well in all cases. Because they’re natural, they’re also rather mild.

They’re able to generate great results in many cases, but at the same time, some users won’t notice any changes. They will benefit health in all cases, but not necessarily in a noticeable way.

This is perfectly normal for health supplements in general, as all of them include substances which don’t have a strong impact on health. If they did, they would be classified as drugs and wouldn’t be available over the counter.

These products are mild and their effects vary from user to user, which is why each supplement enthusiast must experiment for a while before they find the product which fits them best.

Some supplements do include stronger substances and tend to generate the same effects in the vast majority of users. But they also have strong side effects, which is why they’re not a good choice for those who have never used brain boosters before.

Inteligen, on the other hand, is not a strong supplement, which makes it fit for all users. Of course, since it doesn’t include powerful substances it will only work well for some of its users. But it’s a safe choice, especially for those who are sensitive to stimulants.

Inteligen doesn’t include caffeine or similar substances, so it’s not able to cause the side effects associated with them. At the same time, while its effects are milder, they will last longer.

This product is supposed to promote brain health instead of stimulating specific functions for short periods of time. Some supplements work very much like coffee, but this product should have more subtle and long lasting effects.

Of course, for some, it might work just as well as coffee. Users who are particularly receptive to its ingredients could use it as an energy booster in the morning. But this is most likely not a common occurrence.

Unfortunately, since Inteligen is so new, it doesn’t have any customer reviews yet. It’s hard to say how well it works or if it provides noticeable benefits for the majority of users. It certainly should, but until customers start sharing their experiences, we can’t know for sure.

Still, regardless of how helpful Inteligen might be, its effects won’t manifest unless the product is used on a regular basis.

The company doesn’t offer clear instructions on the website, but it seems that users should consume at least one capsule a day.

The website mentions that the capsule should be ingested early in the morning or when the user needs an energy boost. But it’s more likely that the proper dosage is 2 capsules a day.

This is a safe assumption considering that one bottle of Inteligen contains 60 capsules. Most supplements are available in bottles which contain one month’s supply, and this is most likely also the case for Inteligen.

And because the ingredients in this product are mild enough, users can ingest the 2 capsules at the same time. Of course, to make sure that they won’t have an unwanted reaction, users should  start with one capsule a day.

And when they increase the dosage to 2 capsules, they should ingest them at separate times. But if they don’t notice any side effects, taking 2 capsules at a time should be perfectly safe.

This is not to say that the product is likely to cause side effects. In fact, it seems less likely to cause unwanted reactions than similar supplements.

We weren’t able to find any reviews regarding unwanted side effects, and surely the users would have shared their experiences if the product caused any kind of heath issues. Inteligen is very new, but surely the first users would have complained if it were able to affect the body in a negative way.

That being said, the ingredients can cause unwanted symptoms in those who are very sensitive to them, so users shouldn’t take any risks and increase the dosage very slowly.

What are the ingredients of Inteligen?

The website offers information on a number of ingredients, but it’s hard to say if the supplement doesn’t also include other substances.

We don’t get to see the label of the product, which is unfortunate given that this is the  best source of information we could have access to.

Potential clients should be able to see the label before purchasing the product, and hopefully, it will become available in the future.

At the moment Inteligen is only available for purchase online, so users are unable to have a look at the full list of ingredients before receiving it.  

Still, the website offers plenty of information on the ingredients that are available. It’s likely that the product doesn’t include other active substances, so only the fillers and  additives remain a mystery. It’s safe to assume that they’re harmless, but still, potential customers should be aware of them.

The active ingredients are:

  • Bacopa monnieri
  • vinpocetine
  • Ginko biloba
  • acetyl-l-carnitine
  • Vitamin B6

All of them are well known to those who are familiar with  brain enhancers and reveal an interesting detail about this  product.

It seems that Inteligen is 100% vegetarian, so it’s fit for all diets. Still, since the website doesn’t offer any information on the additives, it’s hard to say if that is really the case. The capsules might be made from gelatin, which is an animal by-product.

This is another reason why the label should be available on the website as soon as possible. Clients shouldn’t have to wait until their orders arrive to discover if the product is fit for their diets. But on the plus side, Inteligen does come with a money back guarantee.

Clients who are unable to use it can just send it back with no trouble. Next, we’ll have a look at each of the ingredients, and see just how much they can help mental functions.

Bacopa monnieri (also known as brahmi) is one of the most common ingredients of brain boosters. It has been used in Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) but is now popular all over the world. This plant seems able to increase the production of neurotransmitters, including acetylcholine, which is why it’s commonly used to treat brain and mental affections.

Some use it to relieve anxiety and ADHD, and some even use it for more dangerous mental affections. And while Bacopa hasn’t been proven as able to relive mental illness, it’s certainly able to improve memory.

Scientific research shows it as able to boost this function in both children and adults. Which means that most likely, Bacopa can also improve other cognitive functions.

Memory is closely linked to learning and other similar processes, so the plant should have a positive effect on most mental processes.

Also, it seems that Bacopa is able to protect brain cells against Alzheimer’s and similar degenerative conditions. This plant seems to be a good addition to anyone’s diet, even if they’re not looking to boost their mental functions.

Next, we have vinpocetine, which is an artificial substance. This might seem odd given that Inteligen is advertised as 100% natural. But this substance, despite being man-made, resembles a chemical that is naturally found in the Vinca minor plant.

It is pure so it lacks all the extra compounds that are found in the natural extract, but its effects are similar. And these effects are quite powerful. Vinpocetine  is considered a drug is some areas of the world (although it’s not nearly as powerful as most drugs), and it’s even used as a treatment for ischemic stroke.

This condition is extremely dangerous  (a blood clot blocks blood flow to the brain), but vinpocetine seems able to help. This is because this substance increases blood flow to the brain. It’s unclear how vinpocetine achieves this but increased blood flow has a positive effect on all cognitive functions.

There is no scientific evidence that vinpocetine can help in specific brain conditions, or that is able to boost specific cognitive functions. But it’s well known that it increases blood flow, and this can only have a positive impact.  

Ginko biloba seems to have a similar effect, but it affects the entire body, not just the brain. This plant has been used as medicine for almost 5,000 years now, and there’s a very good reason for that. Ginko increases blood flow in the entire body, so it’s able to help in countless health conditions.

It’s used for brain and mental affections, symptoms of diabetes, vision loss, heart disease and many other severe conditions. And it’s scientifically proven to help in all of them.

Of course, Ginko  is not a cure for these affections, but it can certainly reduce their symptoms and even prevent them to some degree.

And as expected, Ginko has been proven as able to improve cognitive functions. Ginko is one of the few plants that have a very positive effect on the entire body, and just like Bacopa, it’s a great addition to anyone’s diet.

Acetyl-l-carnitine, on the other hand, is different from the first 3 ingredients. It’s an amino acid, a building block for proteins. Amino acids serve various functions, one of which is energy production.

Ingested amino acids are mostly converted into energy, but acetyl-l-carnitine seems able to also affect the brain.

It’s not yet understood how it works, but it manages to increase blood flow to the brain and improve mental functions, particularly in older people. It’s also able to decrease the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and similar affections, so it’s certainly a good addition to Inteligen.

Last on the list  is vitamin B6, a substance that doesn’t have a direct impact on mental functions. But Vitamin B6 is essential for the proper development and health of the brain and other body parts, and  lacking it has a severe impact on the entire body. Like all the other ingredients, it’s a good choice for Inteligen.

Is Inteligen safe?

Inteligen is very safe, but the ingredients are able to cause side effects in sensitive users. First, almost all ingredients can cause minor digestive disorders, nausea or insomnia. Nevertheless, this doesn’t seem likely to happen in the case of Intelligen.

As we’ve mentioned before, users have not complained of any side effects yet, so these symptoms will only affect a very limited number  of users.

But While the side effects are not a reason for concern, interaction with medication is. Most of the ingredients are able to cause serious problems when combined with prescription medication.

Which is why Inteligen (and the vast majority of health supplements) should never be used by those who are under treatment for any kind of condition. At least not without doctor’s approval.

The product is harmless when used by healthy individuals, but it has the potential to worsen some health conditions, especially when combined with medication.

Also, users must keep in mind that the ingredients which increase blood flow can increase the risk of bleeding. Vinpocetine and Ginko should not be used before surgery as they decrease blood’s ability to clot.

Lastly, this product should not be used by pregnant women and children under 18. The ingredients are harmless for healthy adults, but they haven’t been tested on children. Their effects on developing bodies are unknown, so it would be better to keep Inteligen away from children.

What are the benefits of Inteligen?

Inteligen should be able to provide all the benefits advertised by the company. The ingredients are scientifically proven as effective, and should be able to boost cognitive functions in most users.

In fact, this supplement should have a positive effect on the entire body and even offer some protection against different affections.

The ingredients both nourish and protect the brain and other parts of the body, and are not likely to cause side effects. Inteligen might not be able to replace coffee, but it can certainly increase general performance.

Why choose Inteligen?

This supplement would make  a good choice for those who are new to brain boosters or sensitive to strong stimulants.

It doesn’t include aggressive ingredients, so its effects are subtle and won’t take users by surprise like caffeine supplements do.

Inteligen won’t cause jitteriness and won’t increase blood pressure, so it’s very easy to handle even by those who never consume stimulants.

Also, it’s not likely to cause other side effects, so it’s a very safe choice. And while Inteligen contains ingredients that are common to many other brain enhancers, it has a more affordable price.

On top of that, Inteligen comes  with a 30-day money back guarantee. The company doesn’t mention when this guarantee starts; but it should be helpful even if it starts when the company ships the product, as delivery is very fast and won’t decrease it by long.

Lastly, Inteligen is available for worldwide delivery, so those who are interested in purchasing it can do so from wherever they might be located.

Where can I buy Inteligen?

inteligenAt the moment, Inteligen is only available on its official website. The company sells it at $49 for a bottle containing one month’s supply (60  capsules), but it also offers it in larger packages. These come  with discounts and can reduce the price of one bottle to $29.60.

This is the case for the larger package, which includes 5 bottles. Its total price is $148, but the discount is considerable.

Another option is the package which includes 3 bottles. It’s available for $99, and reduces the price per bottle to $33. Also, the larger packages come with free delivery.

Meanwhile, those who order one bottle will have to pay $9.95 for shipping and handling.

But while Inteligen is more affordable than similar supplements, clients must keep in mind that they’ll pay more than what the website displays.

The displayed prices (which we mentioned) apply after the mail-in rebates. Details on the rebates will arrive along with the orders, but initially, the clients will pay $50, $30, or $10 more (for 5, 3, and 1 bottle respectively).

Bottom line

Inteligen contains effective ingredients and is likely to increase metal functions in most of its users. It doesn’t contain strong stimulants and it’s free of side effects, so it’s a good choice for any person who is interested in brain enhancers.           

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