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Herpeset is a homeopathic treatment that promises to relieve the symptoms of herpes without any side effects, and by far one of the most popular products of its type. It was first released on the market in 1996, and almost 20 years later it’s still recommended as one of the best solutions for those who struggle with the symptoms of the infection. It seems that despite homeopathic medicine not having much credibility from a scientific point of view, this product does indeed work, even if not as fast as those affected by herpes would prefer.

What Is Herpeset?

offer herpesetHerpeset treatment is a liquid blend of natural plant extracts and other compounds, and it comes in small spray bottles. It’s presented as able to relieve inflammation, swelling, burning, pain, and all the other symptoms caused by the infection with herpes simplex.

The official website of the product states that each of the ingredients has been proven as effective against the blisters caused by the virus and that doesn’t generate any side effects, and while that’s mostly true, not many other details are available for potential customers.

A number of the ingredients are presented, but the label is not posted anywhere on the website despite it being the major seller of the product. But the full list can be found, and in another section, we’ll discuss the exact composition of this product. For now, we’ll have a look at what it can do, which is pretty amazing given its nature.

Does Herpeset Really Work?

Yes, it does, despite its ingredients not showing much promise independently, at least not when examined by mainstream scientists. None of the compounds included in this product are scientifically proven as effective in treating herpes, but it seems that blending them together in a homeopathic remedy will help just as well as a medical treatment. This is rather unusual, and not just because

Herpeset is all natural and shouldn’t have the strength of a drug, but because herpes simplex is a particularly stubborn virus. Despite the advances of medicine it stays impossible to kill, and all that both traditional and homeopathic medicine can do it treat it’s extremely bothering symptoms.

Of course, given that Herpeset is only a natural remedy it might not work in all cases, but the fact that is has been sold for almost 20 years is proof that all users can expect at least some amount of help. Medical professionals recommend it, and so do the users, although not many reviews are available.

It might be that the product is so well known that the users no longer feel the need to share their opinions, even if the advice would surely benefit those who have no experience with the infection and are just now confronting with its effects. It doesn’t help that herpes is generally considered an embarrassing matter and people are not very open to discussing it, despite it being so common that it affects a large percentage of the population.

There are many misconceptions surrounding this disease, and even those who are affected by it’s mildest form often feel misjudged by those who believe that contacting it is always the result of unhealthy behaviors.

The Truth About The Virus

This is because herpes simplex is extremely easy to acquire, at least in its type 1 variety. HSV-1 is usually contracted in childhood, and all that it requires is skin to skin contact. From the skin, the virus enters the body through the mouth, and this is why HSV-1 manifests through cold sores around the lips and generally in the face area.

And once it’s received, it will stay with the affected person for the rest of their life. One blister is proof of infection, and while some people never suffer through an actual outbreak, others have to handle the symptoms a few times a year. But HSV-1 doesn’t necessarily stop at the mouth, as it’s able to manifest in all areas of the body, including in the genital area.

This is not common but it can happen, confusing the sufferers who end up believing that they’ve been affected by a sexually transmitted disease. And HSV-2 is to blame for this because this is the form of herpes simplex that is actually transmitted sexually.

This type manifests through blisters in the genital area and rarely affects other parts of the body, and it’s also much more difficult to encounter, for obvious reasons. It’s easy to see why the two types can be easily confused and why many sufferers feel embarrassed by a mouth sore, but it should be kept in mind that it’s not very likely for either one of the HSV types to manifest in areas of the body that they don’t usually affect.

There’s no reason to consider an outbreak on the face a sign of a sexually transmitted virus, while blisters in the genital area are most likely the result of sexual contact with a person that carries HSV-2.

And the infection is difficult to prevent in both cases because the virus can be passed by those who are not affected by outbreaks. Actually, most people who become infected receive the virus from someone who doesn’t show any signs of disease, although the blisters make it much easier to pass to others.

And since some people never show the symptoms, it’s impossible to know for sure who is infected or not without the aid of medical tests. It seems that only luck can keep people away from HSV-1, although HSV-2 is more difficult to contact. The sexually transmitted form of herpes simplex is not as common, but since it manifests just like type 1, it’s still not easy to avoid. Protected sexual contacts lower the risk, but since the virus doesn’t manifest in a restricted area, it can be acquired by simply touching the skin close to the genital organs.

Herpeset is able to help in both types of HPV, preventing the outbreaks and all the unpleasant symptoms associated with them. Even if the blisters heal on their own after each outbreak and it might seem that the infection is not difficult to handle, a treatment might be mandatory in some cases, because the virus doesn’t always stop at the skin, and can also cause symptoms that are commonly associated with the flu.

And even if it only affects the skin, it sometimes spreads to large areas and remains active for such long periods of time that it’s no longer just an esthetic problem. It can cause severe pain, and when it affects the face it can make it difficult for the sufferer to eat, especially since the blisters can also appear on the tongue.

Ointments and creams are available for reducing the intensity of the symptoms, but some oral treatments can reduce their frequency or even prevent them entirely, and it seems that Herpeset is able to do just that. Some users claim that the product managed to completely stop the virus from manifesting, and all it takes is spraying it under the tongue 3 times a day.

This is an area of the body where the substance is absorbed almost instantly, but for best results the treatment has to be constant. It will take a few months until the effects fully manifest, so some of the users might still have to deal with outbreaks in this period.

Also, it shouldn’t be applied on the blisters, as not only will it have no effect on them but might actually worsen their condition. This treatment is designed for oral ingestion alone and it’s supposed to work from inside out, so ointments will still be necessary for the beginning.

What Are The Ingredients Of Herpeset?

Herpeset is a mixture of capsicum, Rhus tox, nitric acid, apis mellifica, pyrogenium, baptisia, purple coneflower extract, arsenic, woody nightshade, alcohol, and water. Some of these ingredients look like they don’t belong in the ingredient list of any type of medicine, but that’s how homeopathic treatments are designed.

“Fighting fire with fire” seems to be the principle that this medicine system is based on, and in the case oh Herpeset, it seems to work unexpectedly well. As we’ve already mentioned, none of the ingredients seem able to help with herpes, in particular, so let’s see how they might help in creating a blend that’s actually effective.

  • Capsicum, or chili pepper, is used in the treatment of many conditions, including stomach and heart disorders. It also seems able to relieve pain, especially if it’s caused by arthritis, neuropathy, and skin disorders. This one quality of the plant seems to be backed by science, and capsaicin (which is the active ingredient in capsicum) is approved by the FDA as a treatment for these specific conditions. It doesn’t seem to have unusual qualities over herpes, but since it seems to work in this blend, we can safely assume that it can relieve the pain caused by blisters just like in does for other skin conditions.
  • Then we have Rhus tox, an ingredient that most people have never heard of but have most likely seen. Some have even felt its effects, because Rhus tox is just another name for poison ivy. This plant is normally very dangerous when ingested, but in certain preparations in can ease the pain. There’s no scientific proof for this ability, but just like in the case of capsicum, it seems to work in Herpeset. But while poison ivy looks unsafe, the next ingredient is even more dangerous. Nitric acid is a highly corrosive compound, and among other applications, it’s used as rocket propellant. At this point, it would seem that there’s no way for Herpeset to be harmless, but it actually is. These substances are included in very low amounts and haven’t caused any damage so far, so there’s no reason for potential users to be worried about their health.
  • Apis mellifera, on the other hand, is a completely harmless ingredient, as this substance is naturally produced by bees. Also known as royal jelly, apis mellifera is produced by worker bees as a food source for queen bees, and it’s very rich in nutrients. It’s used as a treatment in many affections, including menstrual problems, asthma, hay fever, but also skin disorders. It’s also claimed that it can boost the immune system, and while there’s no proof for these statements, it’s abilities might be able to help in preventing the herpes virus form manifesting when combined with the other substances.
  • And the next ingredient also seems able to help, despite seeming one of the most unappetizing substances that we could possibly ingest. Pyrogenium is claimed to work well as an antiseptic, but it’s applications are only restricted to homeopathy. This might be because the substance is obtained from decomposed beef that has been left to rot in the sun for a specific period of time, but there is also no scientific proof for its properties, so traditional medicine doesn’t have any reason to take it into consideration. Still, it somehow works in Herpeset, so those interested shouldn’t be deterred from using the product.
  • Baptisia on the other hand (better known as wild indigo) doesn’t seem unappetizing at all, and on top of that, it’s known for its abilities to fight against many different types of infections. It’s used for cold, flu, tonsillitis and even malaria, but at the moment science only backs it’s qualities when it comes to the common cold, where it seems to help when combined with specific compounds. Still, since it seems able to fight infections, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t also help with herpes.
  • Next on the list is purplecone flower extract, which is just another name for Echinacea extract. This herb is also used in the treatment of infections, as it seems able to reduce inflammation and kill harmful organisms. Some people actually use it for herpes, so finding it in Herpeset is not unexpected. At the moment scientific studies only show it as effective over the common cold and yeast infections, but it does look promising. And then we have arsenic, which is probably the first ingredient that gets the attention of anyone reading the label of Herpeset. This notoriously deadly substance is actually found in many foods (in extremely small amounts), and it’s used as a homeopathic remedy for different affections. Traditional medicine uses it in the treatment of leukemia, so we do have some proof for its beneficial properties. Also, very small amounts are harmless, so Herpeset is far from being dangerous.
  • And the last ingredient is woody nightshade, which despite being poisonous when consumed seems to have some beneficial qualities over skin conditions and different types of pain. But only the stem is used to make medicine, as this is the only harmless part of the plant, so none of the toxic substances are ingested by users.

Is Herpeset Safe?

It wouldn’t seem like it, but it actually is very safe. It didn’t cause damage in almost 20 years of usage, so this is one of the few natural remedies that have been tested for very long periods of time without any obvious adverse reactions. But the ingredients should be kept in mind, and no one should use this product without a doctor’s approval. Not because it might be toxic, but because any of the substances can cause unwanted effects in sensitive people, and some of them are actually known as allergens.

Again, the product doesn’t seem to have ever caused health problems, but some precautions should be taken by all new users. Also, most of the ingredients interact with medication, so all potential users that are under treatment for any kind of affection should discuss Herpeset with their doctors.

Those who are not sure that the blisters are caused by herpes should receive a diagnostic from a professional because the symptoms could also be caused by other affections, especially when they manifest in the genital area. And the product should never be used by children under 12 unless their doctors advise it, while pregnant women shouldn’t use it under any circumstances.

The official website does a good job at offering information on the potential side effects and interactions of all the ingredients, but because Herpeset deals with an actual disease and it’s not just an aid for general health, those interested in it have to make sure that they make the right choices by receiving professional medical advice.

But there are some other reasons why the product might be considered unsafe, and this can only be blamed on the manner in which it’s manufacturing company presents it. There’s no false advertising, but they do refrain from giving certain details, which only serves in confusing the clients.

For example, the official website doesn’t present the full list of ingredients, and unless the client takes a look at the bottle itself, they have no way of knowing what it actually contains. Since the product is so popular the list is available from other sources, but given that they’re not official they don’t have much credibility for someone who’s looking for help with a serious medical condition.

Also, the official website never specifies what type of herpes the product treats. It’s easy to assume that it works for both type 1 and 2, but those who want to use it for mouth sores might be disappointed when receiving the package and discovering that the label clearly states that the product is a treatment for genital herpes.

We can’t imagine why Herpeset would be presented this way given that is works just as well in both cases, but this one detail might have customers that suffer from type 1 sending it back.

Also, neither the website or the label seem to disclose where exactly is the product manufactured, so it’s most likely not the US, even if it seems like it’s delivered all over the world from this area. The reason why we believe this is because the manufacturing company is not located in the US either, which brings us to another point.

The website doesn’t give any information on the manufacturer or their whereabouts, and it seems like the company can only be contacted through phone and the online contact form. There’s no name and no address, and different online sources present the product as manufactured by various companies.

This is because doing research by using the phone numbers reveals different companies, all of them specialized in natural remedies. The only explanation for this is all the companies using the same customer service provider, but we’re only assuming at this point and the situation could be much more complicated than that.

But behind Herpeset in actually Pacific Naturals, a company based in Cyprus that has a long experience in producing quality alternative medicine products. This can only be discovered on the packaging of the product, and it’s unclear why they would not disclose this detail on the website since it could only benefit them.

It seems like each of their products is sold through a different website, and almost impossible to associate with the other ones as they all seem to be offered by different brands. Unfortunately, this also makes each of them look like they’re the only product available from their manufacturer, which might make potential customers avoid effective remedies simply because the company behind them doesn’t seem to have a lot of experience in the field. But Pacific Naturals does have experience, and their products are some of the best available on the market despite the confusing information.

What Are The Benefits?

Herpeset is known to help in preventing the outbreaks caused by herpes simplex in both its forms, and it doesn’t seem to have any side effects. Using the product as recommended and on a daily basis should initially reduce the frequency of the outbreaks and the intensity of the symptoms, and in some cases, it will manage to stop them completely.

But stopping the treatment will most likely have the virus manifesting again, as Herpeset is only able to act against the symptoms and not their cause. There is no cure for herpes, so unfortunately those affected will always have to keep the virus under control.

Why Choose Herpeset?

This product has been used by a large number of people over a very long period of time, so it’s qualities are very much proven.

It’s a good alternative to medical treatments that might come with side effects or just disrupt the natural balance of the body, and it’s available at a decent price.

Also, it can be ordered from all over the world, so it’s easily accessible. The company can be contacted through a different phone number for every continent and as no one seems to have complained about customer service yet, so all clients can expect quality service.

Where Can I Buy Herpeset?

Herpeset is only available through the internet, and at the moment only on its official website. The company does offer to distribute the product to those who are interested in selling it, but at the same time, it mentions that Herpeset can only be sold online and never on Amazon, eBay, and similar websites. So it might be found in some online stores, but most likely in other areas of the world, where clients don’t want to wait until the product is delivered from the US.herpeset banner

One 30 ml bottle of Herpeset is sold for $29.95 on the official website, but larger packages come with discount prices.

Two bottles are available for $54.95, and a package containing 4 bottles (actually 3 bottles plus 1 free) can be purchased for $89.95.

The largest discount comes with the package containing 6 bottles (4 bottles and one free), which is available for only $119.95. But the shipping will also add up to the total price, and the clients can choose between two delivery options.

Standard delivery will cost them $7.94 for the first two order options (1 or 2 bottles), while rush delivery is available for $14.88.

The price difference might be worth it given that standard delivery will have the products received in between 10 and 14 days and rush delivery will take 6 days at most, but it’s not clear how much will this help the clients located outside the US. It’s mentioned that in these cases delivery can take up to 21 days, but we don’t know how much is the rush option able to reduce the waiting period.

The larger packages are more expensive to ship, with standard delivery being available for $9.94 (4 bottles) and $10.94 (6 bottles), and rush delivery having the customers charged $16.88 and $17.88 for the same orders.

Potential customers should also keep in mind that the orders will be processed in 1-3 days, so this will add up to the total waiting time. Also, the orders can’t be canceled once placed, so the only option in case of an accidental order is sending the products back.

Herpeset comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, but while it might seem that this will give the client the opportunity to test it, it only applies to unopened products. This means that customers can’t use the products without paying for them and can’t recover their money if dissatisfied, except when it comes to the large orders, where some bottles are bound to stay unopened. Also, there’s a $10 restocking fee for each of the returned products, so the full amount can never be recovered even if the products are untouched.

The website offers an option that allows returning customers to use Herpeset with fewer expenses, and it implies signing up for a program that might look like auto-delivery.

But this is not the much-hated scheme used by many other companies that sell their products through the internet, as clients, can’t sign up for it unknowingly as they actually have to place the order every month. It’s the choice of the client if they want to use this option or not, and it’s available no matter the value of the initial order, as long as it’s not returned.

And customers might want to take advantage of it because it will only cost them $16.97 a month, shipping fee included. But it should be kept in mind that if the first package (which is only available at one of the prices displayed on the order page) is returned, they forfeit the right to ever receive the product at discount price.

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