Happy Doughnut Day

Happy Doughnut Day!

Today, June 2nd, is National Doughnut Day! Americans love their doughnuts — so much so that the doughnut business is yet booming at 173.65 million consumption as of 2011 and is expected to increase to nearly 200 million by 2020.1 In 1938, the Salvation Army created National Doughnut Day to celebrate our army forces during the First World War. In the early 19th century doughnuts (without the holes) were invented so that pastries could be stored during lengthy trips on naval ships. The hole was capitalized on when it was discovered the doughnuts would cook easily and evenily.2 Doughnut consumption has since become synonymous with the police force as well as those in the workforce that still eat some form of breakfast. The media continually capitalizes on doughnuts with Homer Simpson being the doughnuts king, or the police chief in Home Alone who sloppily eats a doughnuts while advising the mother on her concerns for Kevin; almost every television show or movie that depicts police – someone, somewhere is eating a doughnut! We can’t get enough of doughnuts!

Along with the pastry-thon celebration comes the reality that doughnuts are really bad for you. Consuming one doughnut can bring you 52 calories with only a serving size of 13g. Now that is just calories! Doughnuts contain no real nutritional value and has 7g of sugars. Along with the carbs, doughnuts are deep fried. The fried or deep fried doughnuts will almost double calories and increase fat. While grouping all the nutritional values together, eating a doughnut can bring you to almost 1,400 calories and fat and no nutrition. Let’s not forget about the consumption of grease. Frying foods in general can cause an adverse reaction in the digestive systems especially for people with irritable bowel, acid reflux and/or digestive conditions as well as cardiovascular conditions.3

Nutritional facts in doughnuts (plain):
There are approximately 52 calories based on serving size of 13g
Caloric fats approximately 22g
Total fat 2g includes saturated fat and trans fat
Cholesterol 4mg
Sodium 50 mg
Carbs 7g including 3g sugars
Protein 1g
And absolutely No vitamins
(Source: nutrition data)

For those sugary, glazed doughnuts, double the nutritional facts of the plain but include calcium at 2% based on a 2,000 caloric diet.

With all of the healthy eating initiatives, the celebration of doughnuts remains a viable and fun event. Despite the obvious adverse health concerns, doughnuts taste good any time of the day and yes, let’s celebrate for one day. Happy Doughnut Day!

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