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Green Tea Diet

Green tea is famous for its antioxidants, tannins and flavonoids content, having therapeutic and detoxifying properties. In traditional Chinese medicine, green tea is known for its power to regulate weight problems by lowering the cholesterol levels and mobilizing fat deposits.

The effect of weight loss is due to polyphenols (especially the one called EGCG) contained in the green tea, that produce extra heat in the body and help burn calories.

Green tea also contains caffeine in moderate quantities and works by suppressing the appetite. In addition, polysaccharides and other components from the green tea help maintain low blood sugar levels.

Dietitians have designed programs based on the green tea consumption, which allows you to lose weight consistently and in a healthy way, providing the antioxidant support especially in cases of imbalances generated by the dissociated diets.
The principle on which a green tea diet is based is very simple: you need to drink the tea half an hour before each main meal, or even a smaller cup before the two daily snacks.
In addition, in the green tea diet you will be eating only healthy foods and you will be surprised to see that the imminent sugar and fat cravings will diminish.

Most popular diets that can be included green tea diets are the dissociated diets, Rina diet, Dukan, Atkins (diets with dissociated elements, based on certain food groups), the Zone diet (based on the balance between the insulin level in the body and the fat removal), Sugar Busters diet (complete replacement of sugar with artificial sweeteners), Paleolithic diet (focused on eating simple, unprocessed food), South Beach Diet (promotes the consumption of carbohydrates and “good” fats).

Green-Tea-LR1With the help of a 3 months green tea regime, plus plenty of exercise and a controlled diet, no sweets, flour and fat in excess, one can lose in a controlled manner up to 8 – 10kg.
In large quantities, the green tea consumption dehydrates and removes the water from the tissues.
It is to be consumed in infusions with warm water (60 – 70 degrees), because if the water is too hot the tea will have a bitter taste.
Do not eat after 5.00 pm because of the caffeine content, with waking up and refreshing effects, similar to coffee.

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