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Gordon Ramsey fuels NASCAR team with crab omelets

Forget the over-boiled hotdogs and “grayish” hamburgers often served up at various venues on the NASCAR circuit. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay chose to fuel up the Stewart-Haas crew with a gourmet breakfast featuring crab omelets, hash with Old Bay seasoning and fruit smoothies with fresh vanilla during a recent filming of his TV show “The F Word”at Dover International Speedway in Delaware.

And while he sought to give Danica Patrick “more than some cooking tips” during their time together, he did tell the team’s tire changer Eric Maycroft, that the trick to making a great omelet is to “tip it 2 or 3- times; a little flip and that lifts the bottom.”

Maycroft, served as the sous chef for the segment, chopping and blending ingredients alongside Ramsay for about a ½-hour during their segment of the show, scheduled to air on FOX TV Wednesday, June 7th. This wasn’t the first time Maycroft found himself in front of the cameras, having served in a bit part in the 2006 Will Ferrell movie “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky “ Other NASCAR celebrities appearing in the film included “Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jamie McMurray, Mike Joy, Darrell Waltrip, Larry McReynolds and FOX NASCAR field reporter Dick Berggen,

In the meantime, Ramsey, 50, seemed to have a lot to say to the 35-year old Danica Patrick after discovering that she had once lived in Milton Keynes, not far from where he grew up in England. Aside from agreeing that there are a lot better places to eat breakfast than in the UK, Ramsay learned that Patrick is a “fitness freak, who enjoyed an early morning race day repast of butternut squash, ground bison, and half an avocado. She also professed a taste for filet, noting that, ”once you’ve tasted the best, it is hard to go back.”

This is not the first time Patrick has participated in a cooking show. On September 3, 2013, she appeared on“Chopped, the Food Network’s competitive cooking show in which celebrities compete for charities, and defeated 3 other contestants to win for COPD.

Gordon was also heard asking her what she was doing for Thanksgiving, and whether he could “take her on holiday with him.” What he did not say, however, was his usual “F-bomb” during his time at the track, although he was given his own taste of changing lugnuts on a fake pit stop, and giving the order for drivers to “start their engines.” He also had plenty of compliments for the crabs in Delaware and other local foodstuffs after making his own pitstop at a place called Wawa while driving to the airport.

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