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Gluco Health Natural Blood Sugar Regulator

Most natural supplements are designed either for the treatment of minor health issues or as an aid in diet or exercise, but luckily some of them deal with serious health problems for which medication often seems the only solution. And one of the most common diseases in the western world is diabetes, which is commonly caused by the high intake of carbohydrates, although it can also be the result of genetic factors.

gluco healthIn those affected by this disease, the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin, the hormone responsible for the healthy metabolism of glucose, the substance that results from carbohydrate digestion. When glucose is absorbed by the blood in high quantities, insulin lowers it’s level by either storing or using it for energy. But when there is little or no insulin, the high sugar level can lead to anything from increased blood pressure to heart attack. It’s a very dangerous issue that can only be kept under control by medication and diet, but supplements might be able to help too. We’ll have a look at Gluco Health by Herbs Forever, a product that presents itself as able to keep a healthy balance of the blood sugar level.

What is Gluco Health?

This supplement is a blend of natural substances that comes in the shape of capsules and promises to keep the level of sugar in check by stimulating the pancreas and promoting a better action of the insulin that is produced. It’s supposed to reduce blood sugar and inhibit sugar cravings, but at the same time it protects the body from a sugar level drop that is dangerous in it’s own way. Also, a better metabolism of sugar should increase energy and help in the improvement of all body functions.

Does Gluco Health work?

It seems like it does in most cases. The majority of the reviews are positive, and the ingredients do indeed look like they could be effective. But as people react differently to supplements, it might take a while to notice the results.

GlucoHealth claims that this slow manifesting result is generated by the process of ingredients working over the causes and not the symptoms of diabetes, but if it does bring great results the wait it’s sure worth it. For best results the supplement should be used along diet, and the recommended dosage should be followed carefully. The users are supposed to ingest one or two pills at a time, 3 or 4 times a day, before meals. And although it’s better not to skip over doses, overdose should also be avoided. Gluco Health is completely natural but, just like all other supplement, could have negative effects in certain people, either because of high dosage or just sensitivity to certain compounds included in it. And because diabetes is a dangerous disease, this product should not replace prescription medication. Actually, it shouldn’t be used at all without a doctor’s approval, and never by pregnant women or children.

What are the ingredients in Gluco Health?

GlucoHealth offers a complex blend of herbal extracts, vitamins and other natural compounds, and we’ll have a look at some of the most important, starting with the ones that seem the most effective in diabetes itself and ending with those that are helpful in related issues. So we’ll start with chromium, banaba, bitter melon, cinnamon, gymnema, bilberry, vanadium, alpha-lipoic acid and taurine.

  • Chromium is a metal that is one of the essential elements in the human body, and although it’s needed in very small amounts, it’s very useful in the treatment of diabetes of both type 1 (caused by genetic factors) and type 2 (generated by high intake of carbohydrates) and also in pre-diabetes, as it’s effective in lowering bad cholesterol while increasing the amounts of healthy fats metabolized by the body.
  • Also very useful when dealing with diabetes is banaba, a crepe myrtle tree species that grows in Asia. Some scientific studies have shown that this plant is able to lower blood sugar and improve the efficiency of insulin in people that suffer of type 2 diabetes. Also, it seems like it can also lower blood pressure.
  • Another ingredient is bitter melon, which is also found in Asia, and along with it’s properties as a food ingredient, it seems effective in the treatment of many health problems. It’s commonly used in digestive issues but it’s chemical composition makes it very useful in diabetes too, as this plant actually contains a chemical that resembles insulin and helps in reducing blood sugar levels.
  • Some studies show that cinnamon is also able to reduce blood sugar, although results are considered inconclusive at this time. But this spice is also known for it’s great antioxidant properties, and it should be very useful in the treatment of most affections.
  • Gymnema on the other hand is known as able to inhibit the absorption of sugar in the intestine. This plant is actually a shrub found in Africa and India, and it’s leaves have been traditionally used in medicinal purposes. And it seems like it’s also able to promote a better functioning of the pancreas, which is the producer of insulin.
  • Another plant traditionally used as medicine is bilberry, which not only helps in diabetes but also in heart and blood vessels issues. It’s best known as an aid in improving vision, but some studies show that some compounds contained in it are able to lower blood sugar and cholesterol, while at the same time improving blood circulation.
  • Next we find a compound that, unlike those before, is useful in actually increasing blood sugar. Vanadium is a mineral that helps in keeping the balance of blood sugar while decreasing the amount of cholesterol and protecting the heart. Some studies, although not considered solid proof, show that this mineral might have the effects of insulin.
  • Then we have alpha-lipoic acid, an antioxidant used in the treatment of diabetes and it’s painful symptoms, but also in heart and blood vessels affections. As an antioxidant, this compound is very helpful in a large number of diseases, and it’s role in the break down of carbohydrates makes it useful not only in lowering blood sugar but also in the treatment of obesity.
  • And the last of the primary ingredients is taurine, an amino acid that seems able to be very efficient in the treatment of heart issues, high cholesterol, high blood pressure so of course diabetes.

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These were the many ingredients that act directly over the symptoms of diabetes, and next we’ll have a look at some of the other compounds included in GlucoHealth, which should increase their effects and be beneficial for allover health. These are vitamins C and E, magnesium, biotin, zinc, manganese, guggul, licorice extract, yarrow, capsicum and juniper.

  • Vitamin C is used in the treatment of many affections, most often the common cold, but it seems like it’s able to help in heart and arteries issues too, decreasing high blood pressure and cholesterol. There is no actual proof for these qualities at this time, but this compound is so important for general health that it could only be beneficial in diabetes.
  • Also useful in heart and blood vessels affections seems to be vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that is able to prevent a number of affections.
  • Magnesium, another element that is essential for the body, seems able to lower the bad cholesterol and increase the amount of good fats in the blood, so at the same time it prevents heart issues.
  • Zinc is also essential for health, but in very small amounts. It promotes a healthy immune system and because of it’s ability to decrease blood pressure, it’s also useful in the treatment of diabetes.
  • Then we have manganese, another element that is needed in very small amounts, and normally used in the treatment of osteoporosis. It doesn’t look particularly useful in diabetes, but bone health alone is enough to consider it a good addition to this blend.
  • Guggul, a substance obtained from the commiphora mukul tree, which has been used in traditional Indian medicine for thousands of years. It seems like it contains some compounds that are able to lower cholesterol and reduce irritation in some types of acne.
  • Licorice extract seem beneficial in digestive issues and infections caused by viruses and bacteria, but it also seems useful in the strengthening of arteries.
  • Next on the list is yarrow, a herb traditionally used in the treatment of many different conditions, from common cold to toothache, and it looks like it could be useful in diabetes as a pain reliever.
  • Capsicum, which is just another name for chili pepper, is mostly used in the treatment of digestive issues, but it seems to also be effective in heart and vessels issues as it lowers cholesterol. It can also alleviate nerve pain, which can be generated among other factors by diabetes. It’s pain reliever qualities are currently under study as it has the potential to be used as an actual pain drug.
  • The last ingredient that we’ll look at is juniper, a tree that grows in many parts of the world. It’s extract is more commonly used for digestive issues, but as it looks like it can also influence blood sugar, it’s seems useful in the treatment of diabetes too.

Is Gluco Health safe?

It’s claimed that the product has no side effects, and it looks like indeed none have been observed by this time. But the ingredients themselves, as beneficial as they might be, could be dangerous when ingested in high quantities.

  • Vitamins C and E could cause negative effects especially in people with diabetes if the recommended dosage is surpassed, while magnesium could generate low blood pressure and heart issues.
  • Chromium, bilberry, bitter melon, gymnema, juniper, cinnamon and banaba shouldn’t be used along diabetes medicine without a doctor’s approval, as they could lower blood sugar to a dangerous level.
  • Licorice extract interacts with many kinds of medication, and in high quantities is able to generate severe side effects, including miscarriage or early delivery in pregnant women, so it should absolutely not be used during pregnancy.
  • Juniper too could cause miscarriages, while vanadium is known for generating side effects quite often. So although no negative effects have been reported, show this product to your doctor before staring to use it, don’t take unnecessary risks and don’t use it if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

What are the benefits?

It looks like Gluco Health actually contains most natural compounds that could help in diabetes, and event though not all of them have been scientifically proven as effective, the product still seems like a good alternative to prescription medicine for those with pre-diabetes, when recommended by a doctor of course, and a great help along with medication for those already affected by the disease. It could lower blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure and even help with pain, so it looks like it really could control diabetes, which unfortunately still doesn’t have a cure.

Why choose Gluco Health?

The product seems to be effective, and the reviews prove it. And the ingredient list is so large that at least some of the compounds should work for any particular person. It looks like the company went out of it’s way to find natural substances that have been traditionally used all over the world, they didn’t focus on just one approach of diabetes and related issues. So as far as supplements go, this blend seems like one of the best options.

Where can I buy Gluco Health?

Gluco Health is available on it’s official site and also on Amazon, at $67 for a bottle containing 30 capsules. The site offers discounts for packages of 2 and 4 bottles ($117.90 and $197.80 respectively), and right now it’s available a “buy one get one free” offer. Also, the product comes with a money back guarantee, so you’re free to try it for 30 days without the risk of losing money if by some chance it doesn’t help at all. But as it looks that results are pretty slow to show, it would be better if you waited for a longer period of time.order gluco health

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