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 What is Geniux Advanced Brain Formula?

geniux bottleGeniux supplement is a brain booster that comes in the form of capsules and is claimed to generate an improvement of the cognitive functions in the short term, while at the same time helping the brain and overall health in the long run.

The company presents it as manufactured in the USA, in an FDA approved facility, and all its ingredients are supposed to be 100% natural and unable to cause side effects. This statement can be considered false because the nature of the compounds doesn’t really say anything about their potential negative effects.

Some of the most dangerous substances are completely natural, so this argument can’t be used in the favor of the product. This is not in any way to say that Geniux is dangerous, but its safety can’t be guaranteed through its origin.

The official website of this supplement states that out cognitive functions start to decline as early as 30 years old, and that the product can not only help in preserving healthy brain functions but also in improving them, and it goes as far as to claim that it can increase intelligence.

But intelligence is the sum of all cognitive functions, so this supplement might just help if it really does affect the brain in the ways that it’s presented as able to.

Geniux Advanced Brain Formula is supposed to improve both short and long-term memory, increase the ability to focus, provide you with more energy and even improve your mood. This is what most brain enhancers claim to generate in users, and many times they do work.

But while the largest portion of this type of supplements are designed to be either fast acting or effective in the long term, this supplement is presented as able to provide the users with both types of benefits.

The first results should be observed after only 15 minutes since the intake. It’s recommended to ingest this product in the morning, along with a glass of water, but it’s also claimed to be safe for ingestion whenever you feel like you need a boost.

It’s claimed to be a nootropic, and this is why the first effects should be so easily noticeable. Nootropics are also called “smart drugs” and are proven as able to increase mental performance shortly after ingestion.

They stimulate the central nervous system, which results in improved focus, mental clarity and an increase in the level of energy.

What nootropic qualities this product really has we’ll discover when we analyze its ingredients, but for now, we’ll keep discussing the properties presented by the company.

It’s claimed that the long term effects of Geniux should be noticed in a period of around 4 weeks, although the first results might be expected in as short as a week after starting the treatment.

Beyond it’s nootropic qualities, this products should increase the production of neurotransmitters, an effect that should be observed mostly in the long term.

These compounds are easily synthesized by the body if all the needed substances are available, but their effects vary depending on their type.

Neurotransmitters are chemicals involved in sending information from one brain cell to another, and different types are responsible for various processes and brain functions.

Because this product claims to improve mood, we can assume that it will increase the level of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that plays an important role in regulating emotion and has a long life span in the human body.

Although it’s called the “happy hormone”, it doesn’t have euphoric effects and only helps in keeping emotional balance, but it should reduce stress and improve mental performance altogether. And this product should increase the production of all neurotransmitters, so it should indeed improve all cognitive functions if it’s works as claimed.

And one statement that got our attention is Geniux’s ability to generate an effect that the website calls “elegent illuminism”. We can’t really find a meaning in this combination of (maybe) words, but it refers to the product’s ability to cause it’s users to have “light-bulb moments”.

And this should be expected if the ingredients will improve brain functions, but potential customers that research this product might be confused by this unusual concept alone, so it really doesn’t seem like a good advertising choice. But this is just one of the unusual statements made in Geniux’s favor.

It’s also claimed that the supplement is developed by doctors and lab tested, but we don’t really have any proof for these statements. We don’t know who worked on this product, but its formulation is presented as the result of long years of research. The capsules are called “smart-caps” and should work by releasing the ingredient blend in a very fast and effective manner.

Geniux Review: Does This Advanced Brain Formula Work ?

Health supplements are not regulated by the FDA and it’s very easy for manufacturers to release on the market any types of dietary products that might bring them financial gains.

Many supplements are available on shelves and seem more trust worthy, but a large portion of them are only advertised and available for order through the internet.

This marketing medium has made borderline illegal business opportunities very easily accessible, and consumers must be very careful with every purchase simply because many of the manufacturing companies don’t have their best interests at heart.

Brain enhancers are one of the most common types of health supplements, and next, we’ll have a look at a product that claims to provide your brain with all essential nutrients that are needed for it’s optimum functioning.

Because it’s marketed solely through the online medium, Geniux Advanced Brain Formula needs our special attention. Potential customers have no way of looking at the product before purchasing it, so we need to find all the available information just to make sure that this supplement, in particular, is not just an unethical way of making money.

Does Geniux Advanced Brain Formula really work?

We weren’t able to find many reviews from it’s users, but the website claims that the product has thousands of satisfied customers. Of course, this is only advertising, and we can’t possibly know how many people have actually bought Geniux.

Most of the Geniux reviews available come from affiliate pages, but we do appreciate that the official website states in a disclaimer that some of the reviews might be remunerated.

But the real opinions that we were able to find didn’t offer much information about the effects of the product and were mostly complaints about other features that disappoint customers. So even if we don’t really know how it affects users, we can state that at least it doesn’t cause damage through unexpected side effects.

We assume that if this was the case, customers would have very much to say about this issue alone instead of being unhappy with customer service, which seems to be rater lacking in some cases. But given that products marketed on the internet are often produced by companies that can’t even be directly contacted, it’s good to know that this particular manufacturer can be contacted by unsatisfied customers.

But given that customers don’t have very much to say about Geniux’s actual properties, we’ll have to look at the ingredients and draw our own conclusions. And because the company can be contacted and doesn’t avoid its clients or anyone that might confront them, we can safely assume that the supplement really does contain what is presented in its ingredient list. geniux mid

What are the ingredients found in Geniux?

First of all, one issue that particularly causes negative reviews is the difference between the information presented by the company about this product and what customers actually receive.

It was stated that Geniux contains 20 different ingredients, which include nootropic compounds, vitamins, and antioxidants.

The full list is never revealed, which would be unacceptable and would determine us to advise you against this product if we wouldn’t have been able to discover information about the ingredients from other sources.

Scammer companies have been known to include almost anything in this type of capsules, from saw dust to actual dangerous and banned substances, and a lack of the full list of ingredients is always a red flag when researching a supplement.

Nobody should ever purchase a product that might affect their health without knowing what it actually contains. The ingredients should at least be presented with the product itself, which fortunately is something that the manufacturing company has done with Geniux.

Proper labeling is recommended but not in any way enforced by the FDA, and this is a real problem in the USA. But this product does have a label, and the ingredients themselves are approved for use by the FDA, so customers can rest easy when it comes to potential health dangers.

But what makes them unhappy is the fact that the product only has 3 ingredients instead of 20. This is supposed to be a highly researched natural blend, but the substances included in it don’t look like they took a lot of work.

Bee pollen, caffeine and eleuthero root extract are all we find in Geniux, and even if these ingredients are actually effective, they’re just too few for us to not consider this an issue. But this seems to have been a more serious problem in the past, because the company no longer states that the product contains 20 different compounds and only refers to the effectiveness of the ingredient blend, mentioning absolutely about their number ore particular qualities.

Also, they don’t mention anything about the capsules except that they’re made from “gel” and easily release the blend. But the gel is actually gelatin, which is an animal by-product that makes Geniux unfit for vegetarians.

All the other ingredients are indeed completely natural and vegetal, but this trait alone makes it unacceptable for certain diets and it should have been disclosed by the company.

Many consumers are very preoccupied with this aspect of health supplements and should be presented with all the information they need for making choices with respect to their personal beliefs. But let’s go back to the actual ingredients and see what they can really do.

We appreciate that the label states the exact amount of ingredients found in every capsule, which is 500 mg. And we’ll start with the first substance listed, bee pollen. This substance is considered one of “nature’s perfect foods” because it’s very rich in nutrients, including vitamins and minerals.

It comes from various types of flowers, a trait that changes it qualities depending on where it’s produced. Bees are the ones that do all the work when it comes to creating this particular type of pollen, and this causes it to contain nectar and bee saliva.

It doesn’t sound very appealing, but this substance is indeed very healthy, containing 55% carbohydrates, 30% protein, 3% minerals and vitamins and 1% to 2% fats.

Bee pollen is used as a food source for the male drones in the hive, being packed by bees in the shape of small pellets, which are also collected by harvesters. This is the shape in which bee pollen reaches consumers, and it’s considered very useful in a large range of health problems.

It seems like it’s effective as an appetite stimulant, but somehow it’s also used for weight loss. One of it’s most appreciated properties is it’s claimed ability to increase athletic performance, and it’s not only included in health supplements but also beauty products.

Apparently, it can prevent premature aging and help in different types of skin affections. And even though it might be an allergy source itself, it’s claimed to help with allergies and asthma. In addition, it seems to help in bleeding disorders and many types of menstrual issues (including PMS), and it’s also used as a treatment for mouth sores and joint pain.

Also, it might be effective in gastrointestinal problems. Still, it’s only proven as effective when it comes to the treatment of menstrual problems. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t help in other areas, but we don’t yet have proof determined through scientific studies.

But even if it’s effective in all the issues presented, bee pollen doesn’t seem to help the brain in any way. Sure, it’s rich in nutrients and most likely will help overall health, but we have no reason to believe that it will improve cognitive functions.

The website does link to some studies that show some positive effects of this type of pollen, along with honey and other substances produced by bees, but we don’t have any actual proof of its direct effect on the brain. So this first ingredient can’t be considered effective from this point of view, no matter it’s qualities.

Next we have caffeine, which indeed is a nootropic. It’s also the best known nootropic, and most of us could guarantee it’s immediate effects. Caffeine can be found in coffee beans and tea leaves, but also in a few other plants.

This chemical is an actual stimulant and it’s included in many soft and energy drinks precisely because it has strong effects without dangerous side effects, at least not when ingested in decent amounts.

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, increasing alertness, concentration and coordination, while at the same time affecting the heart, blood flow and muscles in a positive way. It’s actually used to increase blood pressure in those who need it and even as a treatment for asthma and shortness of breath.

Because it seems able to decrease blood sugar, it’s also used in the treatment of diabetes and obesity.

And it’s a very effective treatment for head aches when combined with pain killers. But one of it’s very interesting qualities is it’s apparent ability to protects against Alzheimer’s disease, a brain affection that manifests through memory loss.

This should mean that caffeine is not only effective in the short term, but can help the brain in the long run, so this compound alone brings a solid point in this supplement’s favor.

And the last ingredient, eleuthero root, is actually the plant commonly known as Siberian ginseng. It seems to have a lot in common with ginseng when it comes to it’s qualities, but because these plants are not in any way related, it’s now illegal to label eleuthero by the name “ginseng”.

This plant does have some amazing qualities, and it has been traditionally used in Chinese medicine. Eleuthero is a small woody shrub, and it’s root seems to be effective in the treatment of many conditions, especially those that affect the hears and blood vessels.

It’s used for blood pressure dysfunctions and in the hardening of arteries, and also for diabetes and kidney disease. It seems to improve athletic performance, and even boost the immune system. It’s ability to help the immune system is very well known, but also is it’s influence on the brain.

Eleuthero is used in the treatment of brain and mental disorders, including ADHD, bipolar disorder, and even Alzheimer’s. Apparently, it acts over the nervous system as a sedative, which is why it’s also used in sleeping disorders.

But while scientific tests show it might indeed improve athletic performance, we can’t be certain about it’s other properties. Still, it looks like a nice addition to Geniux Advanced Brain Formula, as it should indeed help with cognitive functions even if we don’t have definite proof.

Is Geniux safe?

Based on its ingredients, Geniux should be safe for health. But bee pollen will cause allergic reactions to those that are sensitive to it, which is why the product should never be used without a doctor’s approval.

The allergy will manifest through swelling and shortness of breath, but might actually lead to anaphylaxis and even death. Also, the substance might increase bleeding when combined with blood thinners, so you should be extra careful if you’re under medication.

Caffeine might also cause bleeding problems, along with its other common side effects, like jitteriness, increased heart rate or insomnia. Caffeine will interact with ephedrine and other stimulants, and also with depression medication and antibiotics.

And eleuthero root might cause mood changes like sadness and anxiety, and it too can cause bleeding issues.

Also, it will interact with diabetes medicine as it decreases blood sugar. This is why you should consult with your doctor before starting to use this product, and it should never be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women, or by people under 18 years old.

What are the benefits?

Geniux Advanced Brain Formula might help in improving cognitive functions through the use of two effective ingredients, but you can’t expect much from it.

You should at least get the benefits of caffeine, toned down by the eleuthero root extract, but not much more.

Still, both ingredients seem effective in the long run and are not known for serious negative effects, and the bee pollen will also benefit the health.

Why choose Geniux Advanced Brain Formula?

This product seems like a good replacement for coffee if you don’t have time to drink it or simply don’t enjoy its taste.

And the usual side effects of caffeine should be successfully countered by the eleuthero. This product should elevate your energy while at the same time not disturbing your sleeping habits, so if you’re looking for a simple and efficient product, this one might just be for you.

Where can I buy Geniux?

You can Geniux Advanced Brain Formula is available on its official website, which ships to US and Canada. The product comes in bottles containing 30 capsules, at the price of $47.

The website also offers deals for packages containing 3 bottles (at $87) and 5 bottles (at $95), and it has a 30-day money back guarantee for first-time orders.

Still, for this policy to apply you’ll need to contact the company within 20 days after receiving the product, which must reach them before the 30 day period expires.

Geniux will be shipped in around 7 days from the order, and we would recommend you to keep away from the larger packages until you find out if this product really helps you. Supplements cause different reactions in every person, and you wouldn’t want your hard earned money to go to waste.geniux

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  1. Hey Hey Hey. If there actually was a brain enhancement supplement that could supercharge your brain, are you really kooky enough to think that the “Powers That Be” would let the common man get his hands on it?!??!!? NOPE! I believe that the REAL limitless pill ( the one that actually did inspire the movie ) got “nipped in the bud” long time ago. All I know is that, if that “limitless pill” still exists, it is a highly exclusive supplement that only the very wealthiest people can afford!!! Theses bogus products ( like Geniux, Focus Factor, etc. ) are evidently just your average, P.T. Barnum type “snake oil.” Don’t waste your time.

  2. I have
    Been taking this product for
    Three months! I love it. It works for this 68 year old grandmother! Memory a calm but good energy without nervousness
    I have also lost 18 pounds. I love the product!

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