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Garcinia Cambogia: does it actually work?

Garcinia Cambogia is the new “it” in weight loss supplements. It is being touted as a successful option towards weight loss by celebrities and others alike.

Most consumers believe the ads and the testimonies by celebrities but they don’t have all of the facts. Here are some concerns by consumers and healthcare professionals:

Garcinia Cambogia may cause mania

According to a recent article on livescience, mania is a side affect of garcinia cambogia in certain people.

As a result of its popularity consumers and healthcare professionals delved into what make this supplement so successful where other supplements have failed. Researchers came up with a list of side affects, however, bypassing mental health side affects.

Psychiatrists also did not consider side affects of this supplements until several doctors concluded that the supplement was a commonality in the diagnosis for different patients.

It wasn’t until doctors saw three patients over the course of a six-month period, that physicians realized garcinia cambogia may have played a role.

Mania or manic depressive disorder is a state of elevated emotions, extreme euphoria, irritability, and energy level. This disorder is episodic and varies in intensity.

Patients may display a plethora of symptoms while taking the supplement but a physician will have to draw the conclusion.

Treatment is based on the healthcare professionals diagnosis and most often include medications to control the episodes.

Garcinia cambogia may cause nausea, digestive tract discomfort, dizziness and headache. A lot of consumers consider these side affects minor and may continue taking the supplement possibly ignoring possible major illness that may display similar symptoms.

Garcinia cambogia does not work. According to a consumer research panel, garcinia in its OTC, over-the-counter,a form does not work.

Most weight loss supplements don’t work. They contain fillers and synthetic ingredients packaged with an eye-catching labels and weak testimonies.

Garcinia cambogia does work. Garcinia in it’s purest form does work. Garcinia in purest form contain 95% HCA, hydroxycitric acid, extract.

HCA is important for weight loss to be effective. HCA prohibits the rapid production of fat, can control cholesterol and helps in suppressing your appetite a key characteristic in weight loss. The price does not compare to the OTC price and can run in the hundreds of dollars.

If you are going to take supplements, read labels and watch the price. Consult your physician before any weight loss program even if you’re considered healthy.

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