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Flawless Complexion Reviews | Is it Scam or Legit?

Flawless Complexion is a newly released anti-aging cream. It’s supposed to improve skin health and the appearance by rejuvenating it at a cellular level.

It’s claimed that this product  was developed based on scientific studies and that it contains ingredients that are effective enough to work for 90% of users.

In fact, it’s claimed that in some instances Flawless Complexion works so well that it can make the user appear 10 years younger. But could an anti-wrinkle product really work this well?

What is  Flawless Complexion?

This anti-aging cream  (also presented as a serum) is manufactured by the company of the same name, which is based in Florida. And right from the start, we know that this is the only product available from the company.flawless complexion

The fact that the product and the company share the name proves it, and it could be considered a red flag. Often times companies that have no interest in developing quality products settle on a single release because that’s enough to generate a decent profit. But there is no indication that this is the case for this particular company.

Flawless Complexion is very new, and so is the company behind it. Many other anti-aging products might become available from this manufacturer in the future. In fact, the company is so new that no details are available on it yet. It might have started its activity in the past year, but that’s all the information we have at the moment.

Still, the official website of Flawless Complexion offers a lot of information on the product and the way in which it’s supposed to work.

This cream is seemingly able to remove fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the natural production of collagen and elastin.

These proteins are essential for skin health, and their production decreases as the individual advances in age.

Collagen is what gives skin it’s firmness while elastin is responsible for its elasticity. And the natural production of both proteins can be increased by quality skin care products, so the claim made by the company is very reasonable.

But Flawless Complexion is supposed to also protect the skin from becoming damaged by free radicals, as it’s rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

This product should be able to make the skin appear younger, but also to help it stay this way for longer.

Furthermore, Flawless Complexion is claimed to be very hydrating, eliminating the number one cause of wrinkles, dryness.

All the claims made for this product are very reasonable, as beauty creams can indeed provide all these benefits. The product doesn’t have an outrageous presentation, it’s not claimed to be a miracle worker that acts fast enough to replace cosmetic interventions.

It’s mentioned that the results should be noticed after around 2 months of use, which sets the expectations at a very decent level. Still, it’s claimed that the effectiveness of the ingredients has been proven through scientific studies, but the visitors of the website don’t have access to them.

No scientific papers or links to any kind of research are posted, so we can’t take all the information offered  in regard to the studies into consideration.

It seems that these studies have proven that the product generates great results in only 2 months (which is very believable), but we have no reason to see the numbers that are presented as accurate.

For instance, it’s mentioned that the ingredients should increase collagen production by 95% while at the same time decreasing the appearance of dark circles with 73%.

It would appear that the cream can generate amazing results that are not common to many products. But since the numbers are not backed by any kind of proof, we have no way of knowing if they’re real.

Still, Flawless Complexion does have a great trait that is easily verifiable: it’s made in the US. Which means that it follows certain mandatory standards of quality.

It also means that the product will be received by the customers in good condition. It’s clear that this cream doesn’t include any dangerous ingredients, and that it won’t become damaged during delivery.

It won’t be exposed to harsh conditions like it commonly happens during delivery over long distances. Flawless Complexion will arrive at the client in the same condition it was when manufactured.

Does Flawless Complexion really work?

Because it’s very new, Flawless Complexion doesn’t have any customer reviews yet. But it doesn’t have any complaints  either, which says a lot given that unhappy customers are usually very open to expressing their opinions.

Especially considering that this product has an above average price. Certainly the clients would have made their voices heard if they felt like their investment was for nothing. So even without positive reviews, we can assume that it will generate the claimed benefits at least to some degree.

We’ve mentioned before that it is possible to increase the production of collagen and elastin, and we have no reason to believe that Flawless Complexion can’t achieve it.

And even if it doesn’t, it can certainly moisturize the skin, which would be more than enough to decrease wrinkles and erase fine lines.

In fact, most of the wrinkles don’t come from actual skin damage but are the result of a decreased amount of water in the tissue.

This is why many notices wrinkle at very young ages, in some cases even before 18 years old. Of course, it’s impossible for the skin to start losing its firmness and elasticity so early, so the apparent damage can be very easily remedied by using a good moisturizer.

And the same is the case for older individuals. In these cases, some of the wrinkles are caused by the natural aging process, but often times half of them can be removed by keeping the skin hydrated at all times.

Anti-wrinkle creams don’t have to contain expensive, groundbreaking ingredients to generate great results, as allowing the skin to retain its moisture while supplying it with vitamins and antioxidants in more than enough.

This is why we expect Flawless Complexion to work well even if it doesn’t increase the production of collagen, although this property would certainly help. Chances are it does have it, but unfortunately, it’s impossible to know for sure because the ingredients are not listed.

The website describes how this product is supposed to work and mentions scientific studies performed on the ingredients, but the visitor has no idea what these ingredients are.

They’re supposed to be 100% natural, but that’s the only information we’re given on them. It’s very likely that they’re printed on the packaging of the product, but this is not helpful for potential customers.

This product is only available through the internet, so those interested in it can’t have a look at the label before deciding to purchase it.

This is one of the few issues we have with Flawless Complexion, because without the ingredients, we can’t verify the claims.

Sure, most anti-wrinkle creams have a similar formulation, including ingredients that have been proven to work (retinol for example) and are very appreciated by the customers.

But we don’t know which of the popular ingredients have been chosen for Flawless Complexion, so it’s impossible to say what the new customers should expect. It most likely works, at least to a certain extent, but we can’t tell how exactly it manages to do so.

Still, users who want to achieve the best possible results should apply the cream twice a day. This is not mentioned explicitly, as the company doesn’t offer any instructions for use. But this is how the ingredients were tested.

The impressive results mentioned on the website were achieved by applying the cream twice a day for 8 weeks, so this is most likely what the users should do if they want to fully evaluate the product.

Also, this manner of use also reveals other interesting details that were never mentioned. For example, if the cream can be applied twice a day, most likely in the morning and right before bed, it means that it’s both a daytime and a nighttime product. It should be able to successfully replace 2 different products, which is a great point in its favor.

Also, because it can be used during daytime, it means that it’s not oily. This is what usually makes the difference between daytime and nighttime anti-wrinkle creams.

Nighttime products are heavier because they’re supposed to nourish the skin at a deeper level. Daytime products work mostly as moisturizers, leaving the skin free of any oily traces.

Flawless Complexion should be both deeply nourishing and light, safe to use under makeup but potent enough to help the skin regenerate during sleep.

Is Flawless Complexion safe?

Flawless Complexion is designed to nourish and protect the skin, so it’s most likely very safe. The ingredients are not listed, but given the purpose of this product, clients don’t have anything to worry about.

It doesn’t treat skin conditions or similar issues, so it doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients that could generate side effects. It can only improve the condition of the skin, no matter if it’s dry and oily.

Still, those who know themselves as sensitive to certain substances should not use Flawless Complexion before discussing it with their doctors.

Chances are all the ingredients are completely harmless for most people, but any substance can become dangerous in certain circumstances.

Even so, the risks are very low, and we can safely assume that Flawless Complexion hasn’t caused any kind of damage yet. Users haven’t complained about unwanted effects, so the product is as safe as a beauty cream can be.

Still, this cream shouldn’t be used by those who suffer from any kind of health condition, at least not without doctor’s approval.

Flawless Complexion is not particularly dangerous, but no beauty products should be applied on damaged skin unless a professional decides that’s it’s safe.

Also, the company itself seems to be a safe choice, as no customers have complained about rejected refund requests or unwanted charges. Which is surprising given that clients have the option to enroll in an auto ship program that will have them receiving a new supply of the product every month.

This program can make it extremely easy for a company to overcharge the customers, either by ignoring their cancellation requests or by charging more than advertised. This is why auto ship is probably the most hated marketing strategy, and many internet shoppers have learned to avoid it at all costs.

But when used properly by a company that respects its clients, autoship programs can be extremely helpful. And this might just be the case for Flawless Complexion. And we know for sure that the clients are well aware of the program before enrolling, which can’t be said for many other companies.

Often times clients are automatically enrolled right from their first orders, and they’re only notified through a small disclaimer at the bottom of the page. In this case, the customer sees the option to enroll right under the form for the payment details, so they can’t possibly miss it.

What are the benefits of Flawless Complexion?

Flawless Complexion should be able to work as claimed, repairing the skin and protecting it against future damage. The ingredients are not disclosed but the claims are very reasonable, so we have no reason to believe that it won’t provide all the advertised benefits. This product should moisturize and nourish the skin, helping to restore its health.

Nourished skin is firmer, more elastic and more pleasant to the touch, but also less prone to damage caused by various factors, from wind and UV rays to trauma.

Flawless Complexion should be able to help any person that is looking to treat or prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and it should be light enough to be used as often as the user would like.

Since it’s intended to be used during daytime and nighttime we can assume that it’s not greasy. This cream is very likely comfortable and unable to clog pores.

This is very helpful for those with oily or sensitive skin since heavy creams can cause breakouts that are often very difficult to control.

Why choose Flawless Complexion?

This product seems able to  deliver what it claims and it’s also very safe. It’s a good choice for those with sensitive skin, and it has the advantage of being able to replace 2 different products.

Also, since it’s available online, it can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. It’s also backed by a 30-day money back guarantee, but it must be kept in mind that the policy only applies for unused products. It can help those who change their minds about using the product, but it doesn’t work as a trial period.

Where can I buy Flawless Complexion?

flawless complexionFlawless Complexion is only available on its official website, at the price of $57 plus  $4.95 for  shipping and handling.

The company delivers worldwide, and the customers located in the US will only have to wait 3-5 days to receive their orders. Unfortunately, it’s not mentioned how long international delivery takes, but it shouldn’t be longer than 2 weeks.

And those who are interested in evaluating the product over longer periods can pick one of the larger packages, which are available at discount prices.

A package containing 3 jars of Flawless Complexion is available for $97 while 5 jars sell for $147.

The largest discount comes with the package that includes 7 jars, which is available for $197. And all these options are available with free delivery, so there are no extra charges.

Bottom line

Flawless Complexion is a 2-in-1 anti-aging product that should fit all skin types. It works both as a moisturizer and a nighttime anti-wrinkle treatment, and would make a good choice for any person who is looking for a nourishing but light skin product.

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  1. Sandra J. Reamey

    The Flawless Beauty Customer service line only allows one product to to be discussed at a time. There is about a 10 minute wait to actually speak with a person. I was out of town when the initial product arrived due to a family death and a second set came before I got back. I was charged 82.00 for the 1st bottle of eye serum, 92.00 for a 2nd bottle that arrived in less than 2 weeks and the a discounted 43.00 for a 3rd bottle I found out on the day I came home from a surgery. That is roughly $250.00 for the eye serum alone. They offered me the new discount of $43.00 to continue to receive the product. I told them I wanted to cancel the program and that I was given no warning of this expense. the agent said it was on the final charge sheet which I never saw because the program closed out as soon as it captured my payment information. I was not even sure the order went through. Costly mistake on my part.When I called back about the anti-aging cream it was pretty much the same story. I had accumulated charges of about $250.00 for this 2nd product. I was so upset that I talked the agent into issuing a refund but was told the eye serum was closed out with no refunds possible. BUYER BEWARE !!!!!

  2. BUYER BEWARE!!!! The above comment is true in that they will only discuss one product at a time and give you another number to call to discuss the second product. Initially they tell you that another shipment has already been sent and will offer you a 50% refund and tell you to keep the product. I indicated I did not want the product, it didn’t work for me and I was cancelling only 2 weeks after the initial order. I was then offered a 75% refund and told I could keep the product. I insisted I did not want the product, I was cancelling and would return product and expected a full refund. They eventually sent me an email without naming the product and indicated my credit card had been refunded the full amount. So I guess I will wait and see. I have also seen the same product for sale on their website for only $67 while the “Free Trial” product cost $87.63 plus S&H of $4.99. This is regarding the Flawless Complexion Intensive Anti-Aging Cream and the Flawless Complexion Eye Firming Serum.

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