fall exercise keep moving

Fall exercise: keep moving

Here it comes, just down the street and around the corner, fall weather. Although this is technically still summer it is not too early to think of continuing your exercising for when the weather turns cooler. It is true our weather now is letting us know that cooler weather will make its arrival very soon so if you’re on a regimen of healthy eating and exercise, you may be concerned with your physical activities that often take place outside.

It is somewhat easy to go outside for physical activities as long as the weather is warm but with fall soon to make its arrival, start thinking of ways to continue to be physical in cooler and sometimes cold weather. If you take your health seriously and/or would like to keep your weight down and keep diseases away, continue to exercise whether outside or inside.

“Exercise and physical activity benefit the body, while a sedentary lifestyle does the opposite – increasing the chances of becoming overweight and developing a number of chronic diseases. Only about 30 percent of adult Americans report they get regular physical activity during their leisure time—and about 40 percent of Americans say they get no leisure-time physical activity at all.”  hsph.harvard.edu

So with that, here are a few tips to keep in mind in the fall and the soon coming cold weather when exercising:

  1. Plan a physical regimen and stick to it. Decide what physical activity that takes place outside that you can continue without hesitation.
  2. Maintain a healthy diet. Drink plenty of water daily. Omit pop, sweets, and carbs.
  3. Embrace the cooler weather. Dress for whatever temperature is for the day and keep it moving. Don’t be afraid if it snows; the recline may burn more calories!
  4. Exercise even with your activities for daily living. If you’re sitting at a desk, do knee lifts, tap your feet or wall push ups on your break. Take brisk walks on breaks or going to your car and take the stairs when needed.
  5. Do fall yard work. Raking leaves, planting bulbs, decorate the yard, the house, and don’t hesitate to continue working or working out after the sun sets.

Exercising outside will help you to breathe in the fresh air, open up the airwaves, and viewing the fall scenery will do wonders to relieve stress, and help in keeping in shape.

Just because the weather gets cooler, your exercising should not cool off. Take advantage of any weather, prepare for it, keep moving and keep living a better quality of life.

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Mary Parsons. I have a master's degree in health sciences, a bachelor degree with a certificate in bioethics. I am employed by a large healthcare facility. I enjoy writing and covering various topics in particular health.

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