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Facelift Gym Reviews | Remove Bags Under Eyes or Scam?

Facelift Gym is presented as a natural, non-invasive solution for eliminating dark circles and under eye bags. It’s only one in a seemingly endless number of treatments that address these problems, but it manages to stand out.

It’s not a cream, serum or other type of skin care product that nourishes the tissue, but an electronic device. It’s claimed that Facelift Gym can help the skin regain its natural, healthy appearance by stimulating blood flow, and it might just work.

What is Facelift Gym?

Possibly the world’s smallest fitness device, Facelift Gym is manufactured and sold by a company based in Malta. It was released in 2008 and is now available in 2 versions, one for women and the other for men. They’re very much the same device, with the difference that the one designed for men provides a more intense treatment. But for both men and women, the effects of the treatments should be long lasting.

Facelift Gym stimulates the tissue and increases blood flow, treating under eye bags and dark circles from the inside.

Using the device for only 10 minutes a day (2-3  times a week) should be enough to generate visible results in only a couple of weeks. Of course, it won’t remove dark circles entirely in such a short amount of time, but the user should notice some amount of improvement. Facelift Gym is presented as an alternative to surgical interventions but it will never generate instant results, so users must be patient.

Unfortunately, the company showcases the results through before and after pictures posted on the website. And that’s a problem because most of them are fake, and take away from the product’s credibility.

It would be so easy to assume that Facelift Gym is a scam after looking at these pictures, but as it turns out, it really isn’t. Sadly we can’t find real pictures outside the website, but some clients do share their opinions on the product, so we have a clear image of what it can do.

How does Facelift Gym work?

The Facelift Gym devices come in pairs, one for each eye. Each product is composed of 2 different parts, the operating element and the pad. The pad has the shape of the area under the eye and is the part that comes in contact with the skin. The operating element is a small, button-like device that attaches to the pad, and the actual electronic part of Facelift Gym.

It uses a lithium battery, and the company supplies a total of 4 in the package, 2 for each device. The operating element sends electric impulses through the pad, stimulating the muscles under the skin and generating a massage-like effect. It has 3 buttons, which can be used to set the device on one of 3 modes and 5 different levels of intensity.

The modes are massage, kneading and a combination between the two, and no matter which the user prefers, it’s recommended for them to start the treatments at the lowest intensity. Facelift Gym might take some time to become accustomed to, and some clients  find the sensation unpleasant in the beginning.

The electrical impulses are completely painless, but they feel somewhat “unnatural” and some clients might be tempted to give up the treatment upon first try. This is why the company advises new users to start at the lowest intensity, and why Facelift Gym should be turned on before putting it in contact with the skin. The impulses can be startling, so users must be careful. Also, we must mention that what the pads are described as self-adhesive, they don’t actually stick to the skin. They must be held up with the fingers, so the user can’t perform any other task while under the treatment.

But the product doesn’t come out of the box assembled, and there’s a good reason for that. Each electronic device comes with 6 pads, which should last for 12-16 weeks of treatment (or as the company calls it, training).  Apparently a pad lasts for 2-3 weeks, and it’s difficult to say why. The company doesn’t mention what they are made of, but apparently they wear off easily.

A user’s manual is available for download from the website, and despite offering lots of valuable information, it doesn’t reveal the nature of the pads. But they’re available as separate purchases, so users who run out of them have no reason to worry about not being able to use the device anymore.

And Back to the operating element, it must be mentioned that while the models designed for women are pink, those destined for men are blue and more powerful. The company states that the electrical impulses of the blue models are 30% stronger than those of the pink models, because men’s skin is less sensitive.

Facelift Gym – The full treatment

But while Facelift Gym is presented as very effective on its own, it’s actually part of a 3-step process. The device itself is the first part, but after the treatment the users are advised to use the Cool Down Facelift Mask. This is a silicone mask that covers only the area around the eyes, and provides a refreshing effect if used after being kept in the refrigerator for a while.

It should help the tissue relax after the treatment, but apparently in can also be used as a treatment for headaches. This mask should be a good treatment for swelling around the eyes by itself, so it can only maximize the effects of the initial treatment.

The third step for making Facelift Gym truly effective is nutrition that benefits the skin, which is available from the same company in the form of a collagen drink.

Collagen is the most common protein in the human body, and while it’s essential for the health of almost all types of tissue, it’s particularly important for the skin. This protein gives skin its firmness and elasticity, and the ability to produce it slowly decreases as part of the natural aging process. And since skin is so delicate around the eyes, the effects of a decreasing amount of collagen become visible much faster in this area.

The Facelift Gym drink seems to only be available in powder form, and unfortunately the company doesn’t offer any details on how it works. Also, the list of ingredients is not posted on the official website. Both of these issues are very bothering, especially given that most collagen-based treatments don’t work.

The collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed by the skin so they won’t help in face creams unless their size is reduced through a very delicate process. And collagen drinks are even less likely to work, because ingesting the protein doesn’t have any effect on the body. It’s digested like any other nutrient and never reaches the skin, so naturally, most collagen drinks are useless.

But some do work, because they don’t supply collagen but increase its production. A number of these products are able to generate fantastic results in short periods of time. The company behind this particular drink states that the effects should be noticed after around 2 weeks of treatment, and if the drink increases the production of collagen, the claim is very reasonable.

But we don’t know if this is how it really works, so it’s impossible to say if it really is effective. Thankfully the product might come with a money back guarantee, so customers can request refunds if it proves ineffective. But a more serious problem is the missing ingredient list. This product is only available through the internet, so clients have no idea what it contains before purchasing it. The full list is surely printed on the label, but it would have been best if clients were able to make an informed decision before placing their orders.

This drink qualifies as a health supplement, and like all products of this type, it could contain substances that are able to cause side effects in some users. If the list of ingredients were available on the website, each  client would have been able to discuss it with their doctor and make sure that the drink is indeed harmless in their case.

This is not to say that collagen drinks are known to cause side effects, but each person is different and some might be affected. We would recommend al clients, particularly those who suffer from any kind of health problem, to not take any risks and discuss the product with their doctors. Still, chances are that Facelift Gym collagen drink is completely harmless for the vast majority of users. We weren’t able to find any customer complaints regarding side effects or any other unwanted reactions.

Other products

These are the 3 steps of the full treatment, but the company offers 2 extra products for those who want to take it even further.

First we have the Facelift Repair pads, which are destined to be used on the days between treatments. They look very much like the pads used by the device, and are equally small. It’s claimed that these pads are able to remove the toxins from the skin and maximize the effects of the Facelift Gym treatments, but again, we don’t know what they’re made of.

It’s likely that they contain cleansing and nourishing substances, but no further information is offered. In fact, it’s not even mentioned how they should be used. Judging by their shape they’re probably meant to be applied on the area under the eyes and left on for a while, but it’s difficult to say how they actually work. But given that they’re available in larger packages than the training pads, they’re most likely not reusable.

The other product is an eye cream, called Stem Cell Regenerator. It’s claimed to be the best skin care product of its type available on the market, but like in the case of the collagen drink, it’s not explained how exactly it works. It’s mentioned that it can be used both during the day and as a nighttime treatment, so most likely it’s not oily or able to leave any kind of residue. But a very interesting claim is that its effects should be noticed immediately after applying it.

Apparently the skin should feel more firm and flexible almost instantly. But again, it’s not explained why. Beauty creams that are deeply hydrating can have this effect, and Stem Cell Regenerator might have this quality too, but we don’t know if that’s the case. This cream is a new release, so no customer reviews are yet available, and the ingredient list is not displayed on the website.

But because it’s a beauty product and not a supplement, we can assume that it’s not able to cause any side effects. It would be best if people with sensitive skin discussed it with their doctors, but the vast majority of the users shouldn’t have any issues with it.

Does Facelift Gym really work?

Despite having been available since 2008, this device doesn’t have many customer reviews. It’s very unusual but it works in this product’s favor, because few reviews also means few customer complains. In fact, we were unable to find any kind of complaints for this product. We were expecting for at least some users to be unhappy with the results or the devices themselves. They’re electronic after all, so a small percentage of them should malfunction.

Still, it seems that no one has yet complained about this product, and that’s a great  sign. Even better, the few reviews that do exist are positive. Apparently that the device does indeed work, although the users don’t mention for how long they’ve been using it before noticing results. Of course, it will only work if used as recommended, so users should never skip sessions.

Also, it must be kept in mind that Facelift Gym can only improve the appearance of dark circles and eye bags, not the texture of the skin itself. The electric pulses stimulate and tone the muscles under the skin, making the tissue feel and appear tighter in the area, but they can’t remove wrinkles. The collagen drink and the eye cream might help those who are worried about this problem, but the product itself won’t help much.

But it’s easy to see why it’s able  to treat dark circles and under eye bags. Dark circles are caused by oxygenated blood accumulated under the skin, and become more obvious with age. This is because with age, the skin becomes thinner and allows them to show through. But dark circles don’t only affect older people. In some cases they’re hereditary, and not even the healthiest lifestyle will improve their appearance.

But Facelift Gym increases circulation in the area, which means that the blood will be allowed to flow naturally. The blood vessels should return to their original size, allowing the skin to regain it’s healthy color.

Bags under the eyes on the other hand are caused by the muscles becoming weaker. Just like dark circles, they’re a natural part of the aging process and not harmful, but are nevertheless an esthetic problem. Because the muscles are no longer offering tight support for the tissue under the eyes, fat and fluid can accumulate under the skin and give a puffy appearance.

Decreasing the amount of salt in the diet might reduce fluid retention, but in some cases under eye bags are genetic and diet changes are not helpful. Facelift Gym on the other hand can generate real improvement. The electric pulses that contract the muscles help them become stronger and unable to sustain fat and fluid. Also, they should help the muscles burn at least some of the fat.

Is Facelift Gym Safe?

Facelift Gym is completely harmless, but only if used as advised. We recommend all customers to download the user manual from the official website and read it carefully, as some details are very important.

For example, this product should only be applied on the area under the eyes. Using it on other areas of the face or head could be dangerous, so users should be very careful when handling it.

Also, Facelift Gym should not be used close to microwave sources, including cell phones. This could disturb it’s activity, making the treatment less effective.

But most importantly, Facelift Gym should not be used by those with implanted electric devices. This product will disturb the activity of pacemakers, and in this cases it should be avoided at all costs.

And who suffer from heart affections should also avoid it. In fact, this device could be dangerous for any person who suffers from a serious health condition, and the potential users who are in this situation should at least discuss it with their doctors.

Also, Facelift Gym should not be used if the skin that it’s applied on is irritated, injured or affected by any disease. And of course, the device is destined for adults, so it must be kept away from children.

Lastly, Facelift Gym is not water resistant, at least not when it comes to the electrical part of the device. The pads must be cleaned after every use, but allowed to dry well before reattaching them to the operating element.

What are the benefits of Facelift Gym?

It seems that this product works very much as advertised, decreasing both dark circles and under eye bags. The results are not instant but become noticeable fast enough, so the product really is a good alternative to creams and surgical intervention.

Also, Facelift Gym is completely painless, non-invasive, and can be used without the need of any kind of assistance. Furthermore, it doesn’t even require a lot of the user’s time. The treatments only last 10 minutes, and 3 sessions a week should be enough for good results.

Why choose Facelift Gym?

Unlike many other non-invasive treatments, this device actually does what it’s supposed to. It’s effects manifest fast and are long-lasting, so it’s a great alternative to creams and similar treatments. And it’s certainly a good alternative to surgery, especially considering how much more pocket friendly it is. The operating element should last a lifetime, and while the pads have to be replaced periodically, they’re not very expensive, at least not when compared to surgery.

Also, the clients who are unhappy with the device can return it for a full refund, so there’s no reason to worry about it possibly being a bad investment.

Facelift Gym comes with a 14 day money back guarantee, which is just enough to test the product. And since there are no customer complaints regarding denied refunds, overcharges and similar issues, we can assume that the service offered by the company is decent and won’t cause any trouble for the clients.

Still, the refunds don’t cover shipping expenses, which might be quite high for some of the clients given that the packages must be shipped to Malta. The company delivers the products from UK, but seems to expect all the returns back to its headquarters.

Where can I buy Facelift Gym?

Buy Facelift Gym and the related products available online, through at least 2 websites that belong to the company. But since it appears that all the products are shipped form UK, we’ll focus on the website designed for this area. And orders placed here can be delivered worldwide, so it doesn’t matter where the potential clients are located.

On this website, the device destined for women is available for £49.90. The package includes 2 operating elements, 12 training pads, 4 batteries, and a small pink pouch. T

hose that are interested in the full treatment can order a package that along with the devices includes Facelift repair pads (one month’s supply), a cooling mask and the collagen drink (the equivalent of 8 liters) for £85.70.

Each of the items can be ordered individually, but the package comes with considering discounts. The added prices of all the products comes close to £116, so the offer is very advantageous.

The device destined for men is more expensive, as it’s currently sold for £59.90. Of course, this package includes 2 devices, and a full set similar to those destined for women is available for £49.90. But men and women who already own the devices and have never tried the other products can order a package containing the Stem Cell Regenerator cream, the collagen drink, the mask and a one month’s supply of repair pads for £89. The real value of all the products in the package adds up to £121.97, so it’s a great deal. The cream alone sells for £49.99 when purchased by itsellf.

Also, replacement training pads are available for £17.99 (set of 12), while Repair pads are sold for £29.90 (sets of 48). The Repair pads are also available in smaller and larger packages, and the latter come with considerable discounts.

But while the device and the cream have a 14 day and 7 day money back guarantee respectively, it’s hard to say if the other items can be returned. Most likely that’s not the case, so clients should place their orders carefully. Meanwhile, delivery shouldn’t take more than a week no matter where the customer is located, and the shipping fees are decent.

For example, delivery to UK locations is available for £6.50, while clients in US and Canada will be charged £7.50. The highest shipping fee is £14.50, and it applies for all clients located outside UK, US, Canada and EU.

Bottom line

The Facelift Gym device seems able to provide a good treatment for under eye bags and dark circles, and it has the advantages of being both affordable and non-invasive. It’s a good option for any person who is bothered by these issues, and we would certainly recommend it.

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