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Diabazole Supplement Review – Is it Legit or Scam?

order diabazoleDiabazole Review: When we’re thinking “health supplements”, we usually imagine products that might help us if we feel the need to fix a bothering problem, like fatigue, excess weight or not enough muscle gain when working out.

They’re always optional, and there shouldn’t be any danger in using them or stopping the intake. But some alternative health products claim to be able to deal with very serious conditions, and in some cases with diseases for which medicine itself hasn’t yet managed to find a cure.

And one of the most commonly targeted affections is diabetes, a problem so common today that many people don’t take it seriously anymore, even though it’s potentially deadly.

Many supplements come with the claim that they’re an effective treatment for diabetes, but these products should be considered extremely carefully. Not only will they be useless in most cases, but trying to replace medical treatment with a supplement might be extremely dangerous.

Diabetes is a silent killer and knowing exactly the status of your health when dealing with this condition is almost impossible without regular medical examination, so no one should assume that a certain supplement will help, even if it’s one of the best on the market. But you might not choose a quality product at all because stores are invaded by health products which only exist to bring in money.

Next, we’ll have a look at one of the many diabetes supplements available online, and see if it measures up to its claims or if it’s trying to take advantage of the high incidence of the disease and the popularity of alternative treatments.

What is Diabazole?

This supplement claims to be a blend of natural ingredients that will help its users keep their diabetes under control and even reverse the damage already caused by the disease. Diabazole should keep blood sugar at a healthy level, which means that the other symptoms of diabetes should also be prevented or alleviated.

One interesting affirmation is that the product can help the user achieve a health state that is even better than that of a person who has never been affected by the disease, and this is surely an exaggeration.

While Diabazole can help, it’s not in any way a wonder product, and the manufacturing company was careful enough to mention it on its official website despite presenting it like an amazing solution. But it might be able to act on the blood sugar level, which really is the answer in dealing with this disease.

Diabetes is classified as a metabolic disease, which means that it affects the way the body uses the nutrients received from food. And as most of the foods are broken down into glucose, which is a form of sugar, a person that’s not affected by the disease will have no issues in properly absorbing the substance and using it as energy.

This process only works as it should if the body is properly using insulin, a substance which is secreted by the pancreas after each intake of food. Insulin allows body cells to receive glucose, and if not enough of it is produced, or if the body is not able to use it, the glucose will accumulate in the blood. This is diabetes, and it affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide. It can become deadly because while affecting the entire body to some degree, it causes its sufferers to develop heart disease by increasing blood pressure to the point where the organ can no longer receive enough blood.

Those affected are also prone to developing skin conditions as wounds and other skin issues become much harder to heal, and in some cases, the damage is so serious that it leads to amputation. This is especially common when it comes to legs, but all body parts can be affected by the disease because it also causes nerve damage. And along the physical symptoms, diabetes can also damage the mental health of those affected, which will be much more prone to depression than healthy people.

And despite all these possible problems, many believe that the disease is not as dangerous as it’s made out to be and can easily be kept under control. Shockingly, while most diabetes sufferers (and those who save sufferers in their care) are very well educated on the matter, some believe that the disease can be outgrown by children or that it can heal on its own.

But it can’t, and carefully managing their blood sugar level is the only way that someone affected by diabetes can live a somewhat healthy life. This can also help the symptoms recede, but how to go about it can only be decided by a doctor. And an issue that we have with Diabazole is that it doesn’t state exactly what type of diabetes it addresses.

This product is only meant for those who suffer from type II diabetes because this is the only case in which both the disease and the symptoms can be treated by managing blood sugar alone. Type II diabetes is developed slowly, and it’s usually preceded by prediabetes, which manifests through a slight increase of blood sugar without yet posing a danger.

When type II diabetes is reached, insulin in not produced in sufficient amounts or the body becomes immune to it, often times as the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Foods high in sugar, weight gain, smoking and other bad habits increase the chances of developing type II diabetes, although the idea that thin individuals can’t be affected by it is a myth.

Anyone can become a victim of this disease, especially as they age, but most times keeping blood sugar under control is enough for it to not affect the sufferer’s quality of life. In severe cases, medication and insulin might be needed to prevent serious damage, but still, lifestyle changes might be enough in many other situations.

This is where a supplement like Diabazole might help and these details should be clearly specified in the presentation of the product because as the supplement is advertised now, it’s made to look like it will help diabetes in general. Again, while most people are very educated on the disease, we have no guarantee that no one will believe this product to be a safe alternative to medical treatment. And as in some case, this treatment includes insulin, the consequences could be tragic.

Nothing can replace insulin, and in the case of type I diabetes, the regular intake is mandatory. Those affected can’t produce it at all, and they’ll have to use it for the entire duration of their lives. This disease is developed early in life, and it’s not yet known what exactly is causing it.

Treating blood sugar without the use of insulin will be useless for those suffering from type I diabetes, and considering the dangers, this should have been stated in the presentation of the product, but unfortunately the manufacturing company believes that absolutely everyone interested in the supplement is very aware of what they can and can’t do to help themselves in dealing with the disease, and that’s not always the case.

Does Diabazole Really Work?

It’s difficult to tell at this point. Some of its ingredients are able to help, but we’re talking about an alternative health product, so these compounds are not clearly proven even if some evidence exists in their favor. It will probably benefit someone with a mild form of type II diabetes who is otherwise living a very healthy lifestyle, but not in other situations.

While the website claims that the product will work great even without diet and exercise and that these factors can only boost its effects, it’s safe to say that nothing can replace healthy habits and the product should never be used as a replacement for other measures.

And remember, if the substances included in this product were potent enough to work in all cases the same, it wouldn’t be a health supplement and would require a prescription. But it doesn’t need to be evaluated or in any way approved by the FDA, so its results will vary largely among users.

Unfortunately, since the product is fairly new, we don’t yet have the opinions of its users, although a high number of affiliate websites have nothing but good things to say about it. And one problem that can be noticed by reading these reviews (otherwise decent enough, as the product is not claimed to be a magic pill) is a very confusing ingredient list.

It seems to differ among different presentations, and it might be because many features of the product seem to have changed in a short amount of time. Diabazole appears to have been released on the market this year, but except for its packaging, everything about it seems to be completely modified.

What Are the Ingredients of Diabazole?

Apparently, the main Diabazole ingredients are turmeric, berberine, and piperine, which were also the only ones displayed on the website. Many viewers have complained about the lack of a full list of ingredients, but now that they’ve been changed completely, this problem has also been fixed. The official website of Diabazole presents the actual label of the product, which contains:

  • guggul
  • bitter melon
  • licorice extract
  • cinnamon powder
  • gymnema sylvestre powder
  • alpha lipoic acid
  • juniper berry extract
  • banaba
  • yarrow
  • huckleberry powder
  • l-taurine
  • cayenne powder
  • vanadyl sulfate
  • a complex of vitamins and minerals (vitamins C and E, biotin, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and chromium) and some common additives.

That’s a complete list and no one can complain, although it seems to have absolutely nothing in common with the old one. We’ll have a look at each of the primary ingredients and see exactly how true are the claims that the product has been scientifically proven.

Guggul is a substance that seems able to lower cholesterol, and it’s produced from the sap of the tree Commiphora Mukul tree. It has been used in traditional Indian medicine as a treatment for a number of affections, including atherosclerosis, which is the hardening of the arteries. Today it’s also used in the treatment of skin conditions and even as a weight loss aid, so it seems like it would benefit a number of diabetes symptoms. Unfortunately, not much proof for its qualities exists yet, although it might be effective in acne.

The next ingredient, bitter melon, is a fruit commonly used in the treatment of many different types of stomach and intestinal conditions, and also as an aid in skin disorders. But it’s also used in the treatment of diabetes, and a number of studies have been performed in this area. Some of them have been conclusive, but as they’re disputed and can’t really be considered definite proof, we can only hope that bitter lemon will help the people that are using this supplement.

But that’s not the case with licorice, from which we can’t have too many expectations, as it doesn’t seem to directly affect diabetes. This plant is used in the treatment of a large variety of conditions, but only its apparent ability to help in bacterial and viral diseases and in skin conditions might contribute to alleviating some of the symptoms of the disease. And while there is some proof for its effect on skin disorders, nothing is known about what it can actually do in bacterial diseases, although it’s used for this purpose.

Gymnema Sylvestre, on the other hand, has been used in the treatment of diabetes for hundreds of years, at least in traditional Indian medicine. It seems able to help on all issues related to this disease by decreasing the absorption of sugar in the intestine while increasing the growth rate of pancreatic cells. This means that it helps the body secrete more insulin, but at the same time, not much scientific proof exists for its effects on diabetes. This plant is sold by many health product manufacturers as the ultimate cure for the disease, but somehow no studies have managed to definitely prove it as effective.

But alpha lipoic acid really seems able to help, and it’s used both for diabetes and the affections usually associated with the disease. It’s a substance with a structure very similar to a that of a vitamin, but it also has antioxidant qualities and seems able to protect cells from damage, including nerve cells. This means that it can prevent neuropathy, and evidence seems to indicate these qualities. Alpha lipoic acid also contributes in breaking down carbohydrates, which is another way in which it positively affects the metabolism along with treating diabetes. It’s one of the most effective ingredients in Diabazole, and in some areas of the world, the substance is used as a standalone treatment for the disease.

The next ingredient, juniper berry, although used in the treatment of a number of diseases, doesn’t seem to be able to help in diabetes. Juniper is a tree native to Europe, North America and other areas of the world on the same latitude, and it doesn’t seem to come with many benefits outside its positive effect over stomach conditions and its pleasant scent. It’s not really proven as effective in any disease, so most likely it won’t help diabetes.

But banaba might because there’s evidence for its effectiveness over blood sugar levels. This crepe myrtle tree is native to some areas of Asia and might increase body’s ability to use insulin, and it seems to also help in weight loss. The results of the scientific studies are conflicting, but banaba has been shown to work in some situations, so it’s a good addition to Diabazole.

Yarrow is used in a number of conditions, neither of them being diabetes, but it seems like it might decrease blood pressure. There’s no evidence for any of the claims, but it seems like the next ingredient might be able to help both diabetes and its symptoms.

Huckleberry might decrease blood sugar levels along with cholesterol, while at the same time improving circulation. Also, research shows that huckleberry can improve eye conditions commonly associated with diabetes.

Taurine is another ingredient that seems to be effective, as it helps in heart disorders by decreasing blood pressure. This substance is an amino acid that is naturally produced by the body, and along with diabetes is used in the treatment of many other affections.

Cayenne pepper (or chili pepper) seems able to help too, as it’s used in the treatment of high blood pressure and cholesterol, nerve pains and other symptoms caused by diabetes. But is has only been proven as effective when it comes to nerve pain, and even then only when applied on the skin. It’s impossible to tell if it will help when ingested, but it might still be useful.

Lastly, we have vanadyl sulfate, a mineral which is believed to either act as insulin or increase the levels of insulin. And there is some proof for its effectiveness over diabetes, but the positive studies have been performed using high doses of the mineral, which might be dangerous if used constantly. It’s not known if a lower dosage can help, but vanadium looks promising. Also, the combination of vitamins and minerals added to Diabazole can only help, but there’s one detail that should be mentioned about one of the other extra ingredients.

Gelatin, an animal by-product, is used to make the capsules which contain the blend. The product would otherwise be vegetarian, but this one ingredient makes in unfit for the diets of a high number of potential users. Unfortunately, the official website never mentions it and this information could slip under the radar unless the label of the product is carefully studied, so it should be kept in mind.

Is Diabazole Safe?

While it’s claimed that the supplement has no side effects, each of its ingredients could be dangerous for a sensitive person, especially as they’re affected by diabetes. Also, a number or ingredients can cause stomach issues and even skin rashes, and although no one has complained about unwanted results yet, Diabazole should never be used without a doctor’s approval.

This is recommended for all health supplements, but as Diabazole deals with diabetes, no person under this condition should even think about using it without having their doctor carefully analyzing the ingredients.

No risks should be taken in this case, and it’s also stated that the product should not be used along with medicine, so it’s obvious that not only will it interact with other substances but it’s only fit for those who suffer from diabetes type II and don’t need medication. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should never use it, and neither should children under 18 because some of the ingredients could be dangerous for them.

What Are the Benefits of Diabazole?

The product might bring some positive changes, but only for those with mild forms of diabetes. The ingredients included in Diabazole seem able to help with most diabetes symptoms, so some improvement might be noticed. But it should never be used by those severely affected by the disease, as it in no way can replace medication.

Using Diabazole as a way to boost the benefits of a healthy lifestyle might be a great idea, but no supplement will work as a cure for the disease or a single measure for keeping it under control.

Why Choose Diabazole?

Those whose health state (and personal doctors) allow them to experiment with supplements designed to improve the symptoms of diabetes could give this product a try. It contains a large range of ingredients, and this particular combination might provide a serious amount of help.

While it’s difficult to tell what exactly will a supplement do for a specific person, chances are that at least a couple of the ingredients will benefit any individual. So if Diabazole contains substances that you’ve never seen before, and your doctor gives their approval, there’s no reason not to try it.

Where Can I Buy Diabazole?

buy diabazoleYou can buy Diabazole on its official website, at the price of $89.36 for a bottle containing 60 pills or one month’s supply. It comes with a so-called “free” trial period, but this only means that you won’t have to pay during the first 14 days of using the product.

Your card will be charged the full price when this period expires, which means that the company only allows clients to delay payment but not actually test the product for free. Shipping will cost $4.95 and will only take around 2-5 days (because Diabazole is only available for customers located in the US), and it seems that once you’ve received the product you won’t be able to return it.

Normally, a 14-day trial means that you’ll be able to return it during this period without having to pay for it, but in this case canceling will only assure that you won’t further receive packages through auto-delivery. Ordering one product will sign you up for an auto-shipping program that will have you receiving Diabazole once every 30 days, and to make sure that the second package will not be sent out you’ll have to cancel up until the 13th day of trial.

The company can be contacted by phone and email, and it’s stated that the customers can also return the product if they’re not satisfied, but nothing is mentioned about the terms of this return. We’re free to assume that most likely you won’t be able to, as the certain condition will be required beyond not being happy with the product, so keep that in mind if you decide to order Diabazole.

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