How to deliver the bad news

Easy Break-Up with partner, Best Tips

Most people have to deal with such unpleasant issue (breakup relationship) during lifetime (probably more than once) however it is never easy (unless you are doing it on a weekly basis and you don’t care about your partner at all) and most of the time such decision will be the pinnacle of a rough period as a couple. There are not 2 cases the same however below you’ll find some tips that will work on most break-up situations.

I will consider normal people relationships and not extremists that will chase and try to kill the ex-partners nor people committing suicide over a break-up situation. Of course there are a lot of particular cases however due the large variety we will be limited at the normal situations with decent break-ups between normal people.

Before delivering the “good news” to partner and breaking up, everybody is going through a rough period that can range from hours to years. A lot of people are still suffering a lot even after the break-up notification and the purpose of this article is to ease the pain and discomfort of such event.

There are few things you need to consider:

  • When to do it
  • Where to do it
  • How to deliver it
  • How to make your exist
  • Right attitude

When to do it

I am not sure there is a perfect moment however it has to be done after a proper assessment of your couple life, at cold (not after a fight) and after a good thought. In simple terms, has to be delivered when you are sure that nothing can be saved, you have tried everything already or simply it is not worth it at all. If you respect or care a bit for the “disposed” partner as well, try to pick the moment at a point in time that will be safer for him as well (not when he/she just lost a family member, a job or before of an important meeting that can influence him/her by great deal).

Where to do it

As partners, you should have a good guess of how he/she will react hence please use that to make it a bit more comfortable or safe. If he / she is a person that will cry a lot or star breaking things, etc, you can chose home or a public place. Depending how violent the “disposed” partner is, you can consider a public place where will be surrounded by friends or family (not far away) or just send a message if you think this is a life threatening situation. However, if confronted with such situation it is best to arrange your exit beforehand.

How to deliver the bad news

Don’t give any hope! Make sure your partner doesn’t take your news as a prank hence be very serious about it and be prepared to ask some questions that will confirm to your partner that you’ve done some steps ahead hence there is no turning back. Be short, objective and don’t let yourself dragged in endless discussions.

How to make your exit

Don’t waste any time! After you deliver the message and you are sure was perceived as a serious one, don’t waste any more time and leave the premises. After that, try to be engaged and many other activities / new relationship that will not leave you with enough time to keep contact with your ex despite his/hers attempts (if will be the case).

However, How to make an exit from a relationship will have to pass various stages such:

  • Acknowledge the implications of a break-up
  • Reach a conclusion / Take a decision
  • Deliver the break-up intention / Completion (best at the same time)
  • Move on with your life

The key is a clear assessment, firm decision (no turning backs) and moving fast through the above 4 stages in order to make the whole process shorter and less painful.

If not sure that you are able to terminate a relationship on your own or you are concerned about the immediate period which will be a bit odd and certainly a lot different from the couple life you are trying to put behind, try finding help in family and friends (you should talk to them before delivering the decision with your partner if not sure about it) or specialized help.

Please take into account that most of the time things are not following the expected path nor your partner will gave up the relationship easy hence be prepared and providing you’ve assessed properly your situation well in advance and have taken already few steps ahead, you have nothing to worry about and think that you’ll get another opportunity to sort out your life and find a more suitable life partner.

Right Attitude when Breaking-Up with partner

Think about Breakup as a new opportunity in life instead of a dead end road and move along with your life filled with a lot of better opportunities.

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