Deepening yoga practice one laugh at a time

Deepening yoga practice one laugh at a time

I have often told my kids (particularly when they become too demanding) that they need to take it back a couple of notches because “if mommy goes down, we all godown.” That same philosophy is shared by Tammy Peterson, founder, and director of Retreats Unlimited, who firmly believes that women need to take the time to care for themselves (not just everyone else) and enjoy personal time to rejuvenate.

In fact, Peterson knows first hand, how stressful and demanding life can be for women. After going through a rough divorce, she decided to realign herself by using her 19-years experience as a publicist for luxury hotels to form a company to provide women (as well as men) with the opportunity to enjoy is a full-service luxury retreat offering yoga, fitness, self-improvement, boot camp and wellness vacations in pampered perfection.

“Our company is led by a hand-picked team with over 20-years of experience in the luxury travel and wellness travel dedicated to helping our clients unleash their inner Yogi, transform their lives, jump-start your fitness routine or simply to try something different,” she stated during our recent interview.”

In fact, Peterson, who personally oversees all logistics for her programs (including dietary restrictions), currently runs 20-30 retreats a year at 10 hotels in Mexico and the Caribbean. These include their Transformational Yoga Retreat scheduled Feb. 23-27, 2017, at CostaBaja Resort in La Paz, Mexico, where Amy Ippoliti will guide guests into realigning themselves through Vinyasa flow yoga, meditation, and pranayama “one laugh at a time:

Ippoliti is the co-founder of 90 Monkeys, a school for training yoga teachers that has trained yoga instructors in 65 countries. she is also a member of the faculty at Kripalu, the Omega Institute and Esalen, a presenter at Yoga Journal and Wanderlust as well as a featured writer for Yoga International, Yoga Journal, Mind Body Green, and more.

While she takes the practice of yoga seriously, Ippolito takes herself with a “grain of salt,” and likes to incorporate an absurd sense of humor and down-to-earth style in her classes.

“I have a huge sense of humor, my classes are like comedy hour,” she stated. “I blend very clear instruction with absurd humor and a down-to-earth style.”

In addition to the classes, the retreat offers participants with plenty of other activities including the opportunity to explore LaPaz and swim with seals in the Sea of Cortez

The Transformational Yoga Retreat runs for 5-days/4 nights and includes all meals, shuttle service to and from the airport, all taxes and tips, plus a Retreats Unlimited gift bag. Airfare is not included, although Peterson stated that her company can book flights for you if desired. An Early Bird Promotion is available until January 23, 2017, for $2,345 double occupancy and $2,641 single occupancy per retreat. For additional information call 312-961-3280.

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