erectile dysfunction

Dealing with erectile dysfunction

Although male impotence (aka erectile dysfunction or ED) can be devastating for some men, it is important to remember that it can be treated in many cases by taking oral drugs such as Viagra (silderafil), Cialis (tadadil), or Levitra (vardenafil), which work to increase blood flow by strengthening the effects of nitric oxide naturally released by the body to relax muscles inside the penis. Dosages (as well as side effects) will vary depending on what your doctor prescribes. However, each of these is generally taken anywhere from 20-60 minutes before intercourse. Effects can last anywhere between 3-36 hours. In fact, I am sure that many of you have seen (and gotten a good chuckle from) the commercials advising anyone who “has an erection lasting for more than 4-hours to see their doctors,” as if they wouldn’t find it rather distressing at some point (excuse the pun).

While one’s state of mind can also play a major role in “triggering” a man’s physical response to sexual stimulation, including feelings of anxiety, stress, depression and even insecurity in a relationship, not to mention plain old fatigue can inhibit a man’s ability to be successfully aroused at different times, certain medical conditions can also interfere with normal performance. These include diabetes, Parkinson’s disease. multiple sclerosis, and hormonal deficiencies which result in low testosterone levels, etc. In addition, failure to achieve and/or maintain an erection can also signify severe underlying heart problems.

More mundane causes can also be linked to lifestyle choices. For instance, medical researchers have reported that men who smoke heavily are more than 3- times as likely to experience impotence than non-smokers. The same can also be said for men who are excessively obese, and/ or use anti-depressant drugs as well as narcotics such as cocaine and heroin.

Other cases have been attributed to side effects from cancer surgeries involving the bladder or prostate, as well as simply getting older. In fact, men over the age of 60 have 4-times more instances of erectile failure than those 20-years their junior.

To help overcome this, many healthcare experts may be recommend getting more physical exercise. However, it is important to keep in mind that certain types of activities can actually have the opposite effect. For example, “prolonged” bike riding can often cause temporary erectile dysfunction due to the fact that it can “compress” the nerves in the groin area, stifling blood flow for a period of time.

In other instances, relief from ED can be obtained by taking testosterone supplements either via injections, orally or suppositories. For those who prefer a more holistic approach, healthcare experts often suggest taking herbal supplements such as gingseng, ginko biloba and pumpkin seeds, as well as the zinc and niacin. However, it is very important be sure to find out how they may interact with any other prescriptions you use before taking them. For example, drugs used to treat impotence can interact dangerously any kind of nitrates (such as nitroglycerin, etc) for angina, as well as blood thinners, alpha blockers (for enlarged prostate), and/or blood pressure and diabetes medicines.

Some doctors may also suggest using external vacuum penis pumps to help achieve an erection when pharmacological treatments fail. Unlike pumps advertised to increase a man’s overall size and length, as well as used for masturbation, vacuum pumps are fitted with compression rings so that penetration can be achieved. In some extreme cases, rigid as well as inflatable penile implants can be surgically fitted for some males, they are not reversible and may actually out to be worse than impotence in the long run (again, no pun intended).

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