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Crepe Erase Reviews

What is Crepe Erase?

Crepe Erase is an anti-aging body care system, specifically developed to treat aging, crepey skin. These products are developed and sold by Guthy Renker, one of the top skincare brands in the beauty industry today. The Crepe Erase brand features a variety of skin-care products such as body scrubs, exfoliating creams, restorative facial treatments, body polish, hydrating lotions, and dietary supplements. All products sold under the Crepe Erase name are based on the same patented TruFirm technology that aims to offer and maintain youthful skin.

These skin-care products are sold both separately and in value packs. Each individual product is designed to work together with other products in the Crepe Erase range in order to offer maximum results against the crepey skin, so buying them in packs is the recommended step with this brand. For people wishing to sample and try out Crepe Erase, there is the Essential Pack, featuring the Intensive Body Repair Treatment and the Exfoliating Body Polish. For best results against the crepey skin, the Maximum Results Pack is the way to go. This features the entire range of products developed by Crepe Erase and contains Exfoliating Body Polish, Intensive Body Repair Treatment, Refining Facial Scrub, Restorative Facial Treatment, Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion.

All products sold by Crepe Erase come with a standard 60 Day Money Back Guarantee as standard and a simple return policy. Furthermore, if you buy either the Essential Pack or the Maximum Results pack, you will receive a free gift, of your choice, from the Crepe Erase skin-care range.

Does Crepe Erase Work for Skin?

Based on the user reviews on the Crepe Erase website and the customer reviews from forums and specialized message boards, the answer seems to be “Yes” for the majority of people who bought and tried out these beauty products.

In order to understand how these products work, we must first understand the skin issue they are designed to address: crepey skin. With age, the skin begins to lose elasticity, glow, and hydration thus it can become drier and thinner over time. Other external factors such a sunlight, pollution, air quality, and nutrition, all have a direct or indirect influence on skin health. Crepe Erase products are specially formulated in order to reverse these effects and restore youthfulness to the skin.

Clinically proven to offer visibly firmer, smoother, and younger-looking skin, Crepe Erase products work by targeting the most visible zones on the body. By restoring the youthful look to the skin on the neck, cleavage, arms, knees, legs, and face, these products offer a major confidence boost to the user and maintains a healthy skin.

All Crep Erase products are made using FruFirm, the company’s patented formula for rejuvenating skin. This works by reinforcing and supporting the netting in the skin, helping you achieve a youthful and healthy look. This formula is engineered specifically to target crepey skin but will work on all types of aged skin.

Skin is supported by a framework of collagen and elastin. This netting keeps the skin smooth and firm. Under the effects of age and exterior factors, this framework gradually weakens, giving way to the crepey skin. TruFirm actively helps restore the youthful look to the skin by counteracting the external factors that damage it and restoring elastin levels to the skin, for a young and healthy look. This formula rebuilds and reinforces the skin’s netting, offering both a health boost and a confidence boost.

Crepe Erase Side Effects

The products featured in the Crepe Erase skin-care line do not have any reported side effects to date. The manufacturer claims that the products are designed and clinically proven to be safe, and that clients have not reported any side effects while using Crepe Erase creams, scrubs, or supplements. Each product sold under this brand contains information about ingredients on the packaging. If you are known to be allergic to any of the ingredients featured, please contact your dermatologist before using them, just to be on the safe side.

Crepe Erase products have no documented or reported interactions with other skin-care products, and are safe to use by both men and women, no matter the age. The degree of effectiveness for this treatment varies from individual to individual, and no damaging effects have been recorded or reported so far from the clinical trials or direct users.

Crepe Erase Benefits

Made from natural ingredients combined with the patented TruFirm formula, Crepe Erase products have all the skin care benefits, without side effects or health risks. Each product manufactured by this company contains herbal extracts, minerals, vitamins, and essential oils.

Crepe Erase products can be used as standalone items, together, and can also work with other natural skin care creams and oils from other manufacturers. Information about the ingredients in each product can be found on the packaging, online, and by calling the dedicated Crep Erase hotline. Below is a list of the benefits of using these treatments:

  • No More Crepey Skin
  • Softer, Firmer Skin
  • Youthful Aspect
  • Regain Skin Elasticity 
  • Glow
  • Made From Natural Ingredients
  • Proven Effects
  • Risk-Free and Safe
  • Keep The Skin Perfectly Hydrated
  • Great For Both Men and Women
  • Works For All Ages
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Crepe Erase Ingredients

The TruFirm complex is present in all Crepe Erase products. This patented formula is exclusively developed for Crepe Erase and is made from a balanced blend of plant extract that actively restore the youthful look to your skin, in a natural way. It tones, lifts, and firms, with priority, the skin on the neck, chest, legs, and arms, rejuvenating the elastin and collagen netting in the skin.

The gradual drop in elastin and collagen levels in the skin, due to age and external factors, leads to the crepey aspect of skin. The solution to this issue is to supplement and maintain collagen and elastin in the organism, in a natural way, thus regaining a youthful aspect and increased dermal health.

Aside the TruFirm patented formula, Crepe Erase products also contain a blend of natural ingredients that further help maintain your skin healthy and fight off unwanted signs of aging:

  • Skin Smoothing Exfoliators: These exfoliators remove dead skin cells in a natural and gentle way. This helps pave the way for a quicker absorption of Crepe Erase creams and lotions, thus speeding up the results.
  • Cocoa Seed Butter: This natural ingredient is widely known for its skin smoothing and softening properties. It is great at treating wrinkles and maintains a good level of moisture in the skin for the entire day. Cocoa Seed Butter is regarded as a top-tier ingredient in any skin care treatment.
  • Shea Butter: Used to treat dry and rough skin, this ingredient does the job perfectly. Shea Butter is rich in Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, which nourish and hydrate the skin, for a young, toned look. Also, soothes the skin after applied.
  • Vitamin E: Powerful antioxidant used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It nourishes and protects the skin, and provides a strong barrier against the effects of exterior toxins to the surface of the skin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Helps the skin naturally retain moisture, thus increasing the softness of it. This ingredient maintains skin perfectly hydrated, soothed, and calm.
  • Cassava Plant Extract: Added to the mixture in order to protect against irritation. Cassava plant is well-known for its soothing properties and helps the skin feel smoother and silkier.
  • Beeswax: This ingredient was added to specially combat dry skin. It helps your organism better hydrate your skin, and provides natural protection against exterior factors that can cause damage to the skin.
  • Hydrating Oils: Organic olive fruit oil and coconut oil are added to Crepe Erase products in order to smooth and soften dry and flaky skin. They also work great on the irritated skin.

How to Use Crepe Erase Products?

The following step-by-step guide is intended for the Maximum Results Pack from Crepe Erase, but the order remains the same if you use the products individually or if you order the Essential Pack as well:

 Step 1: Exfoliating Body Polish 

This is the first step in the 5 point Maximum Results Crepe Erase treatment. The Exfoliating Body Polish is intended for full-body use, except for your face. This product helps eliminate the dead skin cells on your body thus revealing the younger skin underneath. The Body Polish contains TruFirm, the formula that prevents crepy skin and helps reverse aging effects.

 Step 2: Intensive Body Repair Treatment 

Rich in nutrients and super hydrating oils, the cream provides moisture and protection to the skin, for the entire day. Used regularly, this treatment will bring back the youthful look to the skin, protect it against exterior factors, and make it smoother and firmer. The TruFirm complex will actively work to reduce the signs of skin aging in the neck, legs, arms, and chest.

After exfoliating the skin as in step 1, use the Body Repair Treatment cream on your body. It has a pleasant smell, with hints of citrus. It quickly absorbs into the skin, and the effects can be seen even after the first application.

 Step 3: Refining Facial Scrub 

This product is specially designed and intended for use on the face. Containing TruFirm, it will leave your face looking visibly nourished, softer, brighter, and look younger. This acts in the same way as the body scrub, but it is gentler, specially adapted for the skin on your face. The Refining Facial Scrub from Crepe Erase is a gentle exfoliator, which refreshes and smooths out the skin, and can be used daily.

 Step 4: Restorative Facial Treatment 

Packed with hydrating oils and infused with TruFirm complex, this cream is intended for the face and neck. It actively works to eliminate wrinkles, hydrate the skin, and offer a tighter, firmer, and lifter appearance for the skin on the neck and face. The Restorative Facial Treatment from Crepe Erase is a delicate solution for your delicate skin. Applied directly to the skin after using the Refining Facial Scrub, this cream will make its effects visible almost instantly.

 Step 5: Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion 

Intended to be used together with the Intensive Body Repair System, this Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion will firm and soften the skin, prevent it from achieving a crepey look. This lotion is light, seeps quickly into the skin, and smells nice. It contains super hydrating oils, TruFirm, and a mix of natural vitamins and minerals that actively hydrate and protect the skin, anywhere on the body.

Where Can I Buy Crepe Erase?

Crepe Erase products can be purchased exclusively online, from the Official Manufacturer’s Website. This is company policy, and it is intended to avoid distributors and resellers, in order to keep the final price accessible for each customer. By buying the products directly from the source, you will benefit from the lowest pricing on the market for Crepe Erase, no hidden fees, no extra taxes, and promotional deals. Crepe Erase is the only authorized manufacturer and retailer for their products. Beware of other stores that sell products claiming to be from the Crepe Erase line, you might receive imitations or expired products, so the best choice is to buy directly from the choice.

Crepe Erase is the only authorized manufacturer and retailer for their products. Beware of other stores that sell products claiming to be from the Crepe Erase line, you might receive imitations or expired products, so the best choice is to buy directly from the choice.

Only when buying from the online store, you will get the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on each order and each product purchased. You will also benefit from speedy delivery and a dedicated customer service policy where all your questions about products and order will be answered in a quick and professional fashion. The current pricing for products is as below:

Crepe Erase Essential System – $39.95

(Body Repair Treatment and Exfoliating Body Polish)

Crepe Erase Maximum Results System – $59.95

(Exfoliating Body Polish, Intensive Body Repair Treatment, Refining Facial Scrub, Restorative Facial Treatment, Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion)

Bottom Line on Crepe Erase

Crepe Erase is a line of premium skin-care products, designed to rejuvenate crepey skin, and give it a youthful look. This product works on both men and women of all ages and is recommended for adult use. Crepe Erase is a natural skin treatment that is both efficient and safe. There are no side effects to using any of the products featured in the Crepe line.

All products from this company come with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, simply return the product in the specified interval and you will get your money back, with no hassle. Crepe Erase also offer a dedicated hotline and online customer service desk, where any questions regarding orders or products will be answered in a speedy fashion. 

As shown in various testimonials by users of these products, the Crepe Erase skin care line delivers results, depending on the person. While results may vary in intensity, the majority of people who have tested and used these products on a regular basis have confirmed that their skin is indeed softer to the touch, firmer, and has a younger look.

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