Crazy Bulk Trenorol Ingredients

Trenorol Ingredients (Trenbolone)

Inside a bottle of Trenorol there are 30 servings of 3 capsules each (per day), so a total of 90 capsules. Here’s everything you need to know about the ingredients in Crazy Bulk Trenorol — a legal steroid alternative to Trenbolone.

Beta sitosterol

This is a plant sterol can be found in soy, wheat germ and rice bran, and its role in Trenorol is to prevent the conversion of testosterone into DHT in order to allow testosterone to flow freely through your body. It has an important role in building lean muscle mass thanks to its anti-estrogen effects, so it is the perfect ingredient for great muscle gains. This ingredient is also important in terms of general health, as beta sitosterol reduces cholesterol levels, normalizes blood sugar, and promotes prostate and cardiovascular health. Finally, beta sitosterol reduces stress after workouts, but also improves immune function and prevents hair loss — unlike regular anabolic steroids.

Samento inner bark (Uncaria Tomentosa)

Also known as cat claw, this Amazonian vine has potent immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, and fatigue-fighting properties. It works to increase lean muscle mass, lower blood pressure, prevent blood clot formation, reduce blood pressure, and protect you against heart attacks and strokes.
Samento is also effective in relaxing smooth muscles, improving muscle tone, maintaining a balance in blood sugar levels, and lowering cholesterol levels. Samento can be beneficial for your workouts as it reduces muscle soreness and joint pain, delays the onset of fatigue, while also increasing energy levels and warding off depression.

Nettle leaf extract

This is a weed plant that has been used for quite some time to prevent the production of DHT — a male sex hormone that can cause side effects such as hair loss. As you can see, nettle leaf extract has a similar mechanism of action to beta sitosterol, increasing testosterone levels and freeing them up to promote muscle growth. At the same time, nettle leaf extract increases lean muscle mass, enhances overall strength, and prevents prostate problems and hair loss. This ingredient in Crazy Bulk Trenorol may help boost weight loss, has antioxidant properties, improves exercise performance, and works to treat cardiovascular disorders.


This digestive enzyme in Trenorol can help break down protein and build muscle. It improves digestion of protein so that you can gain more muscle mass without necessarily consuming more protein. This type of enzyme assists in the breaking down of nutrients and their conversion into usable energy, but also increases nitrogen retention (by up to 32 percent). Digestive enzymes such as pepsin have been shown to improve protein synthesis by 100 percent, while BCAAs availability can be boosted by 250 percent. It effectively assists muscle repair, improves digestive health (obviously, since we’re talking about a digestive enzyme), and stimulates bile secretion to help with the digestion of dietary fats.

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