Crazy Bulk Anvarol Ingredients

Anvarol Ingredients (Anavar)

One bottle of Anvarol has 90 capsules and 30 servings, so you should take 3 capsules per day. Read on to learn more about the ingredients in Crazy Bulk Anvarol — a legal steroid alternative to Anavar.

Soy protein isolate

Soy increases human growth hormone levels as it is high in arginine, but also boosts nitric oxide levels inside the body. Its antioxidant properties protect you from harmful free radicals, while also reducing oxidative damage to muscles after exercise. Soy was believed to increase estrogen levels, but that is just a myth. This protein improves muscle recovery, stimulates muscle growth, and improves fat oxidation, while also reducing body fat. Some used to steer clear of soy because it was believed that it increases estrogen levels. However, studies show that it does not negatively affect testosterone levels. Soy protein isolate can also be found on the label of Crazy Bulk Anadrole.

Whey protein concentrate

Whey protein is the ingredient that can help you add 20 pounds to your bench press record. It digests in less than 30 minutes, feeding amino acids straight to your muscles to boost muscle growth and strength. This ingredient is one of the most effective proteins available and it works to improve protein synthesis, boost blood flow, and enhance the delivery of oxygen and nutrients. This ingredient enhances the anabolic effects of weight training to improve muscle mass and strength, but also increases endurance and speeds up muscle repair. This ingredient is high in amino acids, improves digestion rate and contains antioxidants that protect against harmful free radicals. Whey protein is an ingredient that’s also added to the formulas of D-Bal and Anadrole.


Branch-chained amino acids are used to improve protein synthesis, accelerate muscle recovery and reduce breakdown of protein to prevent muscle loss and improve lean muscle mass. BCAAs aren’t absorbed by the liver, but rather go straight to the bloodstream, where they are used as a source of energy to fuel your workouts. This ingredient is ideal for more intense exercises, as it improves motivation to help you push harder for longer, but also prevents muscle damage. Once ingested, branch-chained amino acids also reduce fatigue, increase muscle mass retention, and accelerate the burning of body fat. Studies show that people using this ingredient have more lean mass, less visceral body fat, and enjoy improved glucose uptake and insulin sensitivity. BCAAs are also included in D-Bal, in the form of leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

Wild yam root

Wild yam root is a trailing vine containing compounds that work as a precursor to DHT and DHEA, which ensure a balance in hormone production. Thus, this ingredient can improve muscle mass and strength, boost exercise performance, and increase muscle endurance. Wild yam also increases libido, lowers cholesterol, soothes inflammation, and boosts muscle growth. This natural ingredient in legal steroid alternative formulas can lower blood sugar levels, boost metabolism, and improve digestive health. Furthermore, wild yam root relaxes muscles, reduces restlessness, and relieves pain after workouts. You can also find wild yam root on the label of Deca Duro and Winsol.


ATP, short for adenosine triphosphate, is the body’s way to preserve and use energy; this is why it’s usually referred to as the “molecular unit of currency” for energy transfer within cells. This ingredient is involved in muscle contractions, so it is required to maintain muscle movement and promote muscle growth. ATP is capable of increasing strength for deadlift, squat and bench press, while it has been shown in studies to increase muscle thickness by up to 96 percent. It can also enhance performance by improving the use of calcium. Lastly, ATP enhances muscle endurance so you can power through lengthy sets, improves muscle recovery, boosts blood flow, and can even suppress pain.

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