Cogniflex Reviews | Does it Work or Scam?

Cogniflex is a new health supplement that promises to “wake up your brain”. Apparently, it contains a blend of “maximum strength nootropics”, while at the same time being unable to harm its users through side effects. But while Cogniflex might be helpful, it’s formula is far from groundbreaking.

What is Cogniflex?

This brain booster has been released this year and is manufactured by Sure Science, a company based in Wyoming. It’s available in capsule form, and it’s supposed to improve memory, focus, creativity, alertness, energy, and overall mental performance.

The official website presents Cogniflex as a good alternative to energy drinks, as it’s claimed that the supplement doesn’t generate the side effects commonly associated with caffeine. It should also be more effective than caffeine, as it’s stated that the first results should manifest within 30 minutes of ingestion and last for up to 6 hours.

The official website doesn’t give any recommendations regarding the dosage, but most likely the proper amount of Cogniflex is 2 capsules a day. The product is only available in bottles containing 60 capsules, so the dosage is easy to figure out. But this information should have been well displayed on the website because Cogniflex is not exactly harmless. It can’t be consumed like candy, and users who have never used this type of products before could have health problems. But we’ll get to the risks later because this supplement seems to help at least some of its users.

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Does Cogniflex really work?

cogniflexThe company that sells Cogniflex has been founded in the spring of this year, so the product itself has most likely been released in the summer. This needs to be mentioned because the supplement is already well sold considering that it’s only available through the internet. But this is not due to its effectiveness, even if it seems to work.

Cogniflex has been (and probably still is) advertised very aggressively by some of its affiliates, so it was bound to become fairly successful. But this approach often backfires, because many potential customers deem it as a scam right from the start. This is because affiliates use some of the most obvious lies to promote the supplement, going as far as to create fake news articles.

Many of the users have only purchased this product because they have been extremely misled, and they were bound to be disappointed. Cogniflex can’t turn anyone into a superhuman, despite what the affiliates claim. On the other hand, the potential clients who are experienced in making purchases through the internet consider Cogniflex a scam, because the lies are just too outrageous. And neither of these situations can be blamed on the company behind Cogniflex since it doesn’t have much control over how the affiliates choose to advertise the product. But this can do nothing but harm the image of the supplement in the long run, and it doesn’t really deserve it.

Because some users, while unhappy that the product doesn’t perform as expected, return some pretty good results. It seems that Cogniflex can increase focus and energy, as it would be expected given its ingredients. It doesn’t generate amazing improvements, but it can help, which is very much all that a supplement can do. It must be kept in mind that these products never perform as well as one would expect given their presentations, simply because they’re not strong enough.

If supplements were really able to affect the brain functions of their users they would have been classified as drugs, unavailable without a prescription. Typical brain boosting supplements help some of their users while leaving others completely unaffected, and Cogniflex seems to be the perfect example how these products usually work. And having a look at the ingredient list, it’s easy to see why.

Cogniflex has a composition that is very similar to other products of its type. An almost identical blend of ingredients can be found in countless brain boosters, with minor differences. But the reason why these substances are used so often is because they work for many of the users and have minor side effects. They’re mostly natural and unable to cause any damage if used as recommended, so they’re a safe choice for manufacturers. So while Cogniflex doesn’t bring anything new to the supplement market, it’s not dangerous either.

What are the ingredients of Cogniflex?

According to the website, Cogniflex contains:

  • Tyrosine
  • L-theanine
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • vinpocetine
  • huperzine A

These ingredients are well presented on the official website, which also displays links to various studies that supposedly prove their qualities. But those who open these links will notice that the information presented by the company has been somewhat distorted. The studies don’t back the claims as well as expected, and it could be said that the results have been exaggerated advertising purposes. Nevertheless, the ingredients do have some good properties, and hopefully, the product includes them all.

Given that the label of the supplement is not available for viewing, we don’t have an actual list of ingredients. Cogniflex might not contain some of the substances that are presented, or more likely, it could include compounds that are not mentioned at all. We don’t know what additives are part of this product, or what the capsule shells are made of. They’re probably made from gelatin because otherwise Cogniflex would have been advertised as vegetarian. All the ingredients listed on the website are, so the only ingredient that could make it unfit for vegetarians is gelatin, given that it doesn’t contain other hidden substances.

And while it’s not uncommon for supplements available through the internet to be presented without displaying the label, Cogniflex might have some real issues. The product obviously contains some extra (but still harmless) ingredients, but at least one client has complained about 1 ingredient missing from the label. This might have been caused by errors in the manufacturing process, and it’s not a common complaint, but it still raises some questions. It would be great if the company decided to display the full label, just so the customers would know exactly what to expect. For the moment we’ll assume that Cogniflex does contain all the listed ingredients, so next, we’ll have a look at what each of them can do.

Tyrosine is an amino acid, and it’s naturally produced by the human body. It’s also found in a number of foods, and like all amino acids, it serves as a building block for proteins. But the body also uses it in the production of neurotransmitters, substances that facilitate communication between cells. Tyrosine is very important for healthy brains functions, which is why it’s used in the treatment of disorders like ADHD and depression. It’s also used for diseases that affect the brain and many other affections, including stroke. But while tyrosine doesn’t seem helpful in all these instances, it can certainly increase mental performance. It doesn’t actually improve the cognitive functions of the users, but it helps them perform well under stress. It might also help in other situations, but at the moment only this quality is scientifically proven. Still, it can be very helpful in a brain booster, especially because it helps with many different stress factors, including sleep deprivation.

L-theanine is also an amino acid, but unlike tyrosine it’s found in green tea. Its structure is similar to glutamate, an amino acid that is naturally found in the body and functions as a neurotransmitter. For this reason, theanine is used as a treatment for a number of mental affections and brain diseases even if we don’t yet have proof that it can actually help. Because while it’s structure is similar to glutamate, it doesn’t seem to behave like it. It’s not clear how it affects the brains, although it’s not dangerous. The official website of Cogniflex claims that theanine acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter that helps in concentration, but it doesn’t offer any proof.

Bacoma monnieri, on the other hand, is known to be effective. This plant has been used in traditional Indian medicine for many different affections, but it’s especially helpful in conditions that affect the brain. It seems that it can improve the production of neurotransmitters, and even protect brain cells from damage. Studies have shown it as able to improve memory and focus in both children and adults, so it can certainly help in Cognifllex.

But that might not be the case for Rhodiola rosea. This arctic plant is used in the treatment of many different affections, from the common cold to heart disease and even cancer. And because it seems to act as a booster for both physical and mental functions, some also use it for depression and similar affections. But we don’t have any proof for its efficiency over any of these conditions, despite what the Cogniflex website claims. Some studies have returned promising results, but they’re not convincing enough. Of course, in the end, Rhodiola might prove to be very helpful, but its users shouldn’t have high expectations. On the plus side, there’s no confusion when it comes to the properties of the last 2 ingredients of Cogniflex.

Vinpocetine is the only artificial ingredient included in this supplement, but it’s very similar to a substance that is naturally found in the plant Vinca minor. It seems able to improve blood flow to the brain, and in such an efficient manner that it’s used by some as a treatment for ischemic stroke. In this dangerous affection, a blood clot blocks circulation to the brain and caused neurons to die from lack of oxygen. Vinpocetine prevents further clotting of the blood, minimizing the damage. And while not many professionals in the US agree on its qualities, vinpocetine is only available as a prescription drug in some areas of the world. This says a lot about its properties, and it’s most likely a very good addition to any brain booster. Good blood circulation is essential for brain health, and it seems that vinpocetine can actually cognitive functions. We don’t have definite proof, but some research does suggest it.

Huperzine A is another powerful substance. It’s somewhat the opposite of vinpocetine, because while being obtained from a plant (the Chinese club moss), it’s highly processed and similar to an artificial compound. It seems that it can increase the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is essential for all cognitive processes. This is why it’s used in the treatment of many brain affections and as a mental booster, and some research shows it to be effective. Apparently, it can help in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, so it can surely provide some benefits for people that are not yet affected by these brain disorders.

Is Cogniflex safe?

This supplement is quite safe, although most of the ingredients are able to generate side effects. Some users might experience digestive issues, stomach cramps, nausea, headaches, fatigue and other unpleasant symptoms, in which case the treatment should be stopped immediately. Also, users should not ingest more than 2 capsules a day, because some of the ingredients can become dangerous in high concentrations. The dosage could be increased slowly, but only by those who tolerate the supplement very well.

And while supplements, in general, don’t necessarily require a doctor’s approval, it would be better to only use Cogniflex after showing it to a professional. This is because most of the ingredients interact with some medications, canceling their effects or maximizing them to the point where they become dangerous. Those who are under treatment for any type of health condition should discuss the product with their physicians, just to avoid all possible risks. And this is exactly why the label of Cogniflex should have been displayed on the website. The potential customers could have shown it to their doctors even before purchasing it, avoiding all expenses before making sure that they can actually use it.

Lastly, Cogniflex should not be used before surgery, because it might interfere with the blood’s ability to clot and cause massive bleeding. And it should also be avoided by pregnant women and children, even if some of the ingredients have been tested on young subjects. Still, Cogniflex is safe enough to be used with no concerns, at least by healthy customers. Users haven’t complained about side effects yet, which can’t be said about many other similar products. The vast majority of users won’t have any issues with it, so there’s no reason to worry.

But there might be some real reasons for concern, and they don’t have anything to do with the product itself. Some clients have complained about an auto-shipping program that they didn’t willingly sign up for, which caused them to be charged unexpectedly. Others have complained about high restocking fees, which become very expensive when returning a large order. Apparently, this fee is around $10 for each returned item, so it becomes outrageous for a package containing 5 products. And what makes the situation worse is the errors on the website. It seems that it’s very difficult to choose a different package after already checking one of them (customers can choose among 3 different packages), which has caused some to receive items that they didn’t even want. But somehow, most of these issues seem to have been fixed.

At this time, there’s no trace of an auto-shipping program on the Cogniflex website. Nothing of this kind can be found on the order page or in the user agreement, and the same is the case with the restocking fee. Both of them have vanished, and it seems that only the website might still cause trouble at this point. Because after the order is placed, even by error, it can’t be canceled. Apparently, the clients always receive the products, so the only solution is just sending them back and asking for a refund. This was a serious problem when the restocking fee applied, but the company policies seem to change for the better.

Speaking of the company, it has a total of 3 contact addresses, one of them in California. This particular address is shared with other companies that manufacture health supplements, so it’s hard to say if Sure Science is truly new or just a branch of an already existing business. Its situation is rather confusing, and the complaints against the other companies don’t help its case. But with the customer policies improving, it deserves the benefit of a doubt.

What are the benefits of Cogniflex?

Judging by the ingredients and some of the customer reviews, this supplement can improve cognitive functions in some degree, particularly focus, alertness, and mood. It doesn’t have a dramatic effect, but it actually is fast acting. It’s hard to say if it can generate changes in the long run since it hasn’t been on the market for enough time. It’s not really designed for long-term action, but only time can tell what it can really do.

Why choose Cogniflex?

Cogniflex contains ingredients that are known to work, and will most likely help many of its users. It seems rather mild and unable to cause side effects for most of the users, probably because the stronger ingredients are not included in high concentrations. It might be a good start for someone who is interested in experimenting with brain boosters, although its effects vary from person to person. But since it has a 30-day money back guarantee, the clients who don’t benefit from using it can send it back. Also, it doesn’t contain caffeine, so those sensitive to this substance have no reason to worry.

Where can I buy Cogniflex?

This supplement is only available through its official website, which offers it for $47.95 plus $4.95 for shipping and handling. Packages are shipped within 2 days of placing the order, but it’s not mentioned how long the delivery takes. Clients can also choose a package that contains 3 bottles, which is available for $77.95, or a package that contains 5 bottles. The last option reduces the individual price considerably, as it’s available for only $97.95. Also, both larger packages come with free shipping, so they seem more advantageous than the first one.cogniflex

But the money back guarantee might not apply for 30 days exactly. It starts in the day when the package is received, but clients might have to make sure that the products make it back to the company before the 30 days expire. It’s stated that Cogniflex must be returned while covered by the guarantee, and chances are this doesn’t mean just having it shipped. The testing period might be reduced to 3 weeks, so we would advise against waiting until the last few days. Also, the guarantee doesn’t cover shipping expenses, so the customers can’t recover the full price of one bottle. Still, we wouldn’t recommend larger packages to customers who haven’t tried the supplement yet. It’s hard to say how helpful is the customer service, so if Cogniflex doesn’t work, it would be better to not have $100 on the line.

Also, because the website might still be causing trouble, we would recommend making a clear decision regarding the chosen package before checking it on the order page. It might be impossible to change later, so it would be better to not take the risk.

Bottom line

Cogniflex seems to be a decent product, but expectations shouldn’t be very high. It can generate improvements but it’s far from a miracle pill, just like most brain enhancing supplements. It’s certainly not “the premier brain boosting supplement”, but it can still help many of the users.


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