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Do CLA Supplements Help You Reduce Weight?

Do CLA Supplements Help You Reduce Weight?

More and more people look for easy and even miracle ways of losing weight. Before embarking on the weight loss supplement journey, several things must be taken care of, like a visit to your doctor to identify your health conditions and, possibly, the health issue that leads to those extra pounds.

Generally, a healthy and balanced diet, enough water and regular exercising should keep you in a good shape. The difference in the things you need to do occurs when there is a health condition involved. That’s why it is highly important to see your health care specialist before trying any diet on your own.

The market is full of all sorts of weight loss supplements that promise to rid you of the pounds you don’t want to accompany you. While some of them really work, others prove to be useless. The CLA supplements are under our magnifying glass today.

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) – What you need to know

The fats in our body are created in different ways. Some of them are turned into energy while others have other positive health effects. The Conjugated Linoleic Acid falls into this second group.

This type of polyunsaturated fatty acid is a natural trans fat that is to be found in many healthy foods as well as dairy and beef. When rumen bacteria in the stomachs of ruminant animals digest the ingested grass, trans fats form.

Now, besides this naturally occurring trans fat, we also find the industrial CLA supplements, which come with a difference in the chemical structure of these trans fats.

CLA – What do studies say?

Many scientists and studies have focused on the way CLA can actually help us lose weight and improve our overall health. There is a considerable number of studies that linked the use of CLA to several health benefits among which fat loss, food intake and fat production reduction, stimulation of the breakdown of fat, body composition, and an increase in one’s muscle mass and the fat burning process.

The CLA supplements have probably been the most studied weight loss supplements and still, there are studies that found no link between the use of CLA and weight loss or that could identify only a moderate body weight reduction during the use of CLA.

The response to the CLA varies from one study to another and this great variability calls for more thorough studies before knowing precisely the way CLA helps one’s health and reduces one’s weight.

Then the type of CLA used is of utmost importance in reaching certain results. It is more important the amount one takes. Several studies showed that the weight loss did not increase when taking more CLA. The trans-10, cis-12 isomer of CLA is involved in fat reduction and the supplements we find in store usually, contain a mixture of CLA types.

CLA supplements and side effects

Unfortunately, CLA supplements are not free of side effects. Just like we’ve seen with other supplements when we use a synthetic form various unwanted health issues may occur. It’s one thing to take your CLA from natural foods like the ones mentioned above and then there’s a different thing when taking it in the form of a supplement. Even if the differences between natural and industrial trans fats are minor, the effects the artificial fats can lead to in our body are major.

One side effect is an increase in the fat accumulation in the liver which can then lead to further health issues like diabetes and the metabolic syndrome.

Then, other studies have linked CLA to an increase in inflammation, lower HDL, and insulin resistance. Some individuals participating in the study have experienced mild side effects such as stomach pain, diarrhea, flatulence, and nausea.

Now, the occurrence of side effects depends on various factors like your health conditions and the dosage you use. The doses usually used in studies range from 3.2 to 6.4 grams a day and we all know that the greater the dosage of the supplements we use, the greater the chance of experiencing side effects.

In order to avoid such unpleasant effects, it is best to see your doctor before starting any diet. You might need to have some blood tests in order to check if your health is ok and only after your doctor knows for sure that there’s no serious health issue, you can get a custom diet.

CLA supplements – final thoughts

Most people don’t have the patience to lose weight gradually and slowly and they want immediate results although it is well-known that a rapid weight loss might trigger negative side effects. It is best to ask yourself if reducing your weight using a supplement is worth the side effects.

If health conditions are not the cause of your weight problems, you can rid of extra pounds by leading a healthy lifestyle that involves healthy food, enough water, and regular exercising.

See your nutritionist and get a custom diet before jumping to miracle supplements that might empty your wallet without getting you something good instead, just some side effects.

While some people claim to have seen positive results regarding their weight reduction after using CLA supplements, others say the supplement triggered no change in their weight. Remember that what works for some people, might prove useless for others.

And then there are one’s particular features regarding health, age, and the lifestyle that may affect the way a supplement works. Plus, don’t expect a supplement to replace the healthy food and regular workouts you should have.  

Although there have been many studies that concluded CLA can help one reduce fat and improve certain health conditions, it’s still too early to be sure about its benefits.

And if you’re usually not the type of person to go for what the market says it works and you need scientific evidence, perhaps it’s best to wait a bit more before trying this supplement. Sticking to a healthy diet can’t harm you. So, maybe it’s better to stick to that for the moment.

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