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Cerebria – Unlock Your Brain’s Potential

bottle of cerebriaCerebria Review: Judging by how many of these products are released in any given time period, it seems like brain boosters have truly become of the most popular health supplements of our time. There’s a long list of somewhat proven ingredients that manufacturers can choose from and create a seemingly unique blend, but in the end all these products promise to do the same exact thing: improve your cognitive functions and boost your energy level. But because this particular type of supplement could be useful to the vast majority of population, customers will give any product a try even if it doesn’t seems to offer anything new.

As a result, it seems like each day a new product is released, and most of them are only available on the internet. This is because the internet is a great medium for promoting and selling useless products, especially when they’re not required to be evaluated by any authority. Some supplements that can only be purchased online are great, but the truth is that most of them will prove to be almost or completely ineffective, which is probably why so many people are still looking for that one product that does what it promises. One very new product is Cerebria, which is manufactured by a company named NSS Labs, and hopefully it will prove to be more than an attempt to make money off the popularity of brain enhancers.

What is Cerebria?

This supplement comes in the form of capsules and contains a blend of natural ingredients that are supposed to enhance memory and concentration by delivering a higher amount of nutrients to the brain. The official website doesn’t claim that the product will have stimulant effects and increase the energy level, but simply that it supports brain health and could prevent age related cognitive problems. We appreciate that this one supplement doesn’t come with exaggerated claims that would make it look like a miracle pill and seems to accept it’s limitations, and what’s even more unusual is that the official website actually states that Cerebria will work best along a healthy lifestyle, which is true for all health supplements but mentioned by almost no company when it comes to their products. Usually brain boosters (like all other types of supplements) are made to seem like they would work no matter what, but for some reason NSS Labs decided to be completely honest. Also, every claim about what benefits Cerebria can provide is preceded by “it could”.

The company openly admits that the product will not work for everybody, as any supplement manufacturer should. Of course, this honest attitude could be interpreted as a disclaimer for the product not working at all, as knowing and accepting right from the start that the product might not bring results could stop customers from complaining later on even if they have reason to, so this is a smart move if Cerebria.

And if this is the case, so is the choice of ingredients. There’s only 3 of them, and even if they might be effective in promoting brain health, none of them is particularly stimulant. The effects shouldn’t be observed right away, and this will further contribute to the customers not deeming the product as ineffective when they first start using it if it doesn’t seem to generate any positive changes. Also, nowhere on the official website is it mentioned that Cerebria is a nootropic, even if all brain boosters are considered as such. Any substance that improves brain functions is classified as a nootropic and Cerebria includes such compounds, but the general public expects for this kind of product to generate results almost immediately, very much like caffeine. In fact, caffeine is the most common and effective nootropic included in supplements, and the energy boost commonly associated with it is what consumers have come to expect from these supplements. And as Cerebria won’t deliver strong effects, presenting it as simply a brain health supplement was the best choice. Still, one of the ingredients is presented as having nootropic qualities, so they haven’t entirely missed taking advantage of the concept.

Does Cerebria really work?

This product is so new that not only does it have no user reviews, but also no affiliate pages talking about how great it is, like we’ve become accustomed when it comes to internet supplements. The only information about Cerebria comes from it’s official website, which also doesn’t give away much. We have the honest presentation of the product and the claim that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, but that’s about it. Thankfully we have a (maybe) complete list of ingredients, and none of them seems particularly dangerous. And given their qualities, they really should cause some positive changes for at least some of the users, but like in the case of all supplements, they might not work at all in many instances. buy cerebria

But this is only the case if Cerebria does contain what it claims to. We have no reason to believe otherwise, but this kind of issue is too common with internet products. Many don’t work because they simply doesn’t include what they advertise and the promised substances are replaced with harmless but useless products (like saw dust), but some of them include substances that are actually dangerous. Sometimes forbidden compounds are added just to boost the effects and give the product advantage over the competition, even if they might cause serious health damage in the long run. These are not common occurrences and the biggest concern with internet products should be their effectiveness, but still, consumers should be careful.

And while this particular product is most likely not dangerous, we have no real way of yet knowing what it can really do, simply because it’s just too new. Usually even a lack of reviews gives some useful information if the product has been sold for a while, as even if no one feels the need to say something positive about the supplement, the lack of negative reviews is still proof that the product has not caused health problems. But we can’t use this argument for Cerebria, which at this point could have any possible effect without anyone being aware of it yet. Still, the risks are low with this product, as the website doesn’t claim any strong effects. The company would have no reason to use harmful substances, as the expectations are not very high and those who choose to purchase this one supplement know right from the start that they need to be patient to truly experience the effects.

And this is also because the website doesn’t mention how long it should take for the (possible) results to manifest either. Clearly no changes will be observed right away, but they should mention if the improvements will take wither 3 weeks or 2 months, like it’s usually done with similar products.

But as Cerebria does come with a 30 day money back guarantee, it’s safe to assume that some positive changes should be noticed in a few weeks since starting the treatment. And another feature of this product that we pretty much have to figure out on our own is the recommended dosage. Nothing is mentioned about how often Cerebria should be used, but given that one bottle is presented as a one month’s supply and it contains 60 capsules, the recommended dosage is probably 2 capsules a day. If both of these capsules should be ingested at once or separately along with different meals is up for debate at this point, but we would recommend for the users to ingest them one at a time, just in case they’re sensitive to the ingredients and one of them could cause damage in what could be considered a high dosage for a specific individual.

What are the ingredients used in Cerebria?

The website mentions and gives some details about the 3 ingredients, but nowhere is it stated that these are the only compounds included in Cerebria. The label is not posted on the website, and the 3 substances might just be presented in advertising purposes while the others are considered unimportant. We say this because nothing is mentioned about the fillers either, and if there were none the company would have surely stated it because this feature would have clearly increased the value of the product. And the same would have been the case if the product were vegetarian, which we assume it’s not because again, it’s not stated anywhere. We could assume that it is, given that none of the 3 ingredients have animal origin, but why wouldn’t they mention it? The only conclusion that we can draw is that either Cerebria includes undisclosed ingredients that are anything but vegetarian, or the capsule shells used to contain the ingredient blend are made from gelatin, the most common substance used for capsules, which also happens to be an animal by-product.

But this product’s ingredient list has some more issues. We don’t know if Cerebria contains gluten or allergen sources, and given that most likely it’s not vegetarian the first substance that comes to mind as potentially able to cause problems to those sensitive is lactose. It’s difficult to say why exactly the company doesn’t give all the details normally needed for customers to make a decision, but hopefully the label of the product is more informative. It wouldn’t be the first time when a supplement manufacturer chooses this kind of approach, but it’s very bothering because it makes the product look more dangerous than it actually is, which benefits no one. Most likely Cerebria is completely harmless and it’s only problem is the presentation, and hopefully it will change soon, like in the case of many similar products that started off on the wrong foot. But let’s have a look at the 3 ingredients.

Ginko biloba is the first listed on the website, and it’s surely worth including in this blend as it’s qualities have been known for more than 4,500 years. This tree is native to China and the only member of it’s plant family, and it seems like the extract obtained from it’s leaves improves blood circulation. This makes it useful in the treatment of a large range of diseases, whom heart disorders to sexual dysfunctions, but ginko is commonly used for brain affections caused by bad circulation, including memory loss and mood disorders. Most notably, it’s used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, and it might actually manage to slow it down. On top of that ginko seeds have antibacterial properties, although they do come with some dangerous potential side effects. But while there is some scientific evidence for the qualities of this plant, most of it is considered inconclusive.

Bacopa monnieri is the second plant found in Cerebria, and it’s extract bacopin is a substance commonly found in many brain booster supplements. Native to India, this plant has been used in traditional Indian medicine for many affections, but it seems like it’s qualities are most useful for the brain. Studies show that it might help in improving cognitive functions, and even prevent Alzheimer’s as it seems to be especially beneficial for memory. It seems to promote a better communication between brain cells and it also has antioxidant qualities, which further benefits not only the brain but the entire body.

And lastly we have L-glutamine, the most common amino acid in the human body. This substance is essential for health as it’s a building block for proteins, but it also seems to work as an effective treatment for many conditions. Glutamine will relieve the side effects of many types of medications and surgical interventions, and many use it as a treatment for intestinal disorders. Also, this substance is included in the majority of muscle building supplements as it’s believed that it can improve athletic performance. But while some studies do show that it might be effective in this purpose, not much is known about it’s effects over brain diseases and mood disorders. Glutamine is used as a treatment for anxiety, depression and similar affections, and it should provide at least some measure of help given that it’s important in all physical and mental functions, but at the moment we have no real evidence for it’s properties in this area.

Is Cerebria safe?

Glutamine doesn’t seem to have any side effects, but the plants might cause stomach issues, mental impairment or increased heart rate in those who are sensitive to them. Also, ginko in particular will interact with medication, so users under treatment for any health condition should be particularly careful when starting the treatment with this supplement. But even healthy users should receive their doctor’s approval before consuming Cerebria, not only because this is recommended for all supplements, but because we don’t have a complete list of the ingredients. It might be printed on the label, although unfortunately no authority requires supplement manufacturers to properly label their product. Still, most supplements produced by companies based in US do have it, and such is the case with NSS Labs, although the situation is more complicated than that.

Because just as the website gives little information about the product itself, it doesn’t give many details about the company either. First off, it seems like Cerebria is the only product offered by NSS Labs, but we can’t consider this trait a red flag simply because it seems like they have just started and it’s completely normal for a new company to launch one product at a time. If Cerebria stays the only supplement available from NSS Labs for a long time, then we’ll know we have a problem. Many companies are founded just to sell a specific product, with the entire enterprise being based on the popularity of a type of supplement. They exist for the single purpose of making money and can’t possibly be beneficial for the customers, and hopefully this is not the case with Cerebria, even if it doesn’t have many points in it’s favor at the moment. It’s very bothering that we’re not told where the product is manufactured, but we can safely assume that whatever laboratory manufactures Cerebria is not located in US. It might be, but the company doesn’t feel the need to let us know.

But one odd detail that got our attention is the contact address for this company. Potential customers can contact them through phone call and email, but they can also write them letters, which will have to be sent to London, UK. The first that comes to mind upon seeing this detail is that the company is based in UK and that there’s nothing unusual about that, but the problem here is that NSS Labs obeys the laws of Florida. This is what is mentioned in the user agreement, where it’s also claimed that any conflict with the company will be legally addressed in Miami. Furthermore, NSS Labs only delivers to US, so it’s obvious that all their business in conducted in this area. Why would their contact address be in UK we have no idea, but not much information is available for the company anyway. NSS Labs is also the name of an IT security company, and this is what shows up when browsing the Cerebria manufacturer in search of more details. It seems like at the moment no one has anything to say about the product or the business behind it, and the official website is all we have to work with.

What are the benefits of Cerebria?

Cerebria should be able to do exactly what it promises. The substances included in it’s description are known to be helpful both for the brain and health in general, and unless the user has a particular sensitivity, they won’t cause any harm. The effects should be noticed in the long run, as none of the compounds are particularly stimulant, and users can expect for the product to work well as a preventive measure. It should relieve anxiety while at the same time improving blood flow, and not only to the brain but to all organs that need it. The 3 ingredients have been and still are used in the treatment of many different affections, including those of the heart, so the product might provide much more help than expected.

Why choose Cerebria?

This supplement has a very simple composition that would work best for those who are more interested in preserving their health that receiving the boost of energy usually expected form brain supplements, as it doesn’t even contain caffeine. It’s also a good choice for those who are sensitive to strong stimulants, as it won’t have the usual side effects associated with these substances. It’s altogether a mild brain enhancer, and those who are just starting to experiment with brain boosters might find it suitable for their needs.

Where can I buy Cerebria?

Buy Cerebria only on it’s official website, at the price of $59.95 for a bottle containing 60 pills. The shipping and handling adds an extra $12.99, but larger orders come with free delivery. A package containing 4 month’s supply is available for $119.91, while 7 month’s supply will cost the customer $149.85. Delivery will take around 5-7 days, and all orders come with a 30 day money back guarantee.cerebria

But it seems like the product must reach the company during this period, and this might prove to be a difficult task given that no address is listed besides the one from UK. Still, we can’t assume that the company actually expects for the customers to ship the products in Europe since it’s so obvious that themselves ship them from US. It would make for one of the ugliest marketing schemes we’ve even seen, so for now we’ll just give this product the benefit of the doubt and advise potential customers to find out right from the start where exactly they would return the order if need be. It would be best to just contact them through phone before placing an order through the form, just to make sure that any problems will be avoided. And one more thing that needs to be mentioned is that Cerebria doesn’t seem to come with any auto-delivery program or hidden fees, so customers don’t have to worry about unwanted charges.

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